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This cannot be happening. I’ve gotta be dreaming or having a horrible nightmare. The potion must have been made wrong.


I’ve awoken to a tiny room to what looks like a nursery and a small infant sleeping soundly in a crib on the far wall. She’s got almost platinum blonde curly hair with streaks of brunette in them and freckles all over her cheeks. She couldn’t be more than 6 months to a year.


I hear something behind me that sounds like a grunt and I snap my wand towards the sound. It was just Malfoy.


“MALFOY!” I yelled. To the looks of it, he must still be passed out from the potion and seeing as how yelling didn’t wake him, I go over and poke his broad shoulder.


Hmmm, pretty muscular if you ask me, I thought.


Wait. This is Malfoy, Hermione, don’t be thinking about how muscular he is.


Shrugging these thoughts off it seems like he is finally about to come to and I gotta be prepared for his reaction to all this.

Malfoy stirs and after what seems like forever, he finally opens his eyes. He jumps away like he has no recollection of the past 5 mintues. “Granger, what the hell are you doing? Were you just touching me? Great, now I’ve gotta burn this shirt. It’s a shame since I really liked how it looked on me.” He said narcissistically.


I roll my eyes and brush off his insult since that is the least of our worries right now. I gesture over to the far wall for him to look at just what we’ve gotten ourselves into.


He gets up and walks over only to go rigid as he takes everything in. 


“Malfoy?” I asked tensely, “I guess this is our project. To take care of this baby together.”


He looks over to the stand next to the crib and picks a piece of parchment up. He walks near me to we both can read it.


               Hermione Granger + Draco Malfoy,

As you can see, there is a child here to your left. You must take care of this child as if it were your own flesh and blood. You must be curious as to why this child even looks like the both of you. With the Headmaster’s permission, we took DNA samples of each of you and made a potion to create a baby for each pair. At the end of the semester you must present the child and tell us the flaw that you’ve identified and how you’ve come to work to fix it.

               Good luck,

               Professor Victoria


Malfoy snorts, “A baby? This wasn’t even in the project description when the Professor first told us about it. This is absolute insanity. There is no way in hell I’m doing this project and definitely not with you!” He storms to the door and tries the door but to no luck, its locked.


“Listen here Malfoy, I’m only going to say this one time. I will not allow you to let me fail this class because of your stupid morals and stubbornness. Let’s just be adults here and get this project done.” I walk passed him to try the door just as he did and it’s still locked.


I turned away in frustration and sat down. To my astonishment, Malfoy walked around the room curiously and as I watched him, I noticed bags under his eyes, he looked like he hadn’t slept in days. I shrugged it off.


I got up and went over to the baby and noticed she had wakened. “Malfoy,” I said quietly, “Get over here.” As I motioned him over, the baby let out this wail and started crying. I looked at Malfoy utterly helpless at what to do and saw some deep emotion in his eyes but still couldn’t place it.


This seemed to be a reoccurrence with this man and every time it leaves me more and more perplexed. Pushing these thoughts aside, I lean down to pick her up and as I do she looks at me with these big brown eyes and finally stops crying. I’m astonished as I start to rock her back and forth. Malfoy just stares at me with the baby and the next thing he does surprises me.


He reaches out to stroke the baby’s hair with such tenderness that I had to stop myself from letting out a gasp. Not wanting to see the emotion I knew was there in his eyes, I look back down to the bundle in my hands and she looked up at the both of us with such happiness. I was so taken aback at what had just transpired I barely heard the click of the door right after his hand had come in contact with the baby. Looking over, the door we had both tried opening earlier was slowly opening to a corridor.

Considering the baby had stopped crying and seemed to have fallen back to sleep, I set her back down in the crib.


“Well,” I say as I clear my throat, “I guess we should go see what else this crazy professor has planned for us.”


All he does is gesture for me to go through the door first, all intense emotion completely gone from his eyes and the disgust was back. It was like the passed few minutes never happened. I grunt and go reluctantly.


As we move down the corridor, I notice it feels warm and I get a sense of comfort which is weird because any scenario with Malfoy behind me and comfort doesn’t make sense. I notice, as we get to a staircase, there are a bunch of pictures and to my shock they’re of Malfoy and I. I briefly touch one of the pictures of the two of them walking down a trail and there are leaves falling all around them, they’re holding hands, and it looks like I’m in mid-sentence and Malfoy seems to be laughing hysterically at what I’m saying. The weird part about this picture is that it looks genuine. I look happy and Malfoy doesn’t even look like himself. Dare I say, he looks handsome while he’s laughing the way he is.


I glance at Malfoy who seems to be focused hard on another picture. It was the two of them. He’s standing in what looks to be his best gowns and he’s looking over at me with an odd expression on his face but he has the biggest smile on his face so I doubt his thoughts could be bad natured. I’m in the most beautiful wedding gown I’ve ever laid my eyes on and my hair is all pinned up. I look over at Malfoy again to see he’s moved on and gone down stairs. I shrug and follow as I investigate the rest of the house. There doesn’t seem to be anything weird with the rest of the house, so they move on to outside and notice they were the only house in what seemed to be miles.


“Well, we’re so failing this project.” I sigh.

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