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It was a crescent moon day and the moon was so bedazzling that the dirty river in the Spinners End looked alluring . It was past the meal time and two girls were running out playfully from a lovely small cottage .  One was a blondie other was a redhead . Anybody in the Spinners End could identify them . They were the Evans sisters, Petunia and Lily.


After a long play around the stream they rested on the soft grass admiring the fascinating sky.

Lily asked Petunia,"Tuney , is the moon alone in the sky ? Are there no sisters and brothers for moon? "

Petunia replied,"There are stars to accompany the moon so it is not alone."

"Then does the sun have any sisters?"

"Go and ask dad all your childish questions  . You are always his favourite "Petunia replied rather angrily.


Lily wanted to ask many questions but after seeing her sister's reply  she  couldn't.

A small boy with a hooked nose and shoulder length hair was watching the sisters from a goosepen.


After a comfortable silence between the sisters Lily took a withered flower into her hand. Petunia and that boy were eager to know what Lily was going to do. So they continued watching her . Lily closed her hand and opened it. The withered flower once again bloomed as bright as moon. Petunia immediately stood and shouted ,"You are a freak, Lily." Before Lily  could even speak that boy told ,"It's obvious isn't it ." "What is ?"  Lily questioned .


"You are that snape boy who live at the other end of spinners end, aren't you ?" Petunia was right . That boy was Severus Snape.


Snape ignored Petunia and repeated " You are a witch Lily , it's obvious isn't it ?"


Before Lily could speak Petunia grabbed Lily's hand and said ," Come on Lily , mum's waiting for us ."


The sisters slowly faded in the dark . 


It was a bright sunny day and Lily was taking a stroll alone in the woods . Snape  suddenly flashed before Lily . Lily tried to avoid him but Snape didn't give her a chance.


Snape enquired,"Didn't your muggle sister come along ?"


"What is a muggle?" Lily asked.


"Non-magic folk" he replied.


"Tuney didn't come with me because she hates me for what I did yesterday. She thinks I am a freak " said Lily with a rather sad tone .


"She is just jealous because she is an ordinary girl , you are an amazing witch."


" You mentioned that witch word yesterday too . What is that ?"


"Witch means a woman who has magic powers."


"So you too are a witch " said Lily confidently . 


"Wizard "corrected Snape.

He also added "We can go to Hogwarts together, Lily." 


"Hogwarts ?"


"It is a school which teaches witchcraft and wizardry for people like us. We will get an acceptance letter soon."


"That's cool . I want to know more about that school. Can you please tell me about it?"


"There are a total of four houses . I remember only two. They are Gryffindor and Slytherin." 


Lily was amused to know about a world beyond the muggle world . They two chatted endlessly till dark. After noticing the dark sky they both went to their homes.


Lily hardly opened the door, her father lifted her high in the air and kissed her and said," I am so proud of you Lily."

Before she could even ask the reason her mother hugged her tightly and said" My cute little Lily is going to Hogwarts."

Knowing that Lily received her acceptance letter she too jumped in joy. Everybody in that cottage were happy except Petunia.





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