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"What happened to him ? " enquired Dumbledore. 


"Snape drank poisoned mead " replied Poppy Pomfrey . 


" Well , then a Bezoar should do " said professor Slughorn . 


" We tried our best but he is still unconscious. " 


" How is he doing ? How long will it take to recover ? " asked Avery and Mulciber. 


" We cannot say . He might take one day or one week or even worse one month. But don't worry we will try our best " said Pomfrey. 



Lily was in the library reading the book of Spells and Charms . Mary came panting towards her and said ," Snape is in the hospital wing . I've heard Madam Pomfrey telling his condition is critical . " 


" What happened ? " asked Lily worriedly. 


" I don't know but I think you should go and see him ." 


" Are you seriously expecting me to go and see him after what happened yesterday? "


" I know you are hurt by that word. But  are you not worried about him ?"


" No I'm not." 


" Lily, the best thing in you is your eyes can't lie no matter how hard you try ." 


"Mary , can you go to the hospital wing and check on Snape ?"


"Why can't you go Lily ?"


"I hate him but I want to know how he is doing ."


"Stubborn girl " said Mary and went to the hospital wing . 


After  few minutes Lily walked out of the library and went to the wooden bridge. She recollected the arguement she had with Snape on the bridge . But she didn't understand one thing . 


                                                                          Why were James and his friends sneaking  out at night?


She confronted them about this .


"James why were you guys sneaking out at night?"




"Who told you?" they all tried to avoid Lily's  question .


"Answer me " shouted Lily.


"Oh! I remember now . Lupin wasn't  doing well last week . He needed some fresh air, that's why we sneaked out " said Sirius .


"But didn't you just break a school rule ?"


"We sure did , but we promise it 'll never repeat again" they all said hurriedly and rushed to their common room. 


"Phew !" they sighed in relief .


"That was close"said Peter.


"Yeah! way too close "said Sirius.


Lupin was pacing and screaming . "It's all over.  Very soon I am sure Lily will know it and automatically Mary will also know the secret . We all know that Mary is a blabber mouth , so the whole school will know it . 


"Stop screaming Lupin . Nothing has happened now. Dont worry " said James . 


"Dont worry ? How can I be ?  What if the whole school know that I am a Werewolf?"


"Well , they don't know till now,right ? So stop worrying about the future problems and try to solve the immediate problem we have now ."


"My monthly transformations? " asked Lupin .


"Yes , every full moon day you turn into a werewolf . Unintentionally you are more likely to hurt us because we are humans . So we have to figure out a way to help you and  protect ourselves   " said James . 


"Peter and I have a solution "said Sirius .


"Fire away, Sirius."


" We have to become an Animagus . " 


" Ani....what ? asked James 


"Animagus .It is  a witch or Wizard with the ability to transform into a particular animal at will  " said Peter . 


"And since werewolf is a danger to only humans , we can give company to Lupin  during his transformations by turning ourselves into animals "added Sirius .


"Thats brilliant ! "exclaimed James . 


"But how do you become an Animagus ? " asked Lupin . 


" Don't worry . I have a copy of Intermediate Transfuguration Text Book . The instructions are here . " said Peter handing the book to Lupin . 




After reading the instructions ......


" That's pretty difficult isn't it ? " asked James . 


" Yeah but its the only plan we got" said Sirius . 


"We have to start this on a full moon day " said Peter . 


" Thats tomorrow " said Lupin . 


" Lets do it " they all said and dispersed . 


 They all gathered at the courtyard the next night . 


Lupin need not become an animagus , so he started reading the instructions aloud.


" So first all of you have to hold  a leaf of  mandrake in your mouth . " 

    and the process started . 


 While the boys were upto some sneaky business , Lily could not stop thinking about Snape .


With the single unforgivable word MUDBLOOD all the good moments she spent with Snape vanished  from her mind . 


Finally one night she went to visit Snape. She kept a boquet of fresh lilies next to him . Tears rolled down her pretty cheeks seeing Snape unconscious on a hospital bed . 


" I knew 

 you were worried about him "  squeaked a voice . 


" Mary ! you gave me a heart  attack " said Lily catching her breath . 


" You said you don't care about him and now you are here in the hospital . " 


" Okay , I am  concerned about him . He was my best friend and I could not see him like this . But that doesn't change the fact that he called me mudblood . 


" yeah , but ...."


"Anyway let's go back to our dormitory " said Lily interrupting Mary.


After one month James , Sirius and Peter were all Animagi ready to assist Lupin and protect themselves during his transformations. 


While things were going smoothly in Hogwarts little did they know that dark times are about to start. 

It was midnight but the students were rushing to the third floor when they heard the scream of the caretaker . They all gasped in horror seeing a dead body lying in front of them . 


"Step aside " ordered McGonagall. The students made way for the teachers . 


" Oh my " gasped McGonagall. " What could the death of a muggleborn mean ? " 


Dumbledore sighed deeply and replied " You-Know-Who . " 



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