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It was the last Sunday in April, and Harry was talking to the entire Weasley clan, except for the children who were at Hogwarts.


Harry said, “Is the whole family going to be at the memorial of the Battle of Hogwarts on May Second?”


Molly said, “Charlie said he is not coming.  They think Ivana is too young.”


Lily said, “I would like Ivana to come.”


Molly said, “We have to let her father’s decide.”


Lily said, “She has two fathers and no mother.  I think she should live with us so she can learn important things, like girl things, and Quidditch.”


Harry said to Lily, “We are talking about the Memorial of the Battle of Hogwarts this coming Thursday, Lily.  We can talk about Ivana later.”  He then turned to the rest of the family and asked, “Who is coming?”


Everybody there raised their hands or otherwise indicated that they were coming.


Bill said, “We all want to see Victoire. Dominique is going next year, and she is anxious to see her sister and Hogwarts.”


Percy said, “We want to see Molly and Lucy.”


George said, “I would like to see if the school has survived Fred.”


Angelina said, “I want to see if Roxanne and Frank Longbottom are still as close as they were.  She is too young to be serious about a boy.” 


Hermione said, “Kingsley said Ron and I have to be there too.  He said something about ‘The Golden Trio.’  I told him that if I ever heard him refer to us that way I would curse his bits off!  I’ve heard a couple of people refer to us as the “Golden Trio’ or ‘Golden Four.’  It’s really obnoxious.


“Rose wants to see Hogwarts when the students are there.  She reminds me that the next time there is one of these memorials, in May of 2018, she and Albus will be at Hogwarts.”


James said, “What about me, Aunt Hermione?”                     


Hermione said, “You will start the year before Albus and Rose.”


James said, “But a year AFTER Louis.  He’s not that much older.”


Louis had a big grin, enjoying his position as the oldest of the boy cousins after Fred.


“I have arranged for a special floo connection to take us to Hogwarts,” Harry explained. Harry was always worried about travel when others would know where his family was.  “Very early Thursday morning, before breakfast, we leave for Hogwarts through the floo at Grimmauld Place.  We have arranged to have it connected to the floo in the study of the rooms Ginny and I stayed in next to the Gryffindor dorm. The whole extended family will go through the floo.  We will all go to the Great Hall for breakfast.”


Thursday morning everything went as planned.  Once they arrived at the Great Hall Albus said, “The Great Hall is a lot bigger than I remember.”


Rose explains, “The great hall has been magically expanded so the parents who have children at Hogwarts can come and eat with their children.


“Mum and Dad do not have any of us at Hogwarts YET, but they made a special exception for US.”


“It sounds like you are bragging,” Harry said to Rose.


“It’s TRUE,” Rose protests.


Everybody headed over to the Gryffindor tables.  Neville and Hanna were already there.  Neville was not sitting at the head table, but with Frank II, Alice II, and their youngest, Dolly, a first year. 


Rose said, “All the teachers with students attending Hogwarts are at their house tables.  I see Professor Sprout.  How many children does she have, Uncle Harry?”


Harry said, “Pomona and Perry have quite a brood. Their Rose is in her third year, and Aster is in her first year.  There are four more girls, and then a boy, I think.”


A particularly nasty looking couple, dressed in Slytherin colors, came in with their four children. The oldest, a girl, said as they passed by the Weasley family, “They are still letting in Mudblood trash. We even have a few in Slytherin.”


After they passed Victoire said, “That is Tanya Gudgeon.  She is not very bright, but she is really obnoxious, with all her talk about how much better the Pure Blooded witches and wizards are.  She and her kind do still have a following in Slytherin.” 


“We have tried to stamp it out, but it is hard when the parents keep spouting that nonsense,” Harry said. 


Victoire said, “There is a lot of conflict in Slytherin.  There are children of mixed blood, and others who seem to be there because their parents are important.  They do not seem to have any good leaders, either.  All their prefects are obnoxious.” 


Lily stood on a bench, and then stood on the table.  “Lily, get down!” Ginny said.  


“Mrs. Appleleaf had another baby!” Lily said, still on the table sort of bouncing up and down, pointing at the Ravenclaw table.


“I can take her over there, Aunt Ginny,” Victoire said. 


“Please!” said Ginny. 


Harry saw them go.  Somehow Fleur could look elegant no matter what she was doing, a skill that Dominique and even Louis seem to have inherited.  Victoire had managed to miss that talent, and the two girls with long red hair awkwardly dodged people as Lily rushed to get to the Appleleaf family. 


“Tom and Cinnamon have two boys,” Harry said.  “Tom is the head of Ravenclaw, and teaches the younger Transfigurations classes.  Cinnamon teaches the more advanced classes.  Professor Flitwick still teaches some classes, especially after Cinnamon has just had a baby.”


“I thought Flitwick taught Charms,” Ginny said. 


“He did, but they have a couple of new Charms teachers now,” Harry said. Harry saw Professor Flitwick at the Ravenclaw table, talking to older students, and some of the adults. 


“Where are the Charms teachers?” asked Albus. 


“They are both over at the Slytherin table,” Harry said.  “Urban Umbridge is the brother of Ursula Umbridge.  I guess he is a stickler for following rules, and doing the charm spells exactly the same way as you are taught.  He is a good teacher for younger students, even though not many like him.


“Olivia Ollivander teaches the upper grades.  She really knows wand lore, and she allows her students more freedom.  She wants each student in her upper grade classes to develop some skill in making your own charms.”


“Is she related to the wand making Ollivander family?” Ginny asked.


“She is,” Harry said.  “I am not sure exactly how.  She is also the head of Slytherin.”


When breakfast was over Fred asked, “Do any of you know where my Uncle Fred died?”


Percy said, “I was with him.  I can show you.”  He got up, and proceeded to lead the way to the hall where his brother had been killed.  George was trailing the rest of the family, and Angelina was right by his side.


Percy was in the middle of a long winded explanation of just what happened when George lost it.  George hugged Angelina and, with tears flowing, said, “I wasn’t there.  I wasn’t there.  We were almost always together, but when Fred needed me most I wasn’t there.  I’m sorry, Fred.  I failed you.” 


Ginny saw Percy ponder if he should start talking again, and went over to him and whispered, “Percy that’s enough, now isn’t the time for talking.”


The group worked their way back to the Great Hall, where George slowly pulled himself together. 


Professor McGonagall had an announcement.  “We have remodeled a room near to the Great Hall into a common room for students to use for recreation or study.  On the walls we have photographs or paintings of most of the people killed in the Battle of Hogwarts.  Since most of them have been dead fifteen years now the paintings do not have as much of the personality of the person as would a painting done from life, but it is the best we can do.


Of course, Teddy had to point out his parents, and George had to point out Fred.  Fred was right next to Teddy’s parents. The Appleleaf children had to point out the mother and father they had lost.  Mary Lou Creevey came with Dennis and their son Colin and daughter Roseanne; Mary Lou was job sharing with another witch who had become a mother the year before she had, an arraignment that was working well for them, and for Harry. Dennis showed his children the painting of his brother Colin, with a magic camera around his neck. Thursday night at the banquet they were going to honor all the students or teachers who had lost parents or other loved ones at the battle.


Many young children had their first experience of Hogwarts coming to one of these every five year remembrances. Harry and Ginny thought that almost all of their time was spent in meeting classmates and their children, and of course their children meeting other people who they may have heard mention, or who may have been in one of the bigger books about the battle, but who they had never met.  It was always a fun but confusing time. 


On this day, even more than at the tenth year anniversary it was obvious how the world of the Magi had moved on from the battle, and how different the world was.  One example of change was more and more of the witches and wizards were referring to themselves as Magi, something that Harry Potter encouraged.  Most of Harry and Ginny’s classmates carried a Magi cell phone, and lots of them were straddling the boundaries between the Magi and the Muggle world.  Almost everybody was aware of the ever increasing number of surveillance cameras and the huge increase in computer processing power that was making hiding from Muggles ever more difficult. In many ways Muggle magic was challenging the magic of the Magi. Fewer and fewer of the Magi were living totally outside the world of electricity and the internet.


Someone listening from the outside would notice how much of the progress in England was connected in some way to what Harry Potter and Bill Weasley were doing.  DPW was directly or indirectly employing over three hundred Magi, at excellent wages, making huge profits while doing it.  Harry had given away well over half the money he had inherited, and he had more assets than when he started.  Bill was richer than he had ever dreamed he could be, and even though Fleur was able to buy the finest clothes and jewelry, for her family as well as herself, she did not make a dent in the family assets. 


The ball that night was a celebration of how far they had come. 


After the ceremonies honoring the Magi who were killed Professor McGonagall said, “We also want to honor the elves who lost their lives at the Battle of Hogwarts, and the Elf who led them. 


Kreacher was let in.  He was in a wheelchair, an obviously confused Azalea pushing the chair.  Kevin was wearing a little harness, and followed along behind his mother, who kept one end of a line in her hand while the other end was on the harness.  It was obvious Kevin had no idea what was going on.


After the ceremony Kreacher spoke to Harry.  “Mr. Harry,” Kreacher said, “Where are the heads of my ancestors?  They are not at Grimmauld Place.”


Harry answered, “I am almost positive I put them in my vault in Gringotts for safekeeping.  Do you want them?”


Kreacher said, “When I die will you please bury them with me.”


Harry said, “Of course I will.”


Kreacher looked at Azalea and Kevin.  “I may die before them.  Take care of them, please.”


Harry answered, “Of course, I will give orders that Azalea and Kevin are to be taken care of.”


Kreacher had tears in his eyes as he said, “Is not house elves position ever to ask master to take care of his children.  Is to serve, not be served.  Very subversive, very changing.  Is so sorry is making you do.”


Harry said, “But you are becoming honored Elves, not slaves and subject house elves.  You, Kreacher, deserve honor for your part.”


Kreacher said, “Is right thing to do, but not always simple.  Is simple being slave.”


Harry said, “Professor Dumbledore always said, ‘Do the right thing, not the easy thing.’ You have been doing the right thing for me and for all the Elves for a long time now.  Thank you!”


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