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No scorching sun nor freezing cold
Will stop me on my journey
If you will promise me your heart

And love
And love me for eternity


Another couple took to the dance floor. Draco and Pansy, and they looked uncomfortable in each other's arms as they tripped over feet (their own and their partner's.) Luna and Harry on the other side of the floor looked just as uncomfortable; well, Harry, at least. Luna looked as at-ease as always in her rather unusual yellowed ruffled dress. 

Hermionie and Ron decided to save them all, and rearranged the dancing with little complaint from one couple. Of course, that was made up by the whining of the other.


Luna Lovegood was dancing with Pansy Parkinson, and their eyes met- Violet to blue. Luna took the other girl's hand and drew her close, dancing more like an embrace of a lover than a simple ball. Pansy's black hair and Luna's blonde- they seemed opposites, but Pansy rested her head against Luna's chest, usually-pale cheeks flushed just slightly pink.


At home; Pansy's mother would slap her if she found out Pansy loved a girl. She could feel the scorching hit across her cheek already, the yelling. She reached up to touch her untouched cheek, but Luna caught her hand in hers and smiled. Luna had her own problems at home, as well. She could relate.

Luna could feel the coldness of the empty house already. Her mother dead already; her father at work for eternity. She barely saw him anymore, so the house was empty and cold and dusty when she got there. Perhaps that was better than her father knowing about Luna's preference to girls.  But Pansy brought Luna back to the present with a sweet touch of the cheek, a smile, and Luna knew she would much rather scorn her father than this beautiful girl.

The couple's faces neared each other, and their lips touched for a millisecond before a teacher started yelling at them. 

They grinned.

Each of them knew they loved the other.


Draco Malfoy was dancing with Harry Potter. They glared at each other with scorching looks, but their cheeks were also scorching; for the dance involved holding hands holding each other, and their faces near each other, and....

Harry kept looking away, then looking back and finding Draco's eyes on him, and Draco would blush and say something mean, and then it would happen over again.

"Hey, Draco. You can stop being mean." Harry sidled closer, and Draco's cheeks turned red. "Wha-Wha-Potte-Harry??" He sputtered as Harry leaned his head against the taller boy's chest. Draco tried to protest, but after a while, he just danced.

When the dance ended, Harry started to draw away, and their hands stopped being intertwined, Harry pulling his hand away. But Draco felt the freezing cold where he was, and started to miss the hand. Draco pulled Harry close again, and they danced through the next song.

Each of them knew they had loved the other forever; since the first moment their eyes met.

Their eyes met again, and their thoughts were the same.

I love you.


(This chapter is dedicated to Avery, who is forcing me to write because she is threatening me with no more snacks....Just kidding. To the Fangirl group!!)

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