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Welcome! I hope you enjoy the following story, I have been working on it for a few months now and I only just was reminded to actually upload it.

This is a James Potter / OC fanfiction, with a few changes to character personalities, history and timeline. This is completely out of the world of Harry Potter and is just a fluffy love story because bitch I love love and don't want it to be clouded by the Wizarding War.

This is completely AU, therefore, ages will be compromised to my liking, family members, teachers and relationships will as well. I really want to start writing more centred works outside of fanfiction but I have to practice some way hey.

Also, this story came to me as my boyfriend of seven months broke up with me to 'find himself' in Europe. Enjoy your STDs in those hostels Ryan :P So we know it's going to be full of emotions and post period crying session chapters and some chapters were even written at the beach as I watched hot Turkish guys play soccer hehe.

I'll leave you to it! Enjoy oh and follow me on Instagram to see me bitch about everything under the sun: winta_writes.

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