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Disclaimer : I don’t own the characters! Not that amazing. 


 Rose’s head hit the table, her eyes droopy. “Rosie, I say this with love - but you look like shit mate.” Rose lifted her head to give her cousin Albus, the dark haired spitting image of his father, a glare. 


“I think you look beautiful and just need to eat something.. long night?” Lorcan asked putting some turkey bacon on her plate followed by some pineapple slices.


“Just couldn’t sleep,” Rose looked at the plate, but not before stealing a glance at the blonde Slytherin sitting next to her cousin who was very quiet this morning. “But breakfast of champions should get me going.” She gave Lorcan a small smile, her stomach getting nauseated slightly.


She was sure she was probably a slight shade of green, she sipped her water - hoping it would help. “I’m not feeling good, I could go for some air - maybe take a walk? You guys have practice today right? It’s still on Sunday mornings like they used to be?” 


Lorcan was on the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team, a beater. Rose used to play keeper but after a fall that left her in the hospital wing for quite sometime she had some PTSD and didn’t want to go back, besides Mallory Fasen was a better keeper than she could be, younger and they wouldn’t have to worry with replacing Rose after next year. 


“Yeah we still have practice this morning, want to meet me out there?” Lorcan grinned, “I mean after practice that way you can get a walk in - just don’t go wondering off into the forest by yourself.” 


Rose smiled, “Yeah, I’ll see you after,” she ate the rest of her breakfast in peace, occasionally catching Scorpius looking at her too.  


Once her breakfast was gone, Rose excused herself from the table and gave Lorcan a kiss on the cheek, “I’ll be around.” 


“Love you Rosie!” Lorcan called after her, not noticing the slight hesitation when she responded with an “I love you too.” But Scorpius noticed it, and maybe Albus too. 


Rose made her way towards the lake, one of Rose’s favorite spots to read and put her mind at ease and she needed that now. More than ever. She’d made it two chapters in when she heard the crunch of the twigs that scattered around the old tree. “Want some company?” Scorpius’ voice was soft, almost apologetic. 


“About last night...” Rose started, in a whisper that was almost inaudible. Scorpius leaned closer to her to hear her, she moved back a little, his cologne was intoxicating, it clung to his skin emitting notes of grapefruit, lavender, and a light tobacco smell. It wasn’t a cigarette smell, not that Scorpius would smoke the muggle death traps or have access to them. Rose shook her head slightly, moving slightly away from him. 


“What do you wanna do Rose?” He asked looking down and biting his bottom lip, more out of nervousness than sex appeal. 


“We’re not going to do anything... last night shouldn’t have happened. That was wrong of us.. of me. No you too, because he’s your friend. I love him Malfoy.” 


He looked taken aback by the sudden switch back to his last name. “Are you sure about that?”


Rose gave him a wild look, her auburn locks bouncing as she turned to him, “Of course I’m sure, why would you even ask that?!” 


“If you were sure you wouldn’t have let it happen...” he paused for a second, “and you wouldn’t have paused this morning before saying it.” 


Rose huffed a little bit, putting her head against the tree and closing her eyes to steady her breathing. “I can’t do this with you.” 


“You just don’t want to.” He sighed, standing up and pushing his hair back.


Rose watched him walk away before speaking up “I want to believe me...” and he stopped, looked back at her and smirked. 


“I’ll believe it when you can.” His response triggered an eye roll before she returned to her book. Sighing deeply and getting lost in the words. 



Author note : well... I’m sorry it’s so short, I’m on my phone (currently inpatient at a hospital and my desktop is a no-go here and unlike most normal humans I don’t have a laptop. 🤦‍♀️) bare with me! I’m trying. Any advice? 


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