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Every student was sat down in the Great Hall. From Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff to Slytherin and Griffyndor, the houses sat together. The only time they actually looked unified. Before long they would be mortal enemies in the quest to win the House cup. For now they were all friends with the new students milling round trying to find their friends.

Hermione and Ginny were sat down together. Ron and his twin brothers, Fred and George, were sitting across from them. Ron was mostly waiting for the food. The food was the best bit for the older students who were already sorted. The best bit for Ron was also food. It always was.

Luna and Cho were sitting at the table next to them at the Ravenclaw bench. They were chatting to their friends but kept looking back to see the others. They sometimes had to listen to the witty conversations that other Ravenclaws had with each other. Appartently it was a trait of all Ravenclaws but they felt a little bit out of that chain.

Harry sat down next to Ron after he had seen Draco. He was still smiling after the encounter. Ron punched Harry in the arm. Harry stared at him. Ron pointed at Ginny who was talking to Hermione. Harry knew to stop smiling just in case she asked why. Ginny smiled when she saw him and he smiled back. Ginny was always happy to see her boyfriend but more so then after their break in summer.

As Harry sat down the Professors came into the room and sat down. The students kept on chatting. They didn't have to stop until the headmaster walked in. They had to listen to what he was saying.

"Hey Harry look!" Fred pointed.
Harry and the others looked towards the Professors table. Lupin was missing and so was Snape. Weird. They would be the last Professors to be out together. They were sure the Professors would be back soon though. Snape was never late and Lupin cared about the students too much to miss this part of the year.


As the conversations carried on Dumbldore came in. The students went silent. Dumbledore walked up to the podium. The room went silent to hear the news he was about to say.


"Welcome students to a new year at Hogwarts!"

The room went into applause.

"Welcome to the new and the old. This year of Hogwarts could be your first or your last. Whatever it is, make it your best year you've had. Now we have the same Professor team as last year but as you can see two Professors are at this moment missing. Professor Lupin and Snape will join us later. They had some buisness to attend to."

Everyone whispered under their breath. What were the two Professors up to?

"Continuing on. The third floor is still of limits and Mr Filch has told me to remind you not to go up there under any circumstances. Now Minister Fudge.."
The whole room groaned. Minster Fudge didn't exactly support Hogwarts and the tactics they were using. To be honest a lot of the minstry didn't these days.

"Minister Fudge has told me to remind you that it is dangerous to go outside as Sirius Black is still on the lose and appartently he is still very dangerous."

The whole room laughed together. Everyone knew that Sirius Black was no longer dangerous towards them.

"Now let's get on with the sorting cerenomy."


Dumbledore waved his hands and the new students formed a line that went down the hall. Mcgonagall stood up and grabbed the sorting hat. The sorting cerenomy was about to start and two Professors were missing. What a start to the year?!

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