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Hermione and Ginny ran up the stair cases, if they didn't move, towards the Common room. They were happy to be back at Hogwarts. It felt like home to them. Even though they had spent all summer with each other they still had a lot to catch up on, not to mention with the other girls in the group. Now they just had to unpack and hope nothing to crazy happens on their first night which normally doesn't. Now they just had to find Willow and find out how she was getting on.

They got up the stairs and went up to the fat lady portrait. They said the pass word that had changed again, probably got some advice from Sir Cadogan. They then stepped inside to show the younger years what the best rooms in Hogwarts looked like. Ginny jumped onto the couch near the fire and Hermione laughed. The younger years carried on up to the bedrooms. Hermione and Ginny left them alone to explore.

"Why did we have to do this again?" Ginny asked with a dramatic sigh.

"Because it's fun Ginny."
"No it is not!"
"Well I find it fun."
"Why? We won't spend anytime with them."
"Yeah but it's nice to know they have someone to turn to in trouble."

"You really think they want to talk to Hermione Granger?!"
"Why not?"
"They're scared of you that's why."
"They have nothing to be scared of."
"Well trouble does seem to follow us."
"True. Hopefully nothing will happen this year."
"Don't hold your breath Hermione."
"You're so pesimistic Ginny."
"Living with Ron taught me that."
"You'll find out soon."
"What's that suppose to mean?"
"You and Ron."
"What no!"
"Oh come on Hermione. Everyone in the year knows that you two love each other."
"You're so secretive."
"It's good to be like that."




The girls laugh as another person comes through the portrait. The girls turn round to find Willow on the other side looking at them. She was bundled with bags and some of them were bigger than her. The girls walked up to her.

"So you're in Griffyndore then?"
"Looks like it Ginny."
"Need some help with those bags?"
"It would be useful."
Ginny took Willow's bags up to the room Ginny and Hermione shared leaving Willow and Hermione alone to talk.

"Are you enjoying it so far then?"
"So far. I don't like Professor Mcgonagall though."
"Don't worry you'll get used to her."
"Does anyone?"
"It takes a while."
"I'll be fine."
"Is your brother here?"
"Yeah but he's in Slytherin."
"Oh. How come you're in different houses?"
"Trust me. We are so different."
"I'll take your word for it."

"You'll get to meet him soon."
"I really hope I do. He sounds very interesting."
"Well I don't think he'll live up to those hopes but you can meet him at dinner."
"Guys are you coming or not?!" Ginny shouted from up the staircase.

"Coming!" Hermione answered.

Hermione grabbed Willows arm and pulled her up the stairs after her.

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