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The Hogwarts Express was waiting at the 9 and 3/4 platform for students to get on. The students had been on holiday for six weeks and it was now to return to what they knew best. Hogwarts seemed to be the only safe place for wizards these days thanks to the Death Eaters everywhere and I mean everywhere. Even the students seem to be under threat these days. The Death Eaters seem to not even realize who they are affecting. Maybe they don't even care.


Cho was looking up and down the platform. She was waiting for someone she knew to turn up. All the people she had seen already were new students or older kids looking down on her. She was in her fifth year but that didn't make any difference to them. She was under enough stress without thinking she was the only one of her friends returning this year! 

"Cho over here!"

Cho smiled and ran over towards her friends. Luna, Ginny, Hermione were standing by the edge of the platform. Finally some people she recognized. 

"Where have you been? I've been looking for you three everywhere!"
"We've been here like three minutes." Said Hermione.

"Yeah no thanks to my brother making us all late." Ginny replied.

Cho looked awkwardly at the ground. She knew that the other three got a lift together to the platform. Percy gave them all a lift whilst on his way to the ministry. Ron, George, Fred and Harry got their own lift from Arthur Weasley. Cho had to take a muggle bus as the knight bus only work sat night and her parents are always working. 

"Had a good summer Cho?"
"Yeah it was great."

"Really? You don't look very sure in your answer."
"It was fine Luna!"
"Okay calm down!"
"Sorry I'm just stressed."
"Look, we haven't even got to school yet. Why are you stressed already?"

"We have exams this year."
"Blimey and I thought I was bad."
They all laughed. Hermione was right. She was normally the one who was scared about schoolwork. Cho needed to calm down. They still had most of the year before their first exam.

"Hey girls."
Ron and Harry walked towards them. Cho blushed. It had only been a year since Cedric died and hadn't seen Harry since. He had sent her a letter but she hadn't responded. Harry had looked after her and let her cry on his shoulder since Cedric had died. Now she didn't know what their relationship would be like.

"You know Percy made us late this morning?"
"What how? He's like always on time." Ron piped up.

"Apparently Errol was giving him grief."
Harry looked over at Cho but didn't say anything. Cho caught his eye and smiled back at him. Harry looked away sharpish. Luna saw this and tried to make Cho join the conversation.

"How was your journey Cho?"
"Busy seems like everyone was on the road."
"Lucky we had a flying car then."

"Yes Luna it was."

The group then went quiet. It was a very awkward silence. Luna had tried to ease the tension but it seems she only made it worse. Harry tried to speak but nothing came out. Hermione twirls her hair as she did when she was nervous and Ginny swayed from side to side with her broom. The only thing that was going to break that silence was another student coming up to interrupt them. Draco came sneakily into the group.


"Well this is a quiant scene."
"What do you want Malfoy?" Ron snapped back.

"Alright keep your wig on. I want to talk to Potter."
"You're not going with him are you Harry?" Ginny asked worried.

"It's just a little talk. Won't be long." Harry replied to calm her down.

"Hurry back. You don't want to miss the train."
"What like your second year Ron? No don't worry I'll be back before that happens."

Harry followed after Draco as the group that were left looked on. Ginny was the most worried. None of them liked Draco and no one knew why Harry would talk to him. 

"Well he'd better hurry. Looks like the train's coming in." Ron said to break everyone's concentration.

As he says that the Hogwarts Express arrived at the station. 

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