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“Better get our robes on. We’re almost there”


A few minutes later Hannah and Ginny are crossing the lake to the castle.  They are nervously awaiting the sorting. With no idea what they may face, just one minute in the great hall seems to take hours. Finally, the sorting has started. Time flashes in a blur. Before long, Professor McGonagall had call Potter,Hannah, but it sounded like Porter,Hannah. I guess there is an agreement not to disclose that specific detail.


The Sorting Hat was places opon her head. Hmmm. I see some brave and boldness in you. But you are also kind, loyal, and humble. Strange. An old hat with reasoning. All Hannah could think was “Please not Gryffindor, I don’t need that kind of attention”

“Well too bad,” she heard the hat think. “HUFFLEDOR


“That name has never been called before. What do I do?”

“Go sit with Gryffindor. We will go to the headmaster’s office after the feast.” Said McGonagall


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