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At the start of two thousand and fourteen Solon, Sojourner, Harriet and Dobedo asked to have a meeting with Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron.  When they were all together Sojourner started, saying, “Kreacher was far more influential in changing house elves into Elves than you will ever know, Harry.  He was able to do this because he was your chief house elf, living in your house and serving you.  Even when none of his time was spent actually waiting on or personally serving you, Harry, he was, because of where he lived, and what he did, serving you.


“Living in the master’s house is important.  It is part of what a house elf is.  If I am going to be the new Kreacher I need to live in his old quarters above twelve Grimmauld Place.  Just being able to spend the time we have been spending together, but being in the same house, is important.


“We need larger quarters, because we have three children, two of them older.  This means that Harriet and Dobedo have to move so only Harriet and Dobedo’s bedroom is above thirteen Grimmauld place, but that is fine.”


Harry said, “I didn’t realize you had children.  What are their names, and how old are they?”


Solon said, “Harry is fifteen, and Ginny is thirteen.  Hermione is almost two.  Sojourner is pregnant again.  Farmers like to grow lots of things, including lots of children.” 


Ron rolled his eyes, and said, “I hope you are not going to name a boy Ronald.  Young wizards come into the store, and their parents say, ‘I named him Ronald, after you, Mr. Weasley,’ and for the next week George says, ‘I named him Ronnie’ or, ‘I’ll let the FAMOUS Ronniekins take care of the little boys.’  Merlin knows what he will say to me if I have an elf named after me.”


Solon laughed, and then said, “Elves are learning to laugh. More of Kreacher’s ‘Subversives.’ We do not always understand Magi humor, and I do not understand you and your brother, Mr. Ron Weasley, but we will not name a son after you.”


“Thank you,” Ron said. “I’m thrilled you named a daughter after Hermione, though.  There are a lot more Harrys and Ginny’s, and even Ron’s, than Hermione, and she was the brains that kept the three of us alive.”


“Well,” said Hermione, like she was beginning to start lecturing on something.


Ron cut her off with, “What do you say when someone gives you a compliment, Hermione?”


“Thank you,” said Hermione.  “Thank you, Solon and Sojourner, for naming a daughter after me.


“And thank you too, Ron, for the compliment.”


“You are welcome,” said Ron. 


“You are welcome,” said Solon and Sojourner together.  


Solon said, “We would like to add an elf story to twelve Grimmauld place.”


Harry said, “Please, feel free to add an elf story to the top of Grimmauld Place.”


Solon said “With your permission, I would like to have Harry P/W learn what I do.  It is always the greatest honor, for a house elf to have a child serve the same family, and Harry P/W wants to learn to understand what the great Harry Potter, friend of house elves and Goblins, wants.”


Harry said, “What I want is house elves to become Elves, honored equal partners with the Magi.  It wouldn’t hurt if they would stop piling on titles.  I’m just Harry.”


Solon said, “Calling you Harry instead of Mr. Potter is very very subversive, Harry.”


“Yes, I guess it is, Solon,” Harry said.  “Keep being subversive. What does Ginny P/W want to do?”


“She wants to learn with Galadriel and Luthien Lothlorien,” Solon said. 


“I guess they are my house elves too, although I find it very strange,” Harry said.


“Until the chief witch and wizard come,” said Harriet.  “Many magics changing.”


“Is that a good thing?” asked Harry.


“Maybe, we hope so,” said Harriet.  “Very dangerous.  Much risk.  Scary times for many peoples.”


They talked all evening about what the Elves were doing. Solon was spending about ten percent of his time going around the world to visit other house elves. Harriet was accompanying Solon part of the time.  John and Mary Rivendell were leading the effort to write down the rules and standards that house elves followed.  The house elves had determined that before they could change any rules about how house elves related to Magi and others they had to write them down, and there was powerful magic in writing them down.  They were in the process of doing that, and the first part of the document would be ready for the spring International Council of Witches and Wizards.  The house elves were going to write down, in elfish, what rules they operated under, what their standards of conduct were, and how they were going to relate to the rest of the magical world.  Rough translations were going to be made in English, French, German, and Chinese.  The parts that pertained to house elves relationship with the Magi were going to be confirmed by the ICW. 


Nothing else unusual happened, the first part of two thousand and fourteen until it was almost time for the June meeting of the International Council of Witches and Wizards.


At the ICWW there were three main factions when it came to what the house elves were doing.  Almost a majority was for it, and a very small but persistent group was against everything including the house elves even meeting.  There was a modest sized group, less than a quarter of the body, that was agreeable to anything if the “chief wizard” would agree, but would only vote for what was happening with the house elves provisionally, with the reservation that the coming “chief wizard” would have to ratify, or turn down, any of the things they were voting on.  This group kept the body from agreeing with the three fourth’s majority that was needed to make binding changes.


The house elves met for a week before the general meeting, with Hermione, Albus, Rose, and Martin there before the house elf meeting began until after the end of the general meeting.  Most of the other Magi and house elves that were learning languages were also there those two weeks. Harry was at the meeting a couple of days early, but was not as involved in the details of what they were doing.


Eighteen of the twenty children who were being raised to speak elfish were there; the only pair missing was two of the four being raised in England.


Albus was of course the son of Harry Potter and Ginny Potter.  Everybody knew of Harry Potter, and had read at least the children’s version of “Harry Potter, the boy who lived, the hero of Hogwarts.”  All of the other parents and most of their parents knew Harry Potter because of his current activities, at the International Council of Wizards and as one of the most important Aurors in the world.  It was always a little amazing to Albus how many knew of his mother, both because of her days as a Quidditch player, even though none of the children had been alive when she was playing, and his mother’s columns in the Daily Prophet.  Ginny’s columns were quoted in other publications, and sometimes even carried whole in the other Magi publications. 


This year for the first time Harry was elected Chief Mugwump of the International Council of Witches and Wizards. Harry was thirty three at the start of his term, the youngest Chief Mugwump in well over a thousand years.  Harry would not take the job unless there was a successor already in place.  Cindy was going to take over the next year, and the year after that BD Wong, the person who was probably going to succeed WW Chang and had become part of the small but expanding group that was leading the ICWW, was going to serve a term.


Harry was able to push through a preliminary reading of the house elf rules and the translations of all the new Elfish words, but not without reservations.  


Once everybody was home Harry told Ginny, “I’m sure glad Al and Rose are not going to be gone another summer.”


Ginny looked at Al, who was reading some book that was written for 5th and 6th year students at Hogwarts.  “Has Al ever been a child?” asked Ginny.  “James is, from what I am told, just right for his age.  Lily, we will be lucky if she ever grows up.  But I can hardly remember a child, like Albus.”   She looked at Harry. “Maybe it’s the name, Albus Severus.  Maybe it’s Snape cursing him, that’s causing him to be so serious.”


“He is a very kind person,” said Harry. “Albus more than his brother and sister is aware of other people, and wants the best for everyone. Maybe,” Harry had a little twinkle in his eye “he just needs a wild redhead to give his life a little excitement.  It worked for me!”


Ginny gave Harry a funny look.  She was trying to figure out if this was a compliment, or what.  She finally said, “It will be interesting to see who they marry.  Look at my parents’ daughters-in-law, Fleur, Angelica, Audrey and Hermione.  How different could four daughters-in-law be?”


“At least I’m just your average son-in-law,” said Harry.


“If Audrey had a brother maybe I would have had a little excitement in my life,” said Ginny, laughing. “Life is actually pretty quiet right now.  I’d probably be bored without Lily causing problems.  Even the Quidditch season last year was quieter than average.”


Early in July Hermione asked Rose and Al if they wanted to help her re-write the beginning potions book.  Hermione wanted to watch students make all the potions in the book.  Al and Rose eagerly agreed.  So a couple of days later they were down in the potions room.  Early in the lesson they came to a place where a wand was needed.  Hermione said, “I’m not sure we can use a wand down here without being caught by the Department for the Regulation of Underage Magic.


Al said, “Dad and Uncle Ron have this room and the one under your basement shielded so no one can tell of any magic, underage or any other kind, is done.  I’ve helped my dad with mapping potions, using this wand.”  Al then looked in the direction of the drawer and the wand flew out of it and into his hand.


“We can use this wand down here, and no one will know,” Albus said.


“And you know this, Al?” Hermione asked.


Al nodded yes. Al and Rose used Draco’s old wand in their lessons from then on.


A couple of weeks later Hermione asked Harry, “Just how much does Al do with that wand?”


Harry answered, “I don’t know, and I don’t want to know.  I’ve never caught him using it except for making the mapping potion.”


“If he’s not caught you will let him get away with it?” asked Hermione.


“I kind of think that’s how Dumbledore treated me,” said Harry.   


“Riddle is gone,” said Hermione.


“There is still evil in the world,” said Harry. “People are trying to kill Albus. I think we need to teach our children to be good more than we need to teach them to be safe.”


“And just how are you going to feel if one of your children gets hurt or killed fighting dark wizards?” asked Hermione.


“Terrible,” said Harry, “But how would you feel if there was another dark wizard, and instead of fighting, your children, your family, ran away.”


“I hope we never have to face anything like that again,” said Hermione.


“England is pretty safe right now,” said Harry, “but there is still serious evil out there.”


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