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Jealousy soons takes control


I dont own anything related to Harry Potter


Chapter five


The first fight


As Hermione stood watching the last of the guest leave a goofy smile spread over her face. She couldn't help but think about how their affair started. Once she got up the nerve to approach him she wasn't taking no for an answer. It seemed like each time they got together was better and better. Personally she thought it was the fact that no one knew about that made it so great. Although, it had its ups and downs, she recalled fondly.


Flashback begins:


It was late when Hermione slipped silently through the portrait into the common room to find Draco pacing. "Hey," she greated smiling shyly. "How was your day?" She asked politely. 


Draco shrugged. "It was okay. Blaise and I spent our free period down by the lake."


Hermione smiled feeling a bit envious. "It is so beautiful down there."


Draco shrugged. "We didn't go for the view. I had to get away from everything."


Hermione nodded, she understood. She knew he was having a hard time adjusting to the notoriety. "Well, you cant help it if you are just so sexy," she teased. 


Draco glared at her, then he smiled. 


"Dont do that," she ordered.


"Do what?"


"Glare like that," she returned a smile playing on her lips. "It makes you even hotter."


A stunned look came over his face, then he laughed. "Oh, really," he teased approaching her. "That's good to know," he muttered pulling her into his arms and kissing her passionately. So passionately that they hadn't even made it up the stairs.


For the next two weeks their nights were filled with passion, at least until the emotions began to surface. Emotions they could explain nor could they control. It appeared out of nowhere and hit them unaware.


A few weeks into their affair Hermione returned to the dorm filled with anger. She couldn't believe what she had witnessed. How dare he do this to her? She fumed. She should have known it was going to end this way. That girl was all over him and he hadn't done anything to stop it. If he thought she was going to put up with his catting around he had another thing coming.


"Hermione," Draco called as entered. "What the hell was that all about?" He demanded walking up to her. "You were really rude."


Hermione rounded on him. "I was rude," she snapped angrily. "What about your little piece of fluff?" She turned away from him, hating the fact that she was acting this way. She hated feeling jealous. "Did you see her turn her nose up at me? I noticed you didn't seem to mind the way she was all over you."


This floored Draco. "Are you jealous?"


"Jealous?" Hermione frowned. "Of course I'm jealous. Draco in case you missed it we are having sex. That may not mean much to you but for me it does." Having already made a fool of herself she ran upstairs to her room.


Draco stared after her in stunned disbelief. 


Hormone laid on her bed head buried in her pillow. She couldn't believe she acted this way. It wasn't like they had a relationship. Help lb. They weren't even friends. But she knew she was wrong there over the last few weeks they had gotten really close. 


She heard the door open and close again, the bed swayed as Draco sat down on the mattress. "Hermione," he began softly. "It means something to me too." He didn't know what else to say to her. 


"I'm sorry for the way I behaved. It's just that-" 


"I know," Draco said smiling. "I feel the same way. We said no strings but somehow that changed. That girl doesn't mean a thing to me. She was just hoping for a fling with me." He shrugged, "I'm not even sure why."


Hermione turned and sat up in the bed, wiping her hand across her damp cheek. "I dont mind her coming on to you, but you didn't do anything to stop it."


Nodding Draco caressed her hair. "I regret that. But I'm unsure of you to. You spend all day with your friends then come to me late at night. You still receive owls from that weasel."


Hermione frowned for a minute not getting the weasel reference then smiled. "Ron is my friend."


"Ok, lets forget this happened."


Hermione nodded but she knew it was far from over. 


Flashback ends:


Draco turned to his wife and held out his hand Hermione put hers in it and they walked hand and hand up the stairs to their wedding night.




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