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flashback:(warning violence involved)


Hermione sat dumbstruck in her bathroom. Sitting on the edge of her tub. She held the white stick in her hand. Still not believing it. But there is was staring at her in her face.




She was using precautions. She was using birth control. Obviously it had failed somehow. When she married her husband 3 years ago she didnt realize the man he would become. They had a wonderful relationship and a beautiful wedding. But after the honeymoon was when his true colors came. Ronald Weasley was a angry man. Constantly jealous of Hermione's success right after Hogwarts.  Mad when she questioned him or tried to even reason with him. At first it was abusive words but it wasn't long before the blows came. 


She loved him so much and count figure out why he acted like that. For being the brightest witch she didnt know how to escape. For 3 years she hid bruises and mended her broken bones at home. She stopped seeing people weekends cause Ron would get drunk and beat her worse. She had to stop working her job cause she couldn't hide the injuries sometimes and people were asking Ron question and he come home in a rage of why she didnt try harder. She decided to quit her job hoping it help his ego. It didnt. He ended up telling people Hermione decided to stay home cause she was having health issues. (not completely wrong). Harry was getting suspicious though so she would constantly make excuses to not see him.


It wasn't just the beatings but the rape as well. He stay out late drinking then come home and wake Hermione with sloppy drunk kisses. When she resisted him he would hit her. She fought and he would force himself on her. Ripping her nightgown. Her would roughly grab her breasts and her womanly spot as he pulled off his pants. He wasn't ever gentle with her. Thrusting quickly and painfully into her. Moaning about putting a baby inside her so she would never leave him. After he finished he would fall on top of her in a drunk sleep. She was thankful he hadn't found her muggle birth control.


Then she discovered her pills were missing. Ron was sitting on the couch with them. He was furious. Throwing them into the fire. He ended up slapping her and took her then and there on the couch. He took her wand away and locked her in their bedroom and raped her daily. She thought she was smart asking two separate muggle doctors for prescription so she had another stash hidden away. Obviously they were defective. When Ron finally let her out a few weeks later. She started to get queasy at the smell of chesses ad peanut butter.


When she told Ron she was pregnant she just smirked and went back to reading his paper. "Knew those muggle medicines wouldn't work." he said.


When she was around 8 months pregnant, Ron had allowed her to use her cauldron to find out the sex of the baby. Hermione dropped a drop of her blood in the potion and it came out a pretty bright pink. Its a Girl. She smiled, she always wanted a girl. He smile faded however when she saw Ron's face. He wasn't happy. He was about to say something when a owl tapped on the window. He grunted and went and yanked the parchment off the birds legs. His face grew redder


"Have you been talking to Harry!!" he bellowed

"No, Ron I swear, I haven't talked to him in weeks!" she cried

"Really? Cause he said you can go stay with him and Ginny. What are you planning woman ? you planning to leave me? " his voice getting louder and louder.

Hermione cowered back to a corner. She was planning to leave as soon as Ron left for work. 

"YOUWILL NOT LEAVE ME! I OWN YOU! YOU WILL NEVER BE FREE! AS SOON AS THIS BRAT IS BORN I WILL GET ANOTHER ON YOU OVER AND OVER!" He then punched Hermione in the nose with a crack. She cried out as blood poured out of her broken nose. Ron began to beat her severely. kicking her in the stomach as she went down. Stomping on her stomach and head as she curled up on the floor. She felt her world go black with pain. Last thing she heard was Harry's voice.

"RON GET THE FUCK OFF HER!!" **end of flashbak**


Hermione sobbed as she felt her stomach. Her little Rose was gone. Though she wasn't happy Ron impregnating her. She was looking forward to seeing her little girl. 

Draco gave her hand another gentle squeeze and stood up. "I will be back shortly. You will be discharged in a day or so into the care of Harry and Ginny."


"Mr. Malfoy?" Hermione said quietly. Draco turned to the sad woman.

"I want her out" She said meekly. He nodded again. "Of course. you will be getting a c-section today. You will be in good hands" he said a nd left to give the nurse orders of Hermione's consent to surgery.


A hour later Ginny held Hermione's hand as she was wheeled away to Surgery. Wizard surgery was quicker and safer then muggle version. Hermione laid there as the operated quickly. She heard silence and knew her baby girl was born. Ginny chocked a sob and rubbed Hermione's head. " Would you like to see her?" Hermione nodded and the nurse brought over the still bundle.  Hermione held her tightly as they finished up. She couldn't look at her daughter. She cried as the wheeled her back to her room and left her alone. Even Ginny and Harry left the room to give her a moment. Hermione slowly gazed down at her stillborn daughter. She was absolutely perfect in every way. Her little fingers closed into a soft fist. Her reddish brown hair was all fluffy on her head. Even in the paleness of death little Rose was perfect. Hermione nuzzled her daughters hair breathing in her scent. "I am sorry I couldnt protect you little Rose. Mommy is so so sorry!" she cried and hugged her close.


Draco listened outside her door. Hermione's sobs tore at his heart. That wife beating bastard was sent to Azkaban for domestic violence charges and now he will be charged in the murder of his unborn daughter. But in the Wizarding World wife beaters got maybe 2 months in prison and a hefty fine of 2,000 galleons. Because his daughter was unborn he be given another fine of 2,500 galleons and another 2 months in prison for unlawful neglect and abuse to a unborn child. There would be no justice for little Rose Weasley. Hermione would be able to file for divorce though. The only positive to having a abusive husband. Wizard Law allows divorce in severe abuse and spousal rape. In any other case it was binding forever. Draco shook his head and peeked into the room and saw Hermione laying on her side. Her baby laying next to her breast as she stroked her hair and cheek lovingly. Her eyes were red from crying. Her face held all the pain, anger and sadness. He stiffened up feeling the emotion. Wiped a lone tear escaping his eye and walked down the hall to the waiting Weasley family demanding to speak to Hermione and Hermione's healer. He sighed deeply and walked through those double doors to  a horde of angry redheads.

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