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Easton Greengrass wasn't ambitious. Easton Greengrass wasn't cunning. Easton Greengrass lacked any sense of self-preservation in every meaning there was (she came close to killing herself during Potions on numerous occasions).

See, Easton Greengrass wasn't many things, much to her parents' dislike, and, oh dear Merlin, she most definitely wasn't a Slytherin. However, funnily enough, this little fact didn't prevent the Sorting Hat from putting her in the House that embodied everything Easton Greengrass wasn't, and everything her family hoped she would eventually become. Which she didn't.

She still couldn't wrap her mind around how it came to be, really. A twist of fate? A seek joke? Sodding karma finally making her pay for that one time she almost burned her sister's hair off when they were seven?

Even six years later, six years of hours spent thinking of where she went wrong in life to deserve this, Easton Greengrass still hadn't an answer. And so she learned to live with it.

Sort of.

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing, except for the characters created by me and me only. Everything else belongs to J.K Rowling.

A/N: Hello there, thank you for stopping by and reading this story! Anyways, I won't take much of your time, just wanted to say that comments and votes will be grrrrreatly (horribly bad Scottish accent intended) appreciated and that I love each and every one of you ❤

Without further ado, welcome to Easton's world.

Kind of.

KING'S CROSS STATION WAS PACKED with people that morning, and Easton wasn't particularly enjoying the crowd. To be completely honest, she was one step away from yelling at the group of people in front of her, who were without a single doubt muggles and who made it their personal mission to walk as slowly as bloody possible. 

But Easton couldn't really yell at them; no these days Easton Greengrass was all about positivity and love-spreading that she'd read about in one of the magazines Penelope'd sent her that summer. 

So instead of verbally traumatizing the irritating twats, she took a very, very deep breath, closed her eyes for a couple of seconds and emptied her lungs just like the article had instructed.

But Easton couldn't say it worked.

"Excuse me," she seethed whilst fighting her way through the crowed with a huge trunk behind her and a fat cat under her right arm. The cat, who's name was Fawlty, grumbled in annoyance when somebody bumped into Easton's side, "hey, watch it!" she yelled after the stranger, but he was long gone, "What a bloody gentleman".

Finally Easton, the trunk, and the grumpy Falwlty all made it to the Platform 9 3/4 safe and sound, which couldn't be said about all the people she'd basically run over with her luggage. 

Easton stopped in front of the brick wall and let out a loud sigh—that was the last time she'd ever see it, the last time she'd get on the magical Hogwarts Express and spend the whole year in the wizarding boarding school with a bunch of hormonal teenagers. And Merling was she ready to get it over with.

"But mum, what if I get sorted into Slytherin?" Easton heard a little first year whimper, and she couldn't help but smile at the irony—these words were the first she'd said and the last she'd hear at the sodding brick wall.

"Oh, you won't, darling! Your father, your brother and I—we all went to Ravenclow, and so will you! Just wait and see, Addy, it's going to be just fine!"

Yeah, right. 

With the bitter thought, Easton went through the wall, at last, only to be greeted by more fuss and noise.

"Easton!" called the horrifically familiar voice of her dear mother who was already nearing her with the look on her face that Easton new all too well—wrath and...yes, that was about it, "Where on earth were you? Your sister and I have been looking everywhere—"

"Calm down now, mother, I stopped by a kiosk to buy something to read", Easton explained with as much calmness as she could muster.

"Should your father learn of your pastimes, Easton, you—"

"Then we'd better make sure he doesn't, do we, mother?" she looked at Mrs.Ophelia Greengrass née Rosier with cold determination in her clear blue eyes until the latter gave up and switched her attention to something else.

"Why didn't you leave that wretched cat home?" She crinkled her perfect little nose at the ginger ball of purr in Easton's arms, which made her hold on to Fawlty even tighter, "Salazar knows it's way too old for this. We could've got you a new one—"

"I'm perfectly content with the old grumpy cat that I have, mother, but thank you for the concern".

"Hurry up now, Easton, we're going to be late!" oh, yes, her sister was there too. How in the world could she have forgotten about that what with Josefine's "sparkly" personality and a yellow leather jacket to match.

Josefine Greengrass was a year behind her older sister and yet somehow managed to actually have a social life, which would explain her exasperating eagerness to get on the train and snog the appalling jock the younger Greengrass so dearly called a boyfriend.

"Alright, Easton", Ophelia started with the tone that forebode a lengthy monologue, "This is your last year at Hogwarts, which means this is the year you are to finally take your N.E.W.Ts. Remember what your father and I have talked to you about, now will you, dear? We..."

"You hope I don't fail and embarrass the whole Greengrass family, you hope I'll do better than Evan, which I certainly won't, seeing as he's a sodding Prefect, a golden member of the bloody Slug Club and the Quidditch captain, mother".

"Easton, language!"

"What's another disappointment to you?" Easton deadpanned and grabbed tightly to her bag, fully prepared to say her goodbyes and board the train, "'Righty, mother dearest, I shall be off".

"Oh, Easton, please write to father and I, we—"

Easton interrupted her mother for what must've been a hundredth time that morning, "I sure will, now goodbye!"

"Goodbye, darling! Oh, Josie, take off that dreadful leather jack—oh, never mind you. I'll be waiting for your letters, young ladies!" Mrs.Greengrass shouted, but her pleas just dissolved into the cacophony of station sounds and endless farewell talk, while both Easton and Josie were making their way through the train in search of a compartment.

"I'm sitting with Trevor," Josie informed walking in front of her older sister. The seemingly innocent statement meant that Easton was certainly not welcome to join them.

"Great, tell him I said hi."

Leaving Josefine to walk off to her boyfriend's compartment, Easton stopped at the one in the middle and, sliding the door open, let out an involuntary groan, "I hate everything". She slumped into the seat across from a bushy-haired blond who was deeply engrossed in a magazine.

"I've missed your positivity, my bright ray of sunshine you," her voice practically dripped with sarcasm.

Easton gently placed sweet Fawlty on the seat beside her and looked up at her friend.

"What are you reading?" she asked, taking off the cardigan which left her in a thin yellow t-shirt that, ironically enough, said "Good day, Sunshine".

"Oh, the "Sun". Listen, you won't believe what that Travolta guy...Oh. My. God," the blond was now staring at her friend in pure shock, the magazine completely forgotten, "Have you...have you dyed your bloody hair?!

Easton smiled mischievously.

"D'you like it?" she ruffled her now almost red locks and styled them into a weird hairdo that instantly fell apart without the help of her hands.

Penelope Abbott, Easton's best and probably only friend, was at a complete loss for words, staring at the redhead in what was a mix of confusion and total amazement.

"Are you trying to seduce Potter now, little Tony? What about Black, huh?" she snorted, "Never coloured you to be such a shameless hussy", she could barely hold back her laughter.

Easton smacked her friend with the cardigan.

"Oh, my precious Lily Flower," Penelope sing-songed in her best James Potter impression,"will you go to Hogsmeade with me? Oh, will you marry me, Lily?" Penny was practically screaming at this point, and Easton smacked her harder, though dying of laughter herself.

"You look feisty, though, Tony," Penelope sniggered, recovering from the fit of laughter.

"Oh, sod off," Easton smiled and suddenly ripped the magazine away from her friend's hands to scan the front page, "Oh, Merlin, he did what?!"

"Yep, told ya'," Penelope said with a knowing look, "that sodding manwhore, m'I right?"

And so began the fateful train ride into what was their last year at Hogwarts.








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