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A dull glow was coming from the closet. The young girl had always been warned to stay away from it. After the warnings, her curiosity began to take over, and she eventually asked why she couldn’t go near it. Normally, an adequate answer was given to her, but this time an answer wasn’t elaborated.


“I said no, and that’s final,” a woman said, the tone in her voice meaning to secure her words.


However, it only made the young girl even more curious. She stared at the closet for a rather long time, debating on what she was going to do. Should she heed the warnings or should she quench her desire?


As she stood and debated, she couldn’t help but to think of everything she had been told since she was younger – that she definitely had her blood coursing through her veins. Her natural curiosity, her need for wanting to know the unknown, her mischievousness, and her ability for tricks was very similar to how her uncle was, if not downright identical. Some would say that her uncle reincarnated into her, which was weird to her as she thought of such a notion.


Rather than listen to the feeble voice that was warning her to stay away, she took a step closer to the closet. The glow was drawing her in. She couldn’t stop herself from moving, even if she had wanted to. It was almost as if there were voices coming from the glow that drew her in.


Once she was close enough, she reached toward the closet door. For a split second, she froze. Then, without a second though, she reached out again and gently touched the old, dark woodened door. It was rough against her touch. How it was, she never knew because when looking at it, it had seemed so smooth. She pulled the door toward her to see a Pensieve. It was what created the blue glow that had caught her attention.


Looking over her shoulder, she checked to see if anyone was lurking. She didn’t see anyone. Cursing herself mentally for not having an Extendable Ear on her, she strained her own ears to listen, making sure she didn’t hear anyone moving along the hall or up the stairs. When the coast was clear, she looked back to the Pensieve and furrowed her brows. She leaned in closer to it, seeing figures and hearing hushed whispers that were separated from her by the liquid that filled the bowl. Her hand moved over it, wondering if a feeling would come to her. When it hadn’t, she moved even closer. Before she knew what was happening, she was suddenly falling through memories and places she only remembered hearing about.


“Ugh,” she groaned as she landed flat on her back on the wooden floors of what seemed to be the kitchen. Sitting up, she looked around and realized she was in a kitchen with two women, one of them being young and the other quite a bit older.


“What else would you like, dear?” the elderly woman asked gingerly. She took her wand and flicked it toward a couple of goblets, which followed the unspoken command and soared into the basket that was on the counter in front of the younger woman.


“Do we have any treacle tarts left? He loves those.”


“Just made some this morning!” Suddenly, some treacle tarts made their way past me and lied themselves delicately in the basket. “Is Albus coming with you today?”


“I’m not sure,” the younger woman said as she brushed a lock of red hair from her face. “I’ve tried to get a hold of him, but he must busy. Or maybe he’s left already for his trip? Isn’t he supposed to visit Ilvermony in North America soon?”


“I believe you’re right, Rose. I remember your mom saying something about that now,” the older woman said with a small smile.


Rose. Finally, a name to the face. The young girl watched as Rose and the elderly woman finished off the basket neatly. Once it was covered, Rose hugged the elderly woman.


“Thank you so much, Gran,” she said with a smile.


“Any time, my dear,” Gran, for lack of any other name, replied. She kissed Rose’s cheek and then patted it gently with her hand. “You go and enjoy yourself now.”


Without another word, Rose began to walk out of the kitchen. The young girl had wanted to stay to see more of Gran, but she was pulled along with Rose. They wandered through the yard, past the garden, and began going toward a great amount of large trees.

They walked through the slight opening the trees made and began to walk through what seemed to be a mini forest. The more they walked, the more the young girl wondered if they were ever going to stop.


After about a mile, the young girl wondered where exactly they were going. Rose wasn’t dressed in very shabby clothes, ones where a normal witch would go hiking through trees in. The young girl then wondered if Rose’s long black pants, her green top that hugged her shoulders and chest but flowed freely down to the middle of her thighs, and nicely tanned, slightly heeled booties were part of her shabbier outfits. In thinking that, the young girl looked down at her own clothes and grimaced.


Finally, the darkness that the treetops created began to brighten. As the young girl looked up, she could see the sun shining down ahead on what looked like an empty field. Her brows furrowed again as she wondered why on earth, of all places that could be visited, Rose chose to come here.


Rose walked through the small opening, identical to the opening that they had gone through to get in here, and walked toward the middle of the field. As the girl followed, her previous questions were answered. When looking around, she saw the trees that she had been cursing under her breath as they walked through the small forest. They were so tall that they seemed to be able to touch the clouds that were passing by. The leaves on them were beautiful as they were turning colors. With the foliage, the young girl determined it was either late September or October. As she deduced it, she couldn’t help but smile at the bright sun that shone down on to the field, creating glimmers along the small pond that she had just noticed a little ways away.


She heard Rose sigh and noticed her hand fall down back to her side. Perhaps she had just finished looking at her watch. “It’s already quarter past… Always late,” Rose mused as a small smile played on her lips.


Without even a warning, the field was vanishing around her. The brightness began to whir and a blend of colors created the atmosphere around her to become slightly dark. Finally, everything stopped whirring, and her eyes grew wide in amazement. She was, yet again, in one of the places that she had always heard about.

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