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By February, Hannah finally summoned the courage to approach Chris. She told him to come down to the common room once everyone went to bed to talk to her. She left out the part about Hermione coming along. She thought it was best to leave her out. She would be there, of course. “Chris?” She said. 

“Hmm?” A smile spread across his face. “Well.” 

As little interaction as possible, she thought. “Here.” She handed him a note. Hannah couldn’t help but notice he was reading the hobbit. “That’s a good book,” she wanted to say, but didn't. Hannah saw that he was writing a reply. She realized she was starting at his face. Specifically his hair. A dark, golden blond that shone in the light. He gave the note back to her, and she quickly walked to the other side of the common room. She read the note. 

Hermione walked over a little while later. “What did he say?” She asked. “He said he’d come.” She replied. Hannah couldn’t stop thinking about the way Chris’s hair glowed like gold. 

Later that night, they were talking to Chris about their plan. Hannah studied his eyes. The irises were a brown near the pupils, the color of tea, but the rest was a greenish blue, the color of the sea. They mesmerized her. She got lost in them, trying to find a name for the color. “Can you keep our secret?” Hannah asked. “Yeah.” 

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