Sirius P.O.V

  "Black! What have you done to your potion?! This as supposed to be a simple invigoration draught!"

  I looked from Slughorn to the potion. It should have been a soupy orange liquid billowing turquoise steam, not at all like the maroon semi-gelatinous mixture it was now. I didn't understand where I went wrong. Potions was one of the classes I was good at, despite hating it with a passion. I knew I had triple checked the instructions written on the blackboard at the front of the class. "I haven't a clue. Honestly Sir, I would expect you to know, being the professor and all."

  Sluggy glared. "Five point's from Gryffindor. I will not stand for rudeness."

  I wasn't listening, instead warily eyeing my potion, which had now begun to move of it's own accord. It stretched like elastic, undulating and barely being contained by my cauldron. Slughorn was staring now too. I felt a sharp tug on the wooden spoon I had been stirring the glop with, as it was ripped from my hands and appeared to be consumed by whatever was in my cauldron. (It could no longer be referred to as a potion). The gunk turned the bright orange I had been striving for earlier and emitted a bubbling, "SLORP!" and began climbing out of the cauldron. I scooted back, assured of it's sentience. It made it's way over to Peter's potion and stretched over his entire cauldron, taking a couple seconds before collapsing back to it's original size and letting out a grumble that I could only describe as satisfied, then slid across to the door, making students jump back in fear. It then made it's way out of the classroom.

  "B-b-but that's impossible..." Gaped Sluggy, flabbergasted. "Black, Detention. Class dismissed." With a wave of his wand the potions vanished as he ran out the door, presumably to tell Dumbledore.

  I turned in my seat to face Violet and Marlene. "Did you see that?" I was astonished.

  They burst out laughing, Violet falling out of her seat. "Sh-Should h-h-have seen y-your face!" Violet gasped out from the floor. Marlene had tears of laughter leaking streaming down her face.

  I slowly connected the dots. "That was you! How the hell did you make a potion sentient?"

  She picked herself off the ground. "Trade secrets, Starry dear." She winked, looking incredibly sexy and walked out of the classroom.

  I watched her, slightly mesmerized. "Pads? Earth to Padfoot. Padfoot, this is Moony. Come in, Padfoot." I hadn't realized Remus had sidled up to me and I jumped at the sound of his voice. Apparently he had been trying to capture me attention for a while now.

  "Merlin Moony! You surprised me."

  "Clearly." He gave me a puzzled look before finishing clearing his books.

  Peter still had a wide-eyed expression and looked as if he was still trying to work out how my potion had eaten his cauldron. "Give up figuring it out, Wormtail. I'll buy you a new cauldron the first Hogsmead visit. Come on, we've got awhile till next class, and Mouse is in for some payback." I pulled him out of the classroom.

  "I suppose I should make sure you don't do anything too drastic." Sighed Mooney, lifting his lanky form and following us.


Violet's P.O.V

  I sat on the counter, watching Marlene meticulously reapply makeup to her already beautiful face. "You look better without all that shit on your face." 

  "What a hypocrite. You, the lover of lipstick."

  I rolled my eyes. "I'm talking about the crap you stick all over your face. Foundation."

  "I wouldn't use it if I didn't have a million freckles."

  "I love your freckles, they make you stand out, make people notice you." I pointed out.

  "Yeah, they'll look over a mistake me for an leopard."

  I couldn't understand how she could hate the way she looked. "Marlene, you are the prettiest girl I know, I hate it when you cover it up." I said sincerely.

  She looked over at me, finished with her makeup. "Thanks Lettie, that's really sweet."

  I grabbed a carton of cigarettes out of my pocket and offered one to her.

  She took it and laughed.


  "I'm just imagining what people's faces would look like if I told them Violet Blood, member of the notorious Marauders, biggest bad girl Hogwarts has ever seen, has a sweet side!" She cackled with glee.

 Damn. She knows me well enough to get me layoff in a single sentence. That takes skill. "Yeah, yeah, yeah." Damn. She knows me well enough to get me layoff in a single sentence. That takes skill. I stuck a cigarette in my mouth and brought my lighter to it's end, igniting it. "The moment of sentiment is over. I'm back to being a bitch." I inhaled and blew out a cloud of smoke before passing the lighter to Marlene. 

  We compared timetables and chatted for a few minutes while we finished our cigarettes. We parted ways to head to our next classes (hers was muggle studies, while mine was defense against the dark arts). I soon arrived at the classroom and was waved over by Lily and Alice. 

  "You'll never guess who the new teacher is." Alice chattered. 

  "Not just another auror wannabe?" I tried.

  "Dean Nott!" She burst out excitedly.

  I grinned. "You're joking." Dean had graduated when I was in my third year and had been a bit of a loose cannon, he even helped me and the rest of the Marauders with a few pranks. He the one who had started me out on spell crafting. Really showed me the ropes. After he graduated he went in search of adventure and to my knowledge, he hadn't been heard from since.

  Lily nodded her head towards the front of the class. "See for your self."

  I turned and saw him, shuffling some parchment at the teacher's desk at the front. "Dean!" I yelled.

  "Violent Violet? You grew up!"

  "You don't say." I said as I reached the desk. "Where have you been?"

  He spread his arms dramatically. "Adventuring, from the darkest forests, to the tallest mountains."

  Of course I wasn't going to get a straight answer, this was Dean. He'd always been cryptic. "Why did you come back?"

  "Oh, Dumbledore cashed in a few favors." He put on a mock serious face and snatched a black cane, topped with an ornate silver skull and pointed it at me over the desk. "Miss Blood, you may return to your seat. Class is about to start." With over the top formality.

  Same old Dean, eccentricities and all. I sat down beside Lily just as Sirius ran in and sat to my left.

    Sirius gazed absent mindlessly to the front of the room and did a double take. "I-is that Dean Nott?"

  "Yup." Lily and I both answered.

  Suddenly there was a noise like a gunshot. Dean had just brought his cane down on the top of his desk. The entire class jumped, everyone's attention instantly focused on him. He sauntered lazily to the front of the first row. All eyes watched him. "Now that I have your attention, I would like to introduce myself. I am Dean Nott," As he said this, he spread one hand in an arc over his head, glittering green calligraphy spelled out his name. The wandless magic sent whispers through the class. "Many of you probably remember me as the captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team. Now that we know each other, screw formal introductions! They're for old people who like to waste time. Down to business." He used his cane to vault onto the nearest student's desk, a rather shy Ravenclaw girl, causing her to skitter back in alarm. He took no notice and continued, stepping from desk to desk and occasionally twirling his cane like a baton. "Everyone! Books out...Everyone has their book? Good, now light it on fire." The class gaped. They couldn't believe what they had heard. "Chop! Chop! We don't have all day."

  I shrugged and pulled out my wand. "Incendio." I cast the spell with a flick of my wand and Defensive Spells and Strategies, Year 6 burst into flames, leaving a small pile of ashes and scorch marks on my desk.

   Dean snap-pointed at me. "Seven and a half points for burning your book. Who's next?" The rest of the class quickly got the idea and the room was filled with cries of 'Incendio!' quickly followed by: 'Seven and a half points!' Textbooks met their premature demise. A few Ravenclaws, and Lily merely stared on in horror.

   He made another leap and landed on my desk. "I can tell you that book had you learning everything backwards. In my class you will learn practical magic. In these dark times I have little doubt most of you will what I teach,"He said, growing serious. "for better or for worse. I do, however, have a few rules." He threw his cane in the air and caught it with his other hand, still stepping from desk to desk. "One, I expect that none of you will EVER call me professor. It makes me feel like a boring old fart and I don't like it." He explained. "Call me Dean or Nott. If one of you ever breaks this rule, I will transfigure you into an obese wombat." He stated, matter of factually. "Two. You will NOT be late for class. EVER. I start class on time, every time. If you're late...well, I think I'll leave that up to you to imagine." He jumped down and sat behind his desk. "That will be all for today. Class dismissed."


   Sirius' P.O.V

"You should have seen him when he jumped on Ashley Marken's desk! I think she nearly wet herself." Violet recounted DADA with Dean Burning-Books Nott at dinner. 

   "I can't wait until Defense Against the Dark Arts." James said dreamily. "Pads, does he really let you burn textbooks?"

   "Mmm." I gave a small affirmative noise, not really paying attention to the conversation. I was looking down the table at Violet. Watching as she threw back her head in laughter, the light gleaming off her chocolate brown hair and metallic ruby lipstick. Her lips...beautiful. He shirt slid a little off her shoulder, showing her pale skin. She was dreamy. Imagine kissing. Holding her slim waist, her hands in my ha- I felt someone give me a light smack upside the head, jolting me out of my fantasy and forcing me to rejoin reality. I turned to see Remus looking at me. "Oi! Moony! What the hell was that for?"

   He raised his eyebrows at me. In that moment I knew that he knew. Shit, shit, shit! Get a grip Sirius! She your best friend, and best friends don't think of each other like that. Oh hell, Moony knows! How does he know? Maybe he's a legilimens. I considered this for a split second before my common sense grabbed the wheel of my train of thought. Or maybe you've been practically drooling over her like a lovesick puppy!

"Say, friend Padfoot, care for a walk?"

   I caught his drift. "Oh yeah, sure." I lied, getting up with Remus.

   We walked out of the Great Hall and he turned on me. "You fancy Violet." He stated.

   I could feel the blush rise to my cheeks. "I do no-"

   "You fancy Violet." He said, more forcefully this time.

   I shifted uncomfortably. "Why would you think-"

   "You. Fancy. Violet." He was starting to get rather loud.

   "I don't kn-"

   Remus took an exaggerated breath in, preparing to yell my affections out to all of Hogwarts. I pounced on him and covered his mouth. "Moony, don't you dare."

   I took my hand away and he gave me a grin. He knew he'd already won. "Admit it."

   "Okay, so maybe I think she's kinda hot." 

   He raised his eyebrows and scoffed. "Oh, yeah, you were just all but drooling because she's kinda hot."

   At this point I was completely embarrassed. "Fine Moony! I totally have the hots for her and I want to snog her senseless!" I whisper yelled. "Is that what you wanted to hear?"

   "Yes." He said with a smug smirk.

   "You won't tell anyone will you? Please don't."

   "No! I would never say anything. James would lose it. I'm not stupid, I don't want to cause world war three between Prongs, Claws and you. That would be ugly."

   I breathed a sigh of relief.

   "Don't count your lucky stars just yet, Pads. You're not exactly discrete. Somebody else is going to notice. Honestly, get your self together, it took me what, a day? Prongs will notice, and he probably won't take kindly to his best mate hitting on his sister."

   "I know Moony, I know. Can we just forget about this and go back to dinner?"



Adelaide's P.O.V 

(Underlined is Anastasia and Adelaide speaking to each other through their minds)

   "Did you see the looks on their faces? I felt so free!" I threw myself back on the bed, arms spread wide. "Best. Day. Ever." 

   Annie was freaking out. are we going to "Oh, God! The howler will be here any minute! We'll be disowned! Where are we going to live?! Didn't you think any of this through?!" Her thoughts blasted into my head and felt almost like they were reverberating, as if my mind was an echo chamber.

  I clutched my head. "Ow! Ow! Annie stop! That hurts!" Nothing like that had ever happened before. She must be pissed.

   "Adelaide? Oh, shit, I didn't mean to hurt you! I'm so sorry. Are you okay?"

   I waved her off. "I'm fine. But jeez, why are you so mad? I've freed us! We don't have to listen to all that blood purity crap, or wear those stuffy clothes. We won't have to marry our cousins! Even if they're distant, I've freed us from incest! Why aren't you celebrating We can be what ever we want!"

   She sat down on her bed, her hair hanging in front of her face. "Did you ever stop to think about me?" She asked quietly. "Did you realize I don't want to be homeless at fifteen, I don't want to cut ties with all of my family. Mother, Aunt Walburga and Bellatrix are pretty awful, but are Narcissa, Andromeda, Regulus really that bad? Uncle Orion may be cowed into submission by his terror of a wife, but he was always kind to us. You never thought of the consequences, did you?" She looked up, and I saw tears in her eyes. "You can't just make all the decisions Addie. It's my life too."

   I hugged her, I felt bad, I really did. "You're right. It wasn't my decision to make. I'm really sorry, Annie. That was stupid of me, I should have talked to you first." 

   "You should have." 

   I could feel her anger simmering after it's momentary cool down. "Narcissa will still talk to us, you know that, and Andromeda, well she'll probably be happy for us, she's already been burned off the tree for marrying Ted. Hell, she'll probably help us! You know it's true!"

   She nodded hesitantly. "Maybe she'd let us stay with her?"

   Yeah, we could owl her right now. You know she's the only one who never found us creepy."

   Annie got up to get parchment and a quill. "I thought you may have killed Bellatrix from shock, I never knew her eyes could get so big. She looked a little bit like Kreacher." She giggled at this.

  "Yeah. It was beautiful." I said dreamily, while thinking back on the earlier events of today.

   "What do you think you're doing wearing something like that?" Bellatrix grabbed my wrist. 

   I turned to her. "Oh, Bella. I realized a few things this morning. The first being, you're a bitch." I heard Annie gasp behind me. "Also blood purity is bollocks and you and the rest of your deatheater crowd can kiss my ass." I pulled my wrist back and kissed her forehead leaving a lipstick mark and her gaping like a fish.

   It took her a few moments to react, and even then, it was less than graceful. "I-I-I...I'm telling!" She yelled before rushing off.


   "Stop fantasizing, it wasn't that great."

   I raised my eyebrows.

   "Fine, maybe you are the only person other than Violet to ever stand up to Bellatrix, but what if she hadn't been so flustered? You know how good she is at dueling, you could have been hurt really bad, we both could have. That was really stupid, Adelaide."

   "Annie, I said I was sorry, okay? The important thing is that nobody got hurt."

   She turned towards me in exasperation. "You don't get it, do you? Can't just pull stuff like that. It's not fair to me, or your friends. You really scared me today."

   I could feel how much my recklessness had hurt her. "I'm sorry, I really am. I swear I will never make life changing decisions on split second impulses without your agreement ever again. Cross my heart." I made an 'X' over the left side of my chest.

   "I accept your unnecessarily long winded apology." She swept me up into a hug. "Come on, lets go see if anyone's seen our dear cousin and your spontaneous lipstick stain. It was the stuff Violet charmed to to stay on whoever got kissed for a couple days, right?"

   I smirked. "I thought I might as well make a lasting and somewhat embarrassing impression."

   We started towards the stairs. "You know Addie, sometimes I wonder if you have a death wish, or are you merely courting with it?"

   "And that's why I was sorted into Gryffindor, the house of the brave, chivalrous, and inexplicably stupid." I said, heading down the stairs. 

"Then why am I here?"

I patted her on the head. "Don't worry. I'm sure your moment of idiocy will come."

She rolled her eyes. "That's not what I meant, Your Great Dumbness."

"I know!" I winked at her and rushed down the stairs.

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