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QThe first day of lessons rolled around. Seats were assigned in transfiguration. Hannah was sat next to a boy. Although she did not know his name, Hannah caught him starring at her occasionally. Ginny said he finds him gazing almost every day. By October, Hannah realized Ginny was writing in an old journal. 

“What’s that?” Hannah started inquiring about the book.


“If it’s nothing let me read it.”


“Just show me one page.”

“See! It’s empty!” Ginny’s voice was rising now.

“Show me the cover!”


“I want to see!”

“Here!” They we shouting now. Ginny threw the book at Hannah. Her guess that the book was old was right. The book was old, but it showed no signs of wear. It was nice looking. A little to nice. Dangerously nice. 

“This could be dangerous. You should know how dangerous books can be. You father works for the ministry!”

“How could you know what a father tells his daughter. Your is dead.”

Tears filled both their eyes. “I do have a father. Just not the one whose blood runs in my veins.”

“Give me back my book!”

“Fine!” Hannah threw the book across the room and stormed out. She ran to a corner of the common room and cried. 

When Hannah picked her head up again only her and the boy who she sits next to in transfiguration. “Are you okay?” The boy sounded concerned. 

“Who are you?”

“Chris Perry.”

“What’s with you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why do you stare at me? Why are you the only one still down here?”

“I-I can’t tell you.”

“An owl came for you.”

“Can I see it?” Chris handed it to Hannah.

Dear Hannah,

I am truly sorry I was the one to tell you this. You mother was a great woman. She unfortunately killed by a Leitifold  attack. 

She stopped reading there because she had started to cry again. Before she knew it Chris was at her side. Was he comforting me?

Chris has his arm around Hannah. That was the last thought that registered before she fell asleep.


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