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[Regulas and Burke apparate in front of the Malfoy manor]

“This way.” Burke motions to the front gate. Burke turns his head back and a small smile curls. He thinks to himself, this will finally improve his standing with the Deatheaters. Bringing a Black into the clan, although it was expected, the fact he is the one escorting him to the Dark Lord will be worth something. And Regulus will always remember it was he that recruited him into the Deatheaters. Finally, a Burke will rise in power where they truly belong…

“Who is in there?” Regulas asks.

“Snape. Maybe some others, doesn’t matter. Come on Snape is expecting us.” Burke bangs on the front door. A small house elf slowly opens the door and invites them in. “Dolby, get me a drink.” Burke commands.

“Yes sir…and you Master Regulus?” Dolby sheepishly asks. Regulus glaces out of the corner of his eye and walks past without answering. Regulus wanted a drink but he needed to keep his head clear. No telling what lies before him tonight.

“It’s about time, Burke.” Snape sneered. Snape then turned his gaze at Regulus. “Ahhhh, the infamous Regulus Black…It’s about time you decided to come around. We were all wondering when you would make your decision…on where your loyalties lie.”

Regulus shot back holding his glare at Snape, “I have always been here, Snape. I can’t say the same for some of you.”

“Cousin!” Narcisa yells out, “Darling it is so good to see you. Come in!” Regulus turns his head and finds Narcisa walking with arms out stretched. Regulus smiles and greets his cousin. Narcisa pulls him to her and guides him away and into the ball room. Regulus looks back at Snape and half grins. Snape purses his lips and his eyes tighten.

A scream rings out throughout the hall. Regulus quickly turns to see a man floating in the air upside down. Deatheaters cackling with wands out and hurling slurs at the man. “WHY! Please, please no more….!!!!” Deatheaters mock the man more and then swipe their wands. Blood splatters to the floor. “No more please!” the man pleads.

Burke whispers to Regulus, “Brought that muggle in the other day. Pissed off the wrong wizard I suppose, eh.” Burke turns and looks at Regulus with a smirk.

“Ahhh, Regulusss….” Voldemort floats out of the shadows. Silence spreads over the room as the Deatheaters all quickly bow and lower their eyes. Regulus’s heart begins beating so hard, he is sure everyone can see his chest pounding.

“My Lord”. Regulus says as he bows with his hands out to his side.

“Snape told me you were coming this evening to join our ranks. Is this true?”

“If you will have me, my Lord…”

“Hmm, perhaps if you can prove yourself worthy…Although you have all the qualities we look for in Deatheaters; there are a few who have questions concerning your loyalties. Where is your brother, Regulus?” Voldemort asks very quietly.

“I have no brother my Lord. Sirius is a blood traitor; we haven’t seen him for years.”

“Curious, Regulus, your voice says one thing but your mind…” Snape steps forward and stands behind Voldemort to his left eyeing Regulus.

“Yes, I sense something too Snape.” Voldemort stares at Regulus.

“I think…yes…I think our muggle friend can help.” With a slight movement of Voldemorts wrist the muggle man glides over in front of Regulus. “What do you think of this muggle, Regulus?”

“I think the man should be made to clean up his blood off the floor, my Lord.”

Voldemort turns his head and glares at Regulus. A smile slowly forms and he lets out a laugh. “Yessss…quite right Regulusss…But first, I think we need to have a little tryout. MacNair.”

Regulus turned his head in time to see MacNair raising his wand and pointing it at him. Regulus, quickly slips his wand out and motions towards MacNair. MacNair’s wand flies from his hand. Another flick of Regulus wand has MacNair upside down dangling by his foot. The Deatheaters start to laugh. Regulus sees Burke smiling and nods and raises his eye brows. He whispers, “Do it.”
Regulus flicks his wand again, blood begins to drip from MacNair’s nose and his eyes get wider. A few moments pass and Regulus turns to Voldemort. MacNair falls to the floor, gasping for air.

Voldemort peers at him. He then flicks his head and two other Deatheaters raise their wand toward Regulus. Spells fly toward Regulus but he is too quick and easily deflects them. Another flick of his wand and the two Deatheaters are wrapped in chains squirming on the floor. With each scream the chains grow tighter like a snake constricting its prey. Regulus again turns to Voldemort. The chains disappear like smoke.

Snape steps forward and raises his wand. Regulus takes a half step back as spells quickly come toward him. He dives behind a stone pillar and is able to send his own spells back towards Snape. Snape quickly dispatches the spells and takes another step forward.

“Enough.” Voldemort raises his hand. “Regulus, come here boy.”

Regulus steps out from behind the pillar. He glares at Snape, his wand still ready. He sees Narcisa’s prideful smile. As he approaches Voldemort, he lowers his wand. “You have done well, Regulusss…Your bloodline is pure and it shows with your abilities.” Voldemort then raises his wand. Regulus’s eyes widen, he knows what is about to happen and makes no effort to stop it…“Crucio!!!”

Regulus is blinded with pain. He falls to the ground but does not scream out. He knows he can’t show any weakness in front of the Deatheaters or him. It seems to go on for ages. The Deatheaters cheer, MacNair laughs, Narcisa lowers her head, Burke smiles, and Snape watches without a trace of emotion.

Voldemort lowers his wand and glides over to the floor where Regulus lay. He whispers “You have done well Reguluss…you will be a strong deatheater…serve me well.” With a slash of Voldemort’s wand Regulus’s robe is torn away and he touches his wand tip to Regulus forearm. The mark of the Deatheater spreads like a snake under his skin burning along the way.

Regulus looks up to Voldemort and says “Thank you my Lord.”

“Stand up…Kill this muggle filth.” Voldemort states.

Regulus slowly rises to his feet. He has never killed anyone before. He quickly looks to Narcisa who stares at him with wide eyes. He turns to Burke who nods at him. Regulus eyes dart around the room. Deatheaters everywhere, “What am I doing?” Regulus asks himself.

“Do it!” Voldemort states again. Regulus sees Snape peering at him, stone faced.

Regulus, turns to the muggle, John Doeser, looks him in the eye. John stares back with a pleading look. Regulus then whispers the words he never has before in his life:
“Avada Kedavra”

A green light fills the room. Voldemort half smiles and John, falls to the floor motionless. Regulus’s heart sinks. His stomach turns. He tries his best to swallow the lump in his throat. He takes a deep breath and turns to The Dark Lord.

“Hmm…maybe not such a strong Deatheater as I was hoping…”

Voldemort says. He then looks over at the dead muggle and an evil grin stretches across his face. Voldemort then raises his wand. A white light comes forth and the body explodes. Blood drapes the room and the deatheaters. Voldemort laughs hysterically and with a blink of the eye disaperates.

A hard slap on the back and Regulus turns with his wand stretched out. Burke smiles raising his hands and says “Congratulations! You did it! I knew you would. I will get you some fire whiskey hold on…” Burke wanders off to find some glasses and drink.

Snape then appears next to Regulus, “Yes congratulations, Regulus…Almost didn’t make it though did we…What was it? “What am I doing?” I suggest you work your Occlumency. If I sensed it, he most definitely did. You can’t hide anything from him or me…watch your back young Regulus…”

Burke then returns with some whiskey and other Deatheaters who all raise their glasses and toast the Dark Lord.

Snape begins to walk way and Regulus turns his head and watches him. He says to himself “No Snape, you had better watch your back.” Snape stops for a brief second then leaves the room.

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