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I wake up on Wednesday feeling completely empty on the inside. The sun isn’t even up yet and I have barely gotten any sleep. But I don’t feel tired. I don’t feel anything.

I guess I should be thankful that Nick and his Mum are finally safe from his Dad. I should be happy that his Mum finally gotten the courage to get away. I don’t know if it was something I said or what, but it didn’t matter anyways. She got away.

But so did Nick.

And I know I’m being selfish here but I can’t help it. I miss him. I feel empty when he’s not here. And I feel scared for him too. I wish he was more selfish and thinks about himself and his future.

I sit up in my bed and look through the window as if hoping there would be Nick’s owl there. He hasn’t written to me yet which is normal, I guess. He needs to take care of his Mum first and then he can write to me. I look at Blair’s desk and consider writing to him, but decide against it. Instead, I write to Blair, now missing her more than ever.

After I’m done with the letter, the sun is already up. I can hear Dad in the kitchen making breakfast so I get dressed quickly and join him.

“Good morning.” I greet him as I call our pet owl Mick (named after Mick Jagger, yes, you guessed it right).

“’morning.” He says as he flips a pancake in the air. “Sending a letter?”

“Yes, I couldn’t sleep, so I wrote to Ashley.” I say as Mick bites my finger. The bloody bird and I never got along. He loved Blair but hated me.

“That bird is going mental.” Dad notices. “He never used to bite you.”

“Yeah.” I sigh and Dad looks at me leaning against the stove.

“Still haven’t heard from Nick?” he asks crossing his arms and I shake my head. Dad sighs as well. “You know this isn’t easy on him either. The poor boy has been through a lot this year. His ex-girlfriend trying to pin him a baby, his father coming back and attacking you, threatening his mother.”

“I know, Dad.” I nod as I watch Mick fly away.

“His mother is probably shaken as well.” Dad continues. “I bet it took all she had to leave Nick’s father. He can’t abandon her now.”

“I know all of this, Dad.” I say and finally look at him. “I am just worried. I want him to finish school, to find a job, to have a nice life. He deserves it.”

“I’m proud of you, you know?” Dad says finally. “You’ve been through a lot as well and yet you managed to get through it all. I know you’ll get through this as well.”

“I will.” I sigh and try to smile. “I’m just sad. That’s all. I miss him.”

“School will end in a couple of weeks.” Dad shrugs. “That’s not really long. And after that, we could go to Denver and visit him.”

“Really?” I ask suddenly gleaming with joy.

“Yeah, sweetie.” He says and plants a kiss on my head. “Don’t worry so much about being away from Nick. You never know where life will take you.”




“This is weird.” Hilary says looking at me happily drinking my coffee at breakfast.

“What’s weird?” Lydia asks absentmindedly as she goes through her Potion’s homework once again.

“Seeing Ashley all jolly.” Hilary says staring at me.

“What’s weird is you using the word jolly.” I say smiling back at her.

“Oh, lay it off of her!” Savannah says when she joins us. “She’s just happy, what’s wrong with that?”

“Thank you Savannah!” I say with a smile.

“You’re welcome, Ashley!” She grins back at me and takes a sip of her coffee.

“I think I’ll have to move out of our room if all of you are going to be so cheerful.” Hilary says gloomily before she stuffs her face with bacon.

“I just can’t help it.” I say breaking into a smile. “I am back to playing Quidditch and James and I finally sorted things out and-“

“Are you gossiping about me already?” James asks showing up out of nowhere and sits next to me. He has a huge grin plastered across his face as well.

“I wouldn’t dare.” I say and kiss him lightly. He smiles at me and then looks behind Hilary’s shoulder and he frowns.

“Spies!” he points an accusing finger at Al who just joined us at the Gryffindor table. Al rolls his eyes and kisses Savannah on the cheek.

“Get over yourself!” Al says and grabs a piece of bacon from James’ plate. “If you can have breakfast with your girlfriend, I can have breakfast with mine.”

“Oh, sweetie.” Savannah says and kisses his cheek.

“Okay, I’m going to be sick from all the love circling around.” Hilary says getting up from the table.

“Where are you going?” I ask and she looks at me darkly.

“To do homework.” She says dryly as she turns around. “Even that is better than this.”

“I think we went overboard if she’s willing to do her homework.” Savannah notices and I nod.

“Good morning, everyone!” Fred says gleefully as he joins us. He’s wearing his Quidditch gear and his Beater’s bat in his left arm. Him showing up makes Lydia lift her head from her homework. He looks at her nervously and she just stares him down.

“Hey, Lydia.” Fred says smiling at her.

“I have to go!” she says gloomily and storms out after Hilary. Fred’s face immediately falls and he sits grumpily next to James.

“Khm…” I clear my throat. “So, what are you doing in your Quidditch uniform?”

“Didn’t your boyfriend tell you?” he teases. “We’re having practice after the breakfast.”

“We do?” I ask turning to James and he nods his head as he eats a whole egg in one bite.

“Tgmsntweks.” He explains and Savannah, Al, Fred and I exchange looks.

“Excuse me?” Savannah asks and James swallows his bite.

“I said, the game is in two week.” He explains and Al looks at him disgustedly.

“I can’t believe you’re my brother.” He says to him.

“Why are you complaining?” I ask Al. “I’m the one who’s voluntarily dating him.” I smile at James and the rest of the group laughs.

“Ha-ha.” James says sarcastically and then kisses me.

“Well,” Al says as he stands up and takes Savannah’s hand. “The better looking Potter brother is going to take his girlfriend for a walk and not for a Quidditch game.”

Savannah smiles and James and I exchange looks. “That sounds boring.” I say to him and kiss the tip of his nose.

“Well, I should go prep the field.” James says as he gets up from the table. “You coming, baby?”

“I’ll be right behind you.” I say and look pointedly at Fred who’s sitting at the table miserably.

“Oh! Okay.” James says and winks at me before he heads for the pitch. I sit down next to Fred and pour myself some pumpkin juice.

“Want some?” I offer him planning to take this easy so he would open up to me.

“Why doesn’t she like me?!” he snaps causing me to spill the juice all over myself and for the entire Gryffindor and Huffepuff table to stare at us. Talking about taking it slow.

“Oh, sorry.” He says and starts conjuring up toilet paper for me to clean myself up with.

“Who doesn’t like you?” I ask as I clean myself up.

“Lydia of course.” Fred snaps again. “What did I ever deserve to get treated like that?”

“Really?” I stare at him with my eyebrows raised. “You really don’t know what you’ve done?” I ask referring to the fact that he’s the reason I ended up in the Hospital Wing with a skull fracture.

“Oh, right.” Fred says as if just now he remembered.

“Lydia is really loyal.” I shrug. “She cares about her friends and when you hurt them, she won’t forgive you that easily. But,” I continue looking at him. “Why does it even bother you that she doesn’t like you?”

“Because I like her.” He says simply and I furrow my brows at him.

“You like her?” I repeat and he nods. “As a friend or as a..?” I ask and he rolls his eyes at me.

“As a girl, Pierce!” he snaps at me. “As a girl.”

“But-“ I mumble. “You don’t like girls as girls. You like them as girls.” I wisely point out and Fred stares at me.

“What?!” he snaps at me and I roll my eyes.

“I have never seen you with a girl.” I snap at him. “I mean,” I correct myself. “I obviously saw you with girls. At parties and so on. But I never saw you with a girlfriend.”

“Well, I will tell you a secret, Pierce.” Fred starts sarcastically. “Eighteen year old boys have only one thing in mind. And that’s sex.”

“Well, let me stop you right there.” I warn him. “Lydia is not that type of girl.”

“I know.” He says then looks at his coffee as if he was slightly embarrassed. “That’s why I was never interested. She’s always been a good girl. Quiet and polite. But then she yelled at me after you ended up in the hospital and I realised there was more to her than a nice, sweet girl. That’s why I asked her out for Valentine’s day.”

“And she said no.” I finish for him sadly and he nods.

“The school year is almost over, Pierce.” He says to me. “If I don’t win her over now, I never will.”

“Well, I’m sorry to say it to you, but I don’t think she’ll change her mind.” I shrug. “She’s very determined once she makes up her mind. You did knock me off my broom on purpose.” I point out.

“Yeah, but I also helped you get rid of your fiancé.” He points out.

“Yes, but she doesn’t know that.” I say and an idea pops into my head. “Come on, we have to get to practice. James might be my boyfriend now, but that won’t stop him from making us run laps if we’re late.”




“What are you so excited about?” I ask when I come to work and find Gerard gleaming happily in his office. And that’s saying something since I don’t think I ever saw Gerard actually smiling. “You put something extra in your coffee again?”

“No, but the night is still young.” He winks at me. “Actually, a friend is coming to visit me. And she’s staying with us until the fashion show in July!”

“You have friends?” I mock him and he rolls his eyes.

“Says the girl who’s only friend is the chick who got knocked up and tried to pin it on your boyfriend.”

“Touché, my friend, touché.” I admit my defeat. “So, who is she?”

But before he can answer me, an incredibly beautiful woman with dark blonde hair and blue eyes steps out of the elevator. Her figure is tall and slender and she moves with such glamour men are probably falling on their feet. And the worst thing is, I know her.

I pretend to drop something and practically hide underneath Gerard’s desk.

“Dom!” Gerard says and smiles at her.

“Gerard, honey, you look amazing!” Dominique Weasley says when she hugs him. She smiles and practically blinds everyone around her. That’s how beautiful she is.

“Oh, stop it, Dom.” Gerard says with a laugh. “Look at yourself! You look even more beautiful than the last time I saw you. You have got to tell me your secret!”

“Oh, please, I don’t have any secrets.” She says as she flicks her hair. “I’m just that beautiful.”

“Bitch!” Gerard says and they both start laughing. “Let me introduce you to someone.” Gerard continues and turns around only to see I’m not there.

“What the-?” he says but Dom smiles noticing me right away.

“Nice shoes.” She observes and I finally get up from my hide out spot all red in my face.

“Ah, Dom this is Ash-“ I start coughing maniacally. “Blair.” Gerard quickly corrects himself. “This is Blair Hastings. Blair, meet one of my closest friends, Dominique Weasley.”

“His only friend, actually.” Dom says as she offers me her hand and furrows her brows at me. “Have we met before?”

“No.” I say a bit too quickly. “I don’t think so.” That was a straight up lie. Dominique Weasley was two years above me in Hogwarts. Luckily, she was in Slytherin while I was a Gryffindor, so maybe she won’t remember me. Plus, there’s no reason she would remember me. Her family, as well as the Potter’s never got along with my grandparents. But of course, everyone knew who Dom was. Straight out of Hogwarts she got a contract with one of the most famous wizard modelling agencies, The Wicked Witches. She is on the cover of every magazines and she wears designer clothes on fashion shows all around the world.

“Are you sure?” Dom insists. “I can swear I have seen your face before. Have you ever been to London?”

“Oh shit.” Gerard says as he connects the dots and Dom turns to look at him in confusion. Gerard coughs awkwardly and looks at me. I shake my head at him. “I mean,” he continues. “Why would Blair ever go to London? She’s a pure American! She’s so much American she has a bald eagle tattooed on her back. She eats a Big Mac for lunch every day. Why would someone like that visit London?”

Dom looks at me all freaked out. “He put something in his coffee, didn’t he?”

“Either that or he’s been smoking something stronger than his usual Marlboro’s.” I say.

“Anyways,” Gerard claps his hands awkwardly. “How about I end my work earlier and the two of us head for drinks?” he suggests to Dom.

“That would be great!” she smiles at him then turns to me. “You have to join us!”

“No!” Gerard and I both practically scream at her and she stares at us in shock. “I have to work.”

“Yeah,” Gerard nods his head. “She has to work.”

“Well, she won’t die if she misses a few hours.” Dom says to Gerard. “Come on, join us, I insist.” She turns to me and I look at Gerard. He just shrugs.

“Well, if Gerard doesn’t mind.” I say and Dom claps happily.

“Great!” she says. “Let me just rush to the bathroom real quickly and then we can go.”

As soon as she leaves, Gerard turns towards me looking for an explanation.

“She went to school with me back in Britain!” I say. “She was two years above me. Of course I look familiar!”

“Well, we’ll just have to stick with your story.” Gerard hisses. “She’s our lead model for the show. She’ll spend a lot of time with us.”

“Well, bollocks.” I observe.

“Are you ready?” Dom asks from the elevator and both Gerard and I grin at her.

“Sure!” We say in unison and she just shakes her head at us.

“Must be the water in this place.” Dom concludes as she heads towards the elevator and Gerard and I follow her.


“So, you’re Gerard’s new intern?” Dom asks me when we order our cocktails. I take a sip of mine and nod.

“Yeah, I started a few months ago.”

“And I completely love her.” Gerard says as he lights up his cigarette. “Her designs are amazing. Trust me, Dom, you haven’t seen anything like that before.”

“In that case, I look forward to wearing them.” Dom smiles at me and I choke on my drink.

“What?” I manage to ask in between the coughs.

“It was supposed to be a fucking surprise, Dom!” Gerard says as he pats me on the back. “Dom is here for the show.” He explains to me.

“So you said.” I say staring at him and then look at her. “I never thought, not even in my dreams, that you’d be wearing one of my dresses.”

“Oh, don’t flatter her that much.” Gerard says lazily. “The twig bitch is already too self-assured.”

“Look who’s talking.” Dom says not even looking at him. “Look, sweetie, you’re talented. I know this fat prick wouldn’t work with you if it were the other way. Get used to it, many famous models are going to want to wear your designs.”

“Twig bitch’s right, Ashley.” Gerard nods his head and claps his hand over his mouth when I look at him.

“Ashley?” Dom asks looking at us both. “I though your name was Blair?”

“It is.” Gerard tries to fix it. “It’s Blair Ashley. I call her Ashley, though. Sometimes I call her Blashley. It has a ring to it.”

Merlin, Gerard, what are you smoking?!

“No, no, no.” Dom looks at me and points a finger at me. “I remember now. You are Ashley Pierce. You went to Hogwarts! Or, you should be going. You are on the same year as my cousins James and Fred.”

“No, she’s Blashley!” Gerard insists and both of us look at him shaking our heads. “I am the worst liar ever.”

“You don’t say.” Dom says and crosses her arms looking at me. “So, do you care to explain why the two of you are lying to me?”

“Alright.” I say in my British accent and she looks at me more interestingly. “I am Ashley Pierce and I do go to Hogwarts. Last year I switched places with my twin sister who lives here in New York with our Dad while I live in London with Mum. Her name is Blair and she is currently in Hogwarts instead of me.”

Dom stares at me for a second. “What?!”

“My reaction as well.” Gerard nods then turns around to look for a waiter. “We need more drinks!”

“This sounds like a start of a really bad muggle movie.” Dom says and I sigh.

“I wish. You have no idea what we’ve been through.”

“So, why’d you do it?” Dom asks as she takes a sip of her drink.

“I really wanted to be a designer.” I shrug. “My grandparents would never allow it. That’s why I’m here right now. And I really am living my dream.” She just stares at me in silence. “I don’t expect you to understand it. I bet your parents were supportive.”

That’s when she bursts out laughing and Gerard joins in. I just stare at them like a fool. “Yeah, the niece of Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, The Saviour of the world is a model. You can bet they’re proud.”

“They’re not?”

“Well, they accept it now.” She shrugs. “But when I first mentioned it back in school my mother has forbidden me from talking about it ever again. She said and I quote ‘You want to drag yourself through the paper like some common whore?’”

“That’s harsh.” I take a sip from my drink just in time the waiter gets us three more.

“You can say that.” Dom says. “My sister used to have a small boutique shop with clothes and now she’s married and is a stay at home Mum and Louis, my brother is a healer at St. Mungo’s. I think in my mother’s eyes they are a lot more respectable than I am. That’s why I ran away when I finished Hogwarts.”

“You did what?” I ask not believing what I heard.

“Yeah.” Dom smiles. “The day I was supposed to get back from Hogwarts, I ended up spending all my money on a ticket to New York. There was a search party for me back at home. And, between us, I did get way over my head. I had no money, no food, I didn’t even know anyone. In Britain if someone sees you, you get free everything, food, drinks, just because you’re a Weasley. But it’s not like that in the U.S.”

“Did you go back?” I ask.

“I did eventually.” She sighs. “Uncle Harry used his influence in the wizarding world and somehow managed to contact the Ministry here and they found me. But not before Gerard found me.”

“You found her?” I ask looking at Gerard and he nods.

“She was out on the street looking for a modelling job.” He says. “I took her in and she crashed at my place for a day or two.”

“Yeah, but when I got back to London, three designer houses offered to tutor me.” Dom adds and Gerard shrugs.

“I pulled some connections.” He says and Dom smiles at him.

“I will never be able to pay him back for what he did.” She says. “He made sure I do what I love with my life.”

“He did the same for me.” I say and Gerard smiles at us.

“I guess I have soft spot for desperate blondes.”

“Anyways, I get it.” Dom says looking at me. “And your secret is safe with me. I just want you to know you’re not the only one who’s fighting for her dream. I did too. And it paid off. With a little help from the side.”

“A lot help from the side.” Gerard corrects her and I smile at him.

Dom raises her glass. “To Gerard!” she starts. “A lot help from the side!”

I raise my glass as well agreeing with her. “To Gerard!”


Dear B.

Nick and his Mum left to stay with his Aunt in Denver. As glad I am that they’re finally safe, I miss him a lot. I’m worried about him. He quit school just a few weeks before the exams and now he won’t even have that going on for him.

I don’t know what to do.

Miss you a lot.


P.S. Good luck on Saturday with the game. I’m sure you’re going to kick ass. (Pardon the language.)



Finally!!! Another chapter is up! I am so sorry for the long, long wait, but it's here at last. I wrote a few chapters and we are reaching the end soon. Hopefully I can fulfill your expectations as we reach the end. 

Thank you all so much for the reviews and for not giving up on this story and with me. I also started another story with James as one of my main characters (what can I say? I'm obsessed with him a bit!). It's called Mother-To-Be: The Baby Manual, so if you like this story, make sure you check the other one. 

Thank you all! I love you to bits! xo 


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