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After the war Hermione finds herself in a deep depression.  Nothing in her life is going as she planned.  Can she come out of it before it's too late?   


I dont own anything pretaining to Harry Potter.






                                                                                              CHAPER ONE


June, 2000



Every witch and wizard had heard the story about the battle for Hogwarts.  This was the 2nd wizarding  war.  The casualties were up there in the thousands.  Many a good witch and wizard werelost. The aftermath was still being felt today, three years later.



The story of this battle goes like this.  Two young wizards and a young witch gave up everything to fight to bring down a dark lord.  Harry Potter, Ron Weaseley and Hermione Granger risked their lives to make the wizarding community safe.  Many people thought they had been crazy, teenagers fighting against the most powerful villain there had ever been, yet they still supported Harry Potter.  Word had gotten around that Harry was the best hope they had.  This hadn't been a pleasant time for anyone. Voldemort had been gaining power more quickly than he had the last time, he and his followers out numbered them by far, but good managed to win.  The cost was far more than they should have had to pay.  They had lost many good witches, the emotional scars were just as bad as the physical ones. 



For Hermione Granger the sacrifices went pretty deep, yet not as deep as some. Hermione had lost her parents.  She had magically erased their memory and moved them away in the hope of keeping them safe, it hadn't worked. She had scars, both mentally, emotionally and physically.  She witnessed a lot of death.  Many of her scars stemmed from when she had been tortured by the dark witch Bellatrix just because she was a muggle.  She had to live with those scars forever.



She and Ron had known what they were getting into when they agreed to accompany Harry on his journey to find horcruxes.  Dumbledore, had believed in Harry and had given him the task of locating and destroying these horcruxes.  Harry had liked and respected Dumbledore and willingly risked his life to finished what Dumbledore started.  Hermione and Ron had known it was dangerous but Harry was their best friend they wasn't going to let him do it alone.



It took a while, but the three had found and with the help of another friend, Neville, had destroyed all the Horcruxes.  So when Harry had faced Voldemort they were on even ground.  Voldemort had no real understanding of love and this had in the end been his downfall. 



Good had won.  Harry had defeated Voldemort.  Yet, their world wasn't as peaceful as they had thought it would be.  Many of Voldemort followers were locked up in Azkaban, but there were a lot of deatheaters that still had to be rounded up. And until they were caught no one would be really safe.



Hermione Granger sighed deeply, chugging back a shot of fire whiskey, it burned as it slid down her throat, the burning sensation did nothing to stop her from refilling the shot glass.  Normally, drinking wasn't her thing.  She was only a social drinker.  But lately, she didn't care.  She didn't cared about anything.  Actually, it had been five weeks since she slipped into a deep depression.  A depression that had her doing things she normally wouldn't have. 



Her depression began years ago when they had been racing against time looking for horcruxes, only getting deeper as they fought Voldemort and his deatheaters.   Her breakup with Ron had really pushed her over the edge.  They had only been together a little over two years, but that didn't make it hurt any less.  Although, deep down she knew that her and Ron hadn't been meant for each other, the affection she felt for him had been that of a friend, she knew that now. But when she had walked in on Ron with two members of his fan club she hadn't been able to think clearly.  She had been in a daze for weeks, she was just now coming out of it.  She rubbed her eyes as the memory burned in her mind.  Picking the glass of fire whiskey up and swallowing it. It was getting easier to down.



She glanced around the friendly pub with a frown.  She had to do something about her life.  She couldn't continue down this path of destruction.  It seemed like her life was just getting more complicated.  Magic it seems was ruining her life.  Every since the war ended, she hadn't been truly happy.  They had won the war, but for her it hadn't had the results that she had thought.  She had thought she would have her parents around more, sadly, they had been killed.  She thought her and Ron would live happily ever after, a school girls fantasy.



Oh, Ron, she silently moaned, as this thought entered her head.  Why did you do this to us, she asked herself silently.  With that came an image, an unwanted inage.  The image of Ron on their bed making out with two young women. Hermione had recognized them from Hogwarts.  They were a couple years behind her, she didn't know their names, they had been sorted into Hufflepuff house. 



"Hermione " a voice drew her from her thoughts. 



Hermione looked up and frowned when she seen her best friend Ginny standing there.  She might have known she show up at some point.  Ginny was Ron's little sister and she and Hermione had grown quite close over the years.  "Oh, Ginny, come join me," she waved the empty glass in her hand toward the chair opposite her.



Ginny sat down, not to drink with her but to talk.  "Hermione, you can't do this."  This was the fourth night that her friend was in here, she was beginning to worry about her.  Hermione wasn't the kind to drink to excess, she was smart, usually the voice of reason.  "Please, I'm worried about you."



Hermione sighed.  Leave it to Ginny to get right to the point.   "Theres no need to worry, Gin, I'm just enjoying a glass of-"



"I know," Ginny interrupted her.  She knew what Hermione was doing and it wasn't enjoying anything.  She was just drowning her sorrows.  "You've been coming here every night for weeks. It's got to stop.  You've been missing work."



Hermione laughed, but it was without humor.  Hermione worked for the Minister of magic, and until recently had enjoyed it. Missing work?  She wasn't missing it, she just wasn't going.  "Ginny, I appreciate your concern, but it's not necessary.  I'm perfectly fine."



Ginny's frown deepened.  Hermione's depression was lasting longer than she thought it would. This was Hermione.  Usually, she bounced back from anything, but she wasn't bouncing back from this.  "You aren't fine, Hermione.  You are spiraling out of control."



Hermione frowned.  No. She had been spiraling out of control, but she was coming out of it now, but she didn't inform Ginny of that.  "I'm fine, really, Ginny."



Ginny gave her a 'I dont believe it look'.  "Do you want to talk about it?" She asked, eager to help in any way she could. 



Hermione shook her head in answer. "What's to talk about?  Ron is moving on."  Of course, Ron was moving on, he had his fan club to see him through this.  What did she have?  Not a Damn thing.  "I'm still stuck here in this rut."  She downed her drink and refilled the glass.  "I am not sure what to do about it."



Ginny shook her head.  She didn't think Ron was moving on, but she didn't say anything.  Ron made a mistake, he knew that, but he also knew that Hermione would never forgive him, so he hadn't even tried talking to her.  It was the damn war, she thought darkly.  Good may have  won, but they had paid a hefty price.



"First we get you out of this pub." Ginny stood pulling her friend up with her.  "Then we are going to get some black coffee in you and talk.  Talking will help clear your head a little."



Hermione frowned again.  Well, maybe talking would help.  Merlin, alone, knew it had been a long time since she had talked to anyone.  "Okay. Gin, if you are willing to lend me your ear.  I'll talk.  But it isn't going to be pretty."



Ginny grinned.  Hermione was joking, that had to be a good sign.  "I will look forward to it." She told her honestly.  "I need my friend back.  I need you in shape for my wedding."



Hermione smiled her first real smile in weeks.  Ginny's wedding. "Oh my Merlin," Hermione groaned, devastated.  "I completely forgot about your wedding."  What kind of friend was she?  Her best friend was getting married to another of her friends and here she was willowong in a sea of self-pity.



Ginny grinned. "Its okay," she assured her friend. "It still two months away."



Hermione reached into the pocket of her jean's and pulled out a some muggle money, throwing it down on the table she allowed Ginny to lead her out into the night. 


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