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Oh, you would find her in a Polaroid picture

-* Draco's POV -*


Draco awoke in the arms of someone. His brain was momentarily muddled with the scent of evergreen and books, and something sweet, like apples. He felt something warm around him- No, someone cuddling him?! He turned his head to see Potter. Harry Potter, resting his head atop Draco's hair. It was so soft, so warm, so wonderful Draco never wanted to leave.

But it was Potter. Potter, he had to remind himself, as he sprung from the bed. Harry's arms tried to take back what they had lost, and that was Draco. The train gave another lurch, and Draco felt the room spinning.

In his weakness, and just because of his weakness, Draco crawled back under the sheets and reluctantly into Harry's arms. This felt like the space between breaths and he never wanted to leave. Calm.

Harry's arms tightened just a bit around him in unconsciousness, and Draco shivered.

Not that he liked this. No. Not at all.

He was sharing a bed with another boy. It shouldn't feel intimate, it should feel like a sleepover. And yet... And yet... It was different when that boy was a very cute boy who happened to be cuddling you.

It was the scent. It must have been Amoretentia for the headiness....

Yes, a love potion of a sort. Curse Potter. That would never work....

Draco stayed quiet, trying not to wake Harry, but his eyelids kept drooping. Finally, he closed them.

And fell asleep. 


-* Harry's POV *-


He woke when someone moved in his arms. They jumped from the bed, and Harry spied on them by opening his eyes just a bit. Draco Malfoy.

What the.... 

How did Draco get into my bed?!

Then, slowly, Harry realized this was in fact not his bed. And that this was about to become a very awkward situation. The only way to avoid it would be to pretend to be asleep. Or get up and explain himself.

Harry pondered the outcomes of explaining himself and shut his eyes tighter.

Nope.... That's not going to happen!

Harry's adrenaline started up in his veins as Draco.... Crawled back?

He waited, trying to keep his breath steady, for a few minutes. Then he cracked open his eyes.

"Draco?" Harry murmured, but the boy was already asleep. 

Oh shoot....

Hermionie and Ron!!! Harry quickly but carefully got out of the bed and tried to pat down his hair and straighten his clothing. Perhaps they wouldn't notice Draco's scent still clinging. Why did he do that?!

He ran to the car, and threw open the door.

Hermionie and Ron were now a lot closer together than they had been. Harry quietly got into the car, hoping he hadn't been gone for that long.

Ron's hair looked tousled.

"Hermionie, have you and Ron gotten into some funny business?" Harry asked jokingly to the... Couple? They both blushed and looked away.

"You're one to talk! What have you been doing with Draco?" Hermionie retorted, and Harry shut up real quick. His cheeks burned, but he knew he didn't blush.... He had never blushed in his life. And he would never blush over Draco.

"H-Haha.... Nothing... That idiot was just being sick." Hermionie and Ron looked at him with a reaaaally.... look.

Harry turned away and the train pulled into Hogwarts.


This was going to be an interesting year.

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