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Gust slapped his homework sheet on the arm of the, large,old, comfy, armchair and slithered down off onto the floor. He landed, in a strange contortionist pose that looked very painful and difficult, on Birdie's thigh that was crossed over her other straightened leg. Birdie, whom was engrossed in her "Old but Effective Potion Remedies" ,  only realised this when Nikaya let out a low and quiet wolf whistle. Birdie ripped her eyes from her book to Gust, who was resting oddly but comfortably on her thigh, she let out a high-pitched scream similar to a Screech owls and jerked her thigh away rapidly. Gust realised the situation, it felt like swallowing a bowling ball as embarrassment consumed him, and turned his body away in the same fashion cleary flushing bright pink. 


"Er-um-s...sorry I, um, I fell asleep!" Gust burbled. Nikaya laughed. Birdie sat further away still blushing, legs pinned to her chest.   

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