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Chapter 3

Present time

It had been about two years since graduation before Lily was forced to think of her old friend again.  Of course, she’d always had his face in the back of her mind as she worked for the Order.  She’d always wondered if he were one of the men behind the masks that she had run into during some rather nasty fights that she had been involved in defending the wizarding world against He Who Must Not Be Named and his cowardice followers.

As she folded up the letter she couldn’t help but let her mind travel back to Spinner’s End, for that is the location the letter was referring to.  A place where she used to meet Severus as a child and they would run off hand in hand and spend the evenings talking about a magical place that Lily had never heard of.  Could she go back there again without it hurting too much?  The last time she’d gone home, for that would always remain home to her, was during the time in which her father was sick and passed away. 

When she had apparated to the location, she thought she would have to wait for Severus, as she was very early.  She walked down the path that connected Spinner’s End to the street she grew up on.  She stayed under the cover of the trees so that she wouldn’t easily be seen by passersby, although there wouldn’t be any at this time of night.

Lily waited for a few moments before she noticed that a small light was floating through the trees toward her.  She raised her wand and looked around before she realized that it was a doe, the same shape that her patronus made.  When the doe was close enough, she knew what she must do.  Looking around again, Lily touched the patronus with one hand and made a faint pop before she disappeared.

Lily landed at the bottom of a large hill and knew that Severus would probably want to be safe and out of sight for this secret meeting, but she saw no houses or trees.  She was in a hilly area that she used to come to with her family on weekend holidays.  She had even taken Sev once when they were children.  She looked around at the tall grass blowing in the breeze and clutched her arms tighter to her body.  She began walking up the closest hill where she thought she might have a better view of incomers. 

It was only a few moments before she heard the whip of a robe and turned with her wand pointing into the face of her old best friend.  She lowered her wand, slightly, but didn’t quite remove the scowl on her face.  He had fear in his eyes at surprising her and how quickly she was able to draw her wand.

“You came,” he breathed in a whisper. 

“You’ve sent three letters.  I couldn’t very well let the postman come too often or the neighbors might get suspicious.  What is going on, Sev?”  His nickname, she had used his nickname again.  He hadn’t heard that since his days at Hogwarts, now going mostly by Snape, or remaining unnamed around his peers. 

As he looked at Lily, he couldn’t help but notice the dark circles under her eyes, the wrinkles that had formed on her forehead.  The war was taking its toll on her as well.  She was once so vibrant and innocent looking.  Her green eyes danced with excitement back when they were in school.  He’d also seen them flare in anger during a day he regretted; the day that changed his entire life.  Although still green, now they had lost a bit of that excitement for life and looked tired.  The way she looked around and her eyes shifted left to right also showed her lack of trust in being outdoors.  Snape shook himself out of his own mind.

“We need to talk.  This is serious, Lily, you’re in danger.”  Snape pleaded with his eyes as his shoulders slumped.  Lily couldn’t help but to feel some resentment.  He cared for her safety now, now after he’d already joined with the Death Eaters.  Part of her even wondered if this were a trick or a trap; that’s why she wasn’t sure if she’d wanted to come.  She finally came up with the courage and talked herself into trusting her old friend.  As she watched him now, she couldn’t help but wonder where he’s been for the last two years.  What experiences he’s had.

Severus always wore his hair longer than the other boys growing up, probably because his parents didn’t take him to the barber.  Now it was chin-length and stringy.  It hid the dark, grey eyes that peeked through as the wind blew.  She could see the mania in his eyes.

“Of course I’m in danger; we’re all in constant danger with He Who Must Not Be Named killing people left and right.”  Snape became frustrated with her referring to his master in front of him.  He couldn’t help but worry that somehow the Dark Lord would know when he was being spoken of.  He also didn’t like that Lily was so intimately involved in the war.  He preferred to think of her as safe and staying out of the news and headlines.  But he’d read the articles and knew that she and that stupid husband of hers were fighting the Death Eaters.  If Potter were any bit aware of the treasure he had, he would keep Lily locked away somewhere safe.  Severus could have kept her safe.  He could still keep her safe.  He had to.

“Lily, there’s been a prophecy, it may concern you and, and, Potter” he sneered this last bit.  Lily was already well aware of the Prophecy for they had been talking about it within the Order.  She and her good friend had both given birth to sons nine months ago, and the Prophecy mentioned a boy born at the end of July.  “I know about the Prophecy, Severus, what do you expect me to do about it?  We’re already fighting every day to defeat Voldemort.”  She hastily spat at him.

“It’s more than just defeating him.  He will be coming after you.  He thinks it’s about your son.  Lily, you must leave the country, you need to hide!”

Lily began to panic thinking about her son being in danger.  “We’re protecting ourselves.  Why are you so concerned?  You chose your side.”

“Lily, I could never live with myself if you were killed.  You must hide.  Please, come with me and I can hide you.  I don’t want you to be killed.”

“Leave my family?  I will never leave my family.  I will never leave my son.  If he is in danger, I will do everything to save him.  I’d give my life for him.”  At that, Snape looked around and told Lily that he had an idea about how to protect her if she refused to leave.


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