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Since I was practically the only one not at the game over the weekend it made me an instant target in my classes, in the halls, and around the castle. Rumors were already circulating that Potter finally kicked me off of the team or that I possibly landed myself in so much trouble that I couldn’t play in the match over the weekend and possible the rest of the season. One thing for certain is that the majority of our Gryffindor classmates were pissed off that I wasn’t able to play and blamed the loss on my absence. In fact, the entire school seemed to be agitated that I was not there and were bullying Potter any moment he entered a room. Which is overall strange in the sense that he is always the golden boy hero and everyone loves him so bloody much. Now he was the bumbling Gryffindor Quidditch Captain who made possibly one of the biggest mistakes of the season. It made me smirk to myself how aware everyone was of the injustice that Potter caused not only me but our team and entire Gryffindor house.


“So he kicked you off the team?” Jasper asked skeptically as we hung out in the paddock during our lunch break.


“I will neither confirm nor deny that.” I said rather seriously as Jasper raised his bushy eyebrows at me. “He just benched me for one match.”


“And he ultimately lost that one match.” Jasper said rather maliciously.


“Yep.” I said confidently as Jasper continued to be obnoxious in his puzzling gestures and facial expressions. He scratched his chin and made a long quizzical expression before he made me laugh out loud. “Enough, you baboon!”


“Was this all to your doing?” He asked skeptically as I laughed again at his statement.


“Absolutely.” I lied as his grin grew mischievous. “All according to plan.”


“I underestimated you sis.” He said as I tried to finish eating my lunch. “I really underestimated you.”


“Like always.” I joked casually he reached for one of my chips swiftly. I swatted him away in anticipation and he pouted at me tragically. “Take the pickle.”


“TaKe ThE pIcKle.” He mocked childishly before taking the pickle on my plate. He took a large bite out of it and chomped loudly in my face.


“Honestly!” I said in a disgusted tone as he smiled at his successful gross out. “Pig.”


“So what’s our next move?” He said casually leaning his elbows onto the stone railing behind us and looking out into the paddock wistfully.


Our?” I questioned raising my eyebrows at him and turning to face him slightly. “I’m thinking this is more of a solo type gig.”


“Ah…I see.” He said pathetically trying to make me feel sorry for him. He started to pout his bottom lip again only this time he made it quiver before turning away from me. “Kicking poor ol’ Jasper to the curb?”


“Jasp-” I said annoyed by his playfulness today. He can be such a bother sometimes. That’s when I noticed his usual group of friends make their way into the paddock. He seemed to notice them around the same time as I did and his demeanor change drastically.


“Fine.” He said sitting upright and adjusting his school uniform. “I get it. Potter’s been a thorn in your side for some time now. I can understand that you’d want to make him suffer on your own accord.”


“Make him suffer?” I asked sarcastically and his dark eyes met mine. “You make it sound like I’m a Slytherin.”


“You don’t have to be a Slytherin to have a dark said Charlotte.” He said very teacher-like before standing. “Come now, I thought you knew that?”


“My apologies.” He swiftly attempted to grab a chip again, but I pushed him playfully before he groaned out in frustration. “Stop!”


“You’re houses do not define who you are as an individual, but as a unit-” His voice was deep and instructional as I rolled my eyes at him dramatically.


“Yes, I know!” I said pushing him again in a sisterly fashion as he successfully took the chip off of my plate and quickly ate it. “Go away now, bye.”


“Shadow hide you sister.” He kissed the top of my head before swiftly catching up with his group of friends. I quietly finished the rest of my lunch before darting off to my last class for the day. Arithmancy was always very boring and I’d usually end up falling asleep near the end of it. I seemed to be the only Gryffindor in the class as well, since I sort of postponed this class until my very last year. When class was finally over I happily hurried out of the classroom and began down the corridors back to the Gryffindor tower. I couldn’t wait to get out of my uniform and relax, avoiding people was beginning to take a toll on me. As I walked back to the tower I enjoyed the afternoon glow streaming in from the windows of the castle. They basked the pale floor in an orange hue as I enjoyed the silence of the longer route. I then suddenly heard Cho Chang’s giggle erupt from up ahead of me. I’ve heard it so many times before when she would sit in the stands and watch Potter ruin practices. I then heard this boorish sense of humor daunting the hallways and I could instantly tell that she was with Rodger Davies, the captain of their quidditch team. I rolled my eyes as his terrible joke about snorlacks made her giggle a loud girly shriek. I tried to make myself invisible behind a few statues lining the classrooms as their voices drew nearer.


“You’re so funny Rodger!” She flirted obviously.


“And you’re so beautiful!” He said rather dimly as I gagged at the sheer stupidity of the two of them. They continued to flirt and complement each other in a rather silly fashion as I waited for them to pass me. “So were you able to get any information out of the bloody boy wonder?” This statement made my ears perk up and the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.


“Apparently she’s only been benched for one match.” Cho said in a disappointed tone as Rodger grumbled something inaudibly to himself. I peered around the column and saw them holding hands as they walked together.


“Merlin, I was hoping he sacked her.” He said in an aggravated tone as I felt my blood start to boil. I gritted my teeth and held myself back as they continued to gossip.


“I was too…she thinks so is so wonderful and-” She groaned out in frustration as I felt my fists ball up. “I can’t stand her.”


“She is the only reason why the Gryffindor’s ever make it as far as they do.” Rodger agreed as she nodded with him. “I’m certain she’ll be back to her antics on the pitch at their practice next week…”


“Absolutely! There’s one thing I do know is that she is insufferable and will never change. And Harry can’t stand her!” Her voice was confident as I swallowed roughly. “But he was rather short with me the last time we talked.”


“Maybe with a little persuasion-” I watched his slimy hands rush over her slender figure and pull her to him as they neared the end of the hallway.


“Rodger!” She squealed delightfully as I quickly hid myself again. “I need to go meet with the committee.”


“See you for dinner later then?” Davies voice lingered in the air before they were quiet. Probably kissing, which made me gag again. I then her heels clicking away before I realized how hard I was clenching my fists. My temper was increasing as I felt my hot blood coursing through my veins. Before I could even think my feet were already leading me towards Cho’s direction. I slyly followed in her wake making sure not to cause a scene near a crowd of people, but my pride got the better of me.


“Oh-” I said colliding into Cho abruptly. “Cho!”


“Goodwin?” She was completely confused as she hovered next to me for a moment. I could almost sense the hesitation in her stance as my eyes penetrated her intensely.  


“I’m sorry…” I felt the fake apology spill from my mouth as she noticed my obnoxiousness. “I-I honestly didn’t see you.”


“Oh, it’s fine.” She said confidently before shooting her bitchy little smirk at me. “You know come to think of it, I didn’t see you.” I could tell that she was waiting to stick a jab somewhere. “Especially this weekend.” There it is. Her tone changed drastically as I stepped past her, trying my hardest to not knock her that smile off her porcelain white face.


“I wouldn’t have expected you to since I didn’t play.” I said calmly, waiting for her to give me the moment that I wanted.


“Right, such a shame.” She said evilly as I gripped my fists again. “Not that it would have mattered. We still would have won!”


“Doubt it.” I said harshly and it caused her to stop smiling.


“Excuse me?” She spat quickly in a snobby manner.


“I’m sorry are you having trouble hearing?” I said playfully in a baby voice before screaming right next to her ear. “I said DOUBT IT!” She then shoved me roughly giving me the moment that I wanted from her. In an instant I had my wand in my hand and I shoved her up against the closest wall. She yelped as I held my wand against her neck, making sure it was uncomfortable as if a knife was to her. She hardly had a moment to even think about what happened as I sensed her panic. “Now that I have your attention, I was hoping we could have a little chat-”


“Goodwin I-” She interrupted but I hushed her rudely, pushing the wand deeper into her. She squirmed and choked pathetically before I felt my anger overcoming me.


“I’ve heard quiet enough out of your filthy little cock gobbling trap today.” I lowered my voice evilly as her eyes widened at me. “If I find out that you’ve intervened with the status of my ability to play a match one more time, I’ll make sure you’ll never be able to fly on a broom ever again.”


“Are you threating-” I pushed my wand into her again and she choked even louder. Her eyes were frightened as I felt the hatred pouring from my fingertips.


“I’d like to say that it’s more of a warning.” I said darkly as my icy stare penetrated her. I then recoiled my wand from her throat and took a few steps back as she rubbed her throat pitifully.


“At least I was able to play this weekend!” She stomped her foot dramatically trying to make one last statement before I walked away from her. “And last I checked we won.”


“I wasn’t there-” I laughed to myself as a few students started to notice us. “Because if I was, you would have had no chance.”


“ARGGGGH…” She shouted out as I laughed even more at her. “You’re not some quidditch god Goodwin!” She yelled and it echoed throughout the empty hallway. I stopped in my tracks before facing her again. I noticed her eyes glaze over like she was going to cry before I started approaching her again. At this point we started drawing a crowd and I was feeding off of anger.


“We haven’t lost a match in 3 years!” I boasted feeling my cockiness get the better of me. “And when I get back out there we’ll win the rest of this season. Which I can’t really predict much for you unless you start gobbling down Montague and Smith’s cocks within the matter of weeks.” A few nearby students reacted to my statement and her cheeks began to turn pink.


“You horrid witch!” She shouted hatefully before launching at me dramatically. She started clawing at me viciously before everything went red…and then everything went dark.




Ally blabbed to me as we ran through the upper archway of the courtyard. I was slightly soaked as I glared at her. She noticed my stare, but still continued on like this wasn’t her fault. I pulled my long hair into a pony-tail as I wiped my face with my damp cloak.


“Listen I just-”

“Like hell you did-”


“How was I supposed to know that the 3rd years were visiting the giant squid today-”


“You should have done your paper in the dormitory!” We bickered before I heard a distinct scream. Ally hushed me as we stopped dead in the hallway. My heart started to race as the students near us paused momentarily too. The scream erupted again more terrifyingly as a few students dashed quickly past us.


“It’s coming from the library.” Ally said in an alarmed tone as we began to follow the running students towards the commotion. The scream erupted again and lasted longer than the other 2 times. Only this time the scream was recognizable.


“Help!!!!” Cho’s distant voice screamed in a high pitch tone as we neared the library.


"Come on." Ally said rounding the corner before me. There was a small crowd of students gathering near the library as we hurried past them. That’s when I saw Charlotte through a few shoulders of fellow classmates. She was being held back by Sam Ace as he gripped her shoulders tightly. Her hair was a mess and the collar on her shirt was flecked with a few blood splats as she shouted again.


“I will literally end you Chang, do you understand now?” Her voice was rough and dominant as I looked into the direction she was shouting at. I moved through the crowd of students to get towards Cho, whom was being comforted by a few of her closest girlfriends. Cho looked completely disheveled and had tears rolling down her cheeks. Her lip was busted and bleeding as she whined pathetically.


“On our way to the Great Hall we overheard the shouting by the front gate.” I listened to a student say as Cho desperately tried to make herself more presentable.


“She’s completely lost her mind.” One of Cho’s friends interjected.


“Raving lunatic.” Another one added as I looked back over to Charlotte. Ace was struggling to hold her back as Cho spit in her direction.


“Fucking bitch!” Cho said hatefully before Charlotte managed to get loose. At that moment she disrupted Cho’s safety cocoon by snatching Cho’s hair roughly, pulling a good bit out. She yelped dramatically as the girls around her squealed loudly. “You fucking crazy bitch!” Cho cried out as she struggled to stand to her feet. Ace grinned to himself but he hid it quickly as he grabbed Charlotte again.


“Off to dinner with you.” The new librarian said quickly stepping in and diffusing the situation. He flicked his wand and the corridor began to repair itself as he instructed us to retreat. “Away, away with all of you!” Most of the students dispersed as Cho’s friends helped her to her feet. “You two, Dumbledore’s office.”


“But-” Cho said pathetically.


“Now!” The professor said in a very no-nonsensical tone. They both followed him out of the hallway before the rest of the student’s left lingering bombarded Cho’s friends.


“Charlotte really landed herself into another sticky situation.” Ally said finally coming back to my side. “Really hope this doesn’t affect her standing in quidditch any further.”


“How can you go on about quidditch when the dance is this weekend?” I said miserably realizing that one of my best friends might not be able to attend one of THE most important parties of the year…if not history of Hogwarts. All because of her issues with Potter and everything that’s connected to him. “I really hope she has a good excuse for this one Ally because I’m-”


“Honestly Kris, do you hear yourself. You’re worried about your stupid dance? Charlie could lose her chance at playing for the league, she might be expelled-”


“Blah blah blah qudditch…blah blah blah throwing a stupid red ball in the air though some bloody ridiculous circles in the dirt! Who gives a ruddy shit?” I felt my anger get the better of me as I watched Ally’s cheeks suddenly flush red.


“I GIVE A SHIT! I’m the only one that gives a shit…” She shouted at me before storming off towards the Great Hall. At that moment Ace had come up to us and made a confused expression at me as I grunted loudly.


“Ally, wait…please I’m sorry!” I said desperately as she disappeared around the corridor.


“What did you do now Kris?” Ace grumbled before chasing after her.


“Why is it that I am always the one to blame?” I asked confused as I hurried along with him.


“Because you’re the only one who pisses everyone off constantly.” He joked casually as I glared at him. “I’m joking Krissy.”


“Obviously.” I pouted as we followed Ally into the Great Hall for dinner.

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