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A/N: Hey!! Chapter 5 already! I would like to thank everyone who’s been reading this story until here. A big thanks to my friend choguiwawho too, na advisor and supporter of this fic. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have started this. Please leave a review if you can and enjoy!!

The light breeze ruffled my ponytail keeping the summer heat at bay. It was indeed a beautiful day for Quidditch tryouts and as I already had my spot on the team as chaser, none of the nervousness that accompanied these words got to me.


That couldn’t be said, though, about the many prospect players to fill the empty spot of chaser and beater, especially those tiny first and second years. That, of course, wasn’t helped by James’ captain craziness nor Zoe’s Cheshire Cat grin. Zoe had her spot guaranteed as one of the beaters and was with me and the rest of our team in a corner. This included Jake, our goalkeeper, and James, obviously, who was a chaser. Anna and Freddie, though were watching from the bleachers, giving their moral support.


- Alright, everyone! Keep yourselves in groups conforming your position! – shouted James, all authority and seriousness.


Meanwhile Jake imitated his rigid pose in the sidelines, much to the rest of our team’s amusement. James’ capitan personna was well known throughout the team, for just as long as we mocked about it.


- Ok, now I want first the seekers and then the chasers to take three laps across the field as fast as you can! After that, I will analyze who will go to the next phase.


After that, the group cleared out a lot, James eliminating the worse fliers, including those poor first years who almost fell off their broom and the little girl who crashed in the Quidditch hoops.


At least I held my laughter at that, unlike Zoe who didn’t even have the effort to hide it.


- For those of you who remained here, I will run a few tests. For the seekers first. I will let this snitch loose and you try your best to catch it!


After some twenty minutes, a blonde girl with chicks named Riley Chambers, probably a second year, grabbed it and James put her on the team.


I think it was a great addition. She was very fast and had real talent with her broom. And, even better, she was already laughing with us about Jake’s imitations.


- Now, I’m gonna ask the chasers on our team to make some exercises with the quaffle and the prospect beaters have to hit them with the bludgers to intercept the plays.


- Wow, thank you James. – I say sarcastically.


- You’re welcome Em. – he answers in the same tone.


- As I record, you’re a chaser too James. Aren’t you going to serve as a target? – shouts Jake.


- Yes, but I’m the captain Jake. And if you don’t shut up I’m gonna put you alone on that field with the beaters.


So Mike, our other chaser, and I took to the pitch to start training the beaters.


It must have been only five minutes when James blew the whistle for us to stop. I didn’t understand and asked Mike:


- Why are we stopping?


- Apparently there are some Slytherins there. – He says, inclining his head towards the bleachers.


And sure enough, I could just spot in the right corner a group of boys dressed in green. James was already descending on them and I could see him sending them away, worried about them spying on us. He was talking to someone in particular that, when I had a better look at, had his same mess of black hair. Of course Albus Potter was involved. In this situation it seemed pretty weird. He wasn’t known for his interest in Quidditch, having never been on the team.


The rest of the team, moved by Quidditch rivalry, all went down to support James, me included. 


- What, Potter? Scared that we will destroy you in the pitch? – Thomas Nott, a handsome dark boy, was shouting.


- You know that’s never gonna happen Nott. That’s why you’ve come to spy on our tactics. – James retaliated.


- I didn’t realize we couldn’t even watch the tryouts. From what I know, the pitch is a common ground. – says, Scorpius Malfoy, in all his blond glory, always the logical one.


- Not on tryouts, and if you want Malfoy, we can call Madam Spinett to prove it. – Zoe decides to way in.


- Okay, mates. That’s only causing more trouble. You know how James is about his Quidditch. Let’s go! – Albus decides to intervene, speaking for the first time in the conversation.


The Slytherins picked up their things and started to leave. As he passed me, Albus discreetly bumped into me to put a piece of paper on my hand. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Another note. What was it with all the mistery?


- I don’t understand. – little Riley said. – What’s the problem of them watching our practice?


- It’s not the first time members of other Houses tried to spy on our practice. They all want to get a look at our plays. – All us on the team looked at each other at James’ obvious pride and ego.


- I bet it was Potter’s idea, this spying thing. – Mike suggests.


- What, why? – I say, caught by surprise.


- Yeah, it does seem like his thing. – Zoe agrees.


- What do you mean? – I ask again.


– He was trying to get them to leave!


- I know, but my brother likes to be a step ahead. – says James.


- I think that’s a bit unfair. – I say, inexplicably getting angry.


- I know Albus, Emma.


- Yeah, but there were other four guys with him. It could have been the idea of any of them.


- Alright. Just don’t be surprised if it is his thing. – James insists.


- Don’t be surprised if it isn’t!
I don’t know what came over me in that moment. I had never argued like that with James before. And to defend Albus, of all things. The first time we had even had a real conversation was last night! I could see that all the team thought the same thing. Except for the newbies, who didn’t know me well, all the other were looking at me strangely, including James.


- Come on, team! Let’s get in the air again. – he called, deciding to move on from our little argument.

After showering, us girls were seating on our beds in the Gryffindor dorms, finishing some of our assignments.


- So, what was all the confusion with the Slytherins? – Anna suddenly asked. – I was a bit far on the stands and couldn’t hear it. James appeared rather pissed though.


- Oh, you know, same as always. Boys trying to mark their territory. The Slytherin Heartthrobs were watching the practice and James got all paranoid.


“The Slytherin Heartthrobs” was a nickname that Zoe created in fifth year for the sixth year boys in the snake’s house. Apparently all of these guys are pretty appealing to the girls’ eyes. I say apparently but it’s actually evidently. Thomas Nott is full of muscles, and his dark skin and amber eyes attracts lots of females. Sebastian West is another one who has the girls by his tail with his blond, and always styled, hair and blue eyes. Then there’s Jordan Zabini, with his dark hair and dark blue eyes and Scorpius Malfoy, that has a fame of bad boy but has been never seen hurting a fly. Scorpius is pretty much devoted to Rose Weasley, the two having been dating since third year. The others, though, have lost their count of girlfriend. Except for one, of course. Albus, or called by Zoe as the “Alfa” of the group, has never had a relationship. Just loads of girls throwing themselves at his feet, mesmerized by his good looks.


- Of course, the interesting part came later, as our dear Em here fought teeth and nail to defend a certain Slytherin Potter. – Zoe continued.


Anna just widens her eyes at me:


- Really Emma??


- I think someone has a crush! – Zoe sings.


- That’s not true! – I say exasperated. – I was just saying what I thought. He didn’t want to spy on us.


- You know, Emma, there’s a reason I call him the Alfa. Believe me, it’s not just because he is the hottest. He’s pretty much the leader of their little group. I doubt it wasn’t his idea. – Zoe starts.


As I try to protest, Zoe lifts a hand and continues:


- BUT.. But, I understand the fascination. If he so much as looked at me, I’d jump at his bed.


-Zoe!! – Anna shouts, laughing.


- Oh as if you wouldn’t. Now, it seems our Emma was caught by the charm of the green eyed prince. You really do have a thing with Potters, Em.


I decided to end their fun:


- Enough! I don’t feel anything for Albus. I just think we never really met him to start accusing him of things.


- Oh, of course! You are doing a project together! How’s that going?

– Anna gets suddenly excited.


- You are? – Zoe joins in.


- Don’t look at me like that! We barely even talk. There’s nothing going on. – I half lie.


- Alright, then. I guess Albus isn’t really your type, actually. – Anna says, a bit disappointed.


- Ahhh guys, I was already thinking of writing a romance of you two. – Zoe sighs.


Anna and I laugh.


- I think you’re gonna have to get your inspiration in another place. – I say.


- Anna, how is your love life?


And we laugh, deciding to go back to our homework. Before I continue, though, I open up my note from Albus, safely guarded in my drawer.


Meet me outside your common room at 20:00 on Saturday. Bring a coat.


No, there wasn’t a fluttering in my belly.


And I wasn’t counting the days till Saturday.

Rapidly, though, for my surprise (and excitement) the first week of school came to an end and it was already Friday. Which means, of course, that James and the guys couldn’t stop still in the common room, looking for some fun to start the weekend.


- Gather round 7th year!! – Who wants to join in a game of drinking? – Freddie yells after jumping obnoxiously on a table in front of the fireplace, a bottle of firewhiskey in each hand.


Anna and I just roll our eyes at each other. Zoe seemed pretty excited though. Practically all the seventh years in the room decide to join in, coming to sit in the carpet in front of the fire. Right near where Anna and I were reading a book, of course.


- Come on, girls it seems you have no choice but to join too! – comes Jake, taking our hands. And, by mutual agreement, we give up on our reading and sit with the rest of the group.


- Right, James, if you please? –


Freddie says, as if he was a host.
James pops open one bottle of firewhiskey and everyone cheers, looking forward to getting wasted.


- And what are we playing today, Jamsie? – asks our “host”.


- “ Never have I ever”, Fredkins.


The problem of this particular game is, it starts pretty simple, with claims like: “Never have I ever snogged in a classroom”. And about half of the group who did has to take the shots, conjured by James. Then, the things start to get a little heavier like: “ Never have I ever had a sex dream with one of our teachers”. And the few who drink have to put up with the teasing and knowing looks. Then, it start to get a bit more personal: “Never have I ever wanted to song anyone in this circle.” ( I drink my shot so fast on this one for James not to see, that I choke. ”Smooth, Emma.” whispers Anna “Real smooth”.) By the end of it, some of the students clearly want to target someone because they start with things totally personal: “Never have I ever lost my virginity to Clara Parkins.” Or “Never have I ever had a Weird Sisters underwear.” And the lucky chosen one has to down his weight in drinks with a red face.


When the drinks are done, so is the game and I go back to my corner to read my book. I’m only two pages in when a tipsy James infiltrates in my chair and leans on my shoulder


- So, dear Emms. I need some advice.


- I told you already James. I’m not giving you my Potions essay.


- No, no. It’s not that. Do you know Sophia Lauren?


- Yes... – she was a very pretty girl who had just been playing with us. Petite, with long blonde hair and hazel eyes. To top it off, she always seemed to be in good sheets with everyone.


- I want to ask her out.


When he said that, I stopped paying attention to my book and just looked at him.


- What do I have to do with this? – for a moment I was nervous he had found out about my crush on him. But then, I think it would be best if he knew. I mean, the guy that I have liked for three years was here telling me he wanted to go out with another girl.


- You’re my best girl friend, Em. I just would like your advice. How should I do it?


- I... – the cards were in my hands. I could screw his chances with her. But most of all, James was my friend. I couldn’t do this to him.


- Ask her to Hogsmeade. – I finally said – No tricks, James. Just straight out ask her. – it’s what I would have wanted.


- Thanks Emma!! You’re awesome! – he kissed me on the cheek and left.

- I can’t believe he did that! – Emma says, later, when us and Zoe are in her bed with a silencing charm around us.


- I think you should just straight out tell him. – says Zoe, always the bold one.


- I can’t just tell him! If it doesn’t work out, it could ruin our friendship!


- Alright girls, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. – intervenes Anna. – I just think that, you know Emma, James isn’t even aware that you like him. Maybe you should just give other people a chance.


- Yes!! – shouts Zoe – Let’s get you a date to the Hogsmeade weekend!


I look at Anna to seek support, but apparently she is with Zoe.


- Yeah, you really should Emma. – she says.


That’s it. Apparently I’m getting a Hogsmeade date.

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