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Chapter 4



After Malfoy left her office, Hermione cleared away her things. She was planning to spend the weekend studying the effects of dark curses and their remedies. At least she had been able to convince Draco that she was serious about finding a way to remove the Dark Mark from those who had never wanted it. He had not said he would help but had asked for time to think about it. She understood his hesitancy. After years of disappointment it would hard to open old scars. Emotional or otherwise. She would give him time to think but decided to get started right away. She set the wards on her office and closed her door.


“Good evening, Ms. Granger how lovely to see you. I can’t help but notice that in two weeks Mr. Malfoy has left your office with smiles. Not for the life of me, if you’ll forgive the expression, did I ever expect to see this,” Albus Dumbledore’s portrait said from the wall outside her door.


Hermione turned and looked at the portrait, “Well you see, something I’ve learned about life is that it doesn’t always go the way you expected.”


She turned on her heel and promptly left.

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