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“Are you certain that it is she?” the voice growled at the person who had summed its attention.


“It is she.  I am very certain of it.  That she is at least part Veela is obvious for she revealed her true self to many when she lost control of her feelings.”


“And how has her true nature been received by those not of our kind?”


“The girl has been reacted to very poorly and I fear that she will respond with the full fury of the Veela if angered enough.”


“That would be very unfortunate, none but the oldest students at Hogwarts would have any chance against her and they too would be at an extreme disadvantage.  She would kill many before being brought down.  Is she aware of your presence?”


“No, I have managed to keep my own nature hidden from her, she knows nothing.”


“And the human boy, Tom Riddle, does he suspect anything about you?”


“Only that he despises me, I have made certain that this is the case.  I believe that the headmaster may have some suspicions about the possibility that the girl is not the only one of our kind at the school.”


“Be cautious, Armando Dippet is no fool, we cannot have him learn that there is more than one Veela at his school.  Already he may be on his guard, having learned Sarah’s secret.  She must be brought back to our homeland as swiftly as is possible and without alarming the rest of the Wizarding World.  The Ministry of Magic must never learn that more than one Veela has left our homeland without their knowledge, the consequences would be severe.


“Do you believe that we are at risk of all-out war?”


“No. but it would not do for the Ministry to further restrict our movements outside of the homeland.  Many things that one can find outside our borders are very easily found within theirs.  That could bring hostilities to bear and this we cannot have.  There are too few of us to fight against the rest of the magical realm.”


“Then what would you have me do?”


“You must find a way to bring the child home to us.  Right now, she is guilty only of being angry at the loss of her mother because of the treachery of a Muggle.”


“But that would mean revealing myself to her.”


“That is very true, you will have to reveal your nature to her and thus expose a valued secret that we have held for your time there.”


“It has not been without difficulty, listening to their professors explain things that I already know, and doing it rather badly in some cases.”


“You were chosen for this assignment for a very good reason and thus we have high expectations of you.  The girl must be returned to the homeland and the staff at Hogwarts must not be made aware of your nature.  The consequences of this would be unfortunate for all concerned.”


“I will not fail in this.”


“See to it that you do not.”


The Veela stepped away from the pool of water that it had been speaking into and watched as the fiery glow faded from that unlikely location before turning to look up at the castle.


The nearly undoable is asked of me,’ it lamented, ‘the girl will not willingly leave the school without revealing who and what I am.  The only chance is a confrontation outside of the school away from the prying eyes of the students and staff of the school.  Tom Riddle will be the largest issue, he is not a Veela, but I feel that he is far more powerful than others of his age.  He may be the biggest obstacle in my path to removing her peacefully.  What do I do if she tells him who I am and why I am at Hogwarts?’


The path before it hid it from view and none saw the form of the creature assume the form of a young human girl.  She walked quietly up the path back to the castle and then through an opening in the shield that just appeared as though there was no barrier at all.


‘Sarah, you should never have left the homeland of the Veela.  If Tom Riddle interferes in what must happen to you I shall be forced to destroy him so utterly that no trace of him shall remain to inform of his existence.  He will have no chance if we duel and I will be forced to carry out this vow.’


The girl walked into the castle and immediately mingled with the multitude of other students who were walking towards the Great Hall and the late meal.  She smiled and spoke gleefully to those who greeted her.


“Where have you been?” one of the girls asked, “I looked all over for you and could not find you anywhere.”


“The moon was so beautiful that I just had to take a walk by the lake.  I just love the reflections of the moon and stars on the water.”


“Ever the one musing, I see.  You and your walks, you should be a Herbology  professor or maybe even Professor of Astrology, because you spend enough time outside looking at the sky.”


“At least it does not cost the House points.”


The other girl nodded as she laughed and then the pair walked into the Great Hall to make their way to the table that awaited them.




She turned to see one of the human girls running towards her and paused long enough for the fifth year to catch up to her.


“What do you need, Sandra?”


“Were you out by the lake again?”


“Yes, as a matter of fact, I was.”


“Professor Slughorn saw you and is threatening to take points from Hufflepuff because of it.  He was really angry that a student was outside the castle after dark.  You need to talk to him and fast before he does what he is threatening to do.”


‘Damn,’ she thought, ‘of all of the people who might have seen me he would have to be the one.  He is the most likely to suspect me being a Veela and the last one that I can hope to have listen to me.’


She glanced up at the High Table to see the portly professor sitting down as he prepared to enjoy the meal.  A glance at their hourglass told her that he had not yet taken points, but likely was ready to if he didn’t accept her excuse.  She really didn’t see him doing it either, he had been less that helpful the last time that she had spoken to him about one of her walks and had taken the points anyway just as a matter of practice.  Hufflepuff House had been less than pleasant to her after the loss and this time it would likely be a greater number than it had been the last time.                                           


There was nothing to do now but to wait until she could get a chance to talk to him and that would not be until after the meal.  It was then that she noticed Professor Dippet approaching the lectern and realized that it was already too late.


“Before we begin our meal, Professor Slughorn has asked that I make an announcement concerning the late night walks that some of you are enjoying.  I want to make it perfectly clear that no student, regardless of year or status, has the right to walk the grounds outside of the castle after dark.  The shores of the lake are strictly forbidden and points shall be taken from the House of any student who fails to obey this rule.”


“Therefore,” he announced as he seemed to look directly through her, “thirty points are being taken from Hufflepuff House for the late night stroll that one of its students decided to take tonight.”


A gasp rushed through the students at her table as the gems in their hourglass decreased by thirty.  She noted that several angry glances were sent her way, especially by the members of the Quidditch team which had just added many of the points through bruises gained during a match with Slytherin.


Immediately, she felt ill and rose to hurry out of the chamber as she ignored the hissed comments sent at her by the angered members of her House.   She rushed to the nearest girl’s lavatory to lose what she had in her stomach.


‘I have just made my job so much harder, all eyes will be on me and there is nothing that I can do about it.’


The unpleasant chore finished, she rose from her knees and slipped out of the lavatory to make her way to her dorm.  She was thankful that there were no other students present and changed out of the slightly soiled robes and into her night clothes.


‘The nearly impossible has been given to me as a task.  Somehow I need to make contact with Sarah Jenkins.  I need to convince her one way or the other to return to the homeland.  I know that she will refuse to leave Hogwarts, and it is all because of Tom Riddle.  The human boy has her totally devoted to him and she finds his company more pleasurable than that of her own kind.  She knows very well that her father is not present here and that she would have more luck finding him outside of a school of magic.  He is of a mundane nature and has likely taken refuge in one of the large human cities on this continent to escape her notice.‘


She considered the human boy who seemed to be much more than he appeared to be.  There was something about him that actually frightened the Veela.  Even as a second year at Hogwarts, the boy seemed to be in possession of talents far beyond that of his age peers and that could prove to be a problem if it came to a confrontation with Sarah.


‘She could reveal me to them; the human inhabitants of the castle and then the Ministry of Magic will surely become involved.  If the boy becomes involved in this mess I could be left with only the possibility of having to destroy him and Azkaban Prison would seem pleasant compared with what the Elder Council would do to me.  No, I have to remove her in some other way and the only way possible is to have her expelled.  It will be difficult and very risky but that is the only choice and chance that I have.  Sarah Jenkins must be expelled from Hogwarts and then I can hurry her back to the homeland while retaining my standing here at the school.’


A grim expression crossed her face as she wondered what the human Ministry of Magic would think if they knew just how many Veela were in attendance at the schools of magic.  There were three others at Hogwarts and they were all doing their best to escape notice and not draw attention to their activities.  If Sarah had done the same as they, the council would have had no problem with her attending the school, but the inexperienced youth who was on a Blood Hunt had failed miserably in keeping her identity a secret.


‘It would have been so easy for her to just blend in with the other students and possibly eventually rise to post of power and authority such as Prefect or even Head Girl.  But that will never happen now, too many know her secret and will never allow that to happen.  There are too many prominent families represented here at the school.  Molly Porter’s father holds an important post in the Ministry and will likely become the Minister of Magic himself in the near future.  No harm can come to those children or any others here.  Nothing would enrage the humans more than for one of their children to be harmed or killed by a Veela.  It would mean a war that we could not hope to escape from without suffering severe losses.’


The bed near her beckoned the girl and she knew that her dorm mates would not do anything that would openly incriminate themselves by moving against her for the loss of the points.  They would wait for her to be alone to act and that would be their undoing for minor accidents could take place and thus be untraceable except for being just what they appeared to be.  There were many staircases here at Hogwarts for the unwary or careless to tumble down and, although she didn’t wish harm on anyone, she would be more than happy to see a slip or two to take place.  For this to happen in full view of witnesses when there was no possibility of her being accused was the best thing that could happen.  These children needed to use their wands for something magical to happen, she didn’t.


‘Perhaps it is time for one of the Prefects to take a tumble down the stairs, around class change time would be best.  I can arrange to be in the area but make certain to be visibly not at fault.  Professor Slughorn is also a likely candidate for an unfortunate accident on the stairs.  It cannot be anything deadly of course, because I would not want that to happen, but enough to keep them occupied and their minds on other things.  He may suspect something amiss about me, but has no way of proving it, and he especially cannot prove that I am a Veela.’


A moment later she was snuggle under the covers and was relaxing when her dorm mates entered and reacted unfavorably when they saw her.  One of them approached her bed and then hissed her message.


“I hope that you are happy, Hannah.  Our House lost thirty points because you wanted to take a walk in the moonlight.  It had better not happen again or Hufflepuff may lose points because you are found in some stairwell beaten black and blue.  You will not see it coming or be ready for it, but cost us more points and it will.”


“Do I seem to be in some form of fear due to what you are saying, Violet,” she responded as she sat up in bed.  “Do not forget that I can arrange for some unpleasant things for you.  The students in Slytherin owe me a few favors and I would be more than happy to call some of them in if necessary.  Perhaps it might be you found at the bottom of the stairs beaten black and blue.  Maybe some of that pretty blonde hair will be pulled out by the roots in the process or one of those shining blue eyes blackened.  A few teeth missing is also a possibility, so be careful about the threats that you are making.  I might have to talk to the Slytherin about you.”


The other girl paused as her face blanched and she considered what the girl in the bed had said to her.  It was widely known that Hannah was a friend with several of the rougher Slytherin, the sort that did not care about the loss of points or detention in the dungeons.  More than one student had experienced their rather rough attention and never had anything been proven because the victim had always been fearful about revealing the identities of their attackers.


Hannah lay back down and turned onto her side to present her back to the other girls.  She smiled to herself as she listened to their low whispering about her.  Talk she did not care about, that could not hurt you, but actions would get her attention and then woe unto the conspirators.  Hannah would have no problems with making certain that something ill happened to one of the other girls that she shared the dorm with.


As she lay there an inspiration came to her mind.  What if she did not appear to blame for what happened to Violet, what if Sarah looked extremely guilty?  It was no secret that the girls did not get along and that Sarah had made more than one threat against the Hufflepuff.  If she could be made to look as though she was at fault Professor Dippet would be forced to expel her.  The younger Veela was already on notice, especially after the fight with Molly Porter, and had been told that she would face expulsion if anything else happened.


If Sarah was expelled, then she would be easily taken back to the homeland instead of being shuttled back to the mundane orphanage where they had tracked her to.  The girl had surprised them by journeying to Hogwarts in company with Tom Riddle and this had made things complicated.


‘I can do this,’ she thought to herself as she began to drift off to sleep, ‘I can take care of Violet, teach her a lesson about making threats, and get Sarah expelled and returned to the homeland.  Then my mission will be complete and I can return to my “studies” here at Hogwarts.  It is important that we keep an eye on the Ministry of Magic and its instruction about us.  It is only in this way that we can be aware of the plots against our kind and the misinformation that they are spreading concerning us in Defense against the Dark Arts.  It is a travesty, the things that they are teaching their young about beings that have never moved against them.  Perhaps we should at some point, it would teach them a lesson that they would never forget, especially if we struck at the head of their government and toppled the Ministry of Magic.  Let them crawl in the darkness for a while and learn what we have had to just to survive all of these centuries.’


She fell asleep as the lights in the dorm went out and the human girls slid into their beds.  They had felt rather brave about threatening her, but now they were not so certain that it had been a good idea to do so as the girl had not appeared frightened.  Instead, she had appeared ready to strike back at them and would likely not hesitate to enlist the aid of the Slytherin to help her.


Magic was allowed to be cast within the walls of Hogwarts, but magic cast to harm another was a different story and had the very real possibility of getting one expelled.  True, a physical assault was not magical in nature, but there were many eyes within the castle and the portraits would not hesitate to report what they had seen.  Why would they hesitate?  They had nothing to fear from the students and nothing but time on their hands to break the monotony of just hanging on a wall.  Something interesting to witness was what they waited for and more than worth a trip from their frame to a frame in the Headmaster’s office to talk about what they had seen.


Even if one was not expelled, none of them wanted to spend time in the dungeons serving detention or having to spend time in the Isolation Tower with its many hostile spirits and darken corners that no magic could ever hope to illuminate.  Some students actually liked the place, with its incredible library of books that could not be removed from the room.  If a student tried to remove one the ghostly librarian on eternal duty was only one of the obstacles that they faced.  The books would simply vanish from their grasp and reappear on their shelves and then visits from the ghosts was a given.  The place was also the home of the ghosts of several students of long past who had been burned to death in a magical fire which had killed them, but had left the room and its contents strangely untouched.  No, there had to be a different way of dealing with the girl and they all realized that the best thing that they could do was to get her expelled from the school.  It would be difficult and also extremely risky, but something had to be done to stop her activities and the loss of points by the House that they all loved so much.


The girls finally fell to sleep as they thought about what they had to do and wondered how they would manage to do it.  All knew that the risks that they were going to take were many but also that, if they succeeded, the rewards would be greater than they could imagine.


In her own dorm, Sarah awakened as a terrible thought came to mind.


‘What if the Elder Council of the Veela orders my return to the homeland and sends someone to retrieve me?  They could already be at Hogwarts because I know that many Veela are attending classes at the schools of magic to stay ahead of any plots against our kind.  I need to be mindful of what I do and who is around me and paying too much attention to me’.


She lay there in the darkness as she thought one final thing before she closed her eyes in sleep once again.


‘I like it here and I want to stay.’

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