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Chapter 11: The Halloween Dance
A few hours later Rina and Harry walked into the Gryffindor common room holding hands. As soon as they walked in Ron and Hermione came running up to them. Hermione threw her arms around Rina in a hug. "We were so worried about you Rina!" She said and pulled away beaming. Ron glanced down at their hands that were still laced together, then back up to look ay Harry. "Anything you two want to tell us?" He asked grinning Harry and Rina both blushed. "We're dating now." Harry said beaming. "MERLIN! Harry Potter has a girlfriend!" Ron said a little too loudly. Half the room turned to look at Harry and Rina. Rina leaned over and kissed Harry on the cheek."Come on Hermione, lets go get ready to go to Hogsmeade." And she and Hermione walked off to their bedroom, instantly talking as soon as they were out of hearing distance from Ron and Harry. Ron looked to Harry still beaming. "I can't bloody belive it, you actually took my advice." "Slow down Ron, I'm still not exactly sure how I feel about her, all I know is that I've never cared about anyone as much as I care about her, and I told her that." He said leading Ron over to a set of armchairs and sitting down. Ron glanced around to make sure no one could hear what he was about to say and sat down next to Harry. "What happened to her anyway? Was it You-Know-Who?" He asked his expression turning serious. "She said no one attacked her, that this white light picked her up and threw her into the past where Voldermort attacked her and her brother." Ron thought for a second."It sounds like a memory chram wearing off. My dad told me about them once. If someone is put under a memory charm that doesn't destroy their entire memory, the the charm has a 50 percent chance of wearing off. Rina told you that the people from The Ministry said she had a memory charm put on her, maybe it's beginning to wear off." Harry looked out the window nearest to him. "If it was just a memory from the past why did it affect her the way it did, Madmae Pomfrey said that she lost a lot of blood from that wound, if it was just a memory, then how could it hurt her like that?" "You remember the diary in our second year. It was a memory too but look what it did to Ginny. Maybe it's a good thing this memory charm is wearing off though, there has to be some reason why her parents were killed and she and her brother survived." ***************************** Rina stared at the outfits that she and Hermione had laid on her bed, trying to decide what to wear. "'Mione! I don't know what to wear, it's our first date. It's gotta be perfect." She whined dropping to the floor in an indian style sitting position. Hermione walked over to the bed and examined the clothes. She picked up a short black plaid skirt and a red spaghetti strap shirt and handed it to her."I like this one." "Mione! It's perfect and I have the perfect thing to go under the shirt." She got up and walked over to her trunk she opened the lid and pulled out a black fishnet shirt. She walked into the bathroom and showered, got dressed, fixed her hair and applied a little make-up. She walked out of the bathroom and saw Hermione on her bed waiting for her. She was dressed in a blue short sleeve shirt and a pair of brown khaki pants. She looked over when she herd the bathroom door open. "Wow, Rina, you look great, you'd never know that you just came from the hospital wing." Hermione said jokingly. Rina smiled and walked over to her bedsied table and pulled out a pad of paper and her quill. "You go ahead and go on down, Mione. I got to write a letter really quick." She said sitting on her bed as she began to write on the paper. Hermione nodded and walked down the stairs. Ron and Harry were still sitting in the common room when she came down. "You two ready to go?" She asked cheerily. Harry looked around the room. "Where's Rina?" "She said she had to write a letter really quick, she'll be down in a second if you just wanna wait here for her." "Yeah, I think I will you two go on, we'll meet you in The Three Broomsticks at seven." "Alright, see you then Mate." Ron said standing up and putting his arm around Hermione's waist. Harry watched them walk out the portrait hole. Slowly the common room started to empty, 15 minutes later he saw Rina walk down the stairs with an envelope in her hand. He smiled and got up. She returned his smile and walked up to him. He leaned in and quickly kissed her on the cheek. "Who's the letter for?" He asked "Chris." She said and walked over to the window and opened it. She whistled and a few seconds later her owl, Mystic swooped in and landed on her shoulder. She gave her an owl treat. "I need you to take this to Chris for me." The owl took the letter in it's beak and soared out of the window. She turned around to see Harry gaping at her. "What?!" she demanded. "I thought you two hated each other." She looked down at the ground. "He's my brother, Harry, and he wasn't always like this, we used to be so close, and I just can't belive that it was an act." She suddenly felt Harry put his arm around her shoulders. She looked up at him and he put his forehead to hers. "I understand." *************************************************** Chris sat on a couch in the Slytherin common room reading The Daily Prophet when Mystic swooped through the open window and landed on the couch beside him. He looked at the bird confused a moment. He saw the envelope in the bird's beak with his name on it. He reached out his hand and the owl dropped the letter, then she spread her wings and flew back out the window. He looked down at the letter he noticed the handwriting on the letter instantly as his sisters. He opened the letter and began to read. Dear Chris, I'm not exactly sure what the hell has happened to you. We used to be so close, and I just can't belive that all those years were just an act. The other night when I saw you, you were hurt. You can't deny it, because I think the same thing that happened to you happened to me. After you walked away a bright white light picked me up and threw me into the past. I just can't belive that you were always like this, I don't know what they did to you, but I know somehow, someone or something has gotten to you. You told me once that I was your sister and that you would always love me, and the same goes for me. You are my brother, Chris, and I do love you. Maybe one day you'll open your eyes and realize what's happened to you.
Here. A little sympathy for you to waste on me I know you're faking it but that's okay And I don't want to drag it out Don't want to bring you down I never wanted it to end this way Even if I wanted to I don't think that I'd get to you There's nothing I can say to you to make you feel alive again Here. A little jealousy I hope you think of me Hope you wonder where I sleep at night Cause I feel like I'm inside out You got me upside down Maybe I was holding on too tight Even if I wanted to I don't think that I'd get to you There's nothing I can say to you to make you feel alive again So don't just say goodbye to me Just turn your back away and leave And if you're lucky I will be your last regret, your only friend The two of us we dream like one The two of us, the two of us The two of use take breath like one The two of us, the two of us I guess that this is over now I guess it's called the falling out But everyday I'm learning how to make it through this life I'm in Even if I wanted to I don't think that I'd get to you There's nothing I can say to you to make you feel alive again So don't just say goodbye to me Just turn your back away and leave And if you're lucky I will be your last regret, your only friend Love Always, Rinny
After he read her last words he folded the letter up and set it in his lap. He suddenly felt very weird. His cold black eyes flashed a birght crystal blue, but they went straight back to their prior cold dark black. "Chris, you ok?" He quickly turned around to see Draco staring at him oddly. He shoved the letter from Rina in his pocket and stood up. "I'm fine Draco, just thinking." "About the dance?" Chris looked at Draco questioningly. "What about the dance?" "Well, you gotta do that mission, my father just sent me an owl, I'm supposed to help you." Draco put a hand on Chris' shoulder. "Don't worry, she'll never know what hit her, and what's going to make this even sweeter is to see how crushed Potter is going to be when he finds out she's missing. I bet the dolt will try to go looking for her." he began to laugh, but stopped when he saw Chris' glare. "Our concern is not Potter, Malfoy, are only concern in getting my sister to The Dark Lord." he said agrily his eyes darker than ever. *********************************************************** Rina and Harry walked out of a dress robes store both carrying clothes for the dance. "Damn! I never thought we'd make it out of there alive." Rina said jokingly. Harry spotted a small bench on the sidewalk and walked over to it and sat down. Rina followed, "I can't belive you actually talked me into going to this thing, and into helping decorate." She sat down smiling "Now, now, Potter you are the one who asked me to be your date." "Yeah, well your the one who talked me into going in the first place." She laughed and linked her arm with his and laid her head on his shoulder. "I promise, this dance will be nothing like your last dance, you'll have fun." He tilted his head and kissed her forehead. They both looked around and noticed the odd stares they were getting from most of the Hogwarts students. Rina took her head off his shoulder and looked at him. "I think we are causing a bit of gossip babe." She said laughing. He slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him. "Then lets give them something to talk about." He leaned his head in and kissed her sweetly on the lips. They both smiled and got up off the bench, holding hands they began to walk through Hogsmeade again, not paying attention to the stares that they were reciveing from some people. A couple hours later Rina and Harry met up with Ron and Hermione at The Three Broomsticks. They each drank a butter beer talking about their day. "Rina, you wouldn't belive how many girls you are making jealous!" Hermione exclaimed. Hermione and Rina both laughed while Ron and Harry looked at each other confused. "What do you mean 'Mione?" Ron asked still with a confused look on his face. Hermione glanced to Ron and Harry and saw the confused expressions on their faces. "Honestly you two, don't you notice anything?" She asked, they looked even more confused. Rina looked at Hermione in disbelife, she turned to Harry and put her hands on his arm. "Harry, sweetie, in case you haven't noticed, you're hott!" He face turned red at the sudden compliment. "Trust us Harry, alot of girls like you." Harry and Ron seemed to be at a loss for words. Hermione and Rina shook their hands. "I can't belive you never noticed it Harry, but then again you are a guy, oblivious to everything." Hermione said jokingly. Harry opened his mouth to protest, but Rina cut him off my kissing him on the lips. "Anyway, on to more important things. Rina, what does your new dress robes look like?" Hermione asked excitedly. ***************************** Rina began to walk down one of the corridors of Hogwarts. It was so dark she could barely tell where she was going, but she couldn't stop her legs from moving.. She suddenly saw a blue light at the end of the corridor, she walked faster to get to it, but it seemed to keep getting farther away from her with every step she took. Someone grabbed her hand and she quickly turned to see Harry's worried expression. "Rina, don't go, come with me." He said. She pulled her hand out of his grasp and he faded to smoke and floated away. She turned around and continued walking towards the blue light. She felt herself getting mad and started running towards the light, it finally seemed to be getting closeer to her. Just a few more steps she told herself. She had finally reached the light and took it in her hand. It was a necklace with a small flask with some kind of blue liquid in it. The flask was surrounded by silver, the silver was engraved with a stag, a dog, a fox, a wolf, and a rat, underneath the pictures a small "M" was engraved. She examined the necklace in her hand, it still seemed to be giving off a faint glow. It began to grow hot in her hand and she dropped it, but like Harry it faded to smoke and floated away. She stared at the place the necklace should have fallen. She was grabbed roughly around the waist and a hand clamped over her mouth. She tried to scream and wriggle out of the person's grasp be she couldn't move. Smoke began to swirl in front of her and Chris appeared holding a saber with a black handle with two silver serpants engaved into it, they both had ruby eyes, it's silver blade was shining in the dark. He smiled wickedly and began to plunge the blade in and out of her body, blood ran from her wounds and soaked her clothes. ***** "NOOOO!!!!" Rina scream and shot up from her bed, her body was drenched in a cold seat. Her bed curtains were flung open and she saw Hermione, Lavender, and the other girls that shared the room with her looking at her with a worried expression. She quickly felt where she had been stabed. It was just a dream she thought relived. She herd Hermione tell the rest of the girls to go back to bed. She then felt her sit beside her and put an arm around her comfortingly. "Are you ok Rina?" She asked worry clearly visible in her voice, she could feel Rina shaking uncontorlably. She reached over and brushed Rina's hair out of her face, she could see tears in her eyes now. "I just had a really horrible nightmare." She said putting her face in her hands. Hermione wrapped her arms around her in a hug. "I'm goning to go get you a glass of water." Hermione got up off the bed and walked into the bathroom, she returned a few seconds later with a cold glass of water and handed it to Rina. She took a drink as Hermione sat back down beside her. "What happened?" Rina stared at the water glass in her hand trying to recall everything from the dream. "I was walking down a corridor and I saw this blue light, so I tried to get closer to it, but Harry tried to stop me. When I pulled away from him he vanished. The light turned out to be this necklace with some kind of blue liquid in it, but when I had it in my hand it started to burn and I dropped it, it vanished too. Then someone grabbed me from behind, and then Chris was standing in front of me with a knife and he started to stab me, that's when I woke up." Hermione stared at her friend, suddenly feeling a horrible, sinking feeling, that things were about to take a turn for the worse. "Maybe, someone made you had that dream." She whisperedm she wasn't sure if everyone was asleep yet or not. Rina slowly turned her head to look at her. "What do you mean?" "Well, Voldermort didn't kill you for a reason, maybe he sent the dream." "I don't think so, I felt like...like a warning." *********************************************************** It was finally Halloween and at 5 that morning Harry came walking down the stairs to the common room sleepily, he had expected it to be empty, considering it was a Saturday, instead he saw Rina sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace, wrapped up in a blanket, she was staring into the fire like it held the secrets to the universe. He quietly walked up to her. She looked up when she relaized he was standing there and smiled at him, he sat down besied her and pulled her close to him, she wrapped her arms around him and let him hold her. He began to gently run a hand though her hair. "What's wrong, Rina, why are you up so ealry?" he asked and kissed her on the top of the head. "I haven't been sleeping well these past few days" Her tense body slowly relaxed in his arms. "Well, today is Saturday, and the dance, I promise, you'll have a good day." He said holding her tighter. She smiled, she felt so safe in his arms, and she knew she never wanted to leave them, but she coudln't get the dream she had been having for a week out of her mind. Every night since Hogsmeade, she had walked down that hall towards the light, turning away from Harry when he had told her not to go, and ending up being stabbed by her own brother, she cringed at the thought of the blade cutting through her. Each night seem to become more vivid, the past two night she had woken up and the places where she had been stabbed in the dream were hurting her. She had finally told Harry about the dream after 3 days in a row of having it. She had found out that the animals on the necklace were the animagus forms of his dad and his dad's friends, but they didn't know who the fox belonged too. Harry had suggested talking to Alaya or Remus about the necklace, because they were friends of his father's they might know who the fox was. Of course she had refused, pushing it away convincing herself that it was just a dream, and that was it. But the continuing reaccurance of the dream night after night, was beginning to make her worry. She suddenly closed her eyes tightly trying to push these thoughts out of her head, today was going to be so much fun, she and her friends were going to get to spend the day setting up for the dance, and then going to the dance, which , with much persuasion from Rina and Hermione to Proffessor McGonagall, had been extended untill midnight. She smiled at the thought of spending the entire day with her friends without the worry of classes. She tightened her arms a little bit around him. He smiled and reached a hand up to her chin, he tilted her head and leaned down and kissed her. ***************** Meanwhile, in the dark Slytherin common room alone, Chris stared intently into the empty firplace in front of him, he held an envelpoe in his hand. He looked down and read the writing on it once again. To: Chris Love: Rina He had set there for an hour deciding wether or not to read it, the last letter she had wrote, awoke something strange inside of him. After the letter he didn't feel as confident as he had about the mission he and Draco were to carry out that night, but still curiosity was beginning to get the better of him. He tore open the envelope and unfolded the letter inside, he read: Dear Chris, I'm not sure what the hell is going on anymore, I've been having this really horrible dream for the past week, I just hope it doesn't come true. I'm still waiting for a response from you.
Call me out You stayed inside One you love Is where you hide Shot me down as I flew by Crash and burn I think sometimes you forget where the heart is Answer no to these questions Let it go, learn a lesson It's not me, you're not listening now Can't you see something's missing? You forget where the heart is Take you away from that empty apartment You stay and forget where the heart is Someday if ever you love me you'd say it's okay Waking up from this nightmare How's your life, what's it like there? Is it all what you want it to be? Does it hurt when you think about me? And how broken my heart is Take you away from that empty apartment You stay and forget where the heart is Someday if ever you love me you'd say it's okay It's okay to be angry and never let go It only gets harder the more that you know When you get lonely if no one's around You know that I'll catch you when you're falling down We came together but you left alone And I know how it feels to walk out on your own Maybe someday I will see you again And you'll look me in my eyes and call me your friend Take you away from that empty apartment You stay and forget where the heart is Someday if ever you love me you'd say its okay Love Always, Rinny
He slowly folded the letter back up and put it back in it's envelope his eyes flashed a bright crystal blue, but this time they stayed that color for a few seconds, he felt a single tear slip out of his eye. He quickly wipped it away and his eyes went back to the cold dark, almost black color they had been before. He stuffed the letter into the back pocket of his jeans. He laid down on the couch and stared up at the celing. He was suddely confused about where his loyalties should lie. The two letters he had recieved from Rina had made him think about the past few months. He tried to think about the months prior to coming to live with his grandparents, but he couldn't remember anything from his past. He thought about the first letter Rina had sent him, she had talked about being thrown into a scene from the past and she had guessed the same thing had happened to him, and she was right. He had just gotten woken up when he had run into her. He put a hand on his stomach and winced a little in pain. He pulled his shirt up enough only to reveal the bandages around his stomach, he had perfromed a healing spell when he got back to the common room that night, but he was still sore and still kept the bandages on just in case. At first he had thought, that what he saw wasn't real, but finding out that Rina had the same thing happen to her made him think. He had tried to fight the one he was supposed to be loyal to and he had tried to protect the one he was supposed to hate. He pulled his shirt down and rested an arm over his eyes. What the hell is wrong with me, why am I doubting myself? I know exactly where my loyalties lie. He thought. He herd footsteps coming down the stairs leading up to the dormitories, he turned his head to see Draco coming down the stairs carrying a package, he sat up and looked at the package cuirosly. Draco saw him and smiled in satifaction. "You and I have been sent a gift to help us with our mission tonight." He said walking up to Chirs and handing him the package. Chris looked at the package for a moment, it felt ice cold. He slowly opened and saw a beautiful saber with a sivler blade, it's handle was black with two silver serpants with rubies for eyes, engraved into it. His eyes were wide with amazment. He lightly ran his hand over it. He looked up to Draco who was reading a letter that must have come with it. "I thought we weren't supposed to kill her." Chris said, Draco simply handed him the letter taking th saber out of Chris' hand and examining it himself. Chris looked at the letter he had seen Draco reading and unfolded it and read the words that where inside. Chris and Draco, As you know you can't become actual Death-Eaters untill you graduate from school, but there are still tasks you must preform to become one, think of it as proving your loyalty to me. The blade I have sent you, it to be used to stab Rina. Once in each shoulder, once in the middle of her chest, and once in the stomach. I have enchanted the blade to where it will not kill her, only stun her into unconsiousness untill I see fit to wake her up. Once you have her use your port key to bring her here. Once you and Draco have both read this letter throw it in the air. The Dark Lord Voldermort. Chris folded the letter back up and threw it in the air as he was instructed, as soon as the letter left his hand it burst into a green flame and fell to ashes on the floor. He watched the ashed slowly dissolve into the dark green carpet of the common room. He looked up to Draco who was holding the once again wrapped saber in his hand. "This may be a little more complicated than we thought it would be." Draco said suddenly. "What do you mean?" "Well I've saw your sister and Potter walking around holding hands this past week, I think they are going out, it may be hard to get them apart." He said angrily. Chris cocked an eyebrow at the sudden anger in Draco's voice, "The dance is 5 hours long, she has to use the bathroom at some point, and what do you care who she is going out with?" "Chris, your sister is gorgeous, and she deserves better than the likes of Potter." he said giving and disgusted tone at the end. "You mean you?" "Of course, once she sees the error of her ways and joins the Dark Lord, she'll see how perfect I am for her." Chris stood up off the couch and rested a hand on Draco's shoulder, his expression a little threatning. "Stay the hell away from her." he said, then turned from Draco and walked out of the entrance to the common room. As the hidden entrance to the Slytherin common room closed behind him, he began walking down the dugeons of the school heading for the entarnce to the school. He glanced down at his watch, it read 6:30. Since it was Saturday most of the students wouldn't be coming down to breakfast for a few more hours. He cut the corner that led to the main entrance, just as he did he saw Harry and Rina sitting on the bottom stair of the grand staircase. Rina looked upset and Harry had his arm around her shoulders. Chris ducked back around the corner, he could here them talking. "Are you mad at me Harry?" She asked, Chirs could hear her trying to keep her voice from cracking. "No, Rina, I'm not mad, I understand you can't give up on him. I'm just worried about you." Chris had a feeling who they were talking about. His hand felt the letter that was still in his pocket. "Do you think my dream will come true?" This time Chris could hear a slight hint of something he thought was fear in her voice. He remembered her talking about a dream in the letter. What dream?, What did she see he thought to himself. "I hope not." He herd Harry say. He peeked his head around the corner and saw Harry pull her into a hug. Chris was suddenly even more confused than he had been a few minutes before. At the beginning of the year, he had wished his sister dead, but now, for some reason, it killed him to see her in pain. He pulled his head back around the corner and rested it against the cold stone wall. "What am I going to do?" He whispered to himself, his eyes flashed a crystal blue again. He closed them tightly trying to clear these thoughts from his head, when he opened them again, they were their cold dark black they had been before. He herd their footsteps walk away from the stairs and towards the great hall, he stayed at the wall for a few more minutes giving them time to get far away from him. He thought back to the saber that Draco would now be hiding somewhere untill they needed it later that night. He would have to take the blade a stab it into his own sister, he would have to watch her blood run out of the wounds, and see the pain on her face, he would have to hear her cry out in pain, and watch her fall into an unconsious state, and then take her back to Voldermort where he would do God knows what to her. A week ago he would have done this without thinking twice about it. Why am I doubting myself now? he thought to himslef. He pulled himself off the wall and began wlaking to the Great Hall, when he walked in the Great Hall he was surprised at how many people were already up on a Saturday morning, he figured it was because of the excitement of the dance. He glanced around the room and saw Rina smiling and laughing with her friends at the Gryffindor table. A mousy haired Gryffindor came up to her and Harry holding a camera. She looked at Harry and Smiled, he put an arm around her waist and she leaned her head onto his shoulder, they both smiled brightly and the boy snapped the picture. Chris tore his eyes away from them and went to sit at the Slytherin table on the other side of the room, making sure he was as far as possible from the other people in his house. He looked down at the food that appeared on his plate, he grabbed the goblet besied his plate and drunk the orange juice that was inside it. All this confusion from two damn letters he thought angrily. How could two letters from someone he had hated a week ago give him so many doubts about his loyalty. He glanced at his watch again, this time is read 7:00. Only thirteen more hours untill the dance. He thought glumlly. "What are you so deep in thought about, Wilhoit?" Chris turned his head to see a fellow 7th year, she was a Ravenclaw, he was surprised she was even at the Slytherin table, she sitting besied him looking at him oddly. "Hello, Samantha, I'm just thinking about alot of things." He said turning his stare back to his empty goblet. Her expression softened. She gently placed a hand on his shoulder. "If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here for you." She said. He looked back to her surprised. "Thanks, but can I ask you a question?" she nodded her head. "Why are you even talking to me, I'm a Slytherin, aren't we the evil house of the school?" He asked trying to sound sarcastic. Appearently she didin't hear the sarcasim in his voice. "You're diffrent Chris, I'm not sure what it is about you, but something tells me you don't belong in Slytherin." He wasn't sure why, but he smiled slightly. "I know it's kinda last minute, but would you like to go to the dance with me?" he was surprised at himself for asking, but somehow it made him happy. She smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "I would love to Chris." She said, and got up and started towoard the exit of the Great Hall, Chris got up and walked with her. **************************************** Hermione stood in front of a mirrior in her bedroom using her wand to turn her bushy brown hair, sleek, straight and shiny. When she was finished she looked at herself, she was wearing bright pink dress robes, they had long see through sleeves with small rhinestones dotted on the sleeves, it was fitted around the waist and then flowed freely down to to her feet. Her hair was beautifully silky and staright with half of it up in a bun, and the other half let down softly flowing over her shoulders. She had put on a little make-up. She glanced to the clock on her bedside table, it read 6:30 pm Only 30 more minutes she thought happily. She looked around at the rest of the girls in her bedroom getting dressed, they all looked so pretty, she noticed she didn't see Rina amongst the girls, so she walked over to the closed door of the bathroom and knocked. "Rina, are you still in there? Come on out I wanna see how you look!" She called. "Alright! I'm coming." The door knob to the bathroom opened and in the door way stood Rina. She was wearing dark red, sleevless, dress robes. The robes fit every curve of her body, a small gold chain was around the waist met in the middle by a red jewel, the dress flowed lossely from her waist to her feet. Her hair had been put in long soft spiral curles. "How do I look?" "Perfect!" Hermione said. Finally it was time to go down and meet their dates in the common room. Hermione and Rina walked down the stairs with the rest of the girls in the room. They separted one by one untill it was Hermione and Rina left standing next to the fireplace waitng for Harry and Ron. "There you two are" Ron said as he and Harry came walking up to them, both of their mouths dropping and eyes going wide, when they looked completly at their dates. Ron walked up to Hermione and offered his arm. "Shall we?" he asked. She giggled and took his arm, she looked back to Rina and gave her a quick wink as her and Ron made their way out of the common room toward the Great Hall where the dance was being held. Harry slowly walked up to Rina and kissed her on the cheek. "You are so beautiful." He whispered in her ear. She smiled and put her arms around his neck in a hug. "You're so sweet Harry, I'm so lucky to have you." She pulled away smiling and quickly kissed him on the lips. He offered his arm and she took it. The walked out of the common room and down to the Great Hall where Ron and Hermione were waiting for them at the door. As they walked in they were met by the beautiful decorations of the dance, they had put them up only two hours before, but with the lighting that had been added, the room looked spectacualr. There were enchanted streamers flying high in the air they were the colors of all the houses. jack-o-lanters were floating in the air, along with life-like bats, the starry night sky shown beautifully through the celing. Long Food tables were on two sides of the room, piled with with delicious looking food, a stage had been set up in the corner of the room, In another corner the teachers table sat with a few teachers behind it sitting down chatting happily, even Snape seemed to be somewhat enjoying himself. Along each empty side of the room set chairs, for wall flowers, and people just to take a break. The room was lit with a blue lighting, that gave the whole room a mystic feeling. "BLOODY HELL!! And we thought it looked good earlier." Ron said brethlessly. "Yes, wonderfull job on the lighting design Rina." said a female voice. The group turned to see Alaya and Remus standing behind them in their own dress robes. Remus' were simple, dark navy blue and Alaya's were purple with a line of golden crecent moons circling around her waist and the bottom of the robes. "Thank you Proffessor Black." Rina said smiling, her eys suddenly fell on the neckalce around her teacher's neck.Her eyes went wide. IT'S THE NECKLACE FROM MY DREAM she thought frantically. "That necklace..where did you get it?" She asked quickly, Harry, Ron, and Hermione's eyes followed Rina's to the necklace and their expressions soon matched hers. Alaya's hand went up to the necklace. "You mean this?" She asked. All four of them nodded. Remus reached his hand inside his pocket and pulled out the same charm that was on Alaya's necklace. "All the Mauraders had one. It was created so that no matter where any of us were if we needed each other we would know how to find each other" he explained. "That and later we found out it also helped us to combine our powers, but that's a long story. Why do you want to know?" "I just had a really werid dream, and that neckalce was in it." Rina said forcing a smile. "Proffessor Black, who was the fox?" Hermione asked sensing Rina's attempt to change the subject. "The fox was me. We'll talk later kids, come on Remus, Proffessor Dumbledore wanted to see us." She said and she and Remus walked off toward the teacher's table. Ron, Harry, Rina, and Hermione looked at each other. "She said all the Maurders had one, what happened to Harry's dad's and god-father's?" Rina asked. "Alaya probably has them, but the better question is why was it in your dream" Harry said "Can we worry about this later guys, we came to this dance to have fun, so lets do that. We can talk about the dream after the dance?" Rina said wrapping her arms around Harry's neck and laying her head on his shoulder, he responded by putting his arms around her waist. "I think that's a great idea." Ron said putting his arm around Hermione's waist. They smiled at each other and turned their attention to Proffessor Dumbledore who was now standing on the stage raising his arms for silence. When the room had finally fallen silent he smiled. "Welcome everyone, to the first anual Halloween Dance. I would like to thank the dance commitee for doing such a wondferful job organizing this, and a special thanks to Proffessor McGonagall, Proffessor Black, and Proffessor Lupin for all of their help. There are many delicious refreshments on the left and right sides of the room, now everyone please, give a round of applause for Weird Sisters" He said. The whole room roared with applause as the band walked out on stage. Dumbledore made his way back to the teacher's table and the band began to play a fast, upbeat song. Many students flocked to the dance floor as soon as the first notes were played and began dancing. "Come on Harry, I wanna dance." Rina said beaming. Harry turned a little red. "I..er..I can't dance." he admitted. Rina laughed and grabbed his hand. "Don't worry Harry, I'll teach you." She said dragging him into the crowd of people. Ron and Hermione watched them dissapear into the crowd. They looked at each other and began laughing. Ron took Hermione's hand. "Do you want to dance too, or are you hungry?" he asked, hoping she wouldn't want to dance, because like Harry, he couldn't dance very well either. She smiled." I'm hungry let's get something to eat." She said knowing exactly what he was thinking. He smiled brightly and led her over to the refreshment table. About an hour later, Rina and Harry had met up with Ron and Hermione again. They were all sitting down in the chairs talking with some of their fellow Gryffindors, when Collin and Dennis Creevy came walking up to them, Collin, like always, was carrying his camera. "HI, guys! Anyone want a picture, to remember the night by?" Dennis asked. "That would be great you guys." Rina said. "Yeah, lets take a picture with the four of us." Hermione agreed. Ron, Harry, Rina and Hermione stood up from their chairs. They put their arms around each other and smiled brightly. Collin held the camera up to his eyes focused it and snapped the picture. "You guy want seprate pictures with just you and your date?" He asked. "Sure." Harry said wrapping his arms around Rina and pulling her close to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck. They both looked to the camers and smiled. "Wow, you two look really good together." Collin said and snapped the picture. "What about you two?" he asked looking towards Hermione and Ron. The both nodded and took the same pose as Harry and Rina had. He snapped another picture. "Thanks guys, we'll have the picture back to you by Tuesday." he said as he and his brother walked off further into the dance looking for more people to take pictures of. "Well, girls, you were right, this dnace is actually fun." Ron admitted his arm still around Hermione. "I definately have to agree." Harry said smiling. The fast dance music was suddenly replaced by a slow romatiic ballad, Harry looked in Rina's eyes and smiled. "Would you like to dance?" He asked offering her his hand. She smiled and placed her hand in his. He led her to the middle of the dance floor and rested his hands on her hips, she put her arms around his neck. They swayed to the music looking intently into each other's eyes. "You're amazing, you know that?" he said putting his forehead to hers. She smiled. "Why do you think I'm so amazing Harry?" "Because, you're so diffrent from anyone I've ever met. I feel like I can be myself around you, when I hold you it's like everything is right in the world, all you have to do is smile and it makes my day ten times better. I'm not exactly sure how or when it happened, but, Rina, I've fallen in love with you." He said looking deep in her eyes. Her eyes widened, she pulled her forhead away from his and looked in his eyes, searching to see if he was telling the truth. She felt a tear of happiness come to her eyes. She flung herself on Harry wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug. "Oh Harry!! I love you too!! So very much!" She exclaimed. She pulled away from the hug and looked into his eyes again. He ran a hand through her hair and leaned in and kissed her gently but passionately on the lips. When the song was over they met back up with Ron and Hermione at the chairs they were sitting at, The four of them sat down and talked for a while. The next few hours flew by, with dancing, talking, eating the food, taking pictures, before they knew it, it was already 11:30. Rina leaned over to Harry "I'll be right back ok?" she said and stood up. "No, don't leave me." He said jockingly, he grabbed her hand and pulled her down for a quick kiss. "Come back soon." he said and smiled. She smiled back and made her to the exit of the Great Hall. She walked down the corridor that led to the bathrooms. She was surprised at how dark the castle was, considering the entire school was still at the dance. She suddenly got a bad feeling of deja vu'. She remembered this dark corridor from her dream. She turned around to go back and realized she was quiet a bit away from the Great Hall even if she could still hear the loud music. She started to walk back but was siezed around the waist and her arms, a hand clamped over her mouth. "Don't be in such a hurry to go back, my friend and I would like to have a word with you." She recognized the voice instantly as Draco's. She fought to get away but she couldn't move. She did the only thing she could think of and bit his hand. He quickly let go of her mouth cursing at her, making sure not to let go of her arms and waist. "HELP ME, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!" She yelled, deep down she knew it was in vain, the music was too loud for anyone to hear her. "Scream all you want, no one will hear you." Draco said. "He's right." a voice said from the shadows, she knew who it was. She felt tears come to her eyes, and tried to fight them back. She watched Chris walk out of the shadows holding the same saber from her dream. She closed her eyes tightly so she wouldn't have to watch him do what she knew was coming. He saw the pain in her face and he hesitated. Come on get it together, you have to do this. he thought to himself. Once in each shoulder, once in the middle of the chest, and once in the stomach he repeated the words from the letter in his mind, and raised the saber above his head his eyes flashing from crystal blue to their cold dark black over and over again. She opened her eyes and saw him raise the saber. I'm going to die, I'll never see Harry again. she thought, no longer being able to fight back her tears. She looked into Chris' eyes and noticed them flashing between colors. Her mind suddenly went back to the scene from the past she had seen, his eyes had been blue in it, but at Hogwarts they had been a cold black. Chris looked at the tears running down his sisters face and then into her eyes. He took one last deep breath and plunged the blade into her left shoulder, she screamed in pain. He pulled out the blade and punged it into the right shoulder, then into the middle of her chast and finally into her stomach. He herd her screams of pain every time the blade went in and out of her body. He watched the blood come through her clothes and turn her already dark red dress robes even darker. The blood ran down her arms. She felt like her whole body was on fire, starting from the wounds and spreading through out her entire body. The pain was unbeliveable. She could feel darkness closing in around her world. She looked up into Chris' eyes and saw them colder and darker than ever before, her vision became cloudy and darkness took over her world. Chris stared at the umoving body of his sister, his eyes flashing back to their crystal blue. He watched Draco lay her gently on the ground and pull the wrapped portkey out of his pocket. He slowly unwrapped in, revealing it to be a small emarald, being careful not to touch it. He reached down and took one of her hands that was now covered in her blood. "Come on Chris, grab the other one, we have to get out of here before Potter realizes she's gone." he said. Chris reluctantly took her other blood cover hand. He and Draco both touched the portkey and within second the three of them were gone from Hogwarts leaving only a large puddle of blood on the floor. When they were gone the torches along the wall lit back up. *************************************** Dumbledore walked back up on stage after the last dance and raised his arms for silence. The room instantly fell to his comand. "I'm sorry to say but that was the last dance, house prefects please lead your housemates back to your common rooms, godd night everyone." He said walking off the stage. Harry watched Dumbledore walk off the stage and turned back to Hermione and Ron. "Where's Rina?" he asked worriedly. "I don't know Harry but I've got a bad feeling about this." Hermione said. "You two go ahead and take everyone back to the common room, I'm gonna go see if Alaya or Remus has seen her." He said and hurried off to the teachers table where most of the teachers were still sitting. Remus and Alaya were sitting at the end laughing at something with Hagrid. He walked up to them. "Hello Harry, did you have fun tonight?" Alaya asked beaming at him, but the smile quickly faded when she saw the expression on his face. "Harry! What's wrong?" "Can I talk to you and Re- I mean Proffessor Lupin for a moment." He said trying to sound normal. "Of course." Remus said. He and Alaya stood up and folllowed Harry to an empty corner of the room. "What's going on Harry?" Remus asked seriously. "I can't find Rina, I know it's probably nothing, but I've just got a really bad feeling." he said. He herd Alaya take in a sharp breath and he looked at her oddly. "When was the last time you saw her Harry?" Remus asked. "About half an hour ago, she told me she would be right back, but she never came back." Suddenly there was a loud scream coming from somwhere in the corridors. All of the teachers jumped up from the table and took off toward the scream. Remus and Alaya glanced at each other and followed them, not noticing Harry was right behind them. When Harry, Alaya, and Remus finally got to the scene Harry saw a bunch of Ravenclaws being led away from the scene, when they had all cleared, he stepped out from bheind Remus and looked at what caused the scream. His heart sank immeadiately and he suddenly felt very sick. There was a dark, huge puddle of blood in the middle of the corridor. "Rina." He breathed. All the teachers suddenly looked to him. "Potter! Get to your common room!" Snape scolded walking up to him quickly. Alaya stepped in his path. "No, Serverus, leave the boy alone, he has a right to know what happened." She said with an anger in her voice Harry had never herd before. Harry turned his attention to Dumbledore and a teacher he had never had before standing next to the blood. The teacher was holding a flask with what looked like some of the blood in it. He watched the teacher tap the flask with her wand. She whispered something to Dumbledore. "Proffessor Black, Proffessor Lupin, Proffessor McGonagall, Harry, please come with me to my office. The rest of you make sure all of the students are in their common rooms. Heads of houses, make sure every student in your house is present and accounted for. I want this entire castle searched from top to bottom for Miss Wilhoit" He said turning and walking to his office. Harry, Alaya, Remus, and Proffessor McGonagall follwoing him. When they finally reached his office Dumbledore went to his desk and sat down. He motioned for the rest of them to take the seats in front of his desk. They did so. The room was silent for a few minutes, no one really knowing what to say or do. "The blood on the floor.." Dumbledore started his gaze falling on Alaya, "Belonged to Rina Wilhoit." Harry felt his heart sink again, he wanted to throw up. He herd Alaya take in a sharp breath again and he looked at her to see a tear running down her cheek. "I think the time has come for the truth to come out." Dumbledore said looking back and forth to Alaya and Harry. "Alaya, what is he talking about?" Harry asked shakily. Alaya turned to face Harry, she placed a trembling hand on his. "Harry, Rina is mine and Sirius' daughter. She is the one I told you about that we had to give up for preotecion. When I was three weeks pregnant with her, I didn't know I was pregnant, you were already a few weeks old. James and I got sent on a mission to a house that had been attacked by Voldermort. He was supposedly long gone from the place, but he was there. He captured me and took me to his hide-out. There he preformed a charm on me that caused me to become 9 months pregnant in a matter of miuntes. By the time James, Remus, and Sirius saved me I was going into labor. After your parents were killed, we knew that eventually he would come after Rina, because of what happened, so, I gave up all rights to her and sent he to live with my brother so she would be safe, but, they were killed by Voldermort last summer, only Rina and Chris survived. Now he has somehow managed to find her." She explained. Tears were slowly running down her cheeks. Harry could hardly believe what he was being told. Rina was Sirius and Alaya's daughter. She had been the link to so many of the questions he had and he didn't even know it, but suddenly, all the questions that he had wanted ansewers to didn't seem very important anymore. He was more worried about the girl he was in love with missing. He herd the door to Dumbeldore's office and he turned his head to see Snape walk in. "Everyone is present and accounted for in their houses, the entire staff is searching the castle as we speak, but sir, I don't think she is at Hogwarts anymore." he said solomnly. Dumbledore nodded his head. "Neither do I Serverus, neither do I." ****************************************** Again thanx to all my readers, please take the time to review ^_~ The two "poems" in the letters from Rina were actually songs: Inside Out ~ By Yellowcard & Empty Apartment ~ By Yellowcard Love Always, ShadowStarlight

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