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Once again I was being shaken awake. "Liz get up and get dressed you know how your brother hates to wait."


"Then why don't you just go find my dear brother Drak and tell him beauty comes with a price and he will just have to wait."


"Just get up and dressed Liz. I'll go deal with your brother."


I got out of bed and quickly got dressed and fixed my hair into a ponytail so that it was out of my face. I knew that we would be learning to fly today but I just hoped that I didn't hurt myself. I went down to the common room to find Pansy and my brother talking or more like him yelling at her. My own anger rising I walked over to him and shoved him away from Pansy.


"Enough Draco."


"Do you know what nickname she gave me? Do you Elizabeth?"


I smirked at him and replied, "In fact I do because I choose it dear brother Drak."


He glared at me "Did you now? Well, let's see how you like the name LIZZY?"


"I don't mind that name at all. DRAKY."


"We'll see about that?" He grabs my wrist and pulled all the way to the great hall for breakfast.


"Really Draco. You don't have to drag me everywhere with you I can walk on my own you fool."


"Stop calling me a fool."


"Like I said before then stop acting like one and I won't call you a fool." I pulled myself away from him and sat down to eat. I was doing everything I could to avoid Draco, I couldn't understand how I could let him get to me like this. When I was done I walked to our first class of the day. Hermione caught up to me and asked: "Why did you lie about your name?"


I looked at her "I didn't lie about it its Elizabeth Hart Malfoy. I just left out the last part of my name."




"So is Harry Potter nice?"


"Why don't you find out for yourself?"


"Because he hates my brother already and because I feel that he'll hate me as well."


"Harry's not like that come on I'll introduce you to each other." She said as grab my hand and pull me along with her to talk to Harry.

When we got to the class Harry and Ron were nowhere to found so she asked me to sit with her. After a while both Ron and Harry came in running and got into trouble I couldn't stop myself from laughing and Hermione ended up nudging me to stop. When class was over Hermione pulled along with her before we head to our next class.


"Harry, wait."


He turned to see me and Hermione running up to him and Ron.


"Malfoy." Said Ron.


I nodded at him and then looked at Harry the look on his face was confused. "Harry, this is Elizabeth Hart Malfoy the girl I told you about. Elizabeth, this is Harry James Potter and this is Ron Weasely"


"Hi." I looked everywhere but at Harry, as he was about to talk to me I felt someone was pulling me away turning to see that it was Draco


"What is wrong with you? Let me go you fool. "


"Why are you talking to them?"


"Why are you jealous that I was able to talk to Harry Potter?"


He shoved me into the seat and sat down by me and pointed at the other seats so Crabbe and Goyle were seated beside me. "I'm older than you Lizzy so you will not speak to them again."


"That may be DRAKY but you can't tell me whom I can't or can speak to"


The look he gave meant that our conversation was over and that I was not going to be left alone anymore. "Just so you know 'Father' says that I must keep my eye on you and that you are forbidden to go anywhere without me or these two by your side."


"What! You can't be telling the truth about that? Do you really trust these two alone with me? Both you and 'father' are fools."


Draco didn't get a chance to reply because our Godfather came into the room. Wait how do I even know that he would be my godfather as well. I sat there writing every note for the class and ignored everyone. I didn't know what to do so I walk to my room and didn't bother with any more classes for the day I didn't even go to food. Why are Malfoy men like this?


I decided to write to Naracissa


Dear Mother (since you called me daughter I felt I could call you mother),


It's only the first day of classes and Draco has done nothing but upset me. Telling me that father told him to keep me close to him and that I can't go anywhere alone without him, Crabbe or Goyle at my side. This is not fair I was trying to talk to Harry Potter when Draco dragged me away and made me sit by him in class. I may have also been talking to a Muggleborn but hear me out first, it was the only way for me to get the chance to meet Harry Potter. Did Draco tell you about what happened the first night we arrived at Hogwarts? I saw something that I don't quite understand it was like a dream of something when I was a baby in this world. But that can't be right, can it? I'm a girl and I need space to breathe make father and Draco understand that, please.






I finished my letter and got ready to walk to the owls to send it off. I would have to pass the Gryffindor tower to get there. I ignored everyone I passed until I heard someone call out "Hart."


I looked behind me to see Harry. I wonder why he called me Hart and not Malfoy. I waited for him to come up to me.




"Hi, I hope that we didn't get you into trouble with your brother."


"Oh that no its all good I'm sorry you heard all that and saw him pull me away like that he is just very protective of me. Being the baby of the family and all."


"Okay, that's good look...Hermione says that you're nothing like your brother but I can tell you both have the same temper."


"Why did you call me Hart instead of Malfoy?"


"Noticed that did you. It's just when I think Malfoy I see your brother."


"You can call me Liz or Beth if you like."


"I think I'll call you Beth."


"Okay well, I need to go send out a letter to my mother before I run out of time. Do you want to be a gentleman and walk me?"


He nodded and we walked quietly to the owls. I didn't know what to say to him so I asked him if anything good happened in our classes that I didn't go to.


"Yeah, I'm the Gryffindor's youngest seeker."


"Really that's great I wish I could play quidditch but I fear my parents might not want me to play."


"What makes you think that?"


"Did you forget the part where I said they are very protective of me?"


"Oh yeah, that. Sorry didn't mean to forget that."


I giggled I sent off my letter and we began to walk back to our common rooms as we reached his he hugged me and went inside leaving me shocked that he would hug me like that. I walked to the rest of the way to the dungeons as I entered the common room to walk towards my dorm I was stopped by Draco as he pushed me to sit on a couch.


"What did I say about going anywhere alone?"


"I wasn't alone I was with Harry Potter. Now can I go to bed now? You know what don't answer that good night dear brother."


I got up from the couch and walk to my room slamming the door behind me. As I was getting ready for bed something fell out of my robes. I picked it up and saw that it was from Harry I smiled and opened the note to see.


If you are reading this then Hermione was able to convince me to talk to you and I hugged you too afraid to just hand you the note. I hope that we will get to know each other better as the years go on. Keep proving to me that you are nothing like your brother. By the way, don't tell him this but I should thank him if it wasn't for his little stunt I would not be seeker now.




This night I went to bed with a smile. Tomorrow I would write back to him.

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