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Lysander Parkinson sat in his study, looking down at the worn out and half torn piece of parchment he received that morning. How Lucius got a note out of Azkaban was beyond him.


What’s taking so long?


Just four short words, yet they held so much power. It wasn’t beyond Lysander’s comprehension that the majority of the Death Eaters in Azkaban were counting on him to aid in their escape. But things were complicated. He couldn’t get all of them out, he’d have to be picky on his first round.


Lysander debating leaving Lucius in Azkaban for a bit longer. Though polite and friendly to his face, Lysander was never a fan. Lucius was power hungry and arrogant. But, he ranked higher than Lysander in the Ministry and among the Death Eaters, not to mention he knew a marriage between Pansy and Draco would set his daughter up nicely, so he bent the knee for so many years.


Right as Lysander went to move the note into a drawer, the door of his study burst open and his daughter came bursting in.


“Pansy?! What are you doing here you’re meant to be at Hogwarts.”


“Daddy you have to do something!” she yelled as she slammed her hands down on his desk.


Lysander rolled his eyes internally. He was used to his daughter’s dramatics, a trait she unfortunately got from her mother.


“Pansy, darling, what’s the matter?”


“It’s Draco!! He’s awful to me daddy! He won’t speak to me at all. And you should have seen him dancing at the Halloween ball with that stupid mudblood Granger!”


At that, Lysander’s eye brows shot up in shock. “As in Hermione Granger?”




He sighed, and reached for his daughter’s hand. “Sweetie pie, first of all no mudblood can hold a candle to you! But, I think it’s time you move on from Draco Malfoy. With Lucius in Azkaban, I’m afraid Draco’s out of anyone’s control. If you like him so much, you’ll have to win him back on your own.”


Clearly not giving his daughter the support she was hoping for, Pansy stormed back out of the room is hysterics.


Looks like Lysander would have to get Lucius out sooner than he hoped.

Hermione sat under a tree smiling as Luna told her and Ginny all about her first date with Ron. She was so happy to see them together, they made a shockingly perfect pair.


As she giggled at Luna’s description of how nervous Ron was and even dropped his drink during dinner, Hermione caught sight of Draco across the courtyard. He was sitting very closely to a 6th year Ravenclaw on a bench in the shade, whispering something in the girls ear that made her laugh.


It had been almost three weeks since Hermione and Draco started their new, relationship, if you could call it that. During the day, they barely interacted, but at night, once alone, things got a bit more intense. They hadn’t had sex yet, which Hermione sometimes found odd, but she tried not to dwell on it. She knew she could be the one to initiate it, but something about it with Draco made her nervous.


He had every right to flirt with the girl. They weren’t exclusive, hell they barely even spoke, but it still rubbed Hermione the wrong way. Ginny caught sight of her friend’s change of expressions and turned to see what Hermione was looking at. When she saw Draco, she knew better than to ask Hermione about it, especially in front of Luna. She’d remember to bring it up next time they were in private.


Draco smiled to himself when he saw the look in Hermione’s face from a distance. He knew it wasn’t kind, but he secretly liked those brief moments when she let her guard down and showed even an ounce of jealousy. Draco knew he shouldn’t care, they weren’t in a romantic relationship per say, but he still enjoyed it.  


As he stood to follow the girl back into the castle, Draco couldn’t help but feel a little guilty after seeing the last look on Hermione’s face. She quickly turned away, but he still saw. He was still picturing Hermione’s face then the Ravenclaw pulled him into a dark shadow behind a statue completely out of sight, and reached down between Draco’s legs. All thoughts of Hermione’s sad face quickly disappeared.


As Hermione walked alone down one of the corridors, she thought of Draco with that stupid Ravenclaw. 'This is ridiculous' she thought, 'why should I care what he does?!'


She hadn’t noticed Cormac McLaggnen walking towards her until she almost bumped right into him.


“Cormac! Oh I’m so sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.”


He smiled that annoying, attempting to be sexy, smile he always does when he makes eye contact with Hermione.


“No worries, Granger, I don’t mind.”


As Hermione looked at him, a thought popped into her head. She couldn’t stand Cormac’s personality, but she’d have to be blind to not recognize how handsome he was. Why did Draco get to have all the fun?

Draco was sitting in the common room couch flipping through a Quidditch magazine. He heard Hermione get in a couple hours ago, but she went straight to her room and hadn’t come out. It had been a few hours since the incidence in the courtyard, and he had no doubt it wouldn’t cause an issue. 'Hermione wouldn’t be mad, it’s not like we’re dating or anything' he thought as he turned the page.


Draco turned to look at the stairs when he heard Hermione’s door open, and frowned. “What are you all dressed up for?!”


She was in a flattering pair of tight leather pants, a sexy pair of heels, and a strapless shirt that came out at her waist. She smirked internally, getting a reaction out of Draco like she hoped.


“Oh, Draco I didn’t know you were here. I have a date tonight actually. I hope you haven’t been waiting for me.”


He closed the magazine, stood up, and crossed his arms. “What do you mean you have a date, with who?!”


Hermione brisked by him towards the portrait hole. “With Cormac McLaggen. What you think you’re the only one who can see other people?”


“Don’t wait up!” she called as she exited the common room.


'Why that little brat' he thought angrily. He stormed up the stairs into his bedroom and slammed the door. He was angry, angry at himself for being jealous. What the fuck was happening to him?! This wasn’t supposed to happen. He wasn’t supposed to care about what Hermione does. But the thought of McLaggen laying a single finger on her made his blood boil.

As Hermione sat opposite Cormac, listening to him talk and talk all about himself, her mind wandered to Draco. She was pretty damn proud of herself, she was sure she had made him rightfully jealous. But as she sat there, looking at the well dressed and well built Cormac, she wanted nothing more than to be back in her dorm with Draco.


As they walked back from Hogsmeade to the castle, Cormac draped his arm heavily over Hermione’s shoulders, and continued to talk about his French Riviera vacation that Summer, as if it never crossed his mind what kind of Summer Hermione had. He of course compared him to Draco, who never ignored her past, who may compare his own issues to hers, but never took away from Hermione's pain. It was comical at times to Hermione, how Draco who was once, as she considered, the most selfish and self centered boy in the school had now become the only person she could really share her grief with. 


As Cormac kept talking, Hermione stared to even compare him to Draco physcially. Cormac's dark brown hair to Draco's ice blonde, his brown eyes to Draco's steely blue. Though both tall, Cormac was stalky and more muscular compared to Draco's long lean muscles. 


Shifting again under his heavy arm, Hermione let out an exasperated sigh. Finally, she couldn’t take another moment of it, and threw his arm off.


“Cormac stop!" she yelled while pulling way, "Look, I’m sorry, I need to be honest with you. I didn’t actually want to go on a date, but I did it to make another guy jealous. It wasn’t kind, or fair of me to do to you, and I’m sorry.”


He looked at her stunned.


“I really am sorry. I can’t bring myself to lead you on and…” but Hermione was cut short and the look on Cormac’s face. He looked beyond angry.


“You played me to make some bloke jealous?! Why you little bitch.” He reached out and grabbed Hermione hard on the hips, pushing her against the fence that lined the pathway. “I’ll show you what you’ve been missing.”


He kissed her hard and forcefully, digging his hands further into her skin. Hermione tried to pull away but her was too strong. With a hard kick of her right knee she sent Cormac stumbling back, cursing. Before he could make another move her wand was out and with one quick motion he fell back, stunned.


Hermione walked to stand over Cormac and looked down at him, “I know what I did was wrong, but touch me again and I’ll send you to St. Mungo’ pieces.”

Draco didn’t want to wait up for Hermione, but something in him wanted to know when she got back. He was on the couch, watching the flames flicker in the fire, when he heard Hermione come back in. He turned to face her, and he immediately knew something was wrong. Her hair hung limp yet messy, and her shirt was twisted to one side. They looked at each other for what felt like ages before anyone spoke.


“How’s McLaggen?” asked Draco sarcastically.


“Not so good,” she answered, “I left him on the path back to Hogwarts stunned. He should be able to move in a couple hours.”


Draco looked at her in shock, and sat up abruptly,  “Stunned?! Why did you have to stun him?”


Hermione shrugged and began to slowly walk towards Draco. “It doesn’t matter.”


Draco felt anger rising inside of him, it wasn’t hard to imagine what McLaggen must have done to her. “It matters to me.”


Hermione had reached Draco and stopped to look up at him. “I have to admit, I sort of provoked him. I had said something he didn’t like.”


“What was that?”


She winced a bit as she sat on the couch next to him, feeling the bruises that were surely marking her hips. Draco’s blood boiled, realizing he must have hurt her before she got the upper hand.


“That I only agreed to go on the date to make another guy jealous.” She said this low, in almost a whisper, while looking right into Draco’s eyes. He held her gaze for a moment, before reaching out for her. Hermione leaned in willingly and lifter her lips to meet his. Their kiss started slow and passionately, before progressing to a more intense moment. Sweeping her off her feet, literally and figuratively, Draco carried Hermione up the stairs and into his bedroom.


He placed her down and pulled away from her for a moment. “I want you” he said huskily, “I want you right now.”


Hermione took a step back and began to undress. Left in nothing but her bra and panty, she walked backwards until she felt the bed with the back of her legs. Sitting on the bed and leaning back, showing off her lean yet curved bodily nicely, she looked at Draco, “Then start taking what you want.”


Draco crossed the room with two large steps while tearing off his shirt, but stopped right as he reached the edge of the bed. He reached out slowly and ran a finger across the bruises on either side of Hermione’s hips.


“I’ll kill him for this,” he said in a low, dangerous voice.


Hemione reached for his arms and pulled him towards her. “Forget about him, focus on me.”


He kissed her hard, making sure his hands covered every inch of her. With one hand he pulled down the strap of her bra and exposed one of her large, perfectly rounded breasts. She arched her back against his touch and let out a gentle moan. He wanted Hermione to feel every ounce of pleasure he could give her. He wanted to hear her call out his name in pure ecstasy. While moving his mouth down to the exposed breast, the other hand slid lower and lower until it reached the edge of her lace thong. He paused for a moment in case she wanted to stop him, but when she didn’t, Draco slid his hand below the lace and began to massage Hermione right where he knew she’d feel it most.


By now Hermione was breathing heavily, and clung to Draco hard. He kept moving his fingers in such a way Hermione thought she wouldn’t be able to take much more. Right as she started to reach her end, he slipped a finger inside her and began a new motion, extending the time it would take for her to finish. She let out a louder moan and threw her head back, closing her eyes and letting all the pleasure wave over her.


Draco had lifted his head so he could watch Hermione. He wanted to see her enjoy his every touch. As he kept his motions steady, he felt her body tense and heard her breathing speed up. He knew she was close, and wanted to take her over the edge. When he finally did, he held her close as she fell limp in his arms, breathing hard, and clinging to him. Once her breath steadied, Hermione pulled her head back to look at Draco and smiled seductively, “your turn” she said, before pushing him over and flipping on top of him.


Her bra and thong had been thrown onto the floor, and Draco could admire her full naked body. She was divine. Sexy curves, a round tight arse, and perfectly shaped breasts. He ran his hands up her thighs as she positioned herself so he could slide inside her. She was so tight, he gripped her harder as he moaned. Hermione began rocking until she got into a rhythm that suit them both. Slowly, she picked up the pace until they were both completely out of breath. Not wanting it to end, Draco flipped her onto her back and took control. But neither lasted long, and a short while later they were both at their edge. Hermione cried out as she finished moments before Draco did the same. He fell down onto the bed next to her, and they both stared up at the ceiling, breathing hard.


After some time, Draco turned to face Hermione, and she too turned to him and smiled.


“No more dates” he said.


“No more Ravenclaws”.


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