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Authors Note:

Hey I know its been a few days we started doing renovations around the house and been a bit of emotional turmoil last few days(due to my dads death 2 montsh ago), as well as looking after my two young ones. i only write when they are both sleeping and i dont have distractions. :) Ill try to pop these out 2 chapters at a time if I can. thanks for reading.





Draco took a deep breath and walked through the double doors to the waiting Weasley Family. He wasn’t looking forward to it. Who would want to give a fiery bunch of redheads bad news. 


Draco knew Ginny had not told the family any news about the baby. Although She had informed them that she had now disowned her brother though they did not know why.


As soon as Draco entered he saw the entire family turn. Some were clearly upset like the Weasley family Patriarch Molly Weasley. Others looked confused like Arthur Weasley. The rest were mixed with sadness and anxiousness. Their eyes wide when they took in their family’s former enemy’s son. Draco noticed Ginny was not among the family but saw Harry was there probably to help Draco out if need be.  Harry had a grim look on his face. But he nodded at Draco. As Draco had the nurse lead the family to a private conference room away from the waiting room. 


As soon as the door closed he was bombarded with questions about Hermione and the baby.

"May you all take a seat please and I will explain the current situation." He said loudly over the voices. The quieted down and sat. Harry chose a seat next to Draco. Molly and Arthur sat near Harry as well and the rest of the siblings and their wives sacattered among the chairs.

Draco placed down the medical file and took a deep breath. What he must say will not be easy. 

"As you are well aware, Mrs. Hermione Weasley was brought to St Mungo's a few days ago with significate injury. I am reporting to you that although she had been severely injured she will make a recovery." The family let out a breath.

"What injures may we ask. how did she come to them?" Arthur asked

Draco looked at Harry sharply and he had a sheepish apologetic look about him. Draco shook his head. "Hermione came to us under severe injury due to the fact that her husband had beaten her out of rage."

The whole family went stone silent. Molly Weasley started to cry, "No that cant be!  Ron is a good man he would never hurt Hermione." she blubbered out. "Harry this cant be true. Please tell me that its all a lie. "Harry took Molly's hand, gently looking at her he said in a soft but firm voice. "Mrs. Weasley you have always been like a mother to me. I would never lie to you but its true. Hermione had sent me a owl a week ago. Telling me she wanted to come stay with me a Ginny. I didnt even know myself and probably wouldn't have even thought Ron capable of such acts but...." he paused and closed his eyes as if to will the memory away from him.." When I went to go pick up Hermione, after she didnt arrive at the scheduled time I got worried. Hermione is never late to anything she is always first to arrive, you know this."Mrs. Weasley nodded her head furiously. Hermione was always punctual. If she wasn't married to Ron he would miss half the family engagements they had going on. 

Harry continued. "So when I got there I saw Ron screaming and yelling. I was unlike anything I had ever seen him do. Then I noticed Hermione was on the floor. Ron was kicking her and punching her in the the head and stomach..." Harry stopped suddenly and he looked like he was going to be sick.

Arthur sharply turned on Draco. "What about the baby? Hermione was 8 months pregnant!"

Draco looked directly into Arthur Weasley eyes then into Molly's, Her eye brimming with new tears as preparation for what he was going to say.

"I'm am sorry to report that injuries that Ronald had inflicted on his wife was too much for the baby. She died early this morning in utero."

The sound hear from Molly Weasley as she heard the news of her innocents grandbabies life being taken tore at Draco. As a healer he was supposed to help and save but he couldn't save the baby. 

Rons brothers on the other hand were looking really pissed off and ready to fight.

"Where is Ronald?!!" Charlie hissed

"Ronald was taken into custody this morning after announcement of the infant's death. He will be tried and convicted if they see fit" Harry said

"Oh we will make sure that bastard will never see the light of day." Bill said and with that the brothers walked out the door. Arthur looked frantic at his wife and his other children whose wives scurried after they husbands yelling protests. Harry waved his hand. "Go Arthur, I will watch over Molly" Arthur gave a grateful smile and rushed after his son's before they do anything rash.


Draco continued. "Now Hermione will be released today if all goes well. I do not want her to go back home because I want her to have a safe place to heal and feel safe. This is very important!" Molly nodded. "now either she can go to your home The Burrow, But I must stress that if Ronald is released he will not be allowed on the premises and wards need to be the highest. He will be enraged and will go after Hermione. She could also go to your home Harry if you want. Same precautions must be taken for her wellbeing." Harry looked at Mrs. Weasley. "I think Hermione will be safer with Ginny and I. Ginny stays home so she can watch over Hermione and with my job I can have undercover patrol in case Ronald tries to come near my home...if that's okay with you Mrs. Weasley?" 

Molly nodded 

"Very good." said Draco. Standing up with the files he added in "I will get the discharge papers going. Harry I'm going to request to see Hermione in 6 weeks  for her postnatal check. I also want her to start induvial therapy sessions after that as well. Also don't push her at all please." 

Harry nodded and pulled Mrs. Weasley with him to go check on Hermione. Draco sat back down when they left putting his head in his hands. No one deserved what Hermione had suffered for years.  The poor innocent baby. Draco though about Hermione curled up in bed with her daughter. His heart tore a little again. Although he grew up as a stone faced death eaters child, He really did have a soft spot for children. Maybe its because he never had any siblings or really any cousins close to him growing up. He shook his head and gathered his thoughts.  He stood back up and walked to the doors to give Hermione's head nurse her discharge papers. Went to his office and closed the door to enjoy some solitude.



Harry lead Mrs. Weasley to Hermione's room. "I don't know if she will want to see anybody he said. Let me ask her. Mrs. Weasley nodded silently as Harry knocked softly on the door.





Hermione looked up at the sound of a soft knock and saw Harrys worried expression and softened when he saw her cradling her daughter. "Im sorry Hermione but Mrs Weasley is here to see you, I didnt realize...." he swallowed hard "We can come back...."


"No Harry its okay. You may have her come in. I think she would like to see her granddaughter." Hermione said softly.

Harry looked at Hermione in awe and opened the door wide to let Mrs. Weasley in and he followed. Closing the door softly behind him.


"oh my..." Molly said quietly and took a seat next to Hermione. Gazing at the bundle in her arms. Hermione looked at Molly tenderly. She knew the woman was hurting just as much as she was right now. She not only now new her son was a woman beater but also killer of his child and her granddaughter. "Would you like to hold her?" Hermione said.

Molly paused but nodded and transferred Rose to her. Molly smiled when she looked upon her granddaughters face. Although deaths mask was on her she was just as beautiful as if she were alive. She had Hermione's small nose, but Ron's ears she chuckled to herself. her reddish brown hair was all fluffy but had a small petite pink bow attached near the front. A absolutely beautiful baby who should be in the world of the living. "She is beautiful." molly said through tears. She looked at Hermione with motherly kindness and both woman started to cry and held each other.


Harry stood up and left the women alone. But stood outside the door to listen just in case. 

Molly handed Rose back to Hermione. "What's her name?"

"Rose Evelyn Weasley" 

"She looks very much like a Rose. So pretty." Molly nodded in approval


Hermione laid the baby on her legs and slowly unwrapped her. Her and Molly spent the next hour marveling at her little fingers and toes. Gently touching her hair and talking just as woman do in times of sorrow...


"Hermione if you ever need to talk I'm here as well. Although I didnt go through what you have been through I know the pain of losing a child. You see before I had Ron, I had gotten pregnant with twins again." Hermione's eyes widened at the though of another pair of Fred and George. "But I lost them right before their due date, they were both girls...Hallie and Rosalie…" She smiled at their names. "I will never forgive my son for what he did, just know that we stand beside you no matter what" Hermione nodded and began to cry again. Molly right with her.


The nurse came in and began to make little keepsakes for Hermione. Had Hermione sign papers on what to do with the body. Taking photos and also doing her footprints before Hermione planted one last kiss on Rose's head before the nurse walked with her out of the room and out of Hermione's arms forever. Another nurse came in a quietly had Hermione sign her discharge papers. Hermione was then dressed and wheeled out to Harrys muggle car to take her to Potter Manor outside London.


Draco watched from down the hall as Hermione was taken away. For some reason he felt compelled to keep her safe but knew she needed to move forward and heal.


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