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Quinn sat by his Uncle Eric's side at the medical ward after being led there by Harry and the rest of the Aurors who saved them from the mysterious group that followed and attacked Quinn and his family. 


‘The healer said your uncle will be ok.’ said Harry as he entered the room in which Uncle Eric was being kept. ‘He’s lucky Sabine knew a bit about healing and that St.Mungo’s Hospital was nearby.’


‘Healer?’ responded Quinn with a questioning look.


‘Ah, right, I meant doctor.’ 


Harry gave Quinn a smile as he scratched the back of his head with embarrassment.


‘Not being in the muggle world for so long- I’ve almost forgotten different words are used between the two.’


‘The muggle world?’ said Quinn, looking even more lost than before.


‘You did use a portkey to get here didn’t you?’ Harry stared at him. ‘Your uncle called the Ministry for help, I figured.... Oh, I see.’


‘I’m sorry Mr.Potter, but I have no clue what you…’


‘You grew up like me didn’t you, not knowing anything about the Wizarding world.’ interrupted Harry.


Quinn and Harry sat in the hospital room next to Uncle Eric as Harry explained to Quinn as much as he could about the world he was suddenly thrust into. 


‘You don’t seem all too surprised.’ said Harry, taking a breath after talking endlessly.


‘After everything that happened in the last 24 hours, I would believe just about anything.’ 


Quinn sat deeper in the chair, trying to fit everything new he just learned to what he already knew. 


‘So that group that was following my family,’ said Quinn, finally composing himself, ‘Who are they? And why did they attack us?’


‘I, along with the rest of the Aurors are trying to figure that out. Sad to say whoever wanted you and your family gone will probably come back looking for the both of you.’


‘What about my aunt and brother?’ Quinn asked with a quivering voice. ‘Have you found them yet?’


Harry shook his head.


They sat in silence for a while before Quinn managed to say something, holding back his tears from stinging his eyes.


‘So if magic exists, why isn’t my uncle awake and healthy? There has to be something to help heal him right?’


‘Usually the healers would be able to bring him back good as new Quinn, but whoever went after your family used magic that I haven’t seen before.’ Harry looked at Uncle Eric lying in bed, only his chest moving up and down. ‘That was the other matter that I came to talk to you about.’


‘What do you mean?’ said Quinn, becoming panicked at his words.


‘Relax Quinn, like I said, he is going to live. Unfortunately when we wakes, he will only have control of his eyes, almost as if he’s in a petrified state-’ 


Quinn remembered reading about petrification from one his mother’s books. It was the process of being turned to stone by a Gorgon or a Basilisk. 


‘There can be an instance where a Gorgon or a Basilisk can petrify a person,’ continued Harry, ‘but the healers at this hospital are certain this is something else entirely, most likely dark magic.’


Harry pulled his wand out from his black trenchcoat and waved it at the door to the room.


‘Come in Grumps.’ said Harry motioning with his hands beyond the door.


Quinn looked in bewilderment as a figure with long-ears, a big head, and a crooked nose walked into the hospital room they were occupying. 


‘Erro there.’ said the figure in a high pitched voice, big bulging eyes looking up at Quinn as it walked towards him. ‘Me names be Grumps!’ The figure suddenly twitched his head and bellowed a deeper voice different from which it spoke just seconds ago. ‘I’ve heard of you plenty Mr.Carter. You’re surrounded by trouble, that’s all you are, that’s all you ever-’ the figure’s head suddenly twitched again, suddenly bowing down to Quinn. ‘Grumps really apologizes Sir Carter, me really didn’t say what me just said!’ 

Quinn looked at Harry, eyes in disbelief as to what he was seeing. 


‘Grumps here is a house-elf Quinn, more specifically, he is going to be your house-elf.’


‘My house-elf?’ said Quinn, looking at the small elf who still bowed at his feet. 


‘He is bound to serve you for the time being. He will help take care of your uncle while you attend Hogwarts next year.’


‘I’ve heard of my aunt and uncle mentioning that place,’ said Quinn, now sitting up straighter in his seat, ‘What is Hogwarts exactly?’


Harry gave Quinn a smile, standing up and pacing around the room. 


‘It’s a fantastic place!’ exclaimed Harry. ‘I remember attending the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the first time like it was just yesterday.’ Harry looked at Quinn with beaming eyes.


‘You mean there’s actually a school for magic?’ Quinn looked at Harry with wonder. Were the books his mom left behind based on this world then? ‘And I’m going to be going to this school? But I’m not a wizard!’ 


Harry stopped pacing.


‘I can only guess from the information that your uncle has given me, as he himself is a wizard.’


Quinn looked at his uncle, still motionless in bed, with his jaw open. 


‘Uncle Eric?’ Quinn said under his breath. ‘Uncle Eric is a wizard?’


‘My other guess to you being a wizard Quinn, is that wand.’ Harry pointed to Quinn’s wand being tightly gripped in his hand.


Quinn forgot he was still holding on to the wand. ‘I made this myself.’ he said, loosening his grip as he saw his knuckles turn white. 


‘Brilliant!’ said Harry, ‘May I see it?’


Quinn reluctantly handed the wand over to Harry. He marveled at the wand, looking at it thoroughly as if inspecting the craftsmanship.


‘And you made this yourself? Simply brilliant! I’ll have to introduce to you my old friend Garrick Ollivander.’


Harry saw Quinn look at him confusingly.


‘He’s one of the best wandmakers around. I’m sure he’d love to meet someone so young with the same interest as him.’ 


Grumps grumbled in the corner of the room, having moved from where he bowed over for Quinn. 


'Does he always do that?' asked Quinn, looking at Grumps facing the corner, his grumbling starting to sound like words.


'He is one of the few house-elves that I know that has more than one personality.' Harry smiled at Quinn. 'That's what makes him unique. He may be a bit on the odd side but you can trust him to help you out.'


Grumps banged his head against the wall, grunting at the pain afterwards.


'You don't say.' said Quinn, raising an eyebrow at Grumps who was still banging his head.


'Grumps,' said Harry, making the house-elf turn around to look at him, 'take Quinn here to his new home. I'll take Eric here myself as he's not in a good place to aparate.'


'Aparate?' said Quinn.


'Yes, it's basically the same as using the portkey that you used.' Harry picked up a statue of an anchor that was sitting on the floor next to Uncle Eric's bed. 'Except most wizards just apparate after learning how to do so. House-elves can do it much more easily than us wizards and witches.'


Grumps held out his hand while bowing his head down at Quinn.


'Sir Carter, grabs me hand and Grumps can take Sir Carter to Carter's new home sir.'


Quinn grabbed the now calm and non-muttering Grumps by the hand. The unpleasant feeling of being stretched around in each and every direction followed, and again just as when using the port key, the feeling went just as quick as it came. 

Quinn landed hard on the floor in an area that looked like a furnished living room.


‘Sir Carter’s new home-,’ said Grumps, running his hand through the air, ‘Sir Carter may look around if it pleases Sir Carter, sir.’


Quinn got up on his feet, taking in his surroundings. The living room reminded him of Gammon village, a couch of blue velvet, a brick fireplace, and a clock above it. On the opposite side, a kitchen counter with a unique light fixture. Quinn walked up to the light fixture for a closer look. A dozen birds, glowing white from the inside flew around in random patterns, staying in the small area that was meant for the light fixture. The rest of the kitchen lay beyond the counter, looking like an ordinary kitchen with wooden table serving as the center of the room.


On the middle of the table sat a statue of a woman, wearing long robes that came down to the base, covering her feet. The woman’s hair was long, reaching far down her back. Her hands held out a book in front of her chest as the statue of the woman looked up, seeming to have a stern but calming look. 


Quinn walked up to the statue of the woman and touched the book she was holding. As soon as the tip of his finger made contact with the book, his vision went dark. He heard a voice call out in a whispered tone-


‘The head of the serpent. The head of the serpent. The head of the serpent.’


The voice kept repeating the same phrase slowly before Quinn felt an arm grab the back of his shirt and pull him. His vision came back to him, the kitchen coming back into view. He looked to see what had pulled him from the trance.


‘Yer a menace Mr. Carter. Ye best be careful, before something happens to young Mr. Carter.’ Said Grumps sounding cold and giving Quinn a wicked smirk.


A loud whip filled the room as Harry appeared out of thin air in the living room. He looked around and spotted Quinn along with Grumps in the kitchen.


‘I see you two are getting along.’ Said Harry with a smile. ‘How do you like the place Quinn? It’s set up to be tailored to how you would want your home to look like. The light fixture and the statue of Rowena on the table are my housewarming gifts that I found at the market to make the place look a bit more- magical. 


Quinn looked back at the statue, ignoring Grumps who was still pulling at his shirt. 


Rowena?’ Asked Quinn, looking at the statue cautiously.


‘Rowena Ravenclaw, one of the four founders of Hogwarts. She along with Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, and Salazar Slytherin built the school long ago.’


Quinn stared at the statue of Rowena. He wondered whether he should tell Harry about losing his sight and hearing voices before the front door of the house by the living room burst open. 


‘Careful, careful. In through here, lay him on his bed in the second room on the right.’ 


Sabine Hibbins walked in followed by two healers who carried Uncle Eric on a stretcher. 


She looked at the two healers walk by, carrying Uncle Eric to his bed before looking content and shifting her attention to Quinn.


‘Your uncle woke up before we started heading here.’ She gave a warm smile to Quinn. 


Quinn ran towards the second room on the right, towing a now normal looking Grumps behind him. He slowed down let the healers walk past him before walking in slowly. Uncle Eric lay on the bed, eyes open looking at the ceiling.


‘Uncle Eric!’ Cried Quinn, Uncle it's me, Quinn.’ 


Uncle Eric’s eyes shifted slowly, laying his gaze on Quinn. A tear rolled down his cheek.


Quinn sat in the chair next to Uncle Eric’s bed, telling him the events that occurred up until then, everything from the attack on the boat to using the statue of the anchor that was actually a port key. He told him how he met an Auror name Harry Potter and how Sabine Hibbins was the reason he was still alive. He mentioned how he was supposed to attend Hogwarts starting next year and then an idea hit him.


‘Uncle Eric, if the healers don’t know how to help you, then I’ll find a way!’ Said Quinn with more excitement than he intended.

‘Hogwarts is supposed to be a school for magic. I’ll just learn the magic to bring you back to normal!’ He looked at Uncle Eric, this time more sternly. ‘I’m going to help you and we will find Sam and Aunt Katherine. I promise you this.’ Quinn grabbed his uncle’s hand with his own and laid his head on his chest. 


He later joined Harry and Sabine in the living room having a casual conversation about Loitelle’s market. 


‘Ah, Quinn-’ said Harry as he saw Quinn enter the room, ‘-We were just about to head to Loitelle’s market, the same one where I got you that light fixture and statue.’


‘I’m sorry to pry-’ interrupted Sabine, ‘but you look rather...calm, Quinn. Especially after everything that just happened.’


Harry wanted to stop her from mentioning anything about the incident but he was too curious to stop her from asking.

Quinn stared at the floor, leaving an awkward silence before finally answering.


‘I jus- I just know they’re still out there,’ Quinn said, keeping his voice from quivering, ‘and I’m going to learn how to cure Uncle Eric, and together we’re going to go look for them. I can’t just wait around doing nothing.’


Sabine and Harry looked at each other smiling.


‘Bloody brilliant!’ said Harry. ‘Your family will be back to normal as soon as you know it.’


Sabine got up from the couch and looked down at Quinn with a determined look.


‘I like this kid Harry.’ She knocked her knuckle on the top of Quinn’s forehead and headed for the door. ‘Let’s go! I want to get there on time to see Tabharas Zamas perform! Grumps, look after Eric!.’


‘Mes will look after your uncle Sir Carter,’ said Grumps in a honeyed tone, ‘Sir Carter can trusts Grumps, sir!’


Quinn followed Harry and Sabine out the door, feeling normal for the first time since he left his quiet home of Gammon Village. 

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