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Hermione’s eyes fluttered open, and she could see a streak of sunlight shining through her almost closed shades. As she shifted to a more comfortable position, she became aware of the body lying next to her in her bed. Turning, Hermione saw Draco was still sleeping. He still wore his devil suit, though the jacket was thrown on the ground next to him. Analyzing his sleeping face, Hermione noticed a softness to it she hadn't ever noticed before. While he slept, Draco looked peaceful, like there was nothing weighing down on him.  As quietly and as gently as possible, Hermione got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom for a nice hot shower.


As she stepped into the water, Hermione thought about the previous night’s events. She remembered Draco carrying her over to her bed, laying her down gently, and climbing up on top of her. His movements so graceful, and his touch so soft. All they did was kiss, but it was more than just a snog fest. There was something between them, and neither could deny it any longer. Once finished, she wrapped herself in a towel and tip-toed back into her room.


Draco was awake by the time Hermione came back in. She smiled shyly as she saw his open eyes, and looked down nervously. “Sorry if I woke you” she said as she walked towards the dresser. “You’re welcome to shower now, if you’d like, I’m all done in the bathroom.” Looking at her, face flushed from the hot water, Draco thought she looked stunning. He kept his eyes on her, watching her movements as she brushed her hair.


"What are you looking at?" she asked, nervously.


"You" was all he said, seriously, but in a soft tone.


“Yea, I think I will shower” said Draco after another moment. He hopped up and started to walk towards the door. Hermione had turned to face her dresser when she heard Draco speak again, “wait I almost forgot something..”


As she turned, Draco was already there, reaching for her face, and kissing her gently on the lips. “Good morning” he said with a smile as he pulled away.


Hermione giggled, “Good morning to you too.”


Draco finished his shower and went into his room to get dressed for the day. He felt better than he had in months, like nothing could kill his mood. Deep down he knew whatever had happened between him and Hermione would undoubtedly cause some problems, but at the moment, he just didn’t care. As he pulled a t-shirt over his head, he heard a soft knock at the door. Smirking, he moved to let Hermione in.


“Draco, we should probably - “


He reached out, grabbed her by the waist, and pulled Hermione hard against him while kicking the door shut gracefully. He brought his lips down to hers, silencing whatever she was going to say.


Hermione instinctively responded to his kiss, but quickly came to her senses and pushed hard against his chest. “Draco, stop, we need to talk about this!”


He began to leave a trail of kisses down her neck, holding her tight as she squirmed, “I don’t want to talk, I want to enjoy every inch of you.”


Hermione tried to think clearly, but God was he good at this, she thought. Right as she was about to push him back, Draco kissed the spot right at the base of her neck that made her knees go weak, and that was it for her. She let her body melt fully into his, and wrapped her arms around his neck as he brought his head back up to kiss her.


Draco reached down, and grabbing hold of Hermione’s legs, lifted her up and began to walk her to the bed. He laid her down gently and propped himself up above her on his elbows. He couldn’t think about anything other than wanting to touch and kiss every inch of her. Just as his hand found his way to the hem of her shirt, Draco was brought back to reality.


A loud knock came from Hermione’s bedroom, which could be heard through the open bathroom doors. They both jerked their heads in that direction.


The knock came again…


“Hermione! Are you in there? It’s Ginny!”


“How the hell did she get in?!” asked a shocked Hermione as she pushed Draco off her. He landed with a scoff, “bloody Phoenix must have recognized her.”


Hermione ran back through the bathroom, straightened her clothing, and took a deep breath. She opened the door to face Ginny.


“Sorry, was using the loo. Hey Gin, come in.”


Draco had a feeling Ginny would be visiting Hermione for a while, so he used the time alone to go for a fly. He always felt it helped clear his head, feeling the rush of the wind against his face, no care which direction he was going.

"Hey Gin," said Hermione as she opened the door, "sorry, was using the loo."


Ginny came in and noticed the open bathroom door, and how she could see through to Draco's bedroom as well. Seemed odd to Ginny that they'd keep both doors open, but she didn't say anything. 


Hermione saw Ginny look towards Draco's room, and walked over to close the bathroom door. 


"I just wanted to come see how you're doing, after last night. You ran off so fast."


Hermione nodded, and ushered her friend to take a seat near the window nook. "I'm alright, just slightly embarrassed. Not regarding what Pansy said, but that I ran off instead of standing up to her. Hell I can fight Voldemort with Draco but Pansy bloody Parkinson seems to leave me speechless."


Ginny placed a comforting hand over Hermione's own, "It's not the same. It was a low dig, coming after your parents. I don't think anyone was surprised that you were caught so off guard. I dare her to try it again!"


Hermione laughed and squeezed Ginny's hand, "Oh she better not even try."


"I've got to ask though..." began Ginny, with a slight smirk, "what the hell is going on with you and Malfoy?!"


Hermione felt her face go red and turned away, "What, what do you mean?"


"Oh 'Mione come on, you two were dancing like crazy before Pansy broke in! Not to mention he went off after you. And you should have seen how he yelled at Pansy, I was terrified for her, I've never seen him so angry."


"Really?" asked a surprised Hermione, "I didn't know he did that."


"Oh yes," said Ginny, "He screamed at her and took 50 points from Slytherin, and gave her a month worth of detention! Even Harry said Draco was petrifying."


They sat in silence for a moment before Hermione answered, careful to not reveal too much, "Well, he came and found me in here. I destroyed the place Gin, really made a mess. He cleaned it up and reminded me that I couldn't blame myself for my parent's death. I think he can relate, in a way."


"And the dancing?" asked Ginny.


"Now that, I don't really have an answer. We have been getting along more, but I didn't think he'd every actually ask me to dance. But he did, and I just couldn't think of a reason why I should say no."


"You looked quite good together, I must admit, I haven't seen you smile like that in a long time."


Hermione smiled a bit at the memory, "It was just a dance between two people who didn't really have anyone else, don't think too much into it Gin, and please don't let Ron's imagination get the best of him."


"Oh...don't even get me started on Ron..."

As Draco flew over the Black Lake, he thought of Hermione. What the hell had come over him?! And what had come over her! She was the one that kissed him first. But he clearly was more than ok with it. The more Draco thought about it, he wasn’t that surprised with himself. He always found Hermione attractive, even when they hated each other most. It helped fuel his dislike of her, the fact that he was angry at himself for finding her so beautiful.


'So you’re physically attracted to her, big deal?!' he thought to himself. 'What’s the harm of a little fun this year, as long as I don’t get attached.'


Draco walked back to the head’s dorm imaging all the things he’d do to Hermione once they were alone again that evening. He smirked at the thought of all the fun they’d have the next few months, convinced there was no chance Hermione would want anything more than that with someone like him anyways.

Hermione needed to spend the afternoon alone to organize her thoughts. Everything that had taken place the previous evening, and that morning for that matter, with Draco left her in a world wind. She walked through the winding roads of Hogsmede, trying to make sense of the recent changes in her life.


Was it so bad, to start something with Draco? Of course it wouldn’t be anything serious, but they did live together. Might as well enjoy it, right?! But Hermione knew herself, she wasn’t one for emotionless hookups. Sure she had flings over the Summer’s at home, but with boys she’d knew she’d never see again after a couple weeks.


Could she do that with Draco? Someone she’d have to see every day for the next 8 months?


Luckily she didn't spend too long immersed in her own thoughts. Ginny agreed to round up the others and meet Hermione later that day in Hogsmede for dinner. They headed to the Three Broomsticks to grab some food and a few butterbeers. Hermione silently thanked Ginny, she had a feeling the fact that no one brought up the night before was thanks to the fiery red head's warning. 


By the time Hermione got back to the Head’s dorm, it was well past 11pm. She wondered if Draco would be there as she walked through the portrait. He wasn’t in the common room, so Hermione walked up the stairs to her bedroom.


She immediately heard the shower running. He must have gone flying or played Quidditch that afternoon, it was the only reason Draco showered at night. Hermione was imagining what Draco would look like in the hot shower as she changed into her pajamas. As she heard the water shut off, curiosity got the best of her and Hermione found herself walking towards the bathroom door. She opened it as slowly as she could and peaked inside.


Draco had his back to her as he toweled off. Hermione’s breath caught in her throat. He was pure muscle, like the chiseled stone statues she saw in Rome one Summer. As he moved, every muscle flexed. She didn’t even realize she was walking towards him.


As Draco wrapped the towel around his waist, he felt a soft hand grab onto his shoulder and gently pull him to turn around. He turned to see Hermione, she was looking down at his chest, arms, stomach, finally he reached out to tilt her chin up to look at him. Her lips were parted, and that full bottom lip that he always found mesmerizing was calling to him. He tightened his grip on her chin as the desire filled him, and brought his lips down to hers.


This time, Hermione’s knees didn’t go weak, she wanted to be in control, and she knew just how to do that. As his hands began to explore her body, Hermione’s found their way to the towel covering the part of Draco she wanted most. She tore it off, exposing his very hard, and very large, manhood.


Draco pulled away for a moment, realizing what Hermione had done, and looked down at her through eyes of pure lust and desire. She smirked up at him, and pushed him hard against the wall. Trailing kisses down his chest and stomach, she sucked and licked until her mouth found what it was looking for. When that first moan escaped Draco’s lips, she knew she had won this round.


Hermione stood once she finished, eyeing Draco’s limp body as he breathed heavy and leaned against the wall. As he lifted his eyes to meet hers, she gave him a little smirk, wiped her mouth seductively, and walked back into her room closing the door.


“This is going to be fun”, she thought as she climbed into bed.

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