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Chapter Warnings: language, drinking, and sexual references. 


Chapter one: Not Even an Angel 


“Okay let’s just take a moment to recognize how badass I am,” I said, after the door to the press conference had been shut firmly behind me. “Were you watching me Sophia?” 


“It’s Sophie Ms. Sanders,” the woman responded. 


“Then please call me Aerie,” I replied with a smile 


I had just completely conquered my first major event as a professional quidditch player. It was a press conference something that I was not looking forward to, but it hadn’t been too bad. It was something I would have to slowly get used to as I continued my career. 


I had just arrived in England maybe an hour ago and I was absolutely exhausted from it. I let out a yawn and Sophie gave me a concerned look.  


Sophie was in charge of me and two other players. She was about my height with pale skin, doe eyes, and the most gorgeous eyebrows. Eyebrows might be a weird thing to notice about a person, but hers are perfect. She probably wasn’t that much older than me either, but I haven’t asked her.  


I let out another yawn. 


“Would you like to meet the team another time and go back and get some rest?” Sophie asked concerned.  


“I’ve kept them waiting for almost two months now,” I replied. “It wouldn’t be polite of me to keep them waiting any longer.” 


“Good,” a voice said. I turned to see the head coach, Walter Reed, give me a small smile. Not a real smile, but enough to let me know I had said the right thing. “The team has a whole event planned to welcome you and we start late in honor of your arrival tomorrow.” 


“We’re starting late? Why?” I asked.  


Now Coach Reed was grinning at me. He didn’t answer me, but he was grinning. I don’t have to be a genius to know that grin means something ominous is approaching.  


Are you going to meet the team like that or are you going to change?” he asked.  


I looked down at the blue pants suit I had worn to the press event. A gift I received from my mom when I officially signed with the Tornados. It fit me in all the right places, but was probably to formal to go meet a bunch of quidditch players who were going to be sweaty after finishing practice. Not to mention the stiletto heels would go right through the grass on the pitch.  


“I’ll go change and we can leave after that.” 


He just gave me a nod and I left to change. 




The training pitch was even better than I could have imagined. Ilvermorny had a nice pitch, but every team had to share it. Also, quidditch wasn’t a main priority at the school, so it was up to the students to maintain it. This beautiful well-maintained pitch was something I could have only dreamed of a year ago. I get to play here every day! 


Before I could take in more of the scenery the loud voices from overhead drew my attention. 


It was then that I saw him. It couldn’t be anyone else, but him. The way he glided through the air with such ease and power dragons could be jealous of him. The amount of control and power he flew with was baffling to the average wizard. Not to mention the fact that he could turn at any second without losing speed.  


He's beautiful and lucky for me my new team member. 


Right now, it seemed like only the chasers and the keepers were in the air to run flying drills. I’m not sure where everyone else is, but if I had to guess based on positions. The beaters were probably doing some sort of strength training and seekers were probably working on stamina, but I can’t take my eyes off the chasers. 


Like that’s going to be me tomorrow. I’m going to be up there and flying around looking all cool and stuff.  


“You’re Aerabella right?” a voice asked. 


I jumped from the sudden voice and turned around to see two buff men looking at me mildly concerned that they had just scared my Patronus out of me. 


“Sorry didn’t mean to frighten you,” one said.  


“No worries I was sort of caught up in all of… this.” Really descriptive there Aerie, really descriptive. “Also, please call me Aerie. It’s must easier to say.” 


“Sounds good to me,” the other said. It wasn’t hard to pick out who this man was. He was one of the main beaters and the only other non-brit on the team. He was from Korea and had been a member of the team for a long time, but hadn’t started playing until his current partner was recruited. “Han Minhyuk.” 


He extended a hand and I shook it. 


“Cayden Thornton, but something tells me you’re probably aware of who the whole team is already,” the other said. An attractive half smile came across his face and his blue eyes gleamed with mischievousness. 


“If you flirt, I’m telling Gabby,” Minhyuk said. 


“No one is flirting!” Cayden snapped back and the two launched into a playful argument.  


Although Cayden was really the only one arguing and Minhyuk just seemed to be laughing at how frazzled the other was.  


I turned away from them to once again watch the chasers zooming through the air. Huh, one of them is lagging behind in passing. She should 


“Is this Aerabella?” another voice called, once again causing me to jump from its suddenness. “A bit jumpy there aren’t you, love?” 



The endearment caught me off for a second as I looked at the two men who had also just appeared and judging from their physique and the fact that they look a lot a like they must be the reserve beaters, Thomas and Theodor Harrington.  


“Yeah that’s me, but please call me Aerie,” I replied with a smile. “It’s easier to say.” 


“Theodor Harrington, but call me Theo.” One of them said with a smile. 


Thomas Harrington, call me Tom and I’ll aim the bludger at you, love, the other said, with a smile. Not a teasing smile, but a threatening smile that told me he definitely wasn’t joking about hitting me with that bludger. 


“Noted,” I replied.  


They then all began to trail off in conversation which I’m guessing is trash talk from the way they seem to be going at each other and I once again looked to the chasers. 


The one girl is still lagging behind the rest. She’s slowing them down. I can honestly only identify one chaser from this distance, but that’s probably because I’m a huge fan. Huh, is she off balance somehow? She seems to be favoring her weight on the right, but she’s throwing lefthanded which would mean that she’s more than likely a left chaser. However, placing that weight on her right should theoretically help turn in faster, but she’s still off balance. Maybe she’s trying a new technique. 


“New chaser?” 


I jumped again. I turned around slowly and from the grin across Cayden Thornton’s face they had definitely all seen me flinch. I’m making a great impression for someone who is supposed to have great reflexes. 


There were now two more people who could only be the seekers. One was a woman who was lean with short choppy brown hair. She was just as tall as the man standing next to her. I recognized him instantly because he was one of the players popular in the quidditch world for not only his skills, but just being attractive. He had a nice build with just enough muscle, but not so much that it made his neck do that weird bulky thing that sometimes happen. His white blonde hair was somehow perfectly styled in a way that brought attention to his steely grey eyes. Also, not going to lie, I can see why Witch Weekly named him most kissable lips two years ago. 


It’s nice to meet you Aerabella Sanders. Kathleen Hutcherson, but call me Kathy,” she introduced with the first bright smile I had seen. She seems like a literal ray of sunshine in comparison to the rest of my new teammates. She elbows the other seeker, but he just grunts and rubs his side. “Tall, blonde, and brooding is Brett Evergreen.” 


“It’s nice to meet you, but please–” 


“Call her Aerie,” the beaters all chorused.  


“It’s easier to say,” Minhyuk added with a smirk. 


I gave them all a confused look and they all grinned at me. I think this is their way of telling me that I’m getting predictable already. 


Hello,” a voice said. 


This time I did let out a small shriek. Partially because I was startled and partially because I could recognize that voice anywhere because of the sheer number of interviews I’ve listen to from him.  


I turned around and I was faced with probably the largest reason why I had chosen to join the Tutshill Tornados. Chase Walker. 


Chase Walker has ended up as one of the most decorated chasers in the history of quidditch after he joined the Tornados. He started out in the minors, but as soon as he joined professionally, he took the entire European League by storm with his unique maneuvers and flying skills. 


Chase Walker was rather tall and much broader than I thought he would be in person. He also seemed much less friendly and much more intimidating than I thought he would. His chiseled jaw was clenched as he seemed to be looking down at me and scrutinizing me with his clear seawater eyes. Somehow even after practice his golden blonde hair still looked great, even if it was a bit messy.  


“I take it you’re Aerabella,” Chase said. 


Yes and you’re wow…” That was so amazingly intelligent of me. First the shriek and now I suddenly can’t speak. “Sorry, huge fan.” 


“Coach mentioned it,” he replied. “So, you know me, but do you know everyone else?” 


“In name and position yes, but probably not by face?” I replied. Does that make sense? Am I making sense? Am I melting? Shit do not lose it Aerie 


Chase gave a nod of his head like he understood me. Oh thank the thunderbird, he gets me. Oh my wand he understands me and knows my name. 


“The American accent was slightly off putting, I’ll have to get used to it,” a woman said. Her honey blonde hair was pulled into a tight ponytail and she was holding her broom in her left hand. Huh, so she was the one off balance. “Caroline Harris left chaser.” 


She was definitely staring me down which told me that she was well aware that we played the same position and would be competing for playing time. I just smiled back at her. 


Aerabella Sanders, but call me Aerie. It’s easier to say,” I replied. The fake smile dropped off her face once she realized I wasn’t intimidated by her. 


At the moment it’s kind of hard to focus on anything other than the fact that I’m within spitting distance of Chase Walker. 


Cecilia Banks, right chaser. It’s nice to finally meet you,” said a perky brunette with a large smile. She seemed a bit young and full of energy. She might have just a bit too much energy, but that would make her someone who would be good to practice with.  


“Jennifer White, keeper,” a straight-faced woman replied. She was also pretty tall, but she seemed taller because of her posture. She also didn’t seem hostile, but seemed like she was just tired and wanted to sleep. 


“Justin Thompson, reserve middle,” a charming looking man said. 


Jack Davies the new reserve right chaser,” a young man with brunette hair responded. He couldn’t be much older than me. 


“And last, but definitely not least I’m Jessica Robbinson the new reserve keeper,” a short brunette said, with a blinding smile. She looked incredibly excited that I had finally arrived. She was probably the only one who seemed to actually be waiting for me to arrive. “You’re one of Sophie’s kids too, right?” 


“I’m not a kid, but Sophie is in charge of me for the time being,” I replied with a polite smile.  


“How old are you again?” Kathy asked. 


“Well I’m nineteen as of about a week ago,” I replied. 


“That’s not a kid that’s baby,” Minhyuk muttered, but it was clear enough that everyone heard him.  


“I see you’re all getting to know each other,” a new voice called.  


Coach Reed as well as two other coaches and three managers, including Sophie walked out to the pitch. He had given me a tour, shown me where my locker was, and then been pulled right into a meeting. I had taken it upon myself to go back to the pitch and look around more.  


“I’m going to trust you all to look out for our newest member while you’re all out for the welcome party,” Coach Reed said. “It’s been booked at the usual pub so you shouldn’t have any issues with the media, but that doesn’t mean that you still shouldn’t be careful. Practice is starting at eleven tomorrow, so make the most of the night. Practice dismissed.” 


The coach and his squad of followers left, leaving the rest of the team alone. I felt a friendly arm sling around my shoulder and looked up to see that Jennifer was grinning down at me. 


So, what’s your poison?” she asked. I just gave her a confused look. “Your drink of choice? Which alcohol you plan on drinking tonight?” 


“I don’t have one. I was too young to drink in the States,” I replied. “So, I haven’t really had any before.” 


Chase shot me a look and just shook his head. 


“You’re going to regret telling them all that,” he stated calmly 




After dropping my stuff off at my apartment which surprisingly, almost half the team lives at, some of the girls had helped me get changed into an outfit they deemed going out appropriate. In all honesty, it was one of my normal outfits except with more cleavage. 


The pub that we had been taken to had checked IDs and instantly escorted us into a different section of it. The team had apparently gotten their own section because they frequented this one particular spot often enough. I could see why. There was a large bar and a dance floor for those who liked to dance. On another level there looked like there were some magical darts and other games for people to play. It was apparently one of the best places for young wizards and witches to party. 


From the way people are looking at all of us, it seems like we only help contribute to the place’s popularity. I was sipping on some type of cocktail that was a bit too sugar for my tastes as I took in my surroundings not knowing what to do. Parties had never been my thing and neither had people if I’m honest, so parties with strangers in strange places were not my thing. 


Currently at the booth there were only six of us. Three people looked like they wanted to leave and three of us just didn’t know what to with ourselves. I’m just currently trying not to stare at Chase so much that it’s creepy, but I can’t help taking little looks at him every now and then. I mean my role model is right in front of me looking like a full course meal, how can I not appreciate it? 


“Don’t take it personally Sanders, but I’ve got to get home to the wife,” Cayden said, sighing. Brett just scoffed at him. 


“It’s no problem at all, I totally get it,” I replied. 


“We both know you’re more than happy to go home to her and the little monsters,” Brett commented.  


“Wait Thornton you’re married with kids?” Jessica asked.  


“Yeah, it’s been a little over five years now since we got married,” Cayden said with a brilliant smile. Man, if that isn’t the look of a man in love, I don’t know what is. “The triplets are also about to turn five.” 


“Holy Merlin! You have triplets!” Jack exclaimed. 


“Yep. That was the surprise of lifetime. I myself am a triplet and according to my friend, you’re more likely to have triplets or twins if you are one,” he answered. “Well enjoy your night and don’t go too crazy on the drinks.” 


“Get home safe Cayden,” Chase stated. 


“Aye aye Captain!” Chase seemed to physically grimace at the phrase. With a small salute to us all Cayden left 


So, how’s the drink?” Jessica asked.  


“Honestly? Way too sweet for my taste, maybe I should try some beer?” I suggested. 


“No if it’s too sweet, I know exactly what to get you. Hold on,” Jack said, practically stumbling to get out of the booth he was moving so fast. 


After he left our small group of four was left in silence. 


Is your flat okay?” Chase asked.  


I gave him a puzzled look. I’m super happy that he’s talking to me and slightly overwhelmed. But what the hell is a flat? 


“Flat?” I asked. 


“We call certain apartments flats here,” Jessica clarified. 


Okay now some conversations from earlier make a lot more sense. I am going to have to see if I can find a book on need to know British slang. I feel like I’m really going to need it unless I want to look like a dumb American. I mean I am an American, but I wouldn’t say that I’m dumb. 


“It’s just about the right size and everything. It will take a bit for me to get used to living on my own, but I’m sure it will be fine,” I replied. 


I’ve been living on my own for two months and I can say that I never want to live with another human being again,” Jessica said. She had a smile across her face like she was so happy we were talking and I generally appreciate that, especially as someone who admittedly does not make friends easy. “I’m surprised you didn’t go dancing you seem like the sort who would like that thing.” 


“Why?” I asked. 


“You’ve got that whole pretty girl popular vibe about you. Like you were voted the most fit by your peers and shite like that,” she answered. 


Okay, so I’m going to guess that fit is a good thing and shite is an expletive. 


“Not really, I sort of flew under the radar at Ilvermorny until my seventh year. No one really noticed me until after the who World Cup thing. I was a boarder from the Midwest, so it wasn’t like I came from a large wizarding family in the States. Also, if I danced that would require me to interact with people and I’ll admit that’s not one of my favorite things to do.” 


Before Jessica could reply Jack was carefully placing a tray of what had to be almost thirty little shot glasses filled with some type of alcohol. 


“Bloody hell are you trying to kill us Davies?” Brett cursed.  


“How much did you spend on this?” Jessica asked. 


“Not a knut,” he replied. “I may have a new sugar mommy though.” 


“You are a professional quidditch player you don’t need a sugar mommy,” Chase stated. 


“True, but she doesn’t have to know that.” Jack then passed a shot to each of us. “Now Aerie let me introduce you to one of the finest things England has to offer and that’s real Fire Whisky. None of that watered-down shite in America can ever compare to the real thing.” 


“This is an absolutely horrid idea…” Jessica muttered. 


“It is not. I’m positive we can finish all of them, especially if the old men help us.” 


I’m surprised that Jack didn’t drop dead from the glare that Brett sent him. I had almost frozen at the menacing look and it wasn’t even directed at me. At his words Brett wordlessly tossed a shot back without hesitation. It seemed like it must not be nearly as bad as it looks since he didn’t even flinch. 


“Okay point taken,” Jack said. “Now cheers to Aerie joining us!” 


We all said cheers and clinked our glasses together before taking a shot. 


I tried not to flinch at the absolute burning sensation that filled my throat, but I ended up coughing a bit. I made a face because that was certainly a strong drink. 


How was it?” Jack asked eagerly. 


“Strong,” I answered. He just laughed and took another. 


“Great! That’s exactly what it should taste like!” Jack said beaming. 


What is wrong with these people? I thought Americans were supposed to be the partiers and strong drinkers. 


“Well if you have enough of these, I bet I can get you out on the dance floor for one song,” Jessica teased. 


“I’ll take that bet, there is no way that would appeal to me even while drunk,” I answered. 


“Great loser buys the other dinner. Cheers!’ she said, handing me another shot. 


And like the dumb American I thought I wasn’t, I clinked my shot against hers before taking another. 




I don’t know if it was the sudden movement next to me that woke me up or the throbbing pain in my skull. One thing was for sure though and that this was probably not my bed and this definitely wasn’t my apartment. The sheets were much to soft and there was too much room.  


I pealed my eyes open and saw that I was an a pretty neat, but lived in apartment. It was decorated enough to tell me that whoever lived here has been around long enough to settle in fully. 


“Bloody hell,” a voice cursed.  


I turned around to see a very shirtless Chase Walker look like he was regretting his entire existence at the moment. He just groaned when he noticed me looking at him. I moved to sit up and realized something. 


I was completely naked which means that Chase was also probably completely naked under the blanket. I moved to clutch the blanket to my chest and couldn’t stop my eyes from wander to where Chase’s lower half was just barely being covered by the blanket. 


“What happened last night?” I asked. 


“You don’t remember?” he asked looking at me. I just shook his head and he cursed. “We shagged.” 


Oh thank the thunderbird I thought we had sex.” 


His mouth dropped open and the look on his face said that he could not believe I just said that. 


“Shagging is fucking. We fucked,” he stated. 


I just had sex with my idol and I don’t remember it. 


“We should do it again, so I can remember,” I said without thinking. I slapped a hand instantly to my mouth because I cannot believe that I just said that out loud. I have a bad habit of word vomiting, but even I should know that now is not the time. 


Chase’s face turned bright red. At first, I thought it was because he was embarrassed, but the scowl across his face soon told me that it was out of anger. 


“Get the fuck out!” he yelled. 


His loud tone caused my head to throb unpleasantly and it was then that I became aware I was going to be sick. 


With barely a warning I clambered my way to the edge of the bed and promptly vomited on his floor. Oh god I was vomiting on Chase Walker’s floor. I want to die right now. 


I looked up to see that his once angry face now looked angry and disgusted. Okay now I want to cry. 


“You need to leave.” He pulled me off the end of the bed and handed me my shirt from last night and quickly tossed my wand to me. I had no chance to even pull the shirt on before he was tossing me out the door. 


Suddenly, I’m very naked in a hallway. Thankfully, Chase is one of the people who also lives in my building. What I didn’t know is that he literally lives right next to me, but that’s a good thing right now. 


Shit... My key is definitely somewhere in his apartment still and these doors are spell proof which one of the reasons why many high-profile people live here. The security is fantastic and it’s impossible for a person to get in unless they live here or know someone who lives here. There’s no way I can break into my own apartment, I have no way to contact my landlord, and I seriously doubt Chase is going to open up the door so I can get my key. 


Before I knew it tears sprung to my eyes and I was crying as the reality of my situation hit me. I was a complete screw up and the worst part is I still can’t recall a single detail after taking shots. I had already screwed myself over and I haven’t even been on this continent for twenty-four hours.  


“Umm...” a voice said, disturbing me from crying. 


I looked to see a man dressed like he was about to go to work in a smart button down and slacks. He looked more surprised to see me at the moment than I was to see him. At this point I’m not surprised that things are getting even more humiliating for me. It’s not surprising my neighbor across the hall would catch me naked and breaking down.  I’m sure my landlord is going to be the next person to catch me naked in the hallway crying. 


“Do you need a hangover potion?” he asked. I looked at him confused. “Sobering potion maybe? Either way how about we get you some clothes.” 


It turns out angels have dark brown hair and kind green eyes. 





Welcome to the first official chapter of Ambitious!. I sort of threw a lot of names and information at you, but I swear it won’t be so over loaded with information for the next chapter.  


Here are my questions: 

What do you think about Aerabella? 

What do you think about Chase? 

Was it easy to tell who was speaking when? 


Thank you for reading and feel free to ask me anything! 

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