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A few weeks later was the trials for the Gryffindor quidditch team. With Frank and Allan gone, they had two spots open that year. Henry Wood was the new captain, and he had asked the current members to meet up fifteen minutes early, and be present for the entire try-outs, so they could give their opinions. He felt it would help him make the best decisions for the team. Addy stood on the end next to Alice, James on her other side, with Wood in the middle, Laurence on his other side. There were four people trying out for chaser that year, including two fifth year boys that had been there the year prior, a third-year girl, and Marlene McKinnon. It looked as if there were five trying out for beater, all boys, including on Sirius Black. After roughly three hours, Wood had it narrowed down, but paused to ask the rest of their opinions. 'I dunno why you're askin me,' Addy said when he'd looked to her. 'I'm the seeker. I'm not really part of this dynamic. I'm off doin my own thing...' 


'Because you're part of this team and I asked for your bloody opinion, so just do as your captain asks and answer the sodding question Adhara!' 


Addy smirked at him. 'Alright, Henry, don't get your wand in a knot.' He quirked a brow. 'Clafkin's a solid flier and a decent shot with the quaffle, but he didn't really seem to work well with Alice and Potter. Carmichael seems to be too thick to fly and shoot at the same time. Jones is a good flier, not so goo a shot. McKinnon outflew them all, she's a good shot, and with a bit of work, she may even be as good as Alice and Potter. And she seemed to work with them the best, so I think she's your best bet for chaser. That third year...' 


'Owens,' Steve supplied. 


'Owens, right. Shoddy flier. Pitts can't bloody well aim the damn bludger. And Martin and Morriarti seem like they've already taken too many bludgers to the head. Black's a solid flier, strong hitter, and has the best aim. Plus, he seemed to work the best with Laurence.' Steve nodded affirmation. Wood smirked at Addy and she quirked a brow questioningly. 


He shook his head. 'Alright then. Sounds like the vote's unanimous.' Their circle broke and Wood turned to address the hopefuls clumped at the edge of the pitch. 'Alright, you lot! We've made a decision. Marlene McKinnon will be joining out chasers, and Sirius Black will be our second beater.' Morriarti swore loudly and stalked off the pitch. Carmichael threw his broom down angrily. A few others gave out groans. Marlene looked to be suppressing a squeal as she did a little dance before jogging over to Mary, who had apparently been cheering her on in the stands. James and Sirius whooped and slapped each other's backs and were soon joined by Remus and Peter. Addy left the pitch with Alice in search of ice cream in the kitchens. 




The next morning Addy was sat with Alice at breakfast, when a small, raven-haired, first year girl came and sat opposite her with wide eyes. 'I saw your trials yesterday,' she said excitedly. 


'Mm,' Addy smiled and reached for the pumpkin juice, pouring herself a glass. 


'Did you?' Alice asked politely. Marlene turned her head, tuning in to the conversation like she could smell something good coming. She was sat opposite and one seat over with Lily next to her; Mary was now on the other side of the first year. 


'I did!' She squealed. Addy's eyes widened and she glanced at Marlene, who was now thoroughly enjoying herself, while Addy picked up her goblet. 'It's brilliant. We just started flying lessons last week. I'm muggleborn, so it was my first time on a broom,' she beamed. 


'Oh?' Addy said, trying to sound interested. 


'And how did you find it?' Alice asked. 


'It's brilliant!' She said loudly, causing Addy to start. Marlene smirked. 'I can't wait to fly more. I hope I can get as good as you lot. Maybe in a few years, I can try out!' 


Addy smiled. 'Maybe.' 


'Liked it that much, did you?' Alice said. 'D'you know what position you'd try for? Which one is your favorite?' 


'I think I like yours,' she said, staring at Addy earnestly. 'What is it you play? Soaker?' 


Addy smiled. 'Seeker,' she said, before she took a drink of pumpkin juice. 


'And you catch the snatch?' Marlene snorted with laughter as Addy choked on her juice. Alice thumped her on the back. 


Addy couldn't help but laugh. 'No, I don't catch snatch,' she said to the first year.  'I catch the snitch,' she went on. 'It's called a snitch.'  


A few familiar boys who were walking past on their way down the table paused. 


'Good to know,' James said. Addy rolled her eyes. Remus smiled, while Sirius and Peter sniggered.  


Alice finally broke, the laughter she had been suppressing bubbling forth as her shoulders shook violently. Addy grinned and shook her head. 'You're the worst,' she said, before she went back to eating her bacon. 




A few weeks later, at the beginning of October, as Addy was leaving Ancient Runes, and slowly trailing down the corridor, William Harrington, a Ravenclaw, stopped her, and she looked at him expectantly. 'Hey, uh, Adhara...' 


'Addy,' she interrupted him. 


'Addy, right,' he nodded. 'I'm Will.' 


'I know who you are...' 


He grinned. He wasn't much taller than her, maybe a few centimeters, and he had sandy hair and green eyes, and a thin build. 'Great,' Will said. 'That's great. Um...' He glanced around nervously, so she did too. 'Hogsmeade,' he said, his voice raising on the end as if it were a question. 


'Hogsmeade?' Addy said slowly. His cheeks flushed and she smiled, which seemed to give him courage. 


'There's a Hogsmeade trip this weekend, and I wanted to know if you'd go with me,' he said quickly. 


'Oh.' He looked at her expectantly, chewing his bottom lip. She scratched the back of her neck, giving him a once over. She didn't know him very well at that point, but what she did know she liked. He seemed bright, and nice, and funny; and he was pretty fit. 'Er, ok,' she said quietly. 


'Ok?' Addy nodded, and when Will grinned broadly, she found herself smiling back. 'Brilliant!' Instead of scurrying away, as others had done, he fell into step with her, and they chatted all the way to the Great Hall. Over the next few weeks he continued to pop up and would walk with her to classes or quidditch practice or whatever, and after a few days had started to take her hand. It felt strange at first, but she grew to tolerate it once she was used to it. On the Saturday of Hogsmeade Will asked Addy to be his girlfriend and she said ok. It was nice at first, and she thought she really started to fancy him, but he would often try to kiss her in front of people. She didn't have much free time, although they did manage a few detours into broom cupboards to snog, he seemed overly bothered by her refusal to do so in front of others, and after about a month, he had found someone else, who would. Addy was a little angry that he would be that petty, although she certainly didn't shed any tears over the end of that relationship. It had turned out that he really wasn't as nice as she had thought.  







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