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Harry Potter was sitting in his office at the end of the day, frustrated.  It was the end of March, and he was going to have to make some decisions.  Everybody was always complimenting Harry on how good he was, how he always rose to the occasion, how he balanced family and Ministry and other duties so well.  Harry sure didn’t feel like he was doing a good job with everything.


They were still trying to come to grips with the whole “family law” thing, and Harry knew of too many sad stories, things the Ministry should have known about,  in too many cases did sort of know about, and should have been able to prevent children from getting hurt or traumatized. This despite having four Magi working on family counseling in the Domestic Affairs Unit instead of one, and a concentrated effort to find out how other Ministries in other countries handled “family law” issues. It didn’t help that Lavender had been spending half her time in North America, but that was going to end soon. 


Neither Harry nor Lavender were happy with the name of the Domestic Affair Unit. They were struggling to come up with a better name, and maybe even a better description of the mission.  They did not want to wait until a family or person was in trouble to offer assistance. One thought was to call it the Department of Magical Family Health and Welfare, and to include at least as observers all healers.  The unit was going to have to overcome the longstanding tradition that held that anything, including violence physical or mental, within a family, was private. 


The Prophesy Department in Switzerland had been asking him for a year and a half to get some training in some sort of fortune telling, some ‘lines of power’ something, in Switzerland.  He would just refuse, except that he was told that this was one of the reasons that Dumbledore knew what to do with Harry, knew who the good guys were and who were the bad guys, knew where he had to focus his attention.


Three weeks! It could take two to three weeks go get the training, to learn how to see the ‘lines of power,’ and he would have to be away from his family the whole time.  He’d be away from the children. They were used to him being gone occasional evenings, and even for two or three days, but three weeks!  They would survive, he was not happy about it.


Almost worse, well maybe totally worse, was being away from Ginny.  He always appreciated being able to share with her. Even when he was gone he called her almost every night, or used the mirrors so they could see each other.  They would probably not be able to talk much if Harry was as involved in learning this stupid prophesy thing.  She sure would not be able to come over there, and he would not be able to take the floo back home.  Harry was not looking forward to that.


They shared more than conversation every day.  Ginny was always eager for sex, far more eager than most women.  Part of it was her insecurity.  They had been in some family counseling, and they had been told that they could try and cure Ginny of wanting sex every night, or just enjoy it.  Both of them had decided to just enjoy it, and in all honesty Harry was not eager to be celibate for three weeks.  It was pure selfishness on his part.  He enjoyed the physical part of marriage.  The fact that they averaged well over once a day, vastly more than normal, was just something that Harry enjoyed, something extra special about his marriage, and although Harry hated to admit it he was reluctant to do something that the community of Magi needed partly through pure carnal desire.


Ginny was even more insecure since putting on an extra ten pounds the last two years.  Harry had to admit that the last ten pounds went mostly to her middle and hips, and she just looked a little more middle age mother and a little less young and cute, although she still looked spectacular as far as Harry was concerned.  It sure didn’t dampen her over the top sex drive, as upset as she was over her shape.


Of course her balance was still horrible, and she still could not hear out of the one ear without the magical/Muggle hearing aid, but these were just constants in Ginny and Harry’s life, that and the fact that Mitzi was almost always next to Ginny, except for intimate times. 


Harry knew what he had to do, and he was going to tell Ginny that he was going to be gone in for three weeks in April, but he was not happy about it.  Harry thought that he was pretty selfless in most areas, other than his family, but when it came to Ginny and enjoying her he had gotten to more than one meeting late, or left a little early, not only to talk to her but to enjoy marriage relations.  Well it was time to go home and talk to Ginny. 




“I’m home,” Harry announced as he came in through the floo.  He was met by silence, although he knew that if he had any unfamiliar person with him he would be met by house elves guarding the floo.  Harry went upstairs; usually someone was in the drawing room, and today Harry did find Ginny, James and Lily in the drawing room. They were talking about the upcoming Quidditch match.  Al was missing, and Harry though he was probably in the basement practicing magic, or maybe upstairs with Martin the house elf.  Harry listened to the conversation, and when everybody was done said, “Ginny, I’d like a private conversation with you.  “We’ll make ourselves scarce,” said James as he pulled his sister up from where she was seated and dragged her upstairs. 


“I can’t put it off any longer,” said Harry.  “I have to go to Switzerland and learn this prophecy thing.  Three weeks! They are warning me that it may take three weeks away from everybody.”


“I hate it when you’re gone,” said Ginny. “I imagine all sorts of bad things happening to you.  I remember the year you were gone, that horrible year before the battle.”


“We were apart quite a bit when you were playing for the Harpies,” said Harry.


“Somehow it wasn’t as hard when it was my fault,” said Ginny, shaking her head.  “Sorry.”


“I’m sorry too,” said Harry.  “I just feel that I have to do this.  They are telling me that there are things out there some of the children may be involved with.  I’ve told you this before.  I’m going to regret it if I don’t.”


“I know, Harry,” said Ginny.  “When are you going?” 


“Monday, April 6” said Harry.  “I want to be home for as many weekends as possible.”


That night they told the children. James and Lily did not seem to have any problem with dad being gone, but Albus was still trying to process what had happened at Hogwarts.  Albus knew too much, and all the evil in the world really bothered him. Albus needed to talk to Harry often.


Harry had an excellent team at the Auror department, and he was not going to be needed over the next weeks at either the Wizengamot or the International Confederation of Wizards, so he was able to clear his schedule. 




Tuesday evening Harry was calling Ginny from Switzerland.


“Hello, Ginny.  They are letting me make a few phone calls, at least until I get really into this prophesy thing.”


How is it going, Harry?  Are you learning this prophesy thing?”


“So far I’ve spent two days looking into a crystal ball, seeing nothing.  I feel like I’m back in Trelawney’s class.  How are you doing?”


Lily has decided that she is going to see how far she can push me while you’re gone.  Other than that life is all right, I guess.”


“They’re telling me I have to keep these conversations short, but if we do I should be able to call every other night.  They’re really brainwashing me here. I love you.”


Love you too, Harry. Miss you terribly.”




Thursday, another phone call.


“Hello Ginny love, miss you terribly.”


“Miss you too, Harry.  Are things going any better?”


“Today I actually got something.  Not much, but at least I saw something.”

“What did you see, Harry?”


“Just colors and … well not dots but areas and colors … at least something.”


Great!  I knew you could do it.  Do the people there help?”


“Not as much help as I would like.  I asked what the colors mean, and they told me that everybody is different, that I would have to figure out what the colors meant.  We talked about them, but I have a lot more work to do.”


I know you can do it!  You haven’t failed yet.”


“I don’t think I’ve always succeeded. I can think of a lot of people who have been hurt because I didn’t do things right or quickly enough, but thank you for your trust.”


“That’s what wives do for husbands.  That’s what you did for me when you bought that expensive broom.  You told me you knew I could become a Harpy.  And when I was hurt you kept encouraging me to become a columnist and a mother.”


“Of course I encouraged you.  I love you. How are you doing?”


Oh, about the same.  Lily is still being a pain, but otherwise everything is OK.”


“I should be able to call you again in two or three days.  Love you and miss you.”


Love you and miss you too.”




Sunday morning, Ginny was at the New Burrow for the regular morning family brunch when Harry called.  Ginny saw Harry’s name on the phone ID and said “Hello Harry.  I missed your call last night.”


“Sorry, Ginny love, I was really making progress yesterday afternoon and evening.  They had to make me stop, and told me that I needed to call you this morning and talk before we got back into this crazy prophecy thing.”


“They made you call me?  Why?  I thought you were supposed to be somewhat isolated so you could learn this.”


“Well I guess I’m learning almost too well.  They tell me that I need to avoid getting too lost in this.  I’m still having a problem being sure who I am seeing.  The people here are no help at all when it comes to what colors mean what, and I’m seeing more colors, more stuff, than almost anybody.  I think I know what some of the colors are and who a lot of the people are, but there are some things that are still a real mystery.”


Do the people there say, Harry?”


“Oh, they’re thrilled at all the things I’m seeing, but there no help at all when it comes to telling me what it means.  They ask a lot of questions, and some of them are good questions, but still I have to figure out all of this, mostly by myself.”


“Why would they be worried, Harry?  Can this be dangerous? I’m not happy if you are putting yourself at rink.  You’ve sacrificed enough for our world.”


“I don’t see how much risk I could be at.  It’s not like I’m dueling someone, or facing dark wizards.  I’m just learning how to see some hidden things about people.  It’s strange, and the prophecy department tells me it’s real useful in the end, if you can learn how to interpret it and control it.  I guess anything can be dangerous, but I’m not sure how this could be that dangerous.”


“You be careful, Harry!”


“No one wants to be responsible for the loss of the famous Harry Potter.  I’m sure we’ll all be careful, love.”


“I love you.  Don’t want to lose you.”


“Love you too.  I’ll call again in a couple of days.” 


Good bye, Harry.  Miss you.”


“Good bye, Ginny.”




Wednesday night, finally, Harry called again.


“Ginny, it’s just fantastic!  I can see all sorts of things about people, and I thing I’m beginning to understand them too.  When it comes to relationships, it mostly confirms what I thought about the family, and just being part of your wonderful fantastic family has been so much help.  The really helpful thing is I can go from people I know to people they know too, well, to other people.  I’m not always sure where I’m going, and we’re working on that.  There are some really important things we’re working on, and I really need to know this.”


“That’s fantastic, Harry. You’re just a fantastic wizard.  I knew you could do it. We all miss you.  The children are really beginning to miss you, and I miss talking to you every day and it’s getting harder and harder to go to bed alone.”


“I’ve asked the people here if I’m making enough progress to maybe go home early. They’re telling me not to push it too hard.  It’s getting too easy to get into a trance and see things and get lost in what I’m seeing, but Ginny it’s just fantastic and everybody is thrilled with what I’m seeing.”


“Harry, you be careful!  I want you back as bad as anything, but don’t you do anything dangerous.”


 “I want to come back to you, Ginny.  I didn’t want to learn this, but I’m beginning to see how it helped Dumbledore know what to do.  The worst part is that there are prophesies that our family is not done with, well that maybe our children will have things they have to do, prophesies they will have to fulfill.  It’s not just Albus, either, although he is in the center of a lot of prophesies. Teddy is also involved.


“It’s hard enough supervising Aurors.  Teddy is going to be an Auror, and he’s like our son and, Oh Ginny I don’t want to be a Dumbledore to one of our children’s destinies like me.”


“Oh Harry, can’t you stop it!”


“Tell our children to be safe and not good?  Tell them to run away from doing the right thing if it’s dangerous? Is that what you want?”


“Harry, what are you saying?  I don’t want our children in any danger!  I don’t want Teddy in danger!”


“Are you going to tell Teddy that he can’t be an Auror and do a couple of years in the International Auror Association?  Knowing Teddy, and knowing what we need, I’m sure he isn’t going to be given the safest assignment, but that’s what it’s going to take for Teddy to prove himself.”


“Harry, we’ve already lost Tonks and Remus!  Can’t you keep Teddy safe?”


“Why did everybody let you play Quidditch, knowing how dangerous it could be?”


“Harry, this isn’t about me, it’s about Teddy, and it’s about James and Albus and Lily!”


“I’m trying to learn this so I can protect them as much as I can, but there is only so much anyone can do.  Eventually the little bird has to leave the nest and fly on their own.  I’m just trying to learn how to watch them, and maybe keep them a little safer.”


“Am I going to wish I was a mother of little children when we have older children?”


“Would you really want them to stay small?”




“This isn’t just about our children, Ginny, any more than Tom Riddle was only about me.”


 “You come home to me, Harry Potter, as soon as you can.”


“I’ll will, as soon as I can, Ginny love.  I’ll call you as soon as I can.”


“Call soon.  Love you and miss you.”


“Miss you too, Ginny.” 




Sunday morning Harry had been gone for almost two weeks.  He finally called again in the afternoon.  Ginny was still at her parents, needing a little support.  Lily had been a problem, but Ginny’s mother was talking to Lily, and Arthur and James were in the shed talking about something.  When all of the cousins had gone home Albus had disappeared, with his mother’s permission going back home.  Ginny was almost sure Albus was going down the basement to practice with the wand, practicing doing magic that he really should not be doing for another three years at least. 


Finally Harry called. “Hello Ginny,” Harry said breathlessly.  “I’ve a lot to tell you!  They want you to come over the middle of next week.  Make sure you have made arrangements so the children are taken care of, so Wednesday you can come over, Wednesday or Thursday.”


“Just me?  They don’t want the children to come over?”


“Well everything is pretty intense.  They’re still a little concerned about me, and I guess that’s partly why they want you over here.”


“Oh Harry, be careful!  I’ll come over as soon as you want me to come.”


“I’m learning so much.  All the colors mean something, and I’m learning what they mean.  I can get a good idea of the personality or inner life of people by seeing all the different colors and intensities and lines between people.  It’s going to help me manage the Auror department and understand the politics of people.  It’s not given me any surprises about the family, well not a lot, but I’ve had a few other surprises.”


“You told me that no one could help you figure out what the colors meant.”


“Yes!  It’s really fantastic.  And it’s so much more than just color.  White is smarts, intelligence, Hermione type smarts.  What’s interesting is that Hermione not only has a lot of smarts, but that she is very organized, and I can almost see how organized she is.  Everybody in your family is smart, but some are more organized than others.  Lily, as you might guess, is maybe the least disciplined. 


“White is intelligence?  What else, Harry?”


“You know how Albus has complained that ‘love’ in English is not a very precise word.  There are two different colors for ‘love,’ gold for a general love of everybody, and red for romantic love of a man for a woman.  I’m not sure if red would be the color for romantic love of a man for a man or a woman for a woman.  I’m almost sure Charlie and Stribog are connected by a red line, which is not really a surprise.  You’ll be happy to know that we have a lot of red! You’re as red as anybody I’ve seen.”


“Thank you, I think, Harry.  What else?”


“Well there are lines of power, or relationship, or something, and some of these colors are also part of them.  Green is friendship, with different shades of green meaning something, I think, but I’m still not sure what.  Blue is more formal relationships, and there are different colors, different shades, that mean different things.  Family relationships are one type of blue, one shade of blue, and work relationships a darker, more formal blue.  I sort of think I can figure out more stuff, but I need a lot of practice.”


“All of this sounds good, Harry.  Are there any bad colors?”


“Well red if not focused on one person but, like married but looking elsewhere, or involved in more than one relationship, that’s bad.”


“You’ve seen that?”


“Well, only one, but that’s bad.  And sometimes I think, I’m not sure, what is bad is less any color than a lack of color.  Black can also be bad, but not always. It can really be confusing some time.” 


So far you’ve just talked about our family, Harry.  Anybody else?  Or are you just analyzing the family?”


“No, I’ve gone quite far afield, but I’m not always sure of whom I’m seeing, and some of it is real important.  We’ve talked about what to do next, and the general consensus is to spend a few more days, and then have you come out for a day or two, and then go back and follow up with things and try and make sure that I’m figuring things out correctly, more or less.”


“I can’t wait until I can come over there and see you, Harry.  Love you.”


“Love you too, Ginny. I can’t wait till you’re here.”




Tuesday night at about 10:00 PM Ginny’s wizard cell phone rang. ‘Stupid mobile,’ though Ginny.  ‘It’s not Harry either.  Don’t recognize who is calling.  Who calls after 10:00 at night?’ “Ginny Potter”


“Ginny, this is Nausicaa Scheria.  Can you come over here right now?”


“Why? What’s the matter with Harry?”


“He’s having a hard time getting out of his trance.  Can you leave your children with the Elves and come right now?”


“Sojourner, can you come here right now!” 


Sojourner appeared with a Crack and with a concerned look asked “Yes, Miss Ginny?”


“I need to go to Switzerland, to Harry, right now!” said a very concerned Ginny.


“We take care of the children,” said Sojourner. “Go!”


Ginny got back on the mobile and said, “I’m coming.  How do I get there?”


“Take the floo to the Ministry.  Apollo will meet you there,” said Nausicaa.


Ginny called for Mitzi, went down to the kitchen and took the floo to the Ministry, where Apollo was there waiting.  It only took 15 minutes to get to the Prophecy Department, where Harry was in a room with his hands on a crystal ball, apparently in a trance. She shook Harry and tried to talk to him without much effect.


“How do I get him out of the trance?” asked a horrified Ginny.


“You’re his wife,” said Nausicaa.  “Get him to pay attention to you!


“How?” asked Ginny.


Nausicaa said, “From what I have read, it usually works well, and is easier on everybody, if you can seduce him.  Knowing your reputation, I thought you had a pleasant way of getting his attention.”


There were three other people in the room.  Ginny looked at Nausicaa, and with a questioning and somewhat horrified look replied, “Not in public?”


“OUT” shouted Nausicaa to the other people. 


Mitzi said, “I leave too.  Mitzi knows what you do.”


Nausicaa went to the door, and Ginny turned towards Harry, took a good look at the chair and how Harry was sitting, and then looked around the room again.  The door was closed, and she could not see anyone else in the room.  Ginny thought of the ‘Touch of Lust’ spell, and used it with two flicks. ‘I’ll use it with more flicks if that’s what it takes to get Harry out of the trance’ she thought.  Then Ginny thought of the charms they used when she met Harry for a quick lunch and shag in his office. She said a spell and her clothes were all off and in a neat pile in the room, and then said almost the same spell and Harry’s clothes were in a similar pile next to hers.  Ginny forced Harry’s hands aside and sat on his lap, held him as tight as she could, and said, “Seduce me Harry!  Make love to me.”  Ginny then kissed Harry, holding the kiss a long time.


Harry finally answered the kiss, and Ginny did the charm that turned a chair into a bed, Ginny on the bottom Harry on top.  “Turn me on, Harry,” said Ginny.  “Start at my toes and work up to my forehead, and turn me on.” 


Harry shook his head to clear it, and thought, ‘Real Ginny is here, and I need to please her!  Everything I’ve been seeing collapsed onto real Harry and Ginny.  Start with the toes.’ Harry untangled himself from Ginny and went down to her tiny feet, kissed them, and then started working up her legs.  They were still freckled, with the finest red hair, not much, not enough to shave, but when you were kissing them and working your way up it was there.  There was another patch of red hair, and as Harry worked his way up her middle he left a hand down there.  Ginny was encouraging him, and when he got to her navel said “Use the spell for endurance!  We have all the time in the world right now.  Use the spell for endurance.” 


Harry summoned his wand and used the spell for sexual endurance.  ‘It’s been too long since we’ve made love,’ thought Harry, ‘and Ginny wants sex, a lot of sex!  I’m horny too!  Take your time. Take your time!’ 


An hour and fifteen minutes later Harry could feel a little strain inside.  They hadn’t has such an intense session for a long time!  Fifteen minutes, a half an hour at most, but this was a long time to be so actively involved in the marriage act.  Harry looked at Ginny and said what he was feeling, “You’re still the most beautiful woman in the world, Ginny, and the best thing that ever happened to me.”


“I may be the best thing that ever happened to you, Harry,” Ginny replied looking very happy and more than a little self-satisfied, “although I sure don’t feel that beautiful.”  Ginny was feeling the extra padding around her middle, patting her middle with her hands and frowning.  Objectively she was still a very good looking woman, despite the extra padding on her lower half, but she was very aware of the extra weight she carried.


“It might be a good idea to get dressed, Harry,” Ginny said looking around the room.  Both of them put clothes on, and Harry went over and opened the door to the room.  Apollo and the Bushmen’s’, who were still heads of the Prophesy Department, came into the room.


Harry greeted them, saying, “Got a little carried away.  I’m going to have to be careful not to get too into this and lose myself.  Thank you for getting Ginny here to bring me back to earth.” 


“Thank you for coming right away,” a breathless Valerie Bushman said, hugging Ginny.  “Harry is seeing more than any of us, but it is dangerous stuff getting too into a trance.  You are just what Harry needs to keep him from losing himself.”


“WHY DID YOU RISK HARRY’S LIFE ON THIS?” yelled Ginny.  “Like he hasn’t done enough for our world already.”


“Ginny, Ginny,” said Harry “There are still threats out there.  I have to do this!  I think I’m the only one who can.”


“Damn, boggarts, Oh Harry,” said Ginny halfway between anger and tears.


“The rings said we would not always have happy times,” responded Harry.


“It should get much easier for Harry,” Valerie interjected. “Having a little trouble getting out of a trance when you are first into something like this, actually into any real intense prophecy type magic, is not unusual.  There are plenty of ways of making sure Harry, or anyone, gets out of a trance, but having a spouse interrupt us probably the easiest and most pleasant.”


Harry and Ginny turned to each other, hugging tightly and passionately kissing.  “It was sure more pleasant that being shaken,” a grinning Harry agreed. 


Harry and Ginny spent a pleasant night together.  Harry spent one more day working on the ‘lines of power’ crystal ball, with Ginny at his side, before going home.

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