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I was just about to wrap the towel around myself when there was a knock on the door. I assumed it was Narcissa so I walked out of the bathroom to answer the door. I was surprised to see that it was a house-elf.


"Mistress I brought your clothes."


"Dobby? Why are you knocking on my door? I've told you before you are welcomed into my room."


The elf looked at me with sad eyes before running to me and hugging my leg "Mistress you have returned. Oh, how Dobby has missed you."


I smiled at him "Dobby did I miss treat you why I was gone."


"No Mistress never harmed Dobby. Just yelled at Dobby like Lord Malfoy."


Looking away from him I felt sad "I'm sorry Dobby."


There was a knock on my door again and Dobby left before the door could open. It was Narcissa that walked into my room.


"Still, not dressed child." with a wave of her wand my clothes were on me and my hair fixed like her own.


"You are beautiful, child. So now that we are alone what is it that you would like to know?"


I looked at her and smiled, "Why am I here?"


"You belong here with us."


"I get that. Okay, let me rephrase my question. Why was I sent away?"


"It wasn't safe for you here and it still isn't. But the world we sent you to your life was ending so we had to bring you back."


"You and Lucius aren't my real parents are you?"


"No, but we are your family."


"Who are my parents?"


"That I can't tell you until you are safe."


I hated that she was keeping things from me but I understood that things couldn't be said until the time was right. I was here in a world not of my own and knew things that were going to happen before they did but I didn't tell Harry or anyone.


"Mother? Are my parents alive?"


"Only your father is alive. I never knew your mother but he said that she died giving birth to you."


"How old was I when I came to you?"


I saw her smile before she replied, "About a year old and a few days, my dear."


"How old was I when you told me the truth about me not truly being your child?"


"You were five and had been invited to spend time with your father's friend. Her son tried to be friends with you but kept telling you that you were not a Malfoy. He was about to tell you the truth when his mother stopped him. He tried to be friends with you but there was just too much hate between you both that you just wouldn't allow him to be friends with you."


"You're talking about Mrs. Weasley aren't you?"


"Yes, why do you ask?"


"Because the boy you just talked about is the same one that I still can't stand and my memories of him came to me as we argued and his reply was that I shouldn't be able to remember those days."


Narcissa just pulled me into a hug when she noticed that I was beginning to cry. This was just too much to take in all in one night. But I did fear that I would begin to forget the things I knew about this place as my memories from this world returned.


"Now let's join the men at dinner shall we."


I nodded as I was not ready to speak. Dinner was long and silent and when it was over both Draco and I were told that we could do anything we wish to do. But not before letting me know that tomorrow morning that I would be training with Severus Snape.


"You agreed to this," I said looking at Narcissa.


She said nothing as Lucius spoke again. "This is my Manor you are my child and you will do as I say."


"Oh but I am not your child. You may be my family but I am not your child."


"You told her?" he said looking at Narcissa.


"No, she didn't. It was the Weasley boy I hate that he let it slip and I ask mother. All she told me was that I couldn't know who my parents are until it was safe."


"Fine, but the training you are getting is still a must. According to your Godfather, you are unable to control your magic."


"He maybe godfather but I don't have to like him. I can't believe my real father would choose him."


Lucius and Narcissa looked at each other than answered. "Your real father had only chosen a godmother, so we choose the godfather for you."


"So Draco and I share a Godfather," I stated to them as I walked out of the dining room.


"Draco! Leave her be." I heard Narcissa say as I heard a chair move.


"I'm the only one so far that can calm her when she is this upset. If you haven't noticed every glass in this place is breaking as she walks through the house."


I kept walking no longer hear their replies and because as Draco had mentioned all glass was breaking as I walk through the house. I made it to my room and slammed the door everything in my room would break and repair its self. I ran to my bed and tried to hide under my covers until I was stopped by Draco entering my room and wrapping his arms around me.


"Relax Lizzy," he whispered.


But I didn't want to relax or calm down I wanted to be angry because everyone was making the decision for me. I know that I was a kid again and my memories were all over the place. But still, it didn't give everyone the right to take my choice away from me. I wanted the right to make my own choices about the things going on in my life. Yes, my powers were going crazy and I couldn't control them unless Draco was there to calm me down. Just like right now he was holding me tight in his arms


"Liz, please calm down we don't need to test out the limits to the spells that repairs everything you break around here. We can test it some other time." I smiled as he held me, "Liz, they are the adults and they just want to help you get more control over your powers. Come on I know you don't want to hurt anyone and they just want to help you, Liz."


I leaned my head back on his shoulder as I relaxed in his arms. "Draco, I really just want to sleep. Please, let me go."


"I'll stay with you tonight."


I just nodded as he let me go so I could get into my bed. We pulled back the covers and lay down for the night. As soon as he had his arm around me hugging me close to him I let the darkness take me, into a peaceful sleep.

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