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Every night and day that Harry stayed asleep to heal I was by his side and he was still calling out my name. I wanted to know what happened down there alone with you know who. Draco came to get me on the last night that he would sleep at least that was what Madam Poppy had said to me.


"We need to get started on packing our things soon. He should be fine tomorrow to be at the Great Hall eating dinner with his fellow housemates."


Harry called out to me again. "So it's true he calls out for you. I thought it was just a rumor."


I began to cry because I didn't know what to do to get him to stop calling out for me. I turned to Draco quickly whipping my tears away and held his neck in my hand. "If you use me against him to make fun of him. I will make you pay for betraying me, Draco." I let him go and went back to Harry.


I heard him growl, "You know that I can't do that to you. I want you happy and that's all that matters to me right now." He took a chance to walk closer to me.


"Don't touch me. Right now, I want you to leave me alone."


"Liz, there is nothing that you can do to help him. You can't ask him the question you need to ask until he wakes up. Let's go to bed. Stay with me tonight."


I nodded and we went to bed that night I had no dreams and when I woke up I heard whispers that Harry was awake and that Hermione and Ronald were by his side. I stayed away because I didn't think I was ready to speak to him. So I stayed by Draco's side until the end of the year. Harry would turn around to look at me from his table at the Great Hall. I felt his eyes on me but I avoided him at all cost. Hermione had written to me asking me what I was doing and how could I be ignoring Harry like this. I have written back to her that it was just that I was not ready to talk to him after being so worried for him. After that, she just left me alone to deal with my emotions. We were on the train home when Harry finally stops me before going into one of the cabins with Draco.


"Can we talk, Beth?"


"It's okay Draco. I'll be right in when we are done talking."


Once Harry and I were alone he pushed open the door to the cabin across Draco's that was still empty. I sat down waiting for him to speak his mind.


"Why have you been working so hard to avoid me, Beth?"


"I was worried for you Harry. You know that I know things. Things that I cannot stop no matter how much I wish I could. Harry, you are my best friend and when I heard from four people that in your sleep that you are calling for me. I couldn't help you and all I could do was hold your hand as you slept. You don't know how hard it is for a girl to sit there and not know what to do."


"Beth, when you get your memories back or dream about something. Can you please tell me? I just found out something when I was alone with Voldemort."


"Just tell me what he said, Harry."


"No Beth. I can't."




"Just promise me that you will tell me when you get your memories or have a dream that you don't understand."


"I promise." I hated that I was lying to him about this promise but this is something I wanted to deal with on my own.

"Harry, why won't you look at me?"


"Professor Dumbledore warned me that I shouldn't when I spoke to you about what happened to me. He said that your family was very good at spells to look into someone's mind."


I gasped, "You truly believe that I would go into your mind without your permission Harry. I thought you trusted me, that I was your best friend." I got up to leave. But Harry stopped me by grabbing my wrist.


"Then look into my mind and see that night for yourself."


"No, Harry. I could hurt you. I am being taught but I'm not strong enough to do it yet. Just tell me what he said." I said sighing before continuing, "Harry, I have had dreams of a woman screaming after she places a spell on me. That is all I see in my dreams and a bright light."


"He said that no matter what I did you are not safe from him. He will come for you once I am out of the way."


Odd why would he want me. "Don't worry about me, Harry. It just might be because I know too much. People like me are always wanted because of the things we know." I moved to sit beside him "Hey I saw Hagrid give you something before we got on the train what was it?"


Harry smiled, "Its pictures of my parents. I haven't looked too much into it yet. Do you want to look at, with me?"


I smiled back at him and nodded. We saw all kinds of pictures of his parents and baby pictures of him as well as a picture of another baby with him. We stay together until we reached London and left with our own families home, although I don't know if anyone came for him or not. Now I had to wait to hear from him until next year. Unless we made time to write to each other.

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