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The next day Harry awoke again shaking from another dream about all those he had lost. He stood up and it finally hit him, how bad he smelled. Realizing he hadn’t had a proper bath in who knows how long he went and found a place to clean off. Never had hot water and soap felt so good. He got out and found a towel, something he didn’t foresee and dried himself off. He then struggled figuring out what he would find to wear when realizing and remembering he wouldn’t be seen. He went down to the kitchen and found Kreacher fixing a breakfast which Harry happily gulped down. It was better to focus on the food he was eating then think about what the day would bring. At 11:30 Harry walked out of the front door under the invisibility cloak, telling Kreacher he didn’t know when he might be back closed his eyes and Disapperated. When he felt his feet on the firm ground he opened his eyes and saw the very familiar house that he always longed to see. He was walking up the lane seeing the house grow bigger in his eyes when he saw her. It was Ginny sitting on the front step in a black dress, and her eyes red from what Harry could only imagine as hours and days of crying. Harry looked away before the sight made him walk back and go home again. He turned right towards a great big canopy that was put out. As he walked closer he saw the hundreds of chairs that were set out and most already being filled. At the front there was a wooden coffin on a platform above was a podium harry assumed that someone would be speaking from. Harry walked not to the front but to the back corner where he felt was the least likely to be noticed. After about ten minutes or so and most of the chairs were filled he saw the people who meant all the world to him walk in. They walked in single file towards the front of the crowd and sat on the front row. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Bill and Fleur, Charlie, Percy, George, Ron and Hermione, and finally Ginny. Harry also noticed that next to Ginny there was an empty chair. Harry could only assume that they had put out one for himself expecting him to show up to honor their brother and son. This thought only made Harry queasy and light headed. Then Kingsley Shackelbolt stood and walked to the podium. At this point Harry sat down on an empty chair. Harry thought that Kingsley was a good choice to speak. He always seemed to be in control of his emotions when he spoke.

Then Kingsley started his eulogy:

“Everyone, we are gathered today not only to say goodbye to a friend, a brother, a son, and an honorable man. Fred Weasley will always be remembered for his bravery as well as his humor. His greatest joy was to cause mischief as well as laughter.”

Kingsley went on for about 15 min and finished with:

“Now some of the Weasley family wanted to speak today in front of all of you before we put Fred to rest. At this moment Percy Weasley stood up and started walking toward the podium, and then started his speech. When he tried to speak the first time it sounded as though he hadn’t talked in years so he tried again.

“Everyone here knows that Fred and I were about as opposite as two people might be. I was always the serious one, the one focused on the future and thought I was better off for it. Fred on the other hand was never serious. He didn’t think about the future for most of his life. He lived his life in the moment. He would always take the chance to point out how much more fun his life was more than mine. I think I resented him because of that. He was carefree and loved life. I now see that I was the one who did it wrong. I was the one who to use Fred’s words, was a prat. The one regret that I have is that I was never able to apologize to him for everything I had done. If there is one thing that I or anyone else could do though is to live our lives like Fred, Moment to moment always trying to put a smile on someone else’s face.”

At that moment Percy seemed to hit his breaking point, his tears that he had clearly been trying to hold back seemed now to pour down his face making him almost inaudible to the crowd. When Percy sat down a few people whom Harry assumed were cousins that he had never met got up and spoke about their experiences with Fred, all of which seemed to end in a practical joke or someone in some kind of trouble, but they were all said with smiles. Harry at that moment realized how many people Fred affected in his life. How many people that Fred might not have known about that was changed because they saw him from a distance. All those people have lost him and Harry felt at that moment the magnitude of all the deaths that he indirectly was responsible for. He knew that he wasn’t the one who personally ended their life, but again he choose the time and field of which it would happen. Once the last family member sat down Kingsley stood back up and announced to the crowd that the family would enjoy having anyone that wanted to stay for lunch in a few hours. At that moment he asked everyone to stand as the family left. The first three rows started walking out and once they had left the canopy Kingsley asked the crowd to follow out. It took about 20 minutes for the entire crowd to leave. At last Harry was alone, invisible, sitting there with Fred’s body only 70 feet away. Harry got up and walked slowly toward the front, wondering what he was about to say or what he would feel when he looked down and saw Fred’s face in the half open casket. When he got there he looked down and saw that Fred looked peaceful, his mouth looked as though he was watching his twin brother bite into another puking pastle with his slight little grin waiting to burst forth with a full laugh. When Harry saw this he fell to his knees and started crying. He was crying because he knew he’d never hear Fred’s laugh again. He’d never see Fred continue his success with Weasley Wizard Wheezes. After a few moments Harry composed himself and stood up. He put his hand into his pocket and pulled two things out. The first was a colorful wrapper. It contained a piece of candy that the twins had dropped out of their pocket for his cousin Dudley to eat. A piece of Ton-Tongue Toffee. Harry put it next to Fred on his pillow, Then Harry pulled out a galleon, he remembered from school before he knew he was a wizard that in the Greek culture they would put a coin on the deceased eyes. Instead of that Harry thought that one in his hands would be just as good. At that moment he heard footsteps behind him, he turned around and saw that Ginny and Ron were walking down between the aisles both looking as though if it weren’t for the other they’d fall over. Harry side stepped them both and quickly walked out back towards the yard and towards the end of the lane. He heard something behind him, he turned back and saw Ron and Ginny outside the canopy looking around like they were looking for someone. Fearing they were looking for him Harry started walking faster until he was at the end of the lane and Disapperated back to Grimmauld Place. When he walked into the house Kreacher was there asking him what he wanted for lunch, Harry told him just a sandwich and asked if he could bring it up to his room as he wanted nothing more than to go to sleep, even if it meant a nightmare or two. Once he got up to his room he realized how tired he was. Kreacher come up just a few minutes after him with a double decker sliced beef sandwich and a glass of pumpkin juice. Harry was impressed with how much Kreacher’s cooking had improved. After finishing the sandwich Harry laid down and fell asleep.

He again was back on that shoreline. He again watched Voldemort torture and kill Ginny. This time Voldemort did not grant Harry his wish of death. Instead he continued with the rest of the Weasley’s starting with Ron, then George, Mr. Weasley, Percy, Bill, Charlie, and finally Mrs. Weasley was there seeing her entire family dead next to Harry at her feet. Seeing her worst nightmare come true. Harry remembering the night almost 3 years ago when she couldn’t get rid of the boggart. Seeing Mrs. Weasley like this was something Harry had never experienced before. This woman who took him in as her own, someone who he considered his surrogate mother. Then Voldemort looked in his eyes and said that he has killed Harry 7 times now. Each time destroying a piece of Harry just as Harry thought he had killed him. Harry realizing what had just been said regretted ever starting the journey this past year, regretted ever becoming a wizard, and furthermore regretted ever being born. Voldemort sensing this laughed and said “now I shall kill you, you who have nothing left inside.”

            Harry then woke feeling worse than he had ever felt in his life. This dream did not feel like one. It felt as though he really had been there and watched all that death. He knew that no matter what was done he would never forget those images. He tried to sit up but that was not going to happen anytime in the near future. He felt sick all over, whether that be nausea or physical pain from thrashing about. He tried to speak but he must have used all his voice screaming last night. Then he thought hard about not only his dream but also of what had happened the day before. He thought back to the funeral and all the people there that he cared for and how much they meant to him and how much he loved them more than they knew. He also thought then of what they must be going through, whether or not they were having the same problems or if he was just being weak with his grief. Then he thought if they missed him at all or if they were glad that he was gone. He hoped that they missed him but he couldn’t see how. He had brought such pain to their doors. The thought that he had truly lost his friends was too much and so he forced himself to the floor and made his way to the bathroom for another bath. This time he just sat there in the flowing water and let his emotions go. This was the first time he had cried and mourned since Sirius had died. He didn’t know how long he had been in there all he knew was he was out of tears. He got himself out and dried off and tried to walk down the stairs but he was so weak from the night before that he didn’t make it two steps before he had to sit down. That would be how he would have to take the staircase today. Only a couple at a time, when he finally reached the bottom he could smell a breakfast that he had no desire to try and eat. He slowly walked half stumbled into the kitchen and found himself into the nearest chair. Kreacher seeing his master come in and sit started to plate food to shove under his nose. Seeing what Kreacher tried to speak but still found it difficult so he tried again and told Kreacher to save the food that he wasn’t hungry. Kreacher obeyed but was very disappointed that his master seemed ill. Harry then asked for some water and after drinking a glass realized that even though it helped he still felt terrible. Harry then asked Kreacher if there was some kind of potion or tonic that would make him feel better. Kreacher said “Yes master but I’ll have to go out to get some.” After Harry told him to go there was a crack and Harry was alone again inside the house.

Harry didn’t know how long it would take Kreacher so he decided to try to go back up the stairs. He got to the first landing and looked again inside the room that he, Ron, and Hermione had made their home a few months prior. He walked in and found a chair that looked very inviting to him and sat down. He then thought how it had only been months since he was inside this house trying to make a plan to enter the ministry of magic. It seemed as if it was a life time ago, a time of fear and pain in the world. Now it seems the world is free of it but not Harry, it is as though the past year was easier than the past 5 days. Harry wondered how long he would feel like this, hoping beyond hope that it would end soon, because he didn’t know how much more of it his body could take, with the thrashing sleep and pounding headaches in the morning. He thought he would try and stay up tonight, until he passed out from exhaustion, maybe then he would be too tired to dream much less have any nightmares. Yes that was the plan that he would attack with. What would he do though to keep him awake? Would he read from the Black family library, would he clean some of the house as he did before? Or would he try and plan out his next few days and perhaps weeks, finding a schedule so he could visit as many of the funerals of his deceased friends and family. “I think a combination of the three would probably work the best.” Harry thought to himself. First though he would wait for Kreacher with his potion, that should make all the difference for today. As if Kreacher was waiting for him to think that Harry heard a pop from the kitchen and knew that he had just returned. Harry waited for Kreacher to find him in the study, not 5 seconds later he saw his ears and eyes peek around the corner of the door. “Is master ready for his potion?” Kreacher said with what looked as though he actually saw Kreacher smiling. Harry said that he was ready so Kreacher brought the bowel of potion over to Harry. To Harry’s surprise it smelled better than he thought it would, thinking back to the remedies he had taken at school. Once he downed the last of it he could start to feel this tingling inside his chest he knew that it was working because the ache he felt in his head was starting to subside. He then asked Kreacher to bring him his wand, it only took two seconds before Kreacher was back with his wand. The one thing that had never let him down since he owned it. Kreacher took the empty bowel and walked away after giving Harry a bow. Harry conjured a piece of parchment and quill and ink then summoned the Daily Prophet that had the dates of the funerals to write them down and plan on how to get to them without being spotted or intrude again like he had at Fred’s.

Harry then started to read the dates:

Fred Weasley May 6th 12:00

Colin Creevey May 8th 9:00

Lavender Brown May 8th 1:00

Remus and Nymphadora Lupin May 9th 12:00

Severus Snape May 10th 12:00

Then Harry stated to see the names of all those who he didn’t even know that had died there. People he had never met came to defend him and the rest of the world that night. He wanted to make it to all of them but 5 he knew he had to be at. He would prepare for Colin’s funeral for the next day and then go to Lavender Browns after. He didn’t really know Lavender all that well but he did feel that the years they spent in Gryffindor meant something. Collin had always annoyed Harry but he was a loyal friend even if no one else would’ve been. He was much too young to have been at the battle but his heart was bigger than he was. He knew that they were going to be tough, but not near as tough as the day after that with Remus and Tonks. He wasn’t sure how he was going to handle seeing one of his most influential people from his life and seeing his son without his parents knowing how hard it will be for him now. With this thought he put his parchment and ink down and stood up and started to clean the study. It wasn’t nearly as dirty as his God fathers room had been. After a few hours of cleaning he stopped and looked at his progress. The couch and chair had been thoroughly cleaned and the bookshelf lost about 2 inches of dust that had collected since they had been forced out of the house. The Drapes over the windows had been steamed to this Harry had to use magic. He knew the next step was to clean the floor and rug but to do that he would need magic because he doubted a house that had been owned by people who despised muggles would have a mop and bucket. Harry did not know the magic to clean the floors so he would have to ask Kreacher if he did. Now is when you need Hermione Harry thought to himself. He walked down the stairs and found Kreacher actually cleaning the kitchen and dining room. Harry didn’t know if he ever saw Kreacher clean anything before. Harry asked Kreacher why he was cleaning and Kreacher said “Because master was cleaning upstairs and Kreacher didn’t want him to have to do the whole house by himself.” Harry thought that it was amazing the change the elf has had since he first met him almost 3 years ago. He even started to feel a fondness for the house elf that he didn’t expect.

Kreacher then asked “Can I make you something for dinner?”

“Um no thank you Kreacher I don’t feel up to eating. Is there any more of that potion though? I think I could do for another drink of that.”

Kreacher about jumped off the floor as he went and brought back another bowl of it. Harry drank it down and again started to feel the all too welcoming tingle that he experienced that afternoon. He decided he would go and find something to read until he would fall asleep. The first book he took off the shelf and the cover said, “The History of the Sacred 28”. Harry put that one back and picked up the next one and it was “How to prepare for unforgiveable curses”. Harry thought this would be a good read. So he sat down and started reading, the next thing he knew he was waking up to a pair of eyes looking at him, so he sat up startled with his wand pointed out in front of him. He then realized that it was Kreacher that was standing in front of him. Kreacher then apologized for startling him but that it was 7:00 and he wanted to know if Harry planned on leaving for the funeral.

“Thank you Kreacher for waking me up, I am planning on going.” Said Harry.

“Would you like Kreacher to make something for breakfast?” asked Kreacher.

“No, I’m still not feeling all that hungry.” Said Harry in a way that Kreacher could tell he was still sick.

            Harry got up and went upstairs and got back into the bath, afterwards he made his way downstairs making sure he had everything together when he saw Kreacher standing there holding a bowl of the pain potion and Harry was very thankful for the house elf. He drank it happily and walked out the door and turned on the spot and Disapperated. When he opened his eyes the sun was blinding.

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