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Haley was born to the Riddle family. Into power and wealth. Her father was Tom Riddle Or to most people Lord Voldemort. She was to go to school with Harry Potter’s children. Haley went to durmstrang for two years. Her mother decided she would write the headmaster of the school Minerva McGonagall to enrol her to Hogwarts before she passed. She didn’t know it yet but Haley’s life was about to change.


When I first walked in the Kings Cross I was rather lost considering my parents had left me thinking I would know what to do. It wasn't until I ran into someone that I finally wasn't lost anymore. “Hey watch where you're going!” A boy with white blonde hair, pale skin, and dreaming blue eyes turned around. I guess he knew that I was new when he saw me. “Oh sorry, are you new?” He asked “Yeah” I stretched out my hand. “Haley. Haley riddle.” He took my hand and shook it. “Scorpius Malfoy.” A man that looked similar to Scorpius was now behind him. he looked at me strangely as if he knew me. but I know I didn't know him. “Who's this?” his father asked “Haley this is my father Draco. Dad this is Haley. Haley riddle.” he introduced me to his father. with another awkward stare, his father Draco said “Well then Scorpius go to the train. Take your friend too.” Draco pushed Scorpius toward me. Scorpius then pulled my arm as if signalling me to follow him.

We walked into the platform between 9 and 10 and the Hogwarts express was there. It was shining red and kids were waving their hands out the windows to depart from their parents. It was great. The smoke was filling the platform i had to stand there for a minute to take it all in. After we put our trunks in a pile with the others they magically floated into the train and it started to take off. Scorpius jumped on and he grabbed my hand to pull me up too. He waved to his dad and his mum and then we went  to find a seat. Most of them were filled and as I walked by most people stared at me and Scorpius. When we got to a cart there were two people in it they almost look like brothers. They had black untamed hair and one had green eyes and the other had brown. One was taller than the other too. They looked at me for just a bit at my face and that my features. I guess Scorpius knew these boys. He sat down right away. one of the boys looked up and said “I'm James Potter and this is my brother Albus. I'm a fourth-year. Scorpius knows Albus well if you couldn't tell already. They're best friends. by the look of you your new. maybe Slytherin? I'm a Gryffindor. May I ask if we can be friends maybe best friends if you want a course.” he held out his hand for me to shake and I shook it. At this Albus started talking to Scorpius. “ I'm Haley and considering you two are both Potters you might not like what I'm about to tell you.” I said both of the boys looked at me like I was weird “I'm a Riddle. Haley Scabior Riddle.” Albus and James looked at me like I was a Bogart. “you mean you're Voldemort's daughter?” Albus said.

“Yes but I promise you I won't be as bad as you think he was. I live with my grandma and grandpa of course since my mum died when she gave birth to me and oh, your father killed mine.” I pulled out my wand to show them and said “10 inches burnt cherry wood Dragon heartstring core with emeralds. compliments to Salazar.” My wand was black with a sharp pointed tip. The bottom was lined with bright green emeralds, then a few inches up it had small chunks of emerald. My father had this wand too but he never used it, as it was too elegant for him. They looked at me for a minute or two in the cart went quiet. It was almost like they were analysing all the details I just told them. “I need a minute while you guys process that.” I got up with my things and walked to find another cart. A boy with brown tousled hair and emerald-green eyes stopped me. “ You must be new. I'm Alexander or Alex to the ladies I'm in Ravenclaw. you must be looking for a seat. Where are my manners?” He said this with a wink. “Yeah maybe I am Looking for a seat” I said as I rolled

my eyes. “ Follow me. You can sit with me if you want.” We found an empty cart closer to the back to sit in and we talked for a while. Turns out Alex was a pureblood who belongs to the Black family. he was supposed to be in Slytherin but the Sorting Hat put him in Ravenclaw. when we finally stopped talking he said “We should change into our robes we're getting pretty close to Hogwarts. come on”. When we finished changing and were on our way back to our cart we saw Scorpius. “Hey. I guess you met Alexander now. You guys must be new friends now.” he looked bummed. “Well… Go to go” He ran off leaving me and Alex with our thoughts. “So friend sounds nice. But best friend sounds even better.” When we got back to our car and settled in we were getting even closer to Hogwarts. “Look out the window you can see Hogwarts perfectly clear from here.” Alex said. I looked out the window just in time when a castle-like building appeared on a mountain. It was beautifully lit. Alex looked at me and said “even if you are in Slytherin we can still be friends. also, you are the boss don't let others be .” “Yeah. Ok,” I said to him as the train came to an abrupt stop. I grabbed my things and I accidentally hit a girl with black hair and brown eyes with my trunk. She was Not short But not tall either.

“Watch It.” She had her wand in her hand. Her expression was changed when she looked at me. It seems the word got out on the Daily Prophet Because most people looked at me with fear. Which was ok because I kinda liked what my father had. Power. Some say he was power Hungry but I don’t see it. The girl spoke up while I was still in my thoughts. “Sorry, I didn't realise you were… A Riddle. That's cool because I'm a Parkinson. Pansy is my mum.” I knew that she wanted to be my friend already. “ Besides we’re basically meant to be friends. Come on let's go to the great hall I'll show you where it's at.” We walked off the platform and met a boy. He was relatively skinny and had dark skin. “ this is Zabini.” Parkinson told me. I stuck out my hand for Zabini. “ Is it true that you’re going to be the next dark wizard. I mean you are a Riddle right?” he asked me “ Yes I am a Riddle. And we will see how it all turns out I guess. But for now, You guys are with me.” I told both of them. With my wand in hand and my trunk in the other, We walked in a triangle like shape. Me in the front and the other 2 on the side of me. The wind picked up And it blew my long blonde hair and my school robes all over the place. We pushed a bunch of kids out of the way. Some kids here and there stared and some whispered things to their friends. We got to the boats and the one we sat in had a kid in it. He had light brown hair and it was styled with the front out of his eyes. He had relatively short hair. “May I ask what your name is?” I said to the boy. He turned his head to me And I saw his golden eyes. “Cornelius Longbottom.” He answered. “ Oh, how lovely. A Longbottom. Are you able to do actual magic?” I told him. “Yes, actually I can. I couldn’t help but notice, your really beautiful.”

“Oh, why thank you.”

“You look amazing. I think I know you. Your A-”

“Riddle. Yes, I know. What house are you in Longbottom?”

Parkinson spoke up “He's in Slytherin. He’s perfect for it.” “Oh?” I said. By then the boats had arrived at the castle, It was extraordinary. Longbottom got out first and offered me a hand. I took it. I walked up the grand hall and I sat with the Slytherins. Headmaster McGonagall started the sorting.

First, she sorted the first years. “Miss Riddle?” she called All the teachers started to whisper to each other. “Come. Sit here.” She told me. I sat on the stool and she started to put the hat on my head but before she could it shouted “SLYTHERIN!” The whole Slytherin table burst into applause along with Professor Snape. Alex stood up and clapped the loudest for me. I sat right next to Albus, Scorpius, Longbottom, Zabini, and Parkinson. At that Professor McGonagall stood in front of the legendary owl podium. “As you all shall know, We have welcomed a certain someone to the school. Some of you have heard the storeys. And indeed they are true. It takes a great deal of welcoming and decision making to help her feel at home.” she said. Most people started to look at me and mumble things. It didn’t affect me considering I already suspected this would happen. “ Now. Let's eat. Shall we?” she sounded cheery this time. After the feast, I met Alex and chatted

with him. “You think people will like me?” I asked. “Of course. I mean you're pretty cool.” he told me. We continued to chat as we made our way to the Slytherin dormitories and there were some first years there talking to the Bloody Baron. “This is my cue.” Alex said. He then hugged me and said goodbye. I looked at the portrait and said “ Garsalous.” it opened and I entered my atmosphere. It was maybe 10:30 when I entered. I had assumed most people were asleep because there were only a few kids talking. I saw Scorpius on the couch reading something. His eyes were red. “What's wrong?” I asked him. He jumped at the sound of my voice. I guess he didn't realise I was there. “What's that?”. I asked him. He handed me an opened letter as he wiped his eyes. It read:

Dear Scorpius, I'm very sorry to inform you your dear mother has passed. We both loved her very much

-Your father

Scorpius sat back on the black leather loveseats in the middle of the common room. He put his head into his knees and started to sob. I sat next to him and put my arms around his shoulders. “It is ok. I'm here for you. It'll be alright.” he looked up, his blue eyes now a bloodshot red, and his face soaked with tears. He put a small smile on his face and said “ really?” “yes.” I said. I wiped his face with my hand. “Now go get cleaned up and go off to bed.” As I watched him go into the boys' dormitory Professor Snape walked in he sat by me. I had my face in my hands thinking. “You made quite the entrance today.” He said. “Yeah not what I was expecting.” I said. “ I wish I had my parents with me. Or I could talk to them”. Snape looked at me with sympathy. He pulled out a piece of old and weathered parchment. He handed it to me to read. “Your Mother sent this to me shortly after you were born. I read it

Dear Severus, I am writing in bad health. I know it won't be much longer. Haley won't have a family other her muggle great aunt. After I have passed I will allow you full custody of her. That is until the ministry is aware of the conditions made. Care for her. I will -

But that was all I could read. The rest was ripped. I looked up at my godfather. “Is it true that you can take me into your home?” I asked. “Yes.” he answered. I hugged him and he hugged me back. It felt good. I hadn't hugged a person as I hugged him. He is like a father to me now. After that a ran through the hall and through the dungeon-like door to a room that was green and silver. There were a bunch of four-poster beds with green covers and curtains. The light from the water bounced all over the walls making it seem as if we were underwater. I could definitely get used to this. I went to my bed over by the window. All my things were laid out and my green baby pet snake was curled in my bed. Her name was Nagini. Like her mum. I opened my trunk and pulled out posters of my family crest and put one over my bed. I also laid out my clothes for tomorrow. Lastly, I pulled out a quidditch poster it was of Bulgaria of course because I was on their team. If you're wondering how I got in because it's only for boys I can answer that. My Mum Paid big money and now they are starting to enrol girls. I was still stunned by how beautiful the girls’ dormitories were. It was late so I got under the covers and went into a deep sleep. Ready for whatever tomorrow may bring.

I got up to Nagini’s tongue tickling my face. I picked her up and kissed the tip of her mouth. I went into the refreshing room and did my blonde hair. I curled it into ribbon curls and put on a bubblegum pink gloss. I also put on mascara and brushed my teeth with spearmint toothpaste. It always woke me up. The smell of mint. I put on my white shirt, black skirt, and tie. I walked out to the common room and met Gloria. She was already up and ready. I grabbed my shoes and robe and quickly put them both on. Just as I was walking out Nagini slithered in front of me. Gloria yelped and I picked my pet snake up. “She won't hurt you. She just gets so lonely when I leave.” I told her. I said stay here love you in parseltongue to Nagini. “Whatever you say.” Gloria told me. Just outside the portrait hole, we spotted Zabini talking to some Hufflepuff girl. “Ahem. Let us go

now.” I said to him loudly. It was a nice walk down to the great hall for breakfast. The paintings were all alive and chattering as students passed. It was nice and sunny out as well. I think by this point the word was out on The Daily Prophet that I was a Riddle and Voldemort was my dad because everyone whispered to each other and when I walked down the corridor people ran the other way.

A boy in Hufflepuff robes stepped out in front of me and put an antler jinx on me. People laughed and I got furious. “Serpent Sentia!” I yelled and a serpent formed out of thin air. I talked to it in Parseltongue and it moved closer to the boy, fangs out ready to strike. I felt a fire like no other in my soul and I heard a voice in my head Do it. Kill the boy. It said. I kept speaking to the snake as it moved closer and closer to the boy. The boy shouted “petrificus to-!” but he was cut off by my godfather. “ ENOUGH!” He shouted. He used the counter-jinx to make the antlers on my head disappear as he had his wand pointed to the boy. “ Reese, 50 points from Hufflepuff,” the group of boys with Reese groaned. “Get to class!” he looked down at me and said “Let us go Haley. I shall escort you in case anyone tries to jinx you again.” at that last part I glared at Reese but he just winked.

The way to potions was quiet. We walked downstairs into a cold and dark dungeon. There was moisture in the air as the sound of dripping water ringed through the dark corridors. I walked behind Snape and watched as his long black robes trailed behind him. He opened the door and propped it open. “You can sit at the table closest to my desk if you would like.” he said to break the silence. I sat down and got out my cauldron from under the desk. Whenever I set it on the table kids started to come in. A few Hufflepuff and some Slytherin. In this group, I saw Reese and his friends from earlier. Gloria sat down at the table with me and Reese passed to sit next to me. He put a small piece of parchment on my table in front of me. I grabbed it and put it in my pocket. I was to read it later. When everyone got seated Snape discussed today's lesson. We were going to make a sleeping potion. When people started to get supplies I sent Gloria to get ours. I pulled out the parchment Reese gave to me and started to read it.

Sorry about earlier. The boys, you know. By the way, meet me at the black lake at 9? Also, I think you're kinda hot.


I blushed a little and Just then Gloria snatched the parchment out of my hand. She giggled as I tried to get it back. Even worse she started to read it out loud “meet me by the black lake? Haley’s got a date!!” She said in sing-song. “Stop give it back Gloria!” I said as I laughed. She threw it at me and I looked back at Reese. His friends all whooted and Reese blushed. I looked at him a little longer to take in his features. He was tall and had jet black hair. It was tousled and semi-long. He had Purple eyes and freckles. He had pale-ish skin. He also had a piece of his hair dyed yellow. I assumed for Hufflepuff. “Haley! Stop staring before you look weird.” Gloria told me. “Oh right,” I replied. I pointed my wand to the gooey purple liquid in my cauldron and said “Inferno.” The potion set a fire for a couple of seconds then blue and purple smoke rose up. Professor came to me as I bottled the potion for him. He said “Haley has brewed a sleeping potion. The effects are drowsiness. If she made it right 20 points to Slytherin. And this antidote should cure me. Only if she has brewed it perfect.” Everyone had their eyes on me and Slughorn. I handed him the purple liquid and he drank it. “As you can see,” he said with a yawn. “I am getting tired.” He yawned again and his eyelids fluttered. He drank the bright orange liquid in a bottle from his coat

and it restored his energy. The bell rang and he said “Class, Dismissed. And 30 points to Slytherin.”

I ran to go find Reese and indeed I found him talking to his friends. I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around. “I don't mean to bother you but I was just wondering if what you said was true.” He blushed and said “Yeah. I really like you Haley and I think we can get somewhere.” I looked into his purple eyes and he leaned into my face and we snogged. His friends whooped and hollered. I looked up at him and all of a sudden he turned into a young cheetah. His friends laughed and I pet his head as the cheetah/ Reese purred. It was kinda cute. He transformed back into Reese and he said “Sorry. It happens when I'm nervous.” he ran his hands through his hair. “No, I like it.” I said. And I snogged him again. After that, I turned and walked to the greenhouses. If you're asking about how I feel about Reese and him being an animagus. I'm afraid I can't answer that. Right when I was about to enter the greenhouses I saw platinum blonde hair. I knew it was Scorpius. He came up to me and I went in to hug him but he pushed me away. “What in the world got to you?” I asked him. He looked at me like he was furious with me. “Oh, what happened to me? What happened to me?! My dead mum happened to me but you wouldn't understand!” He screamed at me. I pulled out my wand and pointed it at him. “Excuse me but I do understand! And I'm sorry I couldn't go to your mums funeral. It would've helped if you invited me!” He pulled his wand out too and pointed it to my head. There was a crowd now around us. In the crowd, I saw Reese, Alex, Gloria, and Zabini.

“You're really gonna threaten me!?”

“Yeah, and what if I am?” He said.

The fire I felt earlier came again. Last time I didn't get too far but the voice came again. You know the curse. Use it. This time I actually followed it. “CRUCIO!” Scorpius started howling with pain. Luckily there weren't any teachers around. DO IT the voice told me. “Avada-” but then Reese got in front of my wand. The fire slowed down and came to a stop. “Haley. Stop. You wouldn't kill me. Take the curse off him.” Reese said. I flicked my wand at Scorpius. He got up and made way to the hospital wing. Tears were streaming down my face and I couldn't stop crying. I got on my knees and dropped my wand. It hit the ground with a clatter. “I didn't mean to! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I'm sorry.” I said through me crying. Reese got down next to me and wrapped his arms around me. He stroked my hair and told me “It's ok I know you didn't mean it. Shhh.” It took 2 minutes and the crowd was gone and Reese had calmed me down. It was great that I had a free period. So did Reese but I wasn't thinking about him at the moment. I walked up to the astronomy

tower and sat with my knees to my chest by the window. The very spot Dumbledore had died. I felt the breeze blow my hair and breathed in the cool air. I stared out in the sky and my snake had slithered up next to me. Where have you been? Boy did I miss you. I said to her in parseltongue. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and I turned to see Reese. He sat next to me and we dangled our feet off the tower. “It is pretty.” He said. I looked at him and said, “I can tell you anything right?”

“Yeah of course.”

“I hear these voices in my head. I don't know who it is or why it happens but whenever you and I duelled the voice took over and I was about to kill you. The same thing happened with Scorpius. I don't know what it is. I just,” I turned to look out at the sky. “I go out here to think. And no one goes up here so.” Reese was still looking at my eyes. I looked at his. He leaned in but I looked down. “Sorry. I don't know what's wrong.” I picked up Nagini and kissed the tip of her mouth. “Oh so your gonna kiss her instead?” he laughed. The rest of my day went by fast. Herbology, then DADA, then Divination. After Divination, I decided to pay a visit to the hospital wing. I sat next to Scorpius. His face was so peaceful. I brushed his hair out of his face and kissed his forehead. “I'm sorry. I didn't mean for you to get hurt. You're supposed to be my best friend.” I whispered. Albus Potter came into the room I guess to see Scorpius. “Is he ok?” he asked

“Yeah, he's ok. I didn't mean for any of this to happen.”

“Hey. It's ok” he said as he sat down in the chair next to Scorpius. “Your not as bad as I thought you would be actually. My dad writes to me almost every week asking about you. He's obsessed. He's saying your gonna try to kill us all.” He said with a nervous chuckle. “You wouldn't though. I know you wouldn't.” I looked at Scorpius’s face. “Thanks.” I pulled out a piece of

parchment I had written earlier saying I was sorry and explaining everything. I set it on the table beside Scorpius’s bed. I walked out of the hospital wing and out to the black lake where the full moon reflected off of it. Reese was sitting on the grass so I sat next to him. “My mum wrote to me today. She just decided to tell me Cedric Diggory was my dad. I assume you already know what happened to him.” He started to cry. “I'm sorry.” I said. “Just promise me you won't do anything that bad.” I grabbed his hand and laced my fingers in his. “I promise.” I said as I put my head on his shoulder. He put his head in my lap, laid on his side and fell asleep. I let him sleep for 30 minutes. I brushed some dirt off his face and he awoke. “We should head back.” I said. I got up and offered him my hand. He took it but tripped on a rock when we were halfway up the hill. He fell into me and I caught him and we laughed. We snogged one last time before we departed for our dormitories.

The rest of the week went by in a flash. Snape spent more time with me as he promised and so did Alex. My main hangout spots were the Astronomy tower and the black lake. I was an everyday visitor to Snape’s Office. For lunch of course. It was the end of Friday and I was on my way back to the common room to meet Gloria and Zabini. I saw Scorpius and ran up to him. “Hey. I didn't know they let you out early.” He looked at me but turned and kept walking. “What's wrong? Was sorry, not good enough?” He stopped walking and turned around his eyes were starting to water but he held the tears back. “My dad. He doesn't want me to be friends with you. My grandmum says that the dark lord wouldn’t have spared me for a second so she told my dad that if you were anything like him… You wouldn't spare me. I know you said your sorry and I really want to forgive you and makeup. But my dad and the ministry. Minister Granger, she's on my dad's side on all this.” my mouth was hanging open. “So you're going to believe A filthy mudblood like her!? You have no idea how my father actually felt. Nor my mother. And you definitely don't know how I feel either!” my mouth was trembling as if I was about to start crying. “Now I'm starting to feel like you don't care about anyone but yourself.” then the tears came. “You don't know… I do want to be your friend again… I..” he started to say. “No. Just go.” He stood there looking at me with sympathy written all over his face. “GO!” I shouted. He stood there and then walked away. I stopped and dropped on the stairs. I put my hands in my face and just cried. The paintings were all looking at me and whispering to each other about the events that just took place. I was crying for a while then a book fell on my head. I looked up and saw a girl with black curly hair and amber eyes. She had tan skin and freckles. She wore Gryffindor robes. “Oops sorry ‘bout that. Should've seen you there.” she said. She sounded really sincere and nice. I wiped my nose on my robes and laughed. “You're fine. I'm Haley.” I said. She sat down next to me and said “Jazmarie Potter. My mum is Cho.”

“So you're related to Reese?”

“Yeah sadly. He talks about you a lot.” she said. Just then a boy in Hufflepuff robes came to Jazmarie. He had Brown hair, deep brown eyes and tan skin. He looked like he was in his fifth year. By that, I assumed Jazmarie was a fifth year too. “Well, I got to go. Justin and I kinda have a date. Hang out sometime?” she asked. “Yeah. Why not.” She left me sitting by myself for a while. But then I got up and walked down the rest of the stairs. I found the right cellar door and whispered “cantantum.” and it swung open. The common room was filled with excitement. Including my groupies. Some people turned to see who it was who had entered the room but turned back when they saw it was just me. I had learned that it was a party for completing the first week of school. After a few pumpkin juices and butterbeers, the party was fun to me. Until Scorpius entered the room. I saw him and immediately started to cry. So I ran to my room and went to the bathroom and locked the door. I started to sob uncontrollably. I heard a knock on the door in the middle of me crying. “Go away.” I said. “Hey, it's me. You gotta open the door Haley. There is someone here to see you. He’s waiting for you whenever you’re ready to open up.” She told me. Even though I had mascara streaking down my face I opened the door and walked out into the common room. A blonde boy with blue eyes and fairly tan skin was sitting in one of our chairs talking to Zabini. He stood up with a smile as he saw me. He was 4 inches taller than me if I remembered correctly. I ran to him and he hugged me as he lifted me up and spun me around. “Louis! I missed you so much!” I said. Louis was part veela. He was also Bill and Fleur Weasley’s son. Aka my real best friend. I had paid visits to his mum all throughout the summers. His mum said I'm the daughter she wishes she had. I’m also friends with his sisters too but not as much. Louis and I told each other everything but this summer I couldn't because I was busy packing and getting everything ready and prep talks etcetera. He used to have a big crush on me but now I’m not so sure. But I don’t care.

After Louis had a butterbeer, he and I left. We were just outside the common room when he said, “Haley, I want to tell you something, ever since I heard you were coming to our school my heart leapt. I think...I like you again. I mean soo many girls like me but I don't like them.” I looked into his baby blue eyes and thought about one thing. “Come with me.” I said. I wanted to take him to the astronomy tower. We walked up the stairs and ran over to the railings and dangled our feet off the edge. We talked about the summer and what happened during it. “Dominique is 16 now. Mum can’t wait until she’s 17 so she can do magic outside of school. I really missed you.” he said. I hugged him and playfully punched his shoulder. “Aww Louie”. I said. The sky was clear and you could see the stars and moon clear from here. He looked at me and I looked at him. He leaned in and he said, “I thought you had a boyfriend?” “He doesn't have to know.” I answered. “Besides, I like you better.” I said as I leaned in closer and we snogged. He pulled back and I asked him “Was that bad? Because I can stop.” He snogged me again and we kept going for a while. I fully accepted that he liked me because deep down inside I liked him too. After we promised each other we wouldn't tell anyone about events of tonight and we wouldn’t tell anyone about what we talked about and stay friends, we left our separate ways to our common rooms. When I entered my dormitory Gloria attacked me with questions about Louis. “Do you think he likes me? Maybe he’ll ask me out. Are you listening?” I was playing with my snake Nagini and not even paying attention. “Yeah. And I think we should go to bed.” I said as I got under my green silk sheets and covers. I fell asleep easily.

I woke up early and got dressed. I went down to breakfast by myself and took a few things with me. I made my way to my godfather's office and knocked. The door opened by a girl who looked like she was done with detention. I sat down in the chair in front of his desk and placed a napkin and some croissants on the napkins. Snape came from around the corner and stood in front of me. “Good morning Haley. I see you brought breakfast.”

“Yeah just thought you might want something to eat since I didn't see you at breakfast with the other teachers.”   

“Just needed some air and I had a detention student.” he said as he picked up a croissant and started to eat it. “Yeah, I saw.” I said as I picked up a croissant for myself. “I also meant to ask you something..”

“I'm listening.” he said. As he pulled up a black leather chair. His office was very plain. Stone walls with some pictures of his mother and father. His desk had some books piled on it and He had his black quill and black ink close by a piece of parchment.

“Well, the other day when I got into a fight with Reese. I heard a voice. I don't know who's though. That's what I'm tripped up on. And also I discovered that I can do this now.” I said as I closed my eyes for 20 seconds. I opened them up and they were now red and had slits for eyes. “Interesting.” He said. “I don't have any explanation for that matter. But i'll give it thought.” he told me. “Great. Your the best. Love you.” I said as I started to walk out. He hasn't said he loves me back just yet but just as I was about to exit I heard it. “I love you too.”

Potions class had gone really well and I was top of my class in no time. Snape took pride in my accomplishments too. I had successfully made potions even seventh years couldn't make. I made Versaterium, Armorentia and Polyjuice Potion. When I finished my Polyjuice Slughorn wanted me to see if it would work. “Haley will need a few hairs from the person she will be transforming into. Do so now.” Professor said. Keep in mind I had this class with some Hufflepuff students. A bunch of people raised their hands. I looked around the room at various people. I decided I didn't want to choose a boy. I guess I went with my gut and chose Gloria. I cut a few strands of her long black sleek hair and dropped it into the thick brownish frothing liquid. It sizzled for a minute. I then used my ladle to pour it into a vial. It was a very small Amount almost enough for 10 minutes.

I drank the thick liquid. It tasted of severely burnt popcorn but I gulped it down. Then it started. I shrank one inch. My nose got longer and pointier. My hair got longer and turned a jet black colour. My skin colour changed to a porcelain colour. I had fully changed into Gloria. “I think it worked.” I said in Gloria’s voice. “50 points to Slytherin for pure excellence.” Said Slughorn. I high fived Gloria and some other kids came up to me to ask how I did it and how it felt and what not. The only person that was sitting was Scorpius. He was doodling on his piece of parchment. I sat down as the effects started to wear off. Gloria saw I was bummed. “All the guys in the world. You have Louis. You don’t need to worry about a Malfoy... Why don’t you join quidditch? I heard you were great on The Bulgarian team.” She said. I thought about it for a second. “Maybe it will take your mind off of some things.”

She's Right. Maybe joining quidditch might be just what I need to give me a little more self-motivation. I picked up my stuff and hurried out of the classroom. “Haley! Where are you going?” Professor asked. “No time to explain!” I said and went on my way to my dormitory. I went to my trunk and found my quidditch robes. I put them on and tied my hair back. I went into our broom cupboard in the common room and took out my shiny new Firebolt. I walked down to the quidditch field and met my other soon to be Slytherin teammates. Out of the group I saw, Cornelius, Albus, Zabini, Goyle, and Crabbe. There were also a few others but I didn’t know them. The captain Is Marcus Flint’s son. Luke. “Welcome guys and ladies. Get ready to try out mount your brooms and do some laps to see how fast you can go. Then we’ll play some scrimmage.” he told us. Just as I kicked off the ground and dust flew up I saw Scorpius. I didn't want to think about him right now. I just want to make the team. I did my laps the fastest and best of course. We moved on to scrimmage and it was an easy game. I was on a team with Cornelius and Zabini and Crabbe. We won. The team was announced at the end. “Riddle, Your chaser. Longbottom your Keeper.” Me and Cornelius high fived and His shiny white teeth shined when he smiled. “Zabini your Beater. Crabbe your a chaser. I will tell you to follow up on Haley. She knows what she’s doing. Potter,

Seeker. Malfoy, Beater. And Goyle your also a keeper.” We all high fived each other but Scorpius and I avoided contact. Cornelius and I went to the benches to talk some. Long story short, He Was Neville’s son but Neville disowned him when he was put in Slytherin and was almost suspended when he got into a huge duel and almost killed several people. Crazy. I and he got along really easily.

Just as I was picking up my water bottle I saw the Hufflepuff team making their way down to the field. I saw Louis and Reese talking to each other holding their brooms. The team had already been chosen and Reese was a chaser and Louis was a beater. Reese ran up to me looking shocked. “Since when did you join quidditch?” he asked

“Just now. I’m a chaser. Like I was in Bulgaria. If you paid attention you would know.” I said to him. It was true. He hadn’t talked to me all week. And when he did he only talked of him making the quidditch team. “Haley don’t even start. I’m not gonna deal with your lot of problems.”

“It’s not my fault you loathe yourself. Admit it. You don’t even like me. You're in love with yourself.” I said as I drew my wand. Louis grabbed my arm. “Let's go Haley. Come on.” I snatched my arm away and gave Reese a death stare. “Fine.” I barked. It was a Tuesday and thankfully I had 2 free period back to back. Louis and I, well me leading because I was mad, headed to the astronomy tower. The sun was sinking lower in the sky giving it an orange colour. I was walking up the stairs and by this point, I thought Louis was gonna leave. But I heard his footsteps on the stair behind me. I still had my wand in my hand and I was pretty sure I was fuming. “You can go now.” I said loudly. “You might want to help poor old Reese.”

“Haley your way more important.” He said. I stopped for a minute but continued walking. “You know that’s a lie.”

“I know it’s not a lie. You're my best friend.” he said. I reached to the top of the steps and crossed the opening of the tower. I leaned on the railing. The breeze that was rolling through cooled me off. Louis knew to stay away from me when I was like this so he was on the other side of the tower. After 2 minutes I wasn’t mad anymore. Nevermind I was still kinda mad. “I’m sorry,” I said. “You know the anger gets to me sometimes”. I said to Louis. He came over and gave me a brotherly hug. “You know all is forgiven.” I was turning to leave when I saw a cheetah with Purple eyes stop me just right in front of the steps. “What do you want Reese?” I asked. The cheetah turned into Reese suddenly and he said “I’m sorry. I know I got carried away in quidditch and I never thought to ask you about yourself. Just please bear with me. It won’t happen again.” he said. He went to grab my hand but I moved it away. “ I need to sleep on it. Give it some thought.” I said. I walked by myself all the way to the common room. I was really worn out from quidditch. I just wanted to take a shower and go to bed.

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