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A/N: GAAAH OH MY GOOOD Guys thank you all so much for your reviews! I siriusly (i hate myself for this but it had to be done) appreciate it SO MUCH! 

I hope you'll enjoy this chapter! Oh, and this hotty in the gif is how I picture young Sirius. I know that Ben Barnes is almost canon these days but personally, I find Tomothée Chalamet to be...i dunno, more Siriusy, I guess! What do you think? 



 THE SUN WAS SHINING HIGH in the cloudless azure sky but its rays no longer brought the delightful sense of warmth, instead almost mocking you with the beautiful illusion.

Autumn was at its peak, mercilessly shredding the old, noble oaks of their emerald coats and turning the leaves into an equally mesmerizing golden carpet. On it, underneath one of the mighty trees, sat Easton. She seemed to be deep in thought while mindlessly petting Fawlty, who sat comfortably on her thighs enjoying the ministrations. 

Easton, however, was not nearly as peaceful.

It was almost the end of October, which meant that Christmas was coming awfully close, which meant...

"Oh, sod it," Easton heaved in annoyance, "That's exactly what he wanted, Fawlty, and I fell right into his...his mind game. Really, I did, how stupid," she let out a nervous, shaky laugh and kept on complaining to the cat, "It's what he does, you know—he fucks with your bloody mind like a—Ah! That...that bastard!"

Fawlty only purred, obviously approving of the new pressure that came with Easton's sudden fit of anger.

"If I were a cat, I would've scratched that bloody smirk off his aristocratic face," she seethed through clenched teeth and then suddenly looked at Fawlty as if having an epiphany, "Could you do it?" She asked, "I'd pay you in milk. Lots, lots of milk!"


"So, what do you say?"

Fawlty wiggled his furry tail and meowed.

"Yeah, I know the offer sucks," Easton sighed, excepting her defeat, "but I'll come up with something. You just wait."

Believe it or not, but there was actually a reason for Easton's sudden desire to take a walk to the Great Lake instead of spending time in the Library doing homework or reading a romance novel in her cozy four-poster bed. And the reason was Sirius Black, which really shouldn't be surprising at all.

Everything happened very quickly, to be honest. Easton was just gathering her things after another "successful" class when she overheard Sirius talking to James about something, which if his mischievous smile and childish giddiness were anything to go by, was quite exciting. She listened to the conversation all the while pretending to sort her quills, which wasn't at all suspicious, but failed to make out anything interesting.

What happened next Easton couldn't quite explain, for she herself didn't understand what'd made her follow Sirius Black to the lake, hiding behind every tapestry and pillar on her way like an awkward excuse for a spy.

And yet there she was, sitting behind the tree trunk with Fawlty in her hands, trying to discreetly look Sirius's way and see what it was he was so excited about.

The mystery was soon no more. 

Easton couldn't decide if she was happy or disappointed because the reason for the grey-eyed Marauder's elation was...his girlfriend Marlene McKinnon. Oh, how very boring. Easton expected something in the lines of skinny dipping or sexy mid-day workout, or a hot date with some hussy from Ravenclaw, but alas, it was just a romantic picnic. 

Who had bloody picnics in Autumn?

Easton should've felt terrible for watching them, but she didn't, not really. She made sure to scoff in annoyance every time Marlene flipped her perfectly golden curls in a nauseatingly girly manner and wanted to stuff the girl's mouth with a slug whenever the Gryffindor laughed as gracefully as the Queen of England. 

Merlin, you couldn't even really insult her, for there was nothing not to like about Marlene McKinnon. And that was the only flaw Easton could really find.

"Pathetic," came an exasperated sigh.

Easton was so absorbed in her stalking she didn't notice Regulus Black sit next to her on the cold ground and nearly shrieked of fear.

"What the fuck, Regulus?" she whisper-yelled, turning to the younger Slytherin, "you scared the shit out of me!"

He didn't acknowledge her accusations in any way; he simply looked bored.

"What are you doing here?"

Again, no reaction. Easton wasn't even sure Regulus knew she was actually there. His face bore the expression of utter disinterest while he was looking at his brother.

And then it suddenly dawned on her.

"Did you follow me?" Easton asked, irritated.

"Why would I follow you, Greengrass?"

"Well, you and my dear cousin seem to be bosom friends these days; he could've asked you to do my mother's dirty bidding."

Regulus finally shifted his stealthy cold gaze to her, and Easton felt shiver creep down her spine from its intensity. She couldn't remember him gracing her with direct eye contact, like, ever. And it was quite intimidating, for it seemed Easton's choice of words had triggered something in the younger Black.

"I do no one's bidding, Greengrass," he said slowly and in a dangerously quiet manner as if delivering a threat.

Easton wasn't sure how she managed to breathe under his burning glare but suddenly found herself talking, "Why are you here then? Surely not to spy on your brother."

"He's no brother of mine," Regulus spat, his voice devoid of any emotion once again. It's like he had this switch somewhere deep inside that let him turn them off, and Easton found she quite envied that ability.

"Right, he's a blood-traitor," she "suddenly" recalled with mock obviousness, "I bet all of you wonder how it is that my family hasn't disowned me yet. Believe me, it's one of those universal things I reflect on when sleep fails me instead of counting hippogriffs, which never helps by the way, it's a fat lie," Easton blubbered on and on, without a care in the world, "Personally, I think it's because they know Josefine is too dimwitted to be trusted, and seeing as they didn't make any more babies, that leaves me."

It was as if Regulus hadn't heard a word she'd said, and only when Fawlty purred in his sleep, did he show any signs of life.

"What's that thing?"

"Really? That's a cat, Regulus, educate yourself, Merlin," she shook her head disapprovingly at him.

"I know what it is, it just looks horrendous."

Easton drew her breath at this remark, deeply offended. She then pressed Fawlty closer to her and kissed his furry head, "You're perfect, darling, don't listen to him," she whispered affectionately under Regulus's puzzled stare.

"I don't get it," he suddenly said.

"Don't get what?" Easton asked briskly, still angry with him for fat-shaming her cat.

"You," it seemed unsure of his own words, "I don't get you."

If Easton was surprised by his unexpected fit of honesty—and she was—she didn't show it.

"Are you saying I'm mysterious?" she scoffed.

"That's one way of putting it."

Easton could've sworn on Audrey Hepburn's brows that she'd caught a ghost of smile on Regulus's lips.

"You're not so bad either," she found herself saying, "When you don't hang around with my cousin, that is."

Silence set between them. And then, "Why did you color your hair?"


"You knew that would only make people laugh at you more, so why did you do it?" Regulus sounded genuinely interested, and Easton couldn't get angry at him for such insensitive question even if she wanted to.

"Honestly? I did it to piss off my mother. And it worked," she smiled at the wonderful memory.

Regulus huffed, "You're just like him."

Easton followed his eyes; Sirius was in his best element, telling Marlene one of many ridiculous stories of the Marauders' adventures, and she was hanging on his every word like the perfect girlfriend she was.

The happy couple, however, was absolutely unaware of the two very angry Slytherins watching them with what was utter disdain.

"No," Easton said thoughtfully, still looking at Sirius, "I would never leave my sister."

She turned around to see Regulus watching her intently with a slight puzzlement in his stormy eyes, brows furrowed as if he was trying really hard to figure something out.

•• ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ••

One of the few things that helped Easton make it through the day was the thought of returning to the dorms after classes were over. No matter what happened, Easton knew that despite anything she would end up in her bed, snuggling in its warmth and softness.

And that was exactly what she was doing now: as soon as she entered the dorm room, Easton practically jumped onto her bed.

Oh, wonderful, she closed her eyes and let out an exhausted sigh, feeling her lips stretch into a content smile.


Not so wonderful.

"What are you doing?" Daisy Travers asked in confusion. She stood in the doorway quizzically regarding Easton, who was lying across the bed fully dressed in her school uniform.

"Whaddo you wan'," Easton groaned, her words stifled by the bedsheets.

"That mudblood Evans is waiting for you at the Common Room's entrance," Daisy informed her in a bored voice, "says it's 'urgent' " she scoffed.

"Ebans?" Easton tore her head away from the softness of the pillow, "What does she want?"

"Do I look like a Seer to you?"

Easton rolled her eyes at the blond and reluctantly got up with a loud sigh that perfectly rendered all the pain she was feeling at that very moment. Leaving the girls' dorms, she managed to sneak through the Common Room unnoticed by Evan and his merry band that were occupying the sofas near the fireplace. It was the only source of warmth in the freezing coldness of the dungeons.

Easton could hear her cousin's disgusting chortles dissolve into barely audible echoes as she neared the exit. Merlin, how she despised him and the way her mother always put the Rosier heir on the pedestal. Evan this, Evan that—it's like they wanted  Easton to hate him.

The stone wall slowly slid open, and Easton found herself face to face with the red-haired Head Girl. 

"Hi," she smiled brightly enough to light up the gloomy dungeons, "I'm Lily, Lily Evans."

"Yeah, I know."

"And you must be Easton Greengrass, is that right?"

"I...guess?" Easton droned unenthusiastically.

Lily seemed a bit confused by her reply, but it was barely enough to discourage her, "Wow, you're a tough person to find! I mean I've been trying to catch you for two weeks, but it's like you always...disappear," she laughed.

"Yes, well, I've been told I was quite mysterious," Easton admitted with all seriousness.

"Right, so...I take it Professor Slughorn has already...filled you in?" Lily trailed.

Easton raised her brow inquisitively, "On what?"

"On the whole tutoring thing," Lily supplied, "He didn't tell you?" she sounded absolutely horrified, her emerald eyes becoming the size of a Bludger.

"Ah right! The tutoring thing," Easton exclaimed as if it's just come to her, "Sorry, I just...forgot about it, I guess. So are you the martyr?"

Lily laughed, "You could say that. I'm in charge of Potions and Charms," she explained dutifully.

"How...charming," Easton looked awfully proud of herself, "Did you get it? 'Cause...oh, it was horrible, I know, I'm sorry."

Lily could barely stifle a snigger and stay professional, "How does this Sunday sound to you?" She asked.

Easton shrugged, "Yeah, it's fine."

"Great!" Lily smiled again.

Easton could tell that there was something else by the way the fiery Gryffindor was examining the walls.

"Something wrong?" She inquired.

Lily instantly blushed for being caught red-handed.

"I...Oh, it's nothing really," she laughed and shook her head at her own silliness, "One of my friends has been trying to guess the passwords to your Common Room, and I was just wondering myself, that's all."

"It's Pure-blood," Easton suddenly said with absolute nonchalance, as if she'd not just betrayed her whole House.

Lily blinked at her in total awe, "What?"

"I know, very original," Easton rolled her eyes, "Tell your friend to make good use of it. I'll be waiting," she grinned mischievously, "Bye, Evans!"


It was almost 3 a.m when Easton woke up with a sudden and most acute need for ice cream. The feeling was one of those unexplainable things that just happened, and all you could do was follow your instinct and quench the aching urge.

That was exactly what Easton did.

In her Pink Panther-themed pajamas and a robe thrown atop, she made it to the kitchens through the deadly silent—and quite scary—corridors of Hogwarts, all the while looking out for any sounds of meowing that would undoubtedly lead to disaster.

Easton and Penelope discovered the entrance to the kitchens back in the second year after Penny'd seen a door open near the Hufflepuff Common Room. Ever since that mysterious incident the two girls made in their life's purpose to find the door and where it led, which they finally did. And what a divine discovery that was.

Still in a daze after waking up in the middle of the night, Easton tickled the giggly pear in the painting and watched as the door appeared in the middle of it.

"Tappy?" She whispered, carefully walking in and looking around.

As if on cue, the little house elf popped up in front of her.

"Is Miss Greengrass in need of help?" asked Tappy, blinking her big blue eyes at the sleepy Slytherin.

"I wondered if I could have some ice cream?"

"Of course, of course!" the little elf fussed and with a snap of the fingers conjured a bowl of all-flavored dessert, "what else can Tappy do for Miss Greengrass?"

"It's all I need, Winky, thank you," Easton smiled warmly at the house elf and took the bowl with almost childish excitement.

After the little elf disappeared, she climbed atop of one of the tables near the brick fireplace to keep herself warm and Accio'd a spoon. There was no way to describe how absolutely happy Easton was when the sweet treasure found her mouth. It was like the missing piece of the puzzle that was her life had finally found its way home, and everything suddenly made sense. With every spoonful she took, Easton felt more and more content and by the end of it realized that ice cream could actually save the world, if only Voldemort tried it once.

"Damn, I'll have what you're having!"

Easton stopped eating and completely froze with the spoon in her mouth. Was it her sleep-deprived brain playing tricks on her or was it actually?...

"Are you alright?"

Okay, now you can panic.

Easton took the spoon out of her mouth, swallowed the ice-cream and finally looked up at Sirius Black, who was watching her with that smirk of his... Ah!

"Hey," she smiled timidly.

"Hello to you, too," Sirius stepped closer and jumped on the table opposite her with a plate of pumpkin pasties in his hands.

They sat in complete silence for a couple of minutes that, to the terror-stricken Easton, seemed more like hours. All of a sudden she lost her appetite and was now just playing with the mushy ice-cream in the bowl.

"Knut for your thoughts?" Sirius spoke, taking a bite of a pasty.

"It's nothing. I...sorry, my brain's just a bit fuzzy now, probably should've stayed in bed instead of raiding the kitchens," she laughed weakly.

"How'd you find the entrance by the way?"

"My friend did back in the second year," Easton explained, barely looking at Sirius—she wouldn't be able to keep direct eye contact with him. She'd probably just faint.

Sirius let out an impressed whistle, "That's badass! We did it only in the third year!

Easton just shrugged and smiled shyly in response.

"Your friend is Penelope Abbots, right? The Hufflepuff.

"Yeah," she replied, "Why?"

"A Slytherin and a Hufflepuff," Sirius mused, "that's something."

"It shouldn't be, really," Easton regretted the words as soon as they'd left her mouth.

"What do you mean?" Sirius asked, intrigued.

Easton felt extremely uncomfortable being the center of his attention. Admiring was easy when he hadn't been aware of her existence, that, however, was something she was definitely not ready for.

She gripped on the bowl tighter nervously tracing its edges with her index finger, "I think that's what's wrong with our school—the House prejudice," she began in a small voice, "A friendship between a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin shouldn't be weird, you know? I mean...we're all people, all the same, so why should the color of our uniform or...p-purity of our blood determine who we're friends with? It's...stupid. "

When Sirius said nothing, Easton wanted to take it all back and just run away to the comfort of her bed, however, when she finally found the courage to look up from the bowl, she was caught by his grey eyes. That's exactly what they did: trapped you inside their depths, almost hypnotized you and rendered you absolutely speechless. 

The flames danced in the fireplace coating the room in a dull, orange light, and Easton could see the fires flicker in Sirius's eyes. In this lighting, he looked even more mesmerizing than usual, with his dangerously sharp jawline and high, slightly hollow cheekbones.  

"How is it that you were sorted into Slytherin?" Sirius wondered, his eyes still on Easton.

"Who knows," she managed to utter ever so quietly, "maybe there is something snaky in me, and I just haven't realized it yet."

"I doubt it," Sirius smiled at her, and Easton only hoped that he couldn't see her cheeks grow burning red in that lightning, "I feel kind of stupid right now, to be honest."


"Because we only met now, in the last year. So many lost pranking opportunities," he sighed in genuine regret, "Only imagine what we could've done together? You could've been our agent on the inside, delivering all the dirty snaky secrets."

Easton laughed, but then something hit her and her lips grew into a mischievous grin.

"What's that?" Sirius asked, catching the sudden change in the girl.

"It's only October," she reminded him, "we still have the whole school year ahead of us." 


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