Harry Potter was having a nice day. It was late into the evening on a warm Saturday night. He had spent his off day doing absolutely nothing and enjoying every moment. No time for chores or cooking dinner for himself, he laid lazily on his couch as watched horrible Muggle soap operas while he waited for his Chinese takeout.

At least that's how Pansy found him when she appeared in his fireplace.

"Pansy!" He exclaimed happily, watching the dark haired woman step out of the fireplace elegantly, dusting black soot off her shoulders.

"Potter, you lazy arse, is this what you've been doing all day?" Pansy asked sarcastically, her high heels echoing across the hardwood floors as she stopped in front of him, kicking her heels off before straddling his hips on the couch.

Her knees dug into the soft cushion and Harry's hands easily made their way to her waist.

"I've been saving all my energy for you," He replied cheeky, his emerald eyes dancing with amusement and desire.

Their relationship started a little over two weeks ago now and Harry could honestly say he was having the best time of his life with Pansy. She challenged him, made him see life in a different light with that snarky attitude of hers. In all honestly, she made him feelalive.

"I'm sure," Pansy said, rolling her icy blue eyes playfully. Her expensive black dress was starting to ride up her pale thighs, exposing the lacy black panties she wore underneath.

Pansy started kissing Harry's neck, enjoying the way his breath hitched and the sound of his pounding heart. She loved to make him squirm.

Not one to back down from a challenge, Harry grabbed Pansy's hair, making her look up at him.

Her blue eyes darkened with desire. The kinky little witch.

As Harry was about to turn the tables, Draco's unfriendly black owl swooped in quickly, dropping a sealed letter onto Harry's chest before leaving without a treat.

Harry scrunched up his eyebrows, opening the letter, annoyed Malfoy wanted to disturb his time with Pansy.

Smirking at her chance, Pansy started feeling up Harry's thigh as his eyes scanned the letter, her fingers dancing slyly across his pants zipper.

Groaning, Harry closed the letter and allowed the parchment to slide to the floor. He picked up Pansy's hand from his thigh, kissing her hand lightly as he said, "Malfoy said he needs back up. Apparently, some shit went down thirty minutes ago and I need to hurry."

Pansy rolled her eyes, kissing Harry's cheek and leaving a bright red lipstick mark as she said dryly, "Duty calls."




Harry arrived to the location Draco sent him ten minutes later.

It was now dark outside in downtown Muggle London. The full moon hung high in the sapphire night sky as stars glittered for miles. The neighborhood streets were quiet and the glow of the streets lights illuminated the empty roads.

His footsteps crunching against the soft green grass, Harry spotted Draco's crouched figured not too far ahead of him. He was hiding behind a huge oak tree with bushes allowing him cover.

Auror instincts in motion, Harry quietly neared Draco, careful not to startle him or reveal their position.

"About bloody fucking time," Draco scowled at his partner, using Muggle binoculars as he eyed a house in front of them.

Harry ignored him. "Mind telling me why you called me out here on my off day?" He asked quietly, looking at the house Draco was eyeing. All lights were off in the modest house and there was no car outside.

"Anonymous tip," Draco said simply, binoculars still on his eyes.

Harry raised his eyebrows and Draco huffed before continuing.

"Remember last summer when those attacks happened on the Muggleborn students from Hogwarts? Avery Greensworth lost her parents and a few other parents were tortured during the holidays."

"How could I forget?" Harry asked, "You and I did everything we could to find the bastard."

And they had. That case was one of the very first cases Harry and Draco had worked on together. While they had a mutual respect for each other after the Second Wizarding War, the trust was not there between the two wizards. Harry didn't trust Draco with his life and Draco barely tolerated Harry. Until that mission.

Draco and Harry had worked on a few lighter missions, but this one was real danger in a way. After the defeat of Voldemort, dark wizards and evil seemed to vanish - retreat into hiding now that the biggest threat to the wizarding world was eliminated. As an old Auror once told them during their Auror training - "Evil never truly goes away. People will always find a way to succumb to the dark side. Not everyone is wired to be good. That's why we're here - to stop them from doing the bad."

That summer was horrifying. During the first few weeks of July, Avery Greensworth family was attacked while she was home from Hogwarts during the holidays. The attack happened in the middle night while everyone in the house was asleep. Draco and Harry had been called out of bed to an horrific murder scene.

To this day, that night haunted Harry. As soon as Aurors crossed through the door, they could feel the dark magic radiating from the house. Inside her parents room, the dark magic was suffocating. The smell of iron lingered in the air; blood was everywhere - on the walls, bed, carpet. The dark color stained Avery Greenworths' parents, oozing out of various pores on their bodies. They had died a painful, slow, tragic death while their daughter was tied up and forced to watch. The word Mudblood was wrote on Avery's forehead with her parents blood.

That night, Harry realized the following of Voldemort still continued and lived on vigorously. He was so ignorant and naive to believe it would be over once he defeated the Dark Lord. There were still wizards out there who believed in the prejudice, bigotry, asinine bullshit. There were still monsters who would murderinnocent people all because of their blood. As Avery sobbed in Harry's arms, he vowed to never stop catching dark wizards.

Two more Muggleborn families were attacked in that week - tortured into insanity while their children were forced to watch. Harry sometimes wondered if death would have been a better option.

Draco and Harry spent days, weeks, months on that case. The two would spent weeks together hiding out undercover in the dark, sketchy, abandoned parts of the wizarding world where only the lost and evil would go. They had hoped someone would have talked - very few had and the suggestions ended up in a dead end. Harry and Draco spent many nights hoping for a sign, hoping for a trace to track, hoping for something or someone to give them an edge as to who and wherethis person was.

The person, or persons, were intelligent. They were always gone moments before Aurors arrived - nothing but their trace of dark magic left behind. Harry grew so frustrated with the case he brought in Magical Law Enforcement and had them use DNA from the victims home to see if the prints matched anyone in the system. It had been a long shot and they came up with little results.

By the end of September, with no more attacks or sightings or information - Moody brought Draco and Harry back from undercover. They both protested - still so angry and defeated over the case from the summer. All they wanted was to catch the murderer and throw him in Azkaban. Moody claimed he needed them more at the Ministry and that the murder and tortures were starting to become a cold case - no leads, no description of the person, no DNA - they were hitting a dead end and with no more attacks, they had very little to work with.

Until tonight.

"Someone warned me an attack would happen at this location tonight."

Harry crunched up his forehead, "And how reliable is this source?"

Draco shrugged, "Not the best, but it's been over a year now without a word. I figured it would be smart to at least entertain the idea."

Harry eyed him.

"Moody doesn't know, does he?"

Draco sneered.

"Listen, Potter, if you want to be a scared little Hufflepuff, by all means go fuck yourself and let me do all the work."

Harry ignored his partner, snatching the binoculars from his hands and using them himself.

Draco smirked beside him.

"And how sure are you this is even our guy from last summer? What if this attack is irrelevant to that case?" Harry asked, noticing a light flickering on in one of the rooms.

"I guess we're going to find out."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Don't you imagine we need backup for this?"

"No, as hard of a time we had last year, I don't want this wizard to have any idea we're on to him. He's smart. He has premeditated each of these attacks and then all of sudden stops after the third one? I think we scared him into hiding and now he's back and ready to play because he thinks we've given up."

Harry couldn't argue with Draco because he believed that theory as well.

A few more lights flickered on in the house.

Harry and Draco both straightened up, their eyes wide, ears open, and wands drawn. After a year of silence, this could be the break they were searching for.

A loud, ear splitting, tortuous scream tore through the silent streets.

Harry and Draco exchanged a look. Without another word, their Auror instincts in full affect, they silently but hurriedly headed across the yard as Draco quickly cast a wandless Silencio to silence their heavy footsteps.

Harry inhaled a large gulp of fresh air, his heart pounding, adrenaline pumping through his veins. This is what he lived for - catching Dark Wizards and making the world a better place.

Another scream tore through Harry's soul - he had to act fast.

Without a second thought, he took off running, his wand blazing, and broke into the house from the outside window with a quick Alohomora.

Draco cursed another his breath all the while following Harry's footsteps. Of course. Why did he ever think Harry bloody Potter was going to stick to the script and not rush in like a fucking Gryffindor.

Right behind Harry, Draco entered the house with a quiet thud.

He could literally feel the dark magic entering in his pores. He could practically taste the souless magic, making his stomach churn and his heart beat fast. Thinking of all the innocent lives lost and tortured, he shoved the unpleasant feelings down and focused on the task.

Finding Harry crouched around the corner near the staircase, they both exchanged nods - a mutual understanding that needed no words.

As Harry climbed the stairs first, Draco had his back to Harry's back, walking backwards to ensure no one would try to sneak attack them.

With both their wands drawn and following the tortuous screams heard from upstairs, Harry promised himself this would be the last time this dark wizard ever preyed on another family.

Focusing on the sound of the screams, Harry tried to pinpoint which room the victims were currently in. There were three rooms and he needed to be right the first time.

Another scream rattled Harry's core.

The left bedroom.

Harry silently motioned to Draco that was their door. They positioned themselves and held their wands steady and straight.

Draco kicked the door open with a loud bang.

Harry rolled his eyes. Trust Malfoy to add the dramatics.

The sight made Draco want to be sick.

There was a young girl - she couldn't be much older than twelve, tied up in the corner with her mouth covered by duct tape and her eyes wide as she freely sobbed loud, heartbreaking, fear induced tears.

In the middle of the room laid the girl's mother, sobbing and screaming and pleading for her life. The culprit of her screams was on top of her, straddling her and carving deep wounds into her flesh with his wand as he made her young daughter watch. The Dark Magic in the room was suffocating.

Harry had his wand out before he could even think.


The unknown wizard dodges the spell with a quick shield. He turns and all Harry and Draco can see is black robes and a black mask as two dark eyes stare back with murderous intent. He's muscular, almost six foot in height with dark hair.

"Alarte Ascendare!" Draco exclaimed seconds after Harry, lifting the dark wizard up from the sobbing Muggle women and in the air, throwing him harshly back against the wall.

The wizard was tough and he had dueling experience. Without a second to spare, his mask still in tact, he was on his feet with his wand out, firing spells rapidly.

"Levicorpus!" The wizard yelled, the spell hitting an unexpected Draco and lifting him up the air by his right foot.

"Incendio!"The wizard casts seconds later, causing a fire to appear right under a dangling Draco.

"Stupefy!" Harry exclaimed and the wizard jumps out the way in a matter of seconds.

Draco's heart starts pounding rapidly in his chest. The fire was close enough to burn the ends of his pale blonde hair. With quick thinking, he exclaimed, "Aqua Eructo!" and a long stream of water shoots out from his wand, extinguishing the fire.

Draco is still upside down in the air as Harry yelled, "Petrificus Totalus!"

In the same moment, the dark wizard jumps out the way and shouts, "Fumos!"

A defensive black and grey cloud of smoke fills the room in seconds and with a sinking heart, Harry knows they have missed their opportunity.

Casting a quick charm to clear the smoke, Harry looks around quickly, his eyes darting to every inch of the room in seconds with his wand drawn.

The wizard was gone.

"Fuck!" Draco exclaimed, angry, still hung upside down in the air.

Harry casts a spell and Draco hits the floor with a loud thud and groan.

"Thanks, mate," Draco scowled sarcastically, pulling himself up with elegance only a Malfoy could have in this situation.

He groans quickly, adrenaline fading as he starts hissing out in pain as his left arm dangles in an awkward position.

"Bloody fucking hell, Potter. Way to break my arm, prat," Draco snapped, undoing the daughter with wandless magic.

Harry shrugs nonchalantly, "Sorry."

Harry quickly makes his way over to the mother, who is still screaming and sobbing in pain, withering across the floor in agony.

Draco and Harry exchange wordless looks and without another word, Apparate with the daughter and mother to St Mungo's.




"Hermione!" Harry called out in the vacant emergency room to St Mungo's. It was a late Saturday night and he could be very wrong, but he hoped his bestfriend was working the night shift that evening.

He really needed her.

Glancing down at the sobbing woman in his arms, he casts a quick glance over to Draco, who was grimacing in pain all the while trying to comfort a hysterical twelve year old and failing miserably.

By the grace of all fates, Hermione Granger rounds the corner with a coffee in one hand and a clipboard in another.

She sits her coffee down quickly, eyebrows scrunched up in confusion, "Harry? Malfoy?"

She tries to tell herself this isn't the time or place for her heart to start beating frantically at the sight of Draco. It had now been almost two weeks since their argument and this was her first time seeing Draco since he stormed off from her flat.

Quickly taking in her surroundings, she inwardly scowled herself for her childish feelings when she noticed the bloody and sobbing victims in Harry and Draco's arms.

"Hermione," Harry says in relief, his arms tiring from the weight of the woman he was carrying, "I need your help. Please, help me."

Without another word, Hermione calls for two more Healers and summons a gurney with her wand. Lifting the older woman gently out of Harry's arms with magic, she placed her on top of the gurney and allowed the two Healers to take her to a private room.

Focusing her attention on the little girl sobbing in Draco's arms - trying her best to ignore said blonde as she did so.

"Hey," Hermione said gently as the girl hiccups in between her sobs. "I'm Hermione. What's your name?"

To the amazement of both Draco and Harry, the little girl stops crying long enough to tell Hermione her name.

"Isabella, but my mum calls me Izzy." At the mention of her mother, large tears welled up in her bright blue eyes.

"Is my mum going to be okay?" Isabella asked Hermione, finally allowing Draco to sit her down as Hermione crouched down in front of Isabella to ensure they were the same height.

"I have two of our best Healers here healing her right now," Hermione said reassuringly, placing a comforting hand on Isabella's shoulders.

"Do you see those doors right there?" Hermione asked, pointing down the hallway. "Your mum is in one of those rooms getting better right now, but Izzy," Hermione turns to the girl seriously.

"It'll do no good if you don't allow me to fix you up as well."

Isabella sniffs, watching Hermione stand up and offer her a friendly hand. "Follow me, Izzy. I'm just going to make sure you're not hurt, okay?"


Draco watches Hermione take the little girl by the hand into one of the vacant rooms down the hall. His heart constricts slightly, pride swelling in chest at the heartwarming scene. Trust Hermione to calm even the most hysterical child with ease. His past anger towards the witch was gone and he wanted nothing more than to spend his time with her after this eventful evening.

After about twenty minutes, Hermione emerges from the room, closing the door behind her quitely. She walks down the hall and around the corner to the waiting room where Harry and Draco were sitting.

"Oh, for Merlin sake," Hermione scolded, hands on her hips as she eyed the two boys in front of her, noticing the way Draco kept grimacing in pain. "Come, come, let me fix you both up."

Harry laughed, shaking his head as he stands up, "I'm fine, 'Mione. No injuries, I just wanted to make sure they were going to be okay."

Hermione nodded in understanding, looking down at her clipboard for her notes. "They're still healing the mother, but I'm positive she'll make a full recovery. Isabella is fine as well. I gave her a dreamless sleeping draught to calm her nerves. Poor thing is likely traumatized."

"I'll be back tomorrow for a witness statement," Harry said, running a hand through his messy black hair while he rolled his green eyes. "Meanwhile, I have to go wake Mad Eye up in the middle of the night and explain why Malfoy and I went on an unclassified mission without backup."

Hermione chuckled, hugging Harry good-bye as she stood on her tip toes to kiss him on the cheek, "If you said so. Owl me tomorrow."

"Will do. Goodnight, 'Mione."

Harry's footsteps echoed down the silent hallway.

Hermione turned towards Draco, who was silently pouting in his chair, grimacing in pain.

"Well, c'mon," Hermione said, motioning for Draco to follow her down the hall. "I can't have you sitting in the lobby all night with a broken arm."

The two entered the small hospital room with slightly awkward silence.

Hermione was trying to remain as profesional and expressionless as possible. Her emotions on the inside were going crazy. She couldn't express herself with only one feeling. She felt giddy, angry, excited, annoyed - happy.

The two weeks without Draco were lonely, in a way. Nothing had really changed in Hermione's day to day routine. She still went to work every day, bantered with Ginny, meet up with Ron and Harry for lunch during the week, snuggled with Crookshanks, wrote her parents -but something was missing.

And she hated admitting that to herself. She hated how Draco Malfoy had crawled his stupid way into her mundane life and turned her world upside down. He was everything she thought he wasn't. He had surprised her more and more as the days went on. She wanted to break down all the walls he surrounded himself with and hear that beautiful, rare, amazing laugh of his once more. Hermione hadn't realize how smitten she was by Draco until she heard his laugh that day on the lake. She wanted to her that wonderful melody on repeat.

Until their fight or spat or disagreement - or whatever it was. When Draco had left, she tried owling him once two days later, but he never returned her letter. So, she continued on, waking up day by day, as if he had never been in her life at all. And everything was normal - except for the gaping black void in Hermione's life she didn't even realize she had until Draco was no longer there to fill it up.

And now, here he was, scowling in pain with a broken arm, waiting for her to heal him.

"I don't have all bloody night, Granger," Draco spat more harshly than he intended. Partly because he was in intense pain and the other reason was because he hated the way his emotions went into overdrive around Hermione.

Since Draco was a child, he had concealed his true emotions behind a nicely built facade. Only showing emotions of annoyance and anger, he was able to control everything else with a blank face or scowl. Since that very first day in St Mungos almost a month ago, Draco was slowly but surely losing the perfectly built control around Hermione.

He could try and put up a front around her, but she always saw through - always saw him. So, he was absolutely pissed from their last conversation; avoiding her was the only way he knew how to deal with their situation without losing control again.

But now here he was, propped up in front of Hermione with a broken limb while she healed him, trying to conceal how bloody happy he was to see her.

Hermione rolled her honey brown eyes, "I could always heal your arm the Muggle way if you want to be an arse."

Draco scowled.

Hermione smirked, holding her wand steady towards Draco's arm.

"Episkey," She said, clearly and evenly.

Draco's arm was suddenly very hot and then ice cold. He looked away, choosing to stare at ahead at the too bright wall and only looking when Hermione said, "All done."

Flexing his fingertips, Draco couldn't be more thankful for magic.

Draco met Hermione's honey brown eyes and he swore he lost all control.

Had her stare always been that intense? That heated and longing? He wanted to find out.

"Well," Hermione cleared her throat, looking away first as she slipped her wand into her pocket, her heart pounding against her ribcage. "I have other patients and it's late - you should go home and get some rest. "

Draco swallowed thickly, "Yeah." His voice is hoarse and he's so bloody tired and sore and just fuck.

Why couldn't he allow himself to say all the words he wanted to say to Hermione?

Hermione turns around quickly, picking up her discarded clipboard from the counter, her footsteps echoing in the silent room as she makes her towards the close door.

With her hand on the door knob, Hermione looks back, smiling slightly. "Goodnight, Malfoy."

"Goodnight, Granger."

Hermione turns back around, her brown curls swaying as she closes the door without another word.

Draco already misses her.



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And the plot thickens. I know I promised Draco's parents, but they just didn't fit in this chapter. Don't worry, I have big plans with them. Also, I'm tired and have to work in the morning, so I apologize for any errors.

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