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Steam from scarlet "Hogwarts Express" covered the platform nine and three quarters . Students were cheering in joy. Amidst the crowd, Lily's family was bidding farewell to her. Lily's mother kissed her goodbye . "Take care , Lily "said her father. Lily turned to Petunia and said ," Tuney, please don't hate me ." "You are a freak Lily and you are going to some stupid school for freaks" said Petunia.Lily understood that her bonding with her sister will never get fixed and she boarded the train. "Goodbye mum and dad "said Lily and went into an empty compartment. 


Very soon a familiar face entered the compartment . "Hello Severus " greeted Lily. "Hi there " said Snape in an exciting tone.The train slowly started chugging. They didn't speak anything. Lily was staring at a river from the window.

Snape broke the silence and said "Hufflepuff and Rawenclaw are the other two houses."


"How did you get to know them?"


"Well, I asked my mom."


"How does your mom know about Hogwarts ?"asked Lily surprisingly.


"She was a witch . She also went to Hogwarts."


"Which house was she in?"


"She was a proud Slytherin . I too wish to be in Slytherin."


"Looks like someone wants to be in Slytherin" said a boy with brown frizzy hair . 


"So what?"asked Lily casually. 


"All the cunning folk are sorted into Slytherin" said another  boy stepping forward.

"Hi! I am James . This is my friend Sirius " pointing to the boy with fizzy hair.  " And you are?"enquired James . 






"Snivillus sounds fun, doesn't it?"teased James .


"No, it doesn't " shouted Lily fiercely . 


"I am talking to him . So you rather not stick your nose into my buiseness " said James coming close to Lily. 

They were about to pick up a fight.


"Anything off the trolley, dear"interrupted the Trolley Witch . 


"No thanks we will head back to our compartment "said Sirius . 


"See ya ,Snivillus " said James with a cunning look. 


James and Sirius went to the next compartment and joined their friends Lupin and Peter. 


All the students alighted from the train and were guided by Rubeus Hagrid to Hogwarts . They all were summoned at the Great Hall . Everyone were busy admiring the floating candles and the night sky. Dumbeldore cleared his throat and gathered everybody's attention. 


"Dear students, welcome to Hogwarts. In a few minutes you will be joining your housemates. But before that you will be sorted into your houses. There are four houses - Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Rawenclaw and Slytherin. While you are here  your house will be  your family . The house which gets maximum points at the end of the year will receive the House Cup . "

                                                            " Let the sorting ceremony begin ."



Minerva McGonagall who was holding the Sorting hat announced " When I call out your name, you must step forward and I shall put this hat on you." " James Potter " called out McGonagall. James stepped forward and swarmed towards the stool. The sorting hat was put on him. "Gryffindor!!" screamed the hat. Lily too was sorted into Gryffindor. Snape was sorted into Slytherin. 


James joined his friends  Sirius , Lupin , Peter who were sorted into Gryffindor too . Lily smiled at Snape and joined the fellow Gryffindors . After a speech by Dumbledore the feast began . 


During the feast James apologised Lily," I am sorry for my words in the train."


"Apologies accepted ." 


" So are we friends then ? " 


" We are " said Lily with a bright smile. 


Snape was watching them from a corner with a tinge of envy in his eyes.


Author's note : 

The sorting of only James , Lily and Snape are shown because they are the key characters. 



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