Disappering Acts
Draco and Hermione staggered to the street, barely escaping their deaths. I feel like crap , Hermione thought as she limped to safety. She looked behind her at the burning wreckage that was behind her. The 3 story building that was once the Malfoy manor was ablaze with smoke and burning flesh. Not theirs but the death eaters who tried to kill them. She felt him tug her arm, “we have to keep moving Granger, unless you want open season for death eaters on your arse” She glared at him and snatched her arm away, “we need to find the portkey Dumbledore left for us”. She knelt down and started carefully searching the ground. CRUNCH. Hermione stepped on a tin canister that said fizzing wizbee across it, none other than the portkey. “Okay it should be activating soon” she looked at her watch 60 seconds to go. They started to walk farther away from the burning mansion, (:55) when “Where’s my wand?” Draco said as he rifled through his trousers desperately searching for his wand a mixed look of confusion and anger written across his face. I must have dropped it when I was running out of the manor. He glanced back at the manor from teh end of the block and looked at Hermione(:45) That’s when Hermione noticed she didn’t have hers either. "I must have lost mines, too" she squeaked(:40) “We’ll have to get new ones, right now are lives are more important,” Draco said as they continued to walk up the street. (: 30) “Well well you thought you two could get away so easily” came a familiar drawling voice. (:25) They turned around to see none other than Lucius Malfoy, and in his hand, their wands. (:20) He had a nasty look of loathing on his face, and then then ends of his lips curled into a smile. Draco swiftly stood in front of Hermione and held her hand, “Draco I always knew you were weak but I never thought you can sink this low” (:15) He paused and pointed his wand at them “oh well. I don’t have time to torture you so I guess I’ll kill you both.” (:5) They looked at him eyes full of terror, Hermione squeezed Draco's hand Praying that the portkey would activate soon neither one able to speak. “Avada (:0) Kedevra” a bright green light shot out of his wand but never hit the targets by the time he finished the portkey had been activated. And Draco and Hermione were gone. Please Review and tell me what you think it's a little rough but I'm going to try and smooth it out so it'll be a couple of days until chapter 2 and 3

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