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The Great Hall was filled with students in various Halloween costumes as I looked around the room. I was never much of the entertainer in the group…so parties or social gatherings of any type really are not my forte. But I became friends with a couple of gals that just so happen to like parties and social gatherings…so I had to pretend to enjoy them. And sometimes that meant that I would have to interact with our fellow classmates that I particularly have no interest in what-so-ever. Like having to sit through one of Neville’s boorish insights on herbolical plants, drink a disgusting drink that I’m sure my friends spiked to just get a bloody good time out of me, or even pretending to give a crap that Snarlacks are a leading cause for deforestation at Luna’s expense. I digress. Pumpkin candles were floating above our heads as I followed the girls deeper into the Great Hall. Krissy and the other committee members really outdid themselves this year and she was basking in all of her glory as the president…erm-head chair…or whatever her title was. Most of the 7th years were dressed as ancient greeks or romans with togas and sandals while the younger years were dressed in various other costumes. The 7th years always have a theme for their Halloween costumes and this year was toga, which was very American if you ask me. My costume was lumpy and rather hot and itchy as I uncomfortably moved through the crowd. I actually ended up using my extra sheets on my bed like Ally did with hers, but Krissy and Charlie had really cute goddess gowns that they purchased at Hogsmead the other day. Which meant that we were slightly more popular tonight considering Krissy and Charlie are bombshells. Not that Ally wasn’t either but tonight it was noticeable how much more attention they received compared to a lot of the other older girls. I stopped for a moment to adjust the fabric around my breasts and when I looked back up to where the girls were I realized that they were gone. I always seem to have the worst luck at parties too and usually end up alone. I looked around and saw a few familiar faces and I would smile and casually start up conversation if I could, but I can notice when I am unwanted. Or maybe I’m just paranoid about everything. Why am I so damn awkward? The Great Hall was loud and the live music began to add to it as everyone began to shout over one another. Then I saw Charlie. She was laughing and smiling with her brother Jasper and I quickly made my way towards them as I pushed past a few students dancing. She noticed me and beckoned me to come over with her charming smile. I honestly don’t even remember how I became friends with her or the others? Maybe it was when I was partnered up with Ally in Charms our first year and we hit it off about our famous family members? Or perhaps it was because I became obsessed with Charlotte’s playing ability and the fact that she makes me laugh my bloody arse off? Regardless, when this little Raven became a part of their Gryffi-squad I finally felt that someone noticed me and that I belonged with them. I neared Charlotte and noticed that Jasper had a costume toga around his waist with a connecting piece wrapping around his shoulder. He looked rather pampered with his toga and I noticed that it wasn’t a makeshift bedsheet like most of the guys did tonight. Their resemblance was uncanny and it was obvious that their facial features mathematically matched one another’s as Jasper ran his hand through his dark brown hair. It even curled in a relaxed way like hers did as she fiddled with his golden cherub-like hair accents sitting around his ears.


“You’re always copying me Jasper!” I heard her teasing as he swatted her away from him in a brotherly fashion.


“I could say the same about you.” He joked before noticing me. “Evening darling, Happy Halloween.” He said in a very friendly manner. I welcomed it, nice Jasper is always more tolerable then bastard Jasper.


“Same to you too.” I smiled as he bowed to me in a goofy way. Krissy then slyly came up behind Jasper and tried to scare him but he coyly played it off.


“I can never scare you.” Krissy pouted as he chuckled in a flirtatious manner. He has had a huge crush on Krissy ever since 4th year and even though he’s sweet on her, more than Ally and I, he has never officially confirmed out loud that he likes her.


“I’m already a scary guy…” She made a squinty face at him and he mocked her as Charlie rolled her eyes with me. “But it’s still cute that you try.”


“I’ll scare you one day!” She said confidently and he chuckled again.


“We’re getting some punch lovebirds.” Charlie teased as she pulled me with her. Jasper stared at her with large eyes as Krissy blushed heavily, but I gladly took the exit with her. We laughed together as she linked her arm into mine in a very girly manner. I could tell that she was already tipsy and we weren’t even that well into the party as we made our way over to the refreshment table. That’s when I suddenly ran into a brick wall of bare abs. As my whole body collided into them I felt whoever it was catch me clumsily.


“Merlin, I’m sorr-” My vision blurred slightly as I tried to balance myself against his beef-cake figure. “Hollie are you okay?” I recognized Harry Potter’s voice instantly as he balanced me even more.


 “Oh…I’m so sorry Harry.” I was seeing two of him as I blinked rapidly.


“No don’t apologize, that was absolutely my fault.” His voice was sincerely enchanting as he examined me to make sure I wasn’t hurt. “I’m a bloody oaf.”


“No…please.” I slurred as I felt my attraction to him even more. He was wearing a red blanket around his shoulders like a cape but his perfectly defined chest and abs were drool worthy as I shook my head lightly. “You wouldn’t happen to have done that on purpose woul-”


“Nah-no…absolutely not!” I watched his cheeks blush rapidly as I felt my awkwardness growing. “I mean, that was just a game Alderton. I would never…” He cleared his throat nervously as I smiled at him. “I wasn’t paying attention.”


“I was only joking Harry.” I teased again as he fumbled his rugged hands through his messy hair. At that moment I noticed that Charlotte had vanished from me. I suddenly felt myself frantically search for her as he looked at me even more confused.


“Lose something?” He asked starting to look on the ground in a helpful manner.


“No, I just thought I-uh-”


“You…you didn’t lose your glasses did you?” He asked looking more intently at the ground. “I notice that you don’t have them on?”


“No-I uh…I didn’t wear them tonight.” I said bashfully as I felt my heart flutter slightly. He noticed my appearance? He’s such a hunk! “I just thought that…” I ran my hand through my hair before seeing Charlie slyly hiding by the drink area. Her eyes met mine sharply and she made a distasteful gagging face as I slyly smirked to myself. “Happy Halloween Harry!” I said giving him a quick smile before walking towards Charlotte’s direction.


“Happy Halloween Hollie.” He responded back nicely as I took one more up-close glance at him. His arms were muscular as he gave me a polite wave and his white smile made me weak as I darted away from him. When I finally reached the drink table Charlie was staring at me stupidly.


“Bloody fucking prick.” I heard her mutter to herself. “Are you alright?”


“Are you okay?” I said raising my eyebrows looking at her in a questioning way.


“Perfect.” She said matter-of-factly as I felt her voice change. She looked at me again quickly realizing that I didn’t believe her. “I mean…aside from all the other unfortunate crap that’s been happening to me this past year.”


“No…I mean-did you run over here after realizing it was Potter or-” I stated glancing back over to Harry. At that moment a girl in a very revealing cat outfit went over to him and started flirting with him. Charlotte nearly choked on her punch after I said this and wiped her chin avoiding my stare.


“No, I’m not scared of Potter.” She scoffed and chuckled heavily. “I’m finally in a good mood and he’s the last person I want to encounter tonight.” I felt the sincerity in her tone as I poured myself a glass of punch. I watched her look back over to him as the girl in the cat costume twirled her hair and batted her eyes at him. “Besides he looks like a sodding ape man running around without a bloody shirt!” Charlie then made a grotesque grunting noise before mocking him in an apish like tone.


“I think he’s sexy.” I admitted before she made a gagging noise. We both exchanged skeptical glances at one another and then she rolled her eyes at me. “Come on Charlie, look at him…”


“I’d rather not…” She said distastefully as I looked back to him noticing the cat girl obviously try to make a move on him. I then looked back to her as she poured herself another glass of punch.


“Well I mean, he’s attractive Charlotte. I don’t know how you-”


“Hollie stop!” She begged playfully before letting a rather nervous chuckle emerge. “Gross. Just gross.”


“You’re gross!” I teased before noticing her glance over to him. “Can you just admit that he’s a little bit of heart throb tonight?”


“Absolutely not!” She snorted as the cat girl sadly walked away from him. He seemed to be laughing at himself before he looked over in our direction. That’s when I felt Charlotte tense up immediately. She cleared her throat loudly before diverting her gaze. “Absolutely not.”




At this point the party had already began and we were slightly late because Ron and Seamus were putting the last spell on their magical berries that they made for the night.


“How’d the berries come out?” I said as we made our way to the Great Hall.


“I’ve already had a few myself…” Dean admitted as Ron fidgeted with his toga more. “They’re better than last year’s!”


“I wouldn’t say that, they definitely taste better though-” Seamus admitted proudly as Neville quietly followed behind us.


“Nonsense!” Dean interrupted before Seamus handed me a small bag. “They taste like bubble gum taffy.”


“They kind of do.” I said after tossing a few into my mouth. I handed the bag back to Seamus but he shook his head and gestured for me to keep it.


“No mate, that’s yours.” Seamus said as I noticed the other’s with their own bags as well.


“They’re smaller than the last batch you made.” Dean continued as I nodded in agreement taking another look at them. They were similar to blueberries in size but were yellow in color, some were even a pinkish red.


“Only because Seamus didn’t say the spell right, bloody idiot!” Ron blamed slapping Seamus on the back of the head playfully. “But be careful, they are sort-of, kind-of, temporarily-”


“-causing minor blackouts.” Seamus finished and Ron looked at him rudely. Ron then slapped him again as Dean and Neville chuckled.


“Blackouts?” I said rather worried and Ron immediately tried to calm me.


“No, no, no it’s like little ‘tripping bursts’ is all.” He said calmly as Seamus rubbed the back of his head in frustration. “You move in slow motion and then BAM you’re 8 minutes in the future!” I felt my nerves start to jitter more as sounds began to morph around me.


“Woah! I feel them now!” Dean said excitedly as I watched him move his hands in front of his face. We made our entrance as casually as possible, but there was no denying the attention we were attracting tonight with the opposite sex. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep my attention off of Cho as I took gulps of my bag of berries. Her dark eyes would glance over to mine every now and then, but I would always play it off as quickly as I could. This was the first function since 4th year that we haven’t been together and she didn’t seem to care as much as I did. Dean and Neville were so involved in their own conquests and conversations that they didn’t notice my pathetic state as the night continued on. Ron was off being the life of the party and feeding his berries to various classmates hoping to get a little extra edge for the night while Seamus disgusted every female in sight. I was sloppy and my pride got the better of me tonight as other girls attempted to distract me. But my mind would constantly force me to find Cho and I couldn’t help but watch her every moment I could. She would smile evilly, knowing that I was completely pre-occupied with everything she was doing. I couldn’t breathe knowing she was enjoying this while I felt so worthless. Guys from every house were practically falling at her feet tonight with her shimmering black hair and ivory skin. Her eyes caught me again and her eyebrows furrowed at me while she pouted her red lips in my direction.


“Stop.” She mouthed warningly to me as I looked away from her. This time she was laughing with Rodger Davies, the captain of her quidditch team, in fact he was rather found of her all evening.


“Honestly all of you are embarrassing me tonight.” Ron spat at us as I came out of my own thoughts abruptly. I realized that the guys and I were sitting down at a table as Ron hovered around us in an unhappy state. “You two should call yourselves a couple the way you’ve been squabbling all night.” He directed his anger towards Dean and Seamus as they scoffed at him.


“Sod off Weasel.” Dean argued as Seamus approved Dean’s insult.


“At least separate!” Ron begged before Dean rudely left us. I watched him reluctantly walk away from the table before I felt Ron’s attention turn to me.


"She's a sodding princess-"


"Ron." I said in a low voice before finishing my drink, or what was left of it. I had managed to crumple the paper cup so aggressively that I was surprised I had a few sips left in it.


“She is and I’m honestly sick of watching you sulk about it.” Ron said coming over to me. “Lighten up, she stole the bloody game from us!”


“I know!” I said seriously as Ron’s stupid grin disappeared. “I know.”


“Just…lighten up Harry.” He playfully punched my shoulder as Cho's figure disappeared from my view. “Try to preoccupy yourself with some other ruddy bird. The room is full of potential tonight!” How long have we really been sitting around this empty table? How long have I allowed myself to be this preoccupied with Cho? It feels like it’s only been a few moments but I knew that my mind was playing tricks on me. Ron then stood in front of me and handed me another bag of berries before jokingly showing me how to eat them. “I saved an extra bag for you mate.” I shoveled a handful into my mouth defiantly before pocketing his extra stash. That’s when Seamus started whistling at a few girls as they passed our table.


"Pig!" One of the girls shouted at Seamus as he laughed loudly.


"Not you, you bloody wench." Seamus barked over the music. "I mean honestly why was she wearing that?" He joked turning his voice to us.


"I think she was supposed to be an Egyptian queen." Neville stated shyly. I hardly noticed that he was sitting next to me.


"More like Egyptian mummy!" Seamus laughed at his comment loudly before Ron headed onto the dance floor. “Come on then…” Seamus said banging on the table roughly before standing and following Ron in his wake. The music changed suddenly and the lights went dim and dark making my senses restart. That’s when I felt the berries kick in more and my vision started to blur. I almost felt like I had blacked out for a moment or two because of the sudden disorientation. I felt my feet walking slowly through the dance crowd while I contemplated leaving all together. No one would really notice anyway and it’s not like I’m making anyone else’s time better. As I searched for the guys I saw Ron’s red bob darting in the crowd before I felt my senses start to overwhelm me. Seamus disappeared over to the refreshment table and Dean was dancing with Ginny Weasley while Neville chatted with Luna Lovegood.


"Hey Harry." Parvati greeted me happily and I was thrown right into Parvati’s big almond shaped eyes as she stared at me widely.


"Hi Parvati." I immediately focused my attention on her. Parvati blushed uncontrollably as I noticed her sister hiding behind her. "Padma. How've you-both of you-uh-been?"


"I've been well Harry. Thanks for asking.” Parvati flirted as Padma smiled at me.


“Fine." Padma said quietly as I blinked rapidly.


"Happy Halloween ladies." I suddenly felt the charm start outpouring from my mouth as they swooned even more around me.


“Heya Harry. Happy Halloween!” Lavender Brown said hugging me spontaneously. I was completely caught off guard again but smoothly played it off. I patted her back childishly before she pulled away from me.


“Happy Halloween Lavender.”  I flirted. You're bloody drunk and desperate…you know better.


"Happy Halloween Harry!" Krissy Bell said loudly as she abruptly handed me a cup of punch.


"Happy Halloween Ms. Bell!" I grinned feeling like myself again as I took the cup of punch. I quickly started to drink it as Lavender batted her long eyelashes at me.


"What's that on your eyelashes?" I asked noticing a golden glint near her eyes.


"Oh, this...this is just some makeup I borrowed from Padma." I nodded in understanding as I felt her near me slightly. "Do you like it?"


"I like it. It's shimmery." Lavender’s cheeks reddened as her smile grew.


"You’re so sweet Harry!” Lavender batted her eyes at me again as Krissy swayed immaturely next to her. I took another sip of my punch as I felt their attraction towards me intensify. “And handsome.”


“Yes, so handsome!” Padma flirted as I choked on the punch slightly. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-”


“No, it’s fine. I mean…” I said feeling my cheeks grow warm as they all moved closer to me. “Thank you.”


“I’m sure you need someone to make you feel better after that awful loss last weekend…” Krissy playful said as she boldly grazed my chest with her fingers.


“Was it really that awful?” I recoiled in embarrassment as all the girls giggled together. I gulped feeling my cheeks flush again as I nervously fidgeted with my blanket wrapped around my neck like a cape.


“I’m sure Goodwin would have made an awful lot more goals…” Padma stated blatantly. “Was she ill?”


“Or injured?” Pavati interjected quickly as I watched Krissy’s eyes widen at me. Surely Krissy must know of the situation since they are roommates. Then I saw Goodwin. I happened to see her dancing by herself over Krissy’s shoulder. And in that moment…everything went fuzzy. She almost moved in slow motion as I watched her curves sway to the music rhythmically. I could hear my heart pounding against my chest as she tousled her curls down her bare back. I lost my breath as my eyes helplessly traced her defined shoulders and down the indention of her spin. Her golden skin glittered in the candlelight and I could almost see her dimples on the lower part of her back through the material on her dress.


“She’s actually been bed ridden the past few days.” Krissy’s voice brought me back and I blinked rapidly again as I realized how much I was staring. I shook my head slightly trying to knock Goodwin’s figure from my betraying thoughts as the girls continued.


“Oh that’s so unfortunate.” Lavender said sadly. “She looks to be feeling much better.”


“Oh yes, much better. Which is a relief because she was starting to aggravate me with her sniffling.” Krissy said thickly as my gaze shot back over to her. I watched Ron begin to dance with her as he cleverly pulled her waist to his. She was smiling flirtatiously as he made her tilt her head back to laugh.


“She definitely would have made some great plays.” Padma admitted as my thoughts grew jealous.


“I’m sure Chang was glad she wasn’t there.” Lavender piped in playfully which drew my attention back to the girls. “I know that she rivals her.”


“So does every chaser.” Krissy stated matter-of-factly as their debate grew more intensely about who the best chaser of the whole school is.


“She’s a bloody chaser god!” Pavati exclaimed excitedly as I felt my senses take me in and out of their conversation and Ron and Goodwin’s interaction with one another. “Well now that I think of it Gryffindor has always had top notch quidditch players, especially Harry.” I focused back to Pavati and smiled at her as she winked at me.


“Well did you hear about their fight on Friday?” Krissy gossiped as the girls began to discuss the fight that escalated between Cho and Goodwin the other day. “She gave Chang a fat lip!”


“It’s not nice to-.” I heard Padma start to scold warningly but was overlooked by their squabbling.


“Apparently Chang started the fight.” Lavender blurted, interrupting Padma rudely.


“Well ladies, if you don’t mind…I need a bit of fresh air-” I started to say as I watched Ron leave Goodwin.


“Oh sorry Harry, didn’t mean to bicker in front of you.” Krissy stated obviously trying to keep me around. “I’m sure you head enough of that from Goodwin. She does go on about your constant tormenting.” She taunted as I felt my cheeks grow warm.


“Torment?” I asked playfully as she laughed.


“It sounds like you are incapable of pleasing.” Lavender said boldly as her statement made me choke on my punch.


“Is that why Cho came with Davies tonight?” Padma asked in a ditzy way but was abruptly hushed by the other girls.


“SHHH, you’re so thick sometimes!” Krissy said beginning the argument with the group of them again. “Do you even think before you speak?”


“Excuse me?” I questioned feeling overwhelmed by their behaviors. On top of that the music seemed to be growing louder as my mind went blurry again. “Cho and Davies…are together?” They began to bicker and squabble with one another as I realized that I no longer wished to be around them. They hardly noticed my exit from the Great Hall as I slipped out into the corridor outside of the Great Hall doors. There were small clusters of fellow housemates gathering near the restroom areas as I felt my feet heavily leading the way beneath me. They forced me to keep walking and I continued outside through the breezeway as the cool, crisp air greeted me quickly. I found other students outside that were laughing or chatting quietly near open benches. A few teachers were smoking casually from their pipes as they monitored the grounds of any mischievous activity. I sighed out heavily feeling my body tremble from the sensation of the cool air and my hot sweat. Incapable of pleasing...rang through my ears as I ran my hand through my hair and shut my eyes heavily trying to block it out.

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