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A/N: Welcome to my new fic! This is supposed to be a bigger story. I’m just posting the first chapters now but I’m already working on the others and will post them soon. English isn’t my native language so I apologize for any mistakes. And please, if you can, live a review! It’s important for me to decide how the story will go and if I should keep working on this.

I also wanna say huge thanks to choguiwawho who is my betareader and is always supporting me!

Now, I won’t keep you any longer. Hope you enjoy!
Disclaimer: everything related to Harry Potter belongs to J. K. Rowling.

I couldn’t help but laugh with all my friends as James told another joke. And what was not to laugh about? I was in a compartment with all my friends going back to the school that I loved and had missed during the summer holidays.


As I entered my first year at Hogwarts completely insecure and lost, as is the case for most first years, I couldn’t have imagined that I would have, six years later, a group of friends as awesome as I do. 


Of course, being sorted into Gryffindor helped a bit.


 Sitting around me were my favorite people in school.


My faithful best friend, Anna Kavoc, which is a beautiful blonde Gryffindor with clear brown eyes that are always surrounded by laughter, and a personality that catches everyone with their way of making them feel welcome. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime, almost sister.
 She has friends in all the houses at school with her easy charm and way of talking to people, something I greatly admire in her, and yet she always trusts me with her secrets and is always there for me.


Then there is Zoe Schmitt, who is as short as her personality is big. She has a talent to make everyone laugh and her adventurous nature was what made her end up in Gryffindor with us. But although she looks cute and easygoing with her blob of black hair and big blue eyes, people shouldn’t even think of making her mad. She has always been the kind to bite rather than bark.


In the other side of the bench were seated the boys, the other half of our group.


Freddie Weasley, the eternal prankster, who couldn’t help but follow his father’s footsteps is the first of a group of three trouble makers.

He has red hair like the rest of his family and curiously brown skin from the side of his mother. Although a prankster, Freddie is adored by almost everyone since his pranks always have a great sense of humor and are never meant to harm. Him and the other two of this trio have a record of detentions for the year since Freddie always has a new product from his father’s store itching to be used.


There is also Jacob Wood, the goalkeeper for Gryffindor. He has a group of admiring fangirls who has nothing to do with just his playing abilities. The female population can’t help but admire his strong physique and his blond hair and blue eyes don’t hurt much either.


Last but not least, there is James. The Gryffindor chaser and Quidditch captain and this year’s Head Boy. Admired by men and wanted by girls, he is the epitome of a popular school boy. With his black messy hair and hazel eyes, he could have practically any girl at Hogwarts. And he apparently chooses to have them all, since his flings normally don’t last more than a weekend. But most of all, he has a way of making you feel special that appeals to everyone, knowing exactly the right thing to say at the right time. 


That’s how I feel at least and my feelings for him stopped being of friendship a long time ago. It’s like I started to have that crush  you normally have at the start of adolescence in that cute boy that before was just your friend. And for some time it seems you can’t act around him as easily as before.


The problem is instead of fading away, as these things normally do after a year or so, I can’t seem to shake it away as much as I try to.


- Emma! Hey, where are you? It’s been five minutes since you don’t say anything! – says Freddie passing a hand in front of my face.


-Sorry! I was just a bit lost in thought.


- We are all discussing when should we do our first prank this year. – says Jake excitedly.


- No! They were discussing when they would do their prank and we were arguing against it. –says Anna, pointing to her and Zoe.


- Give it a break! – says James – you know that as soon as we start planning it Zoe is gonna want to get in. And besides, Emma will back us up as well, right Emms?


And as he looked at me with those big eyes it was very hard to go against him in anything, so I just kept my mouth shut.


-Anything from the trolley? – the candy lady interrupted our discussion and we spent the next few hours talking about the year that lay ahead.

-C’mon!! When is this feast gonna start?!! – says an irritated Fred.


- I can’t believe you are hungry already! You’ve just eaten six chocolate frogs in the train! – I tell him.


- Well, that was just an appetizer, I want real food!!


We were seated in the Great Hall waiting for the annual sorting to end, though Fred was having a bit of a problem with the “waiting” part. 


Anna was showing us a new muggle book she had started reading during the summer. I am a muggleborn so these books are nothing new to me but I wouldn’t have imagined that Anna would be so into them when I met her, since she was raised in the Wizarding World. Later I discovered she got it from her mother, who is a muggleborn. Our passion for books is one of the many things that bind us and even Zoe started to get a taste for them.


Meanwhile James and Jacob were doing their usual game of guessing which house the new students would get into.


- A sure Hufflepuff. – guessed Jake looking at the shy blonde girl next in line.


- No way man! She has smart written all over her face. I bet it’s Ravenclaw.


The girl put the hat in her head, covering her eyes, and a few seconds later the hat shouted Ravenclaw to the cheers of the blue and bronze table.


- I told you! – gloated James – I’m an expert at this house business. Even guessed my brother’s house and that was something no one was expecting. 


- You didn’t guess his house. You were just messing with him.


And as the two boys discussed I couldn’t help but look at the Slytherin table to where the current subject of the conversation was seating. 


Albus Potter was James’ younger brother but, like most of the school I didn’t know him much. He’s always had this mysterious personality about him that strangely appealed to people. But as much as the students, specially his admiring fangirls, tried to get close to him, he never let people in. His circle of friends was basically his dorm mates from Slytherin. 


In all the years I’ve known James it always appeared he has a good relationship with his brother and made it seem as if Albus is actually a very good person, just more reserved. Still I couldn’t help but be a bit intimidated by him, and can’t deny part of it is about the old prejudice against Slytherin.


As I’m looking at his messy head of hair so similar to his brother’s while he talks to his friends, he suddenly raises his head and looks at me.


 His bright green eyes meet my blue ones and he frowns a bit, not angrily, but rather in an expression of curiousity. His green eyes are intense and for a minute I’m so caught by surprise I can’t look away.
At that moment Headmistress Macgonagall starts the start of term speech and I break the contact.


During the feast and the rest of the night with my friends I don’t waste a single thought to the mysterious Slytherin boy. But as I lay in bed before sleeping, in that state where you’re thinking of a million things before falling asleep, the thought that sticks with me is a pair of beautiful green eyes.

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