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Who put this here Ginny? Ron asked curiously.

“I don’t know Ron but I have a guess, I think it was Harry, He is the only one that has a way of concealing himself like that.” said Ginny quite sternly.

“Why wouldn’t he have said something to us then? What did you say to him after the battle? He disappeared right after that and no one has heard from him since.” Ron looking worried but also in a way that Ginny knew she had better tell him.

“Well I told him the truth if you must know. I told him that right now I couldn’t be around him in the same way that he did. That I had things I needed to get past and that with Fred and with him choosing to leave without me last year that there was some things broken that I needed to fix. Then he asked how long it would take and I told him that I had no idea I just needed to be away for a while.”

“Why’d you go and do that? Ron bellowed. You told him, after he basically just saved the world, to get lost because you were struggling with some feelings. Ginny, do you not think that he was struggling with some too. Did you not think that maybe now he thinks that no one wants him around?”

Now Ginny was crying, “I just thought that it would be easier for the both of us right now. You don’t know what it was like fearing what you all might be doing at any given moment.”

“Do you not think we had the same problem? We were away from everyone we cared about facing down death everywhere we went. The only news we had of you all was either by Potter watch, or Harry staring at the Marauders Map. He didn’t know I saw him, but He would look at your name I don’t know how many countless nights. You’re my sister and I might be over protective but that’s my best mate and he loves you more than I thought and I think he loves you more than you even know. So I don’t care how you do it but you fix this the next chance you get, you hear me?!” Ron said a little more aggressive than he wanted but she needed to hear it and get it through her head. So he walked back inside to find Hermione and tell her the news.

Ginny sitting down now for the first time fully realizing the magnitude of what her words must have caused. Then she started to weep. Not for herself but for the pain that she has caused and for the fact that she was being selfish and realizing she does love Harry and she should’ve thought more about him as he always did then herself. Now all she had to do was find a way to redeem not only herself but her relationship with Harry. One that she use to always count on but now not knowing where it might stand.

When she was finally composed herself she went and said another goodbye to Fred and went to find Ron and Hermione. She needed to apologize to both of them for being the reason they are missing their friend and see if they will help her try and patch this up. When she walked in she saw them sitting in the study on the couch Hermione’s head leaning upon Ron’s shoulder her eyes still red and puffy from all the crying that she had been doing for the last few days. When she walked into the room they both looked up at her, Hermione with a look of pity and understanding, Ron with a look and pity but also anger in his eyes. Ron was the first to speak.

“SO, have you figured out what you’re going to do then?”

“Ronald” Hermione interjected with an elbow shot into his ribs.

“No Hermione Ron is right. I was an idiot and might’ve messed things up pretty bad.” “I came to ask you to forgive me for causing him to leave you both. I also came to ask for your help in possibly saving mine and Harry’s relationship.” Ginny said with more of a plea then just a question.

Ron stood up with a stern look on his face that made Ginny feel as if he would start going in on her again, but this time she was wrong because a grin creeped across his face.

“This is the sister that I know and love” Ron said as he gave her a big bear hug. “Hermione what do you say, you up for one more mission?”

Hermione smiled from ear to ear, “Ron I do believe I’ve had you pegged all wrong this whole time. You do have a sweet and understanding bone in your body don’t you.” “Ginny I would love nothing more than to help you get Harry back with us.”

“How do you think we should go about doing this?” Ginny asked with much more optimism in her voice than there was 5 min ago. “I assume he has been staying at number 12 Grimmauld place, am I right?”

“Well obviously the only way to talk to him is to see him.” We cannot floo there because Kreacher took it off the network.” “There is going there directly but it might not open for us if Kreacher has completely shut it off from the outside world.” Hermione said feeling more comfortable in a place of command.

“Can Kreacher do that by himself? I thought you had to go through certain channels to get houses shut off.” Ron said curiously.

“Well Ron House Elves have power that most wizards have no clue about. They have more than most wizards themselves.” Their power has barely been discovered because wizards have always thought themselves higher than others.”

“Oh Hermione, this is not the time to bring SPEW back.” Ron said half-jokingly. “It took Voldemort coming back and an entire war to not have to talk about it.”

Hermione shot him a glaring look and said “Ron I have never stopped thinking about the rights that all magical creatures should have I just thought that other things took priority over the last couple years.”

“Alright you two. Let’s figure out how to get Harry back first then we can tackle equal rights for all magical creatures! Ginny said quite sternly. “So if Kreacher has shut the house off how do we see him?”

“Well how did he know when Fred’s funeral was?” asked Ron a little frightened from the combined stares of Hermione and Ginny.

“I dunno.” Said Hermione. “Was it published anywhere?”

“THE PROPHET!!” Shouted Ginny. “Mom was all broken up when an owl from the prophet showed up asking for the day and time that they would bury Fred, she cried for hours.”

“Alright so when is the next one?” Ron asked surprised that he had forgotten that.

So they went to find a paper and there it was plain as day. Fred Weasley May 6th at 12:00. They scanned for the next one and it was for Colin Creevey, May 8th at 9:00.

“Do you think he will be at that one?” asked Ron.

“Of course he would.” Said Hermione. “Why wouldn’t he be?”

“Well he annoyed Harry most of the time. It always seemed to bother Harry all the times he’d swing his arm around him or ask for an autograph.” Ron said laughing a little as he did.

“RONALD WEASLEY!” “How dare you make fun of the Deceased!!” Hermione and Ginny Yelled.

“Alright, alright. I was just saying.”

“Well you can just unsay it Ron” said Hermione.

“Fine then we will be going to a funeral in a couple days. Everyone happy now?” Ron asked trying to keep them from yelling at him.

They spent the rest of the day walking around the pond at the Burrow, trying to figure out when and how to talk to Harry. They all agreed that he would be under the cloak again so how would they find him. Ron wanted to ambush him when he arrived. Ginny thought that coming in later and sitting in the back where Harry was bound to hide. Hermione made the best argument for waiting until everyone leaves and watch for Harry to make himself known by himself so as not to disturb the service. Once they agreed upon that they needed to figure out what needed to be said. Ron again took a more direct path and suggested brutal honesty. Ginny suggested that it just be her that needed to talk to him first. Hermione said that it should be a joint effort and show compassion and love. Ginny agreed not happy but agreed none the less. Ron said he would go along with it but if it didn’t work they would use his idea. They all laughed but agreed the same.

            It was getting dark so they headed back to the house before supper. They imagined that Mrs. Weasley would need a lot more help and support especially today. When they got inside they saw her by the sink just looking out into the garden. She didn’t hear them come in so when Ron asked her if she was okay she was startled and jumped. She replied “Oh yes dear I was just thinking about Fred.” She tried to smile but they could all see she was fighting through tears. They asked if there was anything they could do for her but she said no that dinner would be ready in just a moment. They said thank you and went into the den until she called them. After only fifteen minutes she came in and said that it was ready. The whole family came into the kitchen and sat down to a wonderful meal. They were all quite silent as no one really knew what to say at this moment. Most were done with their first plate but with Mrs. Weasley one plate is never enough so while she was pushing seconds to everyone, to which Ron was more than happy to accept, Ginny to that opportunity to tell her mother and father that they would be going to Colin Creevey’s funeral in two days, to pay their respects and they hoped to catch Harry sneaking around and talk some sense into him. Mrs. Weasley looked up a little shocked, and asked “Who is going there? Why didn’t anyone ask me about it? I don’t kn.” At this moment Mr. Weasley stepped in and said “Molly it will be alright. You and I both know that they will be fine. I hope you all go and show your support to his family just as all those people showed us.” Mrs. Weasley saw that she was out maneuvered and that she would have to go along with her husband. So all she said was, “alright Arthur, you’re right.” Which caught Arthur by surprise so he had to look away because of the grin that was stretched across his face. After everyone was done they got up and went to their respected rooms.

            The next morning as Ginny awoke she was remembering the dreams that she had been having. She was back at Hogwarts seeing Hagrid carrying Harry’s limp body again. She was screaming for him to get up that she knew he was pretending but he wouldn’t move. Voldemort just kept tossing him in the air and Harry wouldn’t fight back. Then she realized that he really was dead and she would never have the opportunity to apologize to him, the chance to explain why she acted the way she did. Most importantly she wouldn’t have an opportunity to tell him how much she loved him, and how much he meant to her. She was so glad to be awake and out of that nightmare. As she sat up she looked over to where Hermione had been last night. She must’ve gone down to breakfast already. So she got up and dressed and went down to see what the plan for the day was going to be. As she past Ron’s room his door was ajar and she saw Hermione curled up next to him with her head on his chest. This made Ginny a little jealous of her brother. He had the person who made him happy and they were together, while she had pushed hers’ away and he was probably sitting in an empty house thinking that she hated him. If so she’d wouldn’t be able to forgive herself. So she shut Ron’s door and continued down the stairs and saw that there was toast and eggs sitting on the table awaiting everyone. She grabbed a plate and realized that her appetite just wasn’t there so she just took a piece of toast and a glass of pumpkin juice. As she sat there she heard Ron and Hermione start down the stairs. Ron came around the corner first with a look of starvation on his face. Next was Hermione who looked around the corner as if expecting to see Mrs. Weasley but it was just Ginny.

Ginny took the opportunity to ask if they slept well last night which go the reaction the she had expected. Ron started choking on the toast in his mouth as Hermione turned a shade of red that an apple would have been proud of. Ron was the first to regain his composure and he told Ginny to shut up that it was none of her business. Ginny giggling said “I’m just picking Ron, I thought it was nice to see when I came down the stairs this morning. But a word to the wise you might want to shut your door next time if you don’t want mum to see you.”

“WHAT?” Shouted a startled Hermione whose color went from red to a pale white. It was Ron’s turn to turn a deep red color.

“Yeah your door was slightly open when I went by so I shut it for you.” Said a Ginny whose smile was leaving quickly.

“It was shut when I went in last night I’m sure of it” said a panicked Hermione.

“I wonder who looked in at us then, whoever it was just let it go so it couldn’t have been mum. She would’ve lost her mind.” Said Ron who was now almost as white as Hermione.

“Well we will find out soon won’t we?” Said Ginny in a sympathetic but not my problem sort of way. Besides she had other things on her mind right now. All she could think about was what the next day might hold in store with Harry. Just as she was about to get up her mother walked into the kitchen and asked if they would like to go to see Andromeda with her so that she can help her with little Teddy and comfort her with the burying of Tonks and Lupin. Ginny gladly said yes. Getting out of the house might help get her mind off Harry and the possibility of playing with Teddy was too good to pass up. Ron and Hermione on the other hand was content in staying home.

After Ginny and her mother left by floo powder Ron and Hermione just looked at each other and both gave a flimsy grin. This was the first time they had been truly alone since they started this journey all those many months ago.

“So, what shall we do today Hermione?” asked Ron in the slickest way possible.

“Oh I dunno, I thought about just staying in and getting some reading done.” Hermione said knowing the reaction she would get from this boy who would do almost anything before choosing to read, but for some reason she always liked the way he approached his life in a passionate way about everything even when being too lazy to write an essay at school and waiting till the last minute so she would do some of it. Those would be the things she would miss most about Hogwarts. The banter that they had in the common room alone together.

“READ!!” “WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO READ FOR” Ron said loudly but in a joking manner. This girl would read if her hair was on fire.

Hermione just laughed at him. “What’s so funny there Miss Granger?” asked Ron lovingly. “Oh nothing just thinking of all the times my reading got both of us passing grades. Well you passing my Outstanding.” She said with a laugh.

“Can you believe we just finished a war and beat old Voldy, and we are sitting here talking about school? It kind of makes me a little nauseous. Why don’t we go outside and take a walk and see if we can’t get the conversation to more important things.”

“Ronald I do believe that is the best thing you’ve suggested today.” “Well the day is young my love.” Replied Ron with a gleam in his eye. He cannot believe that out of all the guys on the planet that she has stuck by me through all of this chaos. Even after he walked out on her in the middle of a bloody war. How could he ever repay her for her forgiveness? He would wonder that for the rest of his life. He knew what he must do but he had no idea when the right time would be. There are so many things that need to be done before, so many things that need to be figured out, but all he knew was that Hermione was the one person that completed him. She was his greatest love.

They went out into the yard and just started walking and talking about anything and everything. After what seemed like only an hour or two, they noticed the sun was already going down. Ron knew that it was at this moment he must finally act. He took Hermione by the hand and looked deep within her eyes. He mustard as much charm and sincereness in his voice as he could and said “Hermione, you know you are the love of my life. You have always been there to keep me straight even when I had no idea what I needed or even wanted.”

“Ron what are you talking about” Hermione interrupted.

“Bloody hell, let me get this out Hermione.” “What I was saying was that through all the dark and evil times we made it out and now we have this golden new opportunity in life. One that doesn’t have us in fear of dying every day. What I’m trying to say is Hermione Jean Grange, will you marry me?”

“Ron, I don’t know what to say. I never expected this, especially now with all that’s going on, but Ron of course I will.” Hermione said with tears gleaming in her eyes. But this was a different type of tears then the ones that Ron had seem so often these past few months and especially the past few days. These were tears of joy and happiness, something they have not had an opportunity to have in a very long time.

“Really?” “This is wonderful” Ron said as he swooped Hermione up into the air and kissed her as they spun on the spot.

“Aren’t you forgetting something Ronald?” Hermione asked.

“What is that?” Ron asked smiling from ear to ear but worrying that he might have actually forgotten something. Where was Neville’s rememberball when you needed it?

“Yes aren’t you suppose to have a ring to give me?”

Ron was flabbergasted, “what do you mean a ring?”

“Well Ronald, when a man proposes to a girl he is supposed to be on a knee with an engagement ring.”

“You are making that up. No one does that. My mum doesn’t have one.” Ron argued.

“Well maybe not in the wizarding world but in the muggle world we have rings, and in case you have forgotten I am from the muggle world.”

“I haven’t forgotten, I just don’t know all the standards.” Ron now a little worried he might have actually messed this all up.

“Would you get that worried look off your face, I am just messing with you. I don’t mind, I know you don’t know all of it but that’s one things I will have to help you with.” Hermione said smiling knowing that Ron would make a scene but it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

“HERMIONE, what would you go and do that for? You sitting there laughing at me, making me think I had messed something up. That was not funny!”

“Oh yes it was, and in time I think you will see how funny it was.” Hermione then took his hand and said “we had better get back to the house before everyone starts looking for us.”

“I think your right, but can we keep this quiet for now. I don’t want to flood everyone’s emotions right now so soon after Fred and we don’t even have Harry back yet. I think it would be best to wait for everyone to feel right with the world again.” Ron said hoping she understood and didn’t take offense to it.

“Wow Ron. You are not the same insensitive boy from our first year are you? You have really grown.” Hermione now seeing how far they had each come in such a short span. She could hardly think how much more they would grow in the many years to come.

When they had finally made it back up to the house Ginny and Mrs. Weasley had gotten back and were fixing dinner. “Where were you two at?” Ginny asked with a mischievous grin on her face. Ron sent a dirty look at her and said “It is none of your business where we were.”

“No but it is mine.” Mrs. Weasley shot back at him. This made Ron go a shade of pink. “Don’t worry Ron I am just twisting your wand. I don’t care so stop looking so embarrassed and help me with this pot, it won’t wash itself.

“What can I do to help Mrs. Weasley?” Hermione desperately trying to change the subject away from what they were doing. “Oh no dear you don’t have to do anything.” Oh Mrs. Weasley please let me help out.”

“Oh alright then if you could set up the table and see if you can find out when the others will be home.”

With her new order Hermione set to setting the table which took only a few waves of her wand to have it set right. Next she sent a patronus to each of the family telling them that Mrs. Weasley wanted to know when they expected to be home, and to send word back whenever possible. Which after only a few minutes she had received replies from everyone that they would be back within the hour.

Once everyone had arrived home Mrs. Weasley started serving dinner. The mood was similar to the night before. Most of the family was quiet except for the scrapping of knives and forks. Which compared to the years prior was a lot less than one would expect at the Burrow. Slowly one by one they left the table until it was just Mr. Weasley, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny.

“Now that everyone is gone I wanted to talk to you all about your trip tomorrow.” Said Mr. Weasley. Which got the rest of their attention. “Now I’ve talked to Molly and you all knows she was not enthused about you all leaving tomorrow but I have talked her down and explained that you will be alright, but she is scared for your safety and I don’t blame her for some of her fears. “

“Dad you know we will be fine, and I promise we will be sure to keep Ginny safe at all times.”

“Yeah dad we will be fine. I just think we have to go and help Harry right now. I think him being alone for this much time could do some damage.” Ginny said trying to convey as much thankfulness in her voice without losing the urgency that she felt.

“I know you will be fine and I understand the reason. I too want you all to get Harry and make sure he is alright. Even so with all of that your mother and I will still worry about you three. I will say no more on it. You three be safe.” Then he got up from the table and went upstairs to bed. The other three just sat there for a minute thinking about the words Mr. Weasley just said.

“Well I think we should probably get up to bed to if we have to be up in the morning.” Hermione said. With that said they got up and went into their rooms. When Ginny and Hermione got to theirs, Ginny waited till they had laid down to ask the question that she had been thinking about for two days.


“Yeah Ginny?”

“What do you think is gonna happen with Harry tomorrow? Do you think he will forgive me and come home with us? You’ve been close friends for almost 8 years, you know him probably better than anyone else.”

“Ginny, part of me wants to tell you that the first time we try and talk to him he will come straight back with us but I also know that he is beyond stubborn. I think he will find away from us and head back to Grimmauld Place and that is where it will have to happen. So just be prepared for that, alright.”

“You really think that it is going to take that?”

“Yeah I do Ginny I think it will take some effort.”

“Can I ask you a favor then?”

“Of course, ask away.”

“If we do have to go to Grimmauld Place can you give me some time with him alone? I think it’ll be easier since I was the one that started all of this.”

“I don’t know Ginny, Your brother will be hard pressed to go for something like that. But if it really means that much to you I will apparate with you there and then come back for Ron and explain it to him.”

“Thank you so much Hermione, it means a lot.” “Good night”

“Good night Ginny”

When they awoke the next morning they found the house empty. Apparently they all left earlier that morning to go see Andromeda so it was just the three of them. They walked out the Burrow and started down the walkway when they reached the edge of the lane Hermione grabbed Ginny’s hand looked and gave her a wink then they turned on the spot. When they looked up the saw the blinding sun sitting just above the tree line.

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