The great hall was serving steak and mash for dinner. The smell of it was making me extremely queasy.

‘Are you dieting or something?’ scowled Red at me, as she piled more meat onto her plate. Dom made a face of disgust.


‘Are you seriously going to eat that much?’ she sneered


‘Bulking season’ Red grinned


‘Yeah you’ll be bulking alright’ scoffed Dom


‘Dominique, where’s your sense of sport passion’ laughed James as he joined us on at the Gryffindor Table. ‘But seriously Ro, why aren’t you eating you love mash !’


‘I think I’m still feel sick from last weeks bug’ I said pushing my plate away. The 24 hour bug went around Hogwarts last week like a plague and everybody was getting sick left, right and centre. Unfortunately I’m still feeling the effects of it.


‘Ew are you still getting the runs?’ laughed James. I threw a dinner roll at him.


‘I don’t even want to remember last week’ said Dom with her eyes closed. Red started laughing.


‘Come on it was fun, watching everybody sprint back and forth from the loos’ she said. Dom gagged.


‘Where’s Dani today?’ I asked as I noticed she wasn’t eating dinner with us.


‘She’s studying in the library for her finals next week. She told me not to disturb her’ he chuckled


‘I should join her, I need to catch up on Potions’ I muttered.


‘Oh yeah…. sorry to hear about your failed experiment’ said James awkwardly. I sighed.


Cruz and I failed out project assignment because neither of us actually tested out the final potion with alcohol. With all the past events happening we completely forgot and Proffessor Slughorn failed us on the spot. He said we had to do extra work for our grades to pull back up in time for graduation.


‘I’ll see you guys around’ I said standing up.


‘Are you going already?’ asked Dom


‘Yeah I’d better get a move on with Potions. Plus this food is just making me feel sick. How come I’m the only one still sick?’ I moaned


‘Because you have a weak immune system from eating too much chocolate frogs at night’ said Red grinning. Everybody chuckled.


‘HA HA’ I said sarcastically as I turned around and slowly made my way to the library.


As if I’m going to stop eating chocolate frogs before bed!


When I walked into the library I was happy to see that there were an equal amount of students from different houses. It wasn’t bloody Ravenclaw central as it normally would be.


I began searching through the aisles looking for Dani when I spotted Ted sitting by himself behind a stack of books.


‘Hey’ I smiled as I sat down next to him. He looked up with an annoyed expression.


‘Oh it’s you Ro’ he said smiling instantly ‘I thought it was one of those girls again’ he muttered.


‘What girls?’ I laughed. He indicated with his head to the group of sixth years who sat huddled at table together. They were giggling noisily.


‘Ahhh to be a sixth year again’ I said dreamily as I recognised most of them were Lily’s friends.


‘You weren’t that annoying’ he said pointedly ‘Those girls have been coming up to me at least 6 times since I’ve walked into the library to study. They’ve been trying to chat me up and pass me all these-‘ he ruffled a bunch of torn up parchments on the desk, that had phone numbers with hearts on them ‘-and asking me out on a date’


‘Why don’t you just move seats then’ I chuckled


He gave me a stony look


‘I have’ he said ‘I’ve moved 4 times already, they just keep following me with their giggles and silly parchments’


‘Wow I wish I had that confidence at their age’ I said smiling ‘I remember Dom and I used to hide behind the shelves to watch you study’




Ted burst out laughing.


‘Are you serious?’ he said ‘Wow who would have thought?’


‘Who would of thought’ I mimicked ‘Alright settle down- can we let it go now’


‘Yep’ Ted smiled ‘Won’t stop me from making fun of you though’


I laughed ‘We were young and dumb okay! We thought you looked really cute when you were alone and not surrounded by your admirers and posse’


‘Oh is that why you’ve decided to come sit by me?’ he said arching his eyebrow ‘You thought I looked cute out here studying?’ he grinned mischievously.


I could feel my ears going pink. Luckily my hair hides this flaw of mine.


‘Don’t get so cocky’ I said ‘I came in the library looking for Dani actually, and I thought I’d come say hi when I saw you sitting by yourself’


Ted chuckled and rubbed his hand behind his head.


‘If you say so Roxanne’ he chuckled ‘I hope you know that when you lie, your cheeks turn a shade of pink and the left cheek in particular produces this adorable dimple’


‘What?’ I said horrified touching my cheeks. They felt the same to me. ‘I probably get that when I’m embarrassed not when I’m lying’


‘Nope it only comes out when you lie’ smiled Ted


‘How do you know? And the better question - How would you even notice such things?’ I asked trying to not make eye contact. If that was 100% true then I’m totally doomed.


‘I knew you had a thing for Zabini before even you did’ he smiled sadly ‘It was the day you lost your phone and we made out trying to find it after your DA class. He brought it back and I asked you if you had a thing for him. You said no but your cheek said yes’ he chuckled ‘I’m a Metamorphagus remember, it’s a habit that I stare at people’s facial expressions and features. It’s always been a bad habit of mine though. I just never connected the metamorph dots, I just always assumed that I was really intrigued by faces or something. Go figure’


‘I call bullshxt’ I said. I’m still not convinced to be honest


Ted chuckled and put away his paper that was hopelessly lying in between his arms as he made no attempt to study since I’ve sat down with him.


‘Do you have a mirror?’ he asked. I pulled out a small pocket mirror that Dom insists Red and I should always carry around with us, in case for emergencies. I don’t think she had this in mind as an emergency but like let’s face it, as if I’m ever going to use this thing after today.


‘Okay I’ll hold this up, and ask you a question. Watch out for your left cheek dimple’ he said as he held up the mirror.


‘Shoot’ I said staring into my determined facial expression in the mirror’s reflection.


‘Have you study today?’ he asked


‘Yep’ I said and to my absolute horror my cheeks flushed and my dimple emerged.


‘See’ he said laughing


‘Lucky shot, try something that I won’t be able to lie about’ I said.


Ted thought for a minute to himself then cleared his throat dramatically.


‘Okay, Ro have you made a choice between Zabini and I?’




‘Nope’ I said. I looked at my reflection in the pocket mirror waiting to see whether or not a dimple emerged.  It didn’t. Well that’s good I guess… right?


‘Happy are we?’ I asked sarcastically as Ted laughed.


‘Okay one more, one more’ he chuckled ‘Roxanne Weasley, do you love me?’


‘Seriously?’ I muttered. But Ted was grinning from ear to ear. I looked into the mirror. MY REFLECTION SHOWED A BIG FAT DIMPLE AND BRIGHT RED FLUSHED CHEEKS. My dimple betrayed me. She has her own name NOW. I’m calling her Dina the dimple. Dina is now cut from my family. How dare she betray us like that.


‘Okay sooo um..’ I said as I stood up. I was completely mortified. ‘I’m going to find Dani now, I really need to get a move on with this potions homework’ I said hastily as I grabbed the mirror back from Teds hand.


Ted looked at me wistfully. He tried to smile but it looked like he was struggling.


‘But then... You love him too don’t you’ he said quietly.


I looked him in the face and I was about to yell at him for putting me on the spot when he shook his head chuckling.


‘Thought so’ he said as he held my cheek in his hand, brushing at the spot where my dimple appeared again. ‘I’ll see you around Ro, I have to study for this exam’ he said with a small half smile. I watched him walk away before I sighed and smacked my head against the bookshelf.


I didn’t need to take my mirror out to know there was a dimple there that time.



‘We never did find out who the culprit was behind the sex tape release’ said James thoughtfully the next day in Defence Against the Dark Arts class.


It was theory day today seeing as the exams were just around the corner. We sat in groups of 6 around the classroom helping each other to study and take study notes. Professor Chang was walking around supervising pretty much; I don’t really know what she was doing to be honest. I think she hated our class this year because she seemed really uninterested in whether or not we were going to pass DA in time for graduation.


‘My money is on either Vic or Molly’ shrugged Fred as copied down my notes.


‘Aren’t you angry about it?’ I asked.


Fred started laughing. ‘Not really. I mean it’s over now innit? I’m more concerned about the baby names Shay has picked out’


‘Oh really care to share?’ I asked happily


‘If it’s a boy she reckons I’d be okay with calling him Harrison?’ he scoffed’ I said no, on the count that Harrison is too close to my Uncle Harry name and the fact that it just sounds pure pansy-like too me. If it’s a girl, she said she liked Marie. Marie? How many Marie’s are there in the world.’


James and Cruz started laughing.


‘What about you then?’ asked Cruz ‘What names have you picked?’


‘I liked Beau for a boy, and Eloise or Sophia for a girl’ he smiled.


‘Nawwww’ teased James ‘Precious’


Fred threw a pen at him.


‘Oh by the way Alexa asked if you could wear something loose tonight because she reckons you’re going to get down and dirty… cleaning of course’ laughed Fred.


‘Aren’t you working tonight?’ asked James. Fred shook his head.


‘Shay said she was feeling a little weird today so she asked if I could stay with her the night just in case the baby decides comes early’


‘Sweet’ grinned James ‘Whoa what’s that look for Ro’ he said.


I was glaring at James. I didn’t even notice me doing it.


‘Are you sleeping with Alexa Dayne’ I blurted out angrily.


Dom who was seated next to James and was conversing with Red turned around immediately to look at us. Fred and Cruz looked nervously at James. James looked taken aback. I frowned.


‘Excuse me?’ scowled James ‘What are you talking about?’


‘Last month, you sent me a text which was meant for her. I saw how pretty she was James. Don’t lie to us. Don’t lie to Dani. She’s one of my bestfriends’ I said defensively.


I have no idea where this random burst of emotion came from but it just made me so angry knowing James would be alone with Alexa at the teashop tonight.


James took his time to reply. His features smoothed out again and he was playing with his tongue inside his mouth.


Biting his lips he said ‘I’m not sleeping with Alexa Dayne’


‘But wait who’s Alexa Dayne?’ asked Dom suddenly. We all turned to her ‘Sorry I know! It’s just er- Fill in the gaps please. Don’t leave us hanging’


‘Alexa Dayne. She’s the new owner for Madam Puddifoots Tea Shop, who Fred and James work for’ I said


‘Right. And why do you think James would cheat on Dani with her?’ asked Red


‘Because well for starters, when he first told me about her he said she was ugly and then when I met her she was the complete opposite. She is stunning. And then later that day he sends me a text that was obviously meant for her that said ‘MISSED YA LEX’’ I ranted


‘…So?’ said Red ‘Ro… I think you’ve completely misjudged this’


‘You did!’ said James scowled. ‘You really did. I would never cheat on Dani. This is why I don’t like explaining anything about my relationship to people. They start judging me. I just didn’t think it’d come from you Ro’


I put my head down in shame.


‘Sorry James’ I said shamefully. James sighed.


‘Don’t be, you were almost right though’ he said remorsefully.


‘Which part?’ frowned Dom.


‘I’ve been lying to all of you, well most of you. And to Dani’ he said looking at us. Fred and Cruz rubbed their heads awkwardly with their arms.


‘Do I find Alexa attractive? No. Have I ever? No. She’s a cool chic to hand around, and I did mean it when I said I missed her. But not like that. Alexa reminds me too much of me. I don’t want to go out with a me’ chuckled James ‘I’ve been friends with her for years because… well she used to be my weed dealer’


‘Oh James you haven’t’ groaned Dom.


‘Yeah I’ve been smoking abit every now and then during work hours’ he sighed.


‘And you knew?’ I spat looking at Cruz and Fred. They looked ashamed at once.


‘We were trying to get him to stop before it became a problem’ said Cruz truthfully. James rolled his eyes .


‘I’m not going back to those days guys ok. Can we all relax? I’m not going down the junkie train track again. Dom and Ro stop looking at me like that’ he chuckled ‘I was smoking up lately because of this...’


He pulled out a small leather bound box.


‘Is that what I think it is?’ I said gleefully. Dom squealed in excitement.


James opened the box to reveal a breathtaking diamond cut white gold ring. Dom and I gasped. Red fist pumped James. Fred looked surprised and Cruz look happy.


‘Congrats bro’ said Cruz grinning. ‘If she doesn’t say yes, I will’


‘But this doesn’t explain why you’re smoking weed again. Are you nervous about asking her or being with her?’ said Red sceptically.


Dom and I stopped cooing over the ring and looked up at James.


‘Neither. It’s just… what if she doesn’t want to? What if she wants someone who is level headed and established? What if she thinks we’re way too young? I know what I want in life and I want her forever. But what if she had bigger plans in the future. Bigger than me…’ he said looking at the pen Fred threw at him.


‘And what if she doesn’t?’ said Fred ‘ What if it’s everything she wants too’


‘I agree with Fred’ I said smiling ‘I’ll bet Dani would be really happy and of course she would say yes’


James grinned ‘Thanks for the words of encouragement guys!’


‘Uh they don’t come for free mate’ smiled Red ‘Promise us, no more weed’


‘I swear’ chuckled James as he pulled Red’s head to his chest and gave her a knucklehead. Red reached out from underneath and pulled his ear downwards.


‘First to say mercy loses’ she said from under his arm. James gritted his teeth as she continued to tug on his ear.


‘Alright mercy mercy!’ yelled James after 2 minutes. Red let go of his ear as he let go of her head.


‘Nice one’ he said giving Red thumbs up whilst rubbing his ear


‘Boys’ muttered Dom rolling her eyes as she watched them laugh.


‘I heard that’ chuckled Red.


We spent the remainder of the class actually studying in silence, which was a nice change for once. Even James was determined to pass his exams. Well I guess he would, I doubt he’d want to repeat his Seventh Year yet again. Twice was enough.  


When the bell rang we all gathered our belongings and slowly bustled our way through the door into our next class. James and Cruz however, waited for me to finish packing my bag. Cruz always waits for me but this is the first time I haven’t seen James racing out of DA to get back to the dorms to sleep during his free period.


‘I didn’t mean to scowl at you Ro’ said James as he held the classroom door open for us while we walked out.


‘It’s my fault, I should have never judged you’ I said blushing. ‘You’re a good guy James. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Including myself’


‘You were just looking out for Dani’ smiled James ‘And I appreciate that. You’re a great friend to her Ro, and that makes me happy. Seeing Dani happy makes me happy’


I hugged him


‘Dude you are so corny, but I love it’ I said. He laughed then winked at me and walked the opposite direction of Cruz and I.


‘Where are you going?’ I shouted


‘Too sleep’ grinned James from afar.


I turned to Cruz who shrugged his shoulders.


‘The man likes he’s sleep’ he chuckled.


‘So aside from watching James’ sudden departure, what should we do for free period?’ I said smiling.


Cruz looked at me awkwardly.


‘Well um actually… Holly asked me if I could help her do this technique Lupin showed us last week’ he said


‘Oh’ I said whilst I was trying to mentally arrange my face to look happy. ‘Well it’s good you’re friends again then hey’


‘Are – Are you jealous?’ said Cruz lifting his knucles up to bite them.


‘No’ I said quickly ‘And are you biting your knuckles because you’re trying to stop yourself from laughing?’


Cruz burst out laughing


‘Sorry Ro’ he said grinning ‘But it’s just the irony in all this that made me laugh’


‘I’m not jealous’ I said hotly. I noticed Cruz’s eyes trailed down to my left cheek when I said that. Did he always look there? Has he always noticed??!


I threw my hair over to my left side of my face to cover it. GODDAAM CHEEK!


Cruz rolled his tongue inside his mouth and with a slight chuckle he said ‘Sooo who told you about the dimple’


‘I can’t believe both of you asshxles knew but never said anything to me’ I muttered


‘How did I know Lupin would open his mouth’ he chuckled shaking his head.


‘So has this been a forever thing or? Have I always had this dimple?’ I frowned


‘Nope’ said Cruz ‘Just this year apparently’


‘How did you know notice it?’ I asked


Cruz laughed quietly and kicked his feet against the ground


‘Remember after the engagement party, how you became really angry at me for kissing you and then you made a big scene in potions class about it. And I said you wanted to kiss me and then you said you didn’t. Yeah well… that’s when I noticed your cheek dimple. It only happens when you tell a lie. I told you, you wanted that kiss just as much as I did’


‘Ok well in my defence…. You were the one who made the big scene in class that day. You’re the one who kicked the chair before making that dramatic exit’ I laughed.


I’m really trying to just hide my shame now. How embarrassing. I can’t even lie properly. I’m such a transparent person, that’s just ….I can’t even…


‘And I’m not jealous of you and Holly’ I said rolling my eyes


Cruz laughed as his eyes trailed down to my cheek again.


‘As if you have anything to be worried about’ he smiled. ‘You’re more than welcome to come join us though. Might as well teach you some VIP special training skills’


‘No thanks’ I said quickly ‘I can barely tolerate Holly on the field when we play against each other. I doubt she would want me there anyway. Third wheeling. ’ I shrugged.


It’s true though. I don’t have a problem with Holly, but I don’t like her either. She’s one of those girls that just ignores you on purpose or avoids looking at you unless she really has to face you.


Cruz leaned against the wall with his hands in his pockets.


‘You are soooo effing annoying you know that’ he said chuckling


‘WHAT ME?!’ I spluttered


‘Yeah you! You don’t want to be with me but you don’t want me to be with anyone else’ he chuckled ‘You’re driving me nuts!’


He kicked himself off the wall gently and stepped towards me.


I took a few steps backwards. He noticed and took few steps forward.


‘Cruz I-‘ I said trying to hold my breath, against his addicting scent as he leaned in. It didn’t work. It just made me want to lean in more. So I drew to him closer.


‘You Roxanne Weasley, of all people, have nothing to be jealous about’ he whispered as he cupped my face gently.


‘I’m not’ I said defensively. Cruz had his face so close to mine now, that our lips were barely an inch away from each other. I could feel my heart beating faster.


‘Are you sure?’ he whispered. I could just faintly feel his lips on mine as he drew closer. I could just taste his warm minty breath on my tongue.


‘Yeah’ I said breathlessly whilst biting my lip. I closed my eyes.


‘Good then’ he said suddenly, he pulled his face away so fast I had to blink to make sure I wasn’t glitching or something.


‘What the hell was that?’ I snapped as Cruz leaned back on the wall chuckling. He took out and unwrapped a lollipop from his pocket and put it in his mouth.


‘Annoying isn’t it’ he grinned with the lollipop stick in between his teeth ‘To want something so bad, only for it to be taken away from you just when you thought you almost had it’


‘I can’t believe I just got teased’ I said in disbelief.


‘Well- you did’ he laughed.


‘Well you don’t deserve that lolly’ I snapped as I walked over to him.


‘Haha oh yeah?’ he laughed ‘What are you going to do about it, it’s already in my mouth’


I tried to yank the stick from his mouth but that just made him laugh harder through his teeth.


‘Are you done?’ he chuckled as groaned loudly from failing to grab it for the umpteenth time. I plonked myself on the floor in defeat.


‘Yeah I’m done… have your stupid lollipop’ I muttered. Cruz smiled and pulled out the lollipop from his mouth and handed it over to me.


‘Truce?’ he said


I ignored him and stood up.


I didn’t even think twice.


I walked over to Cruz and hastily pressed my lips up against his with such force he backtracked himself into the wall. Cruz looked startled at first but started relaxing as he pulled me towards closer him as he kissed me back. My arms extended out automatically to wrap my fingers around his head. He pressed his lips softly against my neck and began slowly making his way to my collarbone. I moaned.


‘Wait wait wait’ he cried. ‘Ro I can’t –‘ he pulled away from me as he bit into his knuckles.


‘You can’t do this to me’ he begged ‘You can’t kiss me like that and then walk off with Lupin’ he said whilst pacing.


‘Cruz..’ I said softly


‘I’m serious Ro, I can’t… Kissing you is killing me… it really is’ he moaned


‘Cruz…’ I said


‘Ro… No more sorry’s please. Not now. You know what you did. I know what I did. I’m not sorry for any of it- It’s hurting me Ro…’ he rambled.


‘CRUZ, YOU’RE THE ONE I’M CHOOSING’ I shouted. He stopped biting his knuckles and looked at me.


‘What about Lupin?’ he asked nervously


‘I love Ted. But I love him like I love James, Fred, and Al’ I said


‘I’m in love with you’ I said biting my lip. Cruz’s eyes trailed up to my cheek and hesitated. There was no dimple.


‘It just took me kissing you again to realise’ I smiled.


Cruz leaned towards me and gently held my head as he kissed me so hungrily it literally took my breath away.


‘Roxanne Weasley, will you finally please be my freaking girlfriend?’ laughed Cruz as he lifted me up.


‘Yes I will’ I laughed.


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Hey everyone !! I'm sooo sorry for the late chapter. I had a massive writers block that i couldn't seem to shake off. I have the ending all planned out but the fluff inbetween got a little complicated. New chapters should be coming out soon after this one. Please don't forget to leave a review if you can ^_^!! I get so excited reading them...Thanks guys again for still choosing to reading this story!
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